FEBRUARY 4, 2005

The Face of The Pure One, Jesus, is appearing across The New Creation; The Exact Same Jesus; The Only Begotten and Only Manifested Son. He Is Here; so lovely, so precise and exact, so full of Glory and Perfection, Divine Pure Manifest Spirit.

He is The One Speaking as Father when He said, Let Us make man in Our Own Image. His Face was The Face of Elohim, Lord Jesus Christ, The Head and Body of The Only Begotten Son of God.

Truth knows He is only One Son, The Only Begotten, Perfect, The very Manifest Appearing of Our Father. He is today making His Presence known in Father’s predestined order, unveiling His fullness. He is unveiling “That Which is Perfect, showing the beauty of LOVE and GRACE.

He is Appearing in Absolute Righteousness, that Righteousness for which man can never attain, in Fullness, The Overcomer of all false appearances, and Redeemer of all mankind. There is no end to His Mercy and awakening.

Of course, it is understood that the scriptures speak of many sons, that He is the first born of many. This truly is so, but consider this: It is Jesus, Our Lord and Christ, This Same Jesus now Appearing, Manifesting Himself as The Son in many. (Firstborn among All. ) He is Risen Perfection Unveiled. “Therefore, it is clear now when we read, When He shall appear, we shall be like Him;” and we shall see (Only Him, not ourselves ) as He is. 1 John, 3:2. 1 John, 3:5, and Ye know that He was manifested to take away our sins and in Him is no sin. (His Appearance plainly manifested today without sin unto salvation). We see Him with single eye, none beside Him, just as He is, bringing in His hand a finished work cut short in Righteousness.

It’s He This Same Jesus, Who is risen as The Only Begotten, bypassing all if’s, and’s and but’s, Who is come again as Himself. This is the Truth and the finality of the so simple Gospel of The Kingdom of God, True Salvation.

Blood sealed in a whole new covenent, and cherished as the ONE Son of The Ever Living God, we awaken as Pure Light, Just As He Is. Thus the saying is come to realization, “When He shall appear, we shall be like Him”, and we are the very Righteousness of our Heavenly Father; Manifest Spirit Presence.

It is no wonder that there is such a fireball of awakening and such a shaking in all the land. It is so beautiful and thrilling as One has said: “I can hardly stand it!”

Enough said at this time, except how we are overcome with love for you.


THIS SAME JESUS [Jim-Melba Crofford] 2-4-05          1


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