AUGUST 1, 2005

I place them before you for your Spiritual Eyes to see, and that your Spirit Heart be always and continuously immersed in Me. These are they of which I have promised and now revealed. You heard the Word, made it your testimony, and now it is opened unto you.

Forever, your righteous hand is free to partake, and your loving eyes are welcome to behold.

These are the Glories Of Which I Am, the wonders of which man cannot envision. These are open to My Son, My Born Again. Heaven has come in My Name, Who Is Perfect, Whose right it is, Who Is Immortal, The Only Begotten, The One Eternal Risen, Glorified ONE.

These treasures are everlasting, unlimited, and whole; and they are free.

The sparkle of My Light is upon and within you, Grace, I Am; The River of My Being. Salvation has had it’s perfect work. The redeemed are at rest. Your name is whispered before My Father, as you are seated in your Home Of Love.

Above and beyond you are, risen from the darkness of mortal thinking into the glorious Light of The Son of God. Suddenly, He has appeared; Christ come in the flesh, The Treasures. The Glory of The Lord Is flooding the earth.




THESE ARE MY TREASURED [Jim-Melba Crofford] August 1, 2005          1


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