NOVEMBER 4, 2012

So Why Does One Continually Raise Its Ugly Head?

So, what is the argument? There are those who continually “preach” at me, via e-mail, that I should not ever refer to myself as being separate from “God.”

There are those who continually “preach” at me that it is blasphemy to say, what I have been given to say, which is, “Before there was anything, I AM!”

I don’t join in the argument because, for me, both sides are half of the truth and sprinkled with all kinds of other preconceptions that are based on religious traditions and nothing else.

Just this morning I provided a reader with my latest response to a series of e-mails between us. Let’s start with the one just before the latest:

Okay, Tracey, here is where we are from my limited perspective. I wrote an article recently based on a revelation that a man had posited two rules necessary to get results from praying. One of those rules he laid out was expectancy, that is, to expect that which we are praying for is going to happen.

The other rule he pointed to, that he had been missing was to understand that his identity was (the following is my paraphrase) being connected to the SOURCE, that is, being a part of, with and in the ONE who was going to provide the answer …the SOURCE of everything.

The story he told was amazing …because it contained a number of “miracles” to which he referred as “battles won,” but in the end he admitted “losing the war.” The story to me was poignant – exquisitely told, but ending in overwhelming sadness.

I suggested that there were a couple of more rules that were being missed – and offered five rules of praying. People from almost every continent on earth have written in requesting that I send them the “five rules” that I promised to tailor to their specific situation.

You, Tracey, were one of these (over forty at this moment and my answers have all been different) and you said: please send me the five rules – you added:

“I still feel as if I am missing some key; like there is some revelation that I have not thoroughly received. I’m not sure what it is, but I need it more than anything. I feel stagnant without it…”

To which I responded: You don’t need five rules or fifty rules, Tracey, because you have just revealed what you want; and that is the key to what is missing in your LIFE.

If what I’ve just said feels correct to you – I have a far better solution than receiving five rules. So let’s start there. Tell me (from your perspective) whether I’m right or wrong and we can go from there to you receiving the revelation you want directly from the ONE Teacher, Leader and Guide. You don’t need rules, you don’t need me. What you do need is the key to what is missing in your life. Am I right or am I wrong?

If I am correct I’m willing to tell you what I would do, if I were you, to get the revelation directly from the SOURCE. If I’m not correct, tell me what I’m missing and we’ll go from there. I’d love to be involved in your breakthrough, but you don’t need me.

You wrote back: “Yes, that is exactly it. I’ve studied and I’ve read and the Lord has given me a lot over the years, but I still feel incomplete, or that I am lacking some key that is going to bring it all together. Something that is going to be like a light bulb going off…..and then I’ll just know.”

So, what I am about to give you is not only what I would do if I were you, but what I have done and continue to do to maintain an openness to receiving the key, moment by moment, as situations change.

Here it is: Right this moment, I am demanding clarity to put what I have had revealed to me into the words that you will be able to receive for you …TO BREAK THROUGH INTO THE REVELATION THAT YOU ARE INTIMATELY CONNECTED WITH THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE.

If I were you, first and foremost I would get off by myself in total privacy where I would not be disturbed. I used to get in a car and go off where nobody could see me.

I would (and still do) say I want only YOUR truth. I want only YOUR will for my better good. I want this unto the death of all my preconceived notions and ideas. I release any and every thought that is an obstacle. I want YOU alone; I want YOUR will (desires and purposes for me) alone. I want a clear revelation of what the key is to maintaining trust in YOU that YOU are giving me everything I need. I thank YOU that I don’t have to believe in anything; but just rely on YOU to give me the key to LIVING IN AND doing YOUR WILL CONTINUALLY.

Those words, Tracey, are imbedded in and throughout my entire being. If those words are making sense to you print them out – changing whatever doesn’t feel right to you – asking for guidance and being willing to continually change them (I adjust them for each individual situation) then, still in my car I would start knocking on the dashboard or the steering wheel or on the seat beside me with fists or open handed – tap, tap, tap, tap, and I would continue to read, while tap, tap tapping the above highlighted words that I have adjusted for this occasion, and keep tapping and keep reading UNTIL I received the revelation.

If I didn’t get it, I would simply realize I had to come back and do it again and again and again UNTIL I received it. Sometimes it used to take me days. Then only hours …now it is practically instant and accomplished by a simple and quiet “What now?”

Some things are simple and easy some are not. You have a whole lot of religious baggage and anti-religious baggage you’ve accumulated along the way (we all do). The words above and “knocking on the door” of the perfect SPIRIT-PARENT and your CLOSEST FRIEND and telling Her/Him/It that you want to be shown the key for you and don’t quit until you get it and you WILL get it.

Your true identity may come immediately or later, for now, what I’m getting for you is to just do this UNTIL you have the key firmly in your hand.

Keep in touch …it always encourages me when people break through and have a story to tell me that our (your and my) SPIRIT-PARENT showed them something completely different than what I’ve ever heard before …and that is a thrill. Your answer (the key to your peace, contentment, joy and gratitude) is waiting for YOU!














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