AUGUST 21, 2012

The emphasis that this (title) came upon me made me realize this needs to be said NOW.

Ryan Bruce, who set up a company to publish ONLY Brad Cullen books and he sponsors this website ( and I have known each other since 1998; our individual memories about our initial meeting are different significantly enough for me to comment.

Does the fact that Ryan remembers certain things differently than I, mean that one of us must be wrong? NO! It means that how we experienced our meeting and all that has happened to us subsequently, both collectively and individually is different.

Ryan and I have a mutual respect and love for each other that is grounded in the “eternal” or “divine” and in which we are “best friends,” has to do with that basis. Ryan and I are as different in certain aspects of our individual personalities it is almost laughable that we are such close friends.

Ryan is a perfect example of what he has termed the “Leapfrog” experience; which he attributes to my first (actually only) novel to date …Leapfrog …and by which (the “Leapfrog experience”) we both mean the experience to which hundreds of people all around the world have attested – that is, a direct connection, actually better stated Reconnection, with “God” (by whatever other title or name – and which I laughingly refer to as BWOTON because it is simply an acronym which I suspect some people will begin to reverence in some way or another) and who have been catapulted by “BWOTON” way over my head.

Sometimes I wonder at Ryan continuing to maintain the website and post my articles and publish my books, just because we are so different in many areas.

As many of you know, my laptop “crashed” a few weeks ago taking bunches of stuff that I should have backed up, but didn’t, with it in the crash. I woke up with the words in the title a few hours ago …and wondered. I asked and began to mentally sift through the possibilities of what this meant. The words kept intensifying …until I finally did what I should have done at least an hour ago …ask the SOURCE, “what now?”

Ryan and I don’t compete for anything – sometimes we communicate poorly because we look at, again, some things so differently – which is the reason I value the relationship – he has insights that I, initially, don’t see …I have insights he, initially, doesn’t see. 

In one regard, Ryan is far superior than I am. He Tries to understand whatever crazy concept I come up with and asks questions to do so …I am often not at all helpful in providing any information; where he almost always is helpful.

I am now going to tie some threads together here. The computer crash; our differences, the things that hold us together, and a couple of things we seem to stubbornly hold onto separately from each other; and the fact that we are not competing …in fact we complement each other marvelously – with this  following little “but.”

Ryan tends to be organized and methodical. I can be a disorganized idiot …who asks “what now,” continually to get through the day, because I am clueless in any substantive or informational way. Aha, did you notice, that rhymes?

One of the things I lost in the crash and has been nagging at me to recover …I just did so this morning because it is an integral part of some significant changes going on in me.

Ryan uses a particular self-improvement technique of which an integral part is that it is important to deal and rid oneself of the emotions that rise up in response to painful memories which are all on a subconscious level, but for which the emotion is not an “appropriate” response to what is going on currently. To say that this technique is responsible for helping thousands of people all around the world is definitively not an overstatement.

In the middle of doing research for whether I should employ the technique I was directed to something quite different and incorporated the basis for it into my own daily routine. Here is a core statement by the originator of the technique which I borrowed to help me form my approach.

“It is important to know that when you’re working with TAT on an incident from the past, it is not necessary nor is it recommended to relive or re-experience past events in order for them to be healed.”

This is a vital difference for how it works for me. The key that both Ryan and I have repeated over and over is that it is not important what either of us do or how we approach anything. Our SOURCE is the same, Ryan doesn’t need to know what works for me, nor do I need to know what works for him. WE ARE NOT IN COMPETITION with anyone else (period).

Neither of us recommend any particular technique, both of us share what we individually do – NOW HEAR THIS: Which is to go to the SOURCE of everything directly for what works for you!

Now then, a newly acquired and dear friend of mine just wrote a short couple of paragraphs about “Law and Grace being different ends of the same stick” – which is a perfect example of the oneness we ARE – if we’d only stop arguing for our end of the stick.

If you want a copy of what he wrote, drop me an e-mail and I’ll e-mail it back to you along with his e-mail address. I could say I wish I had written it, but I don’t use his kind of language (on purpose, because I’m not so directed) …besides this is not competition. We are all in this together – what he wrote resonates powerfully within me and I just want to share it with you, but only if you want it.

That’s all for now, folks.

























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