AUGUST, 2003

Published in Union Life Magazine

In the BEGINNING of our story, and it is ours, because it is every man and woman’s story, each of us began in “beingness” of spirit. At our human birth another story began that caused us to forget the story of our spiritual being.

What is a being? We claim to be human beings, but what is a being? We don’t say “fish beings or vegetable beings.” The dictionary defines being as “absolute existence in a complete or perfect state.” Now, that is a story we haven’t been told!

My beginning and yours was in Being. We were in our Father, who is absolute Being, complete and perfect. He is the eternal spiritual Being, and we inherited Him in our beginning. He is the spiritual part of us, the being part! In our being is the image of our Father of being, not “beings” plural, but one being in Him, like Father, like son.

When we entered this earth plane we completely forgot where we really came from! My human father and mother did not explore their beingness. They were too busy handling the human problems of the human family. They also had forgotten the real beginning of their story as “being.”

In its humanness, the whole world has forgotten what it means to be. Shakespeare said, “To be or not to be? That is the question.” A good question for us to ask is, “What is the meaning of our being?” Then the next question is, “Where do I find the answer?”

The only way to get to the very beginning of each of our stories of being is to ask the Father of being, the absolute spiritual Being, “Where did I come from?” He is the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end, the only One qualified to give us the answer. By the obedience of His Son, Jesus Christ, He has already placed the answer within us through the gift of His Holy Spirit, our inner teacher, whose truth leads us back to the remembrance of our home in being. What is the home of spiritual being? What is our spiritual habitat? It is eternal life! This is the story each of us has forgotten unless the person of the Holy Spirit has found us in this world, as He found the prodigal in Jesus’ parable. We are told that the prodigal came to himself. This is everyone’s story; we have each been the prodigal, taken up with our humanness and ignored our beingness. While in that state, we’ve remained untaught and spiritually ignorant!

That was my human state. It took me many years to discover that the Holy Spirit is the Teacher sent by God, my spiritual Father, who knows my every inner thought and the intent of my heart. He has become my one-on-one spiritual tutor who, being omnipresent, is present to each of us. We’ve been given many outer teachers who have much to share, but only the Holy