OCTOBER 27, 2012

I wrote the original of this piece in 2002 (I know the year from being able to piece together the incident with the referenced manufacturing company which was located near Las Vegas, Nevada). The sub-title was: Not if you don’t believe it enough to act upon it.

NOTE FOR TODAY: Before someone can believe the following… they would have to remove some preconceived ideas from their minds that simply are not true. Somebody in the U.K. sent me the original version of this true story by e-mail yesterday asking some things related to his own situation …here, again, is the TRUE story as  related ten years ago, with some minor edits PLUS the P.S. which is also brand new today:

The other day I was asked by the sales manager of a company, for which I am doing a marketing expansion project, how it was, at my age, that I did not need to wear glasses (he knew I was in my seventies).

I merely told him that I didn’t think he would believe it, if I told him. He pursued the subject – and every time I was about to explain it …over the loudspeaker would come the receptionist’s voice, “Fred Collins” you have a call on line one.”

When he walked back for the fourth time into the office I’m using, he started right back where he had left off: “Did you have surgery to correct your vision?” I merely told him no, and started into the story. Before I could complete a sentence… the same announcement… “Fred Collins you have a call on line five…” and as he got up, I said… “Well, Fred, maybe you’re just not supposed to hear this.”

“I guess not,” was his reply, as he headed back to his own office to take the call. About a half an hour later he stuck his head in my door to say he had to go to a meeting. Maybe he’s not supposed to hear it (?) Today’s note from memory: Fred and I had many ensuing conversations, both personal and about increasing sales for the company, but never again did he indicate the slightest interest in hearing the story as to the reason I don’t need glasses.

The fact is, in my early twenties I did start wearing corrective lenses. As it is with so many other people who wear glasses or contact lenses… I periodically had to have the prescription increased as my vision deteriorated.

The last time I went to an eye doctor (1976) to get new glasses …absent correction, one eye measured at 20/100 and the other at something worse. When I asked the Ophthalmologist what those numbers meant… he merely stated, “Well if that is the best to which we could get your vision corrected, you would be legally blind.”

No, I have not had surgery. No, I have not used the “See Clearly Method,” though I did buy the program for my wife – because I know that it works. I use a form of the same kind of eye exercises to maintain my vision. Eyes are muscles and with exercise it has been proven that vision will improve to the point of not needing corrective lenses …at least that is what the advertisements about the “See Clearly Method” promise on the radio, but that wasn’t the cause of my eyesight dramatically and instantly improving.

Are you getting impatient? Do you want me to get to the point? I’m sorry. In 1978 I left the State of Oregon. My Oregon driver’s license was annotated: “Corrective lenses required.” In 1989, eleven years later, I returned to Oregon for awhile. My most recent license, at the time, had been issued by the State of Tennessee. The one issued in the State of Hawaii during the early 1980s expired while I was in Tennessee.

The Tennessee license expired while I was on the northern Oregon Coast performing business consulting services for a client who owned a large resort. I went to the DMV, in Astoria, took and passed the eye test, as I had in both Tennessee and Hawaii.

When I went back to the counter to get my license – the examiner looked into the computer and confirmed that I had previously been licensed to drive in Oregon with the “eyeglasses required” notation. He looked at the eye testing scores suspiciously and immediately ordered me back over to the eye testing equipment. When I finished (and had passed for the second time) he looked at my eyes carefully. I suppose he did this to make sure that I wasn’t wearing contacts. “That’s a first,” he said, “I’ve never even heard of such a thing before. How did it happen?”

I prayed silently for just a second… and merely told him, “You don’t want to know.” He didn’t press. Several licenses later, issued by different countries and states …my current, valid license, obtained in 2010 and due to expire in 2014 still does not have a “corrective lenses required” footnote.

Let’s change the subject. In 1980 I was in Provo, Utah on business. A physician, with whom I was associated, talked me into going to a seminar about “proper food combining” held at the medical clinic he and his brother operated. Both had gotten into the habit of consulting with me about certain of their patients. One was an Orthopedic Surgeon (O.D.) renowned for back surgery. His brother was also renowned, but an Internist (M.D.). Our association began because they were rather impressed with the fact that two of their patients had been “supernaturally healed,”

One was a woman in her thirties who had been “healed” of a severe case of Scoliosis (curvature of the spine). The surgeon had shown me a “before and after” X-ray of her back which he had displayed in one of those back-lighted frames on the wall at the clinic. “Now, you tell me that,” he had said emphatically, as we walked past, tapping the image with the backs of his fingers, “is not a miracle!”

