APRIL 8, 2008

They have come home. With tears of joy and appreciation, they have found their place. These tears are welcome like dew on the petals of a most beautiful rose. They have discovered mankind is complete in He Who Is All In All. 

No question! Heaven’s doors are open, and bountiful blessings are in store.  A new earth is seen through the eyes of man as they reach for the stars.

Precious is The Word received by longing ears, such as “Your only righteousness is My Faithfulness.” Well received, this Word is a blessed Living Word.

In this new home, everything is prepared. Walking among the clouds, anything is possible. They might see a great bear sitting and enjoying the view. They will see each other, complete in every way, haloed with the smile of The Savior. The promise is fulfilled, bursting forth from within. Christ is come again in these clouds of glory.

The Word of The Lord, “Peace be still”; has set the stage for Life Everlasting.  This is not a limited Word. It is “Good will to all men.”  You are accepted in the beloved. There is no condemnation for His mantle is upon all the earth. Our Father sees you through the blood; “The New Covenant.” He has honored the Son.  Resurrection is here. Life is His, and He surely makes every movement of the second hand. You are free and at rest, caught away in rapturous joy.

Something within has opened your desire to Him alone, knowing He has revealed a new order of perfection.  Like a little newly hatched bird, you know you and creation are well provided in every way. It all belongs to God our Father. All the glory and power is His. Daily and forever, we shall honor our increase in Him. We cannot say we knew it, for every moment is completely beyond our most wonderful imagination. We are quickened to speak and make alive by His remarkable anointing.

We bow to Jesus our Love and our Life, and our Way, and our Truth for in coming again as the Holy Ghost, He has made us One New Man in and as Himself. 


Praise The Lord,



THEY HAVE COME HOME [Jim-Melba Crofford] 4-8-08          1


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