The other woman, who had been treated by the Internist brother, had “shooting” pains in her legs and back… for which neither he nor any other doctor had been able to provide a diagnosis. She was fifty-five at the time… and had been “healed” of the pain which also created an inability to sleep and therefore an addiction to caffeine.

Ah yes… back to the food-combining seminar. The session was being conducted by three men with M.D.s after their names who were conducting lymph gland research at the Medical School of the University at Southern California (USC). They had published some interesting findings related to cancer and diet. One of the papers they handed out during the free seminar had an interesting foot-note about chickens and calcium.

It is a well known fact that chickens need calcium added to their feed to maintain healthy combs and beaks and produce eggs with strong shells, right? Wrong!  Research has shown that chickens which are isolated and deprived of all calcium – produce their own calcium… and have perfectly strong combs, beaks and produce perfectly strong-shelled eggs.

Some of the other things I learned during that all-morning seminar were fascinating, to say the least. For example, shortly afterward I decided to try something these physicians insisted was true. That the human body can ingest absolutely zero foods containing animal products (including fish and eggs), grains or dairy products and the body will produce its own protein from properly combined fruit and vegetables alone. I did it for four years and never felt better and maintained perfect weight while doing so.

What does that have to do with being required to have corrective lenses in order to get a license to drive? Nothing …well maybe something. I have some fascinating and true stories to tell, but you have to get rid of some preconceived ideas to believe them. Reading them could change your life.

You have to FIRST get rid of some pre-conceived ideas. One, of course, is that chickens need calcium in their feed. Another is that a human body cannot produce its own protein. Can we get past the arguments — all the arguments that say such notions are ridiculous? Can we get past “scientific proof” that such notions are dangerous as well as preposterous? Frankly, if you cannot get past the sub-conscious “tapes” playing in your mind… reading any further will be a waste of time.

There is an old joke about a “faith healer” that circulates around in the community of so-called “believers.” It goes something like:

A faith healer met a man on the street and asked about the health of his wife. The man told him that she was quite sick. “Oh she just thinks she’s sick,” the faith healer replied. He saw the man again a few weeks later… and again asked about the health of the man’s wife. The man replied: “She thinks she’s dead.”

The reason I think the joke is tragic rather than funny is that people don’t understand how effectively such humor undermines active faith.

Prior to the incident of the back surgeon walking me past the x-rays of the woman with scoliosis, referenced above, he resisted the idea of any possibility that anything BUT surgery could be the solution for scoliosis. Many so-called “believers” don’t have a clue that when they go to a human physician for a diagnosis that it is almost impossible for an alternative healing to take place, particularly of a spiritual nature …there are exceptions, many exceptions, but it is still true that a diagnosis (and the joke) both have a tendency to undermine active faith.

The reason that a specialist’s diagnosis undermines active faith should be obvious, but that’s another story for another time. If you’re curious about something specific related to YOU …as was the man in the U.K. who sent the e-mail yesterday with this old article attached …write:

Whatever we talk about will have no charge attached to it …as in FREE and will be in absolute confidence.

P.S. As I say continually, the above is not intended as any self-aggrandizement. I neither claim nor do I possess any “special powers” that are not available to any individual who believes enough to acquire the ability to do the very same things. HINT: I don’t heal anyone. Healing is available and any individual, who again, believes enough can be the vessel through which the healing occurs.

This believing enough does include a willingness to adjust what you may insist that you know that will simply prove to be untrue when you leave the belief system to which you cling so desperately behind in a cloud of dust.

There goes the seeming Brad Cullen arrogance, but what can I say, beyond what I’ve already said? I CAN DO NOTHING THAT ANY OTHER INDIVIDUAL CANNOT DO ALSO (and don’t forget, I don’t do it anyway …but if you prefer to say it is impossible it is. Imagine, all you have to do is decide that you want to be an “any individual.”



















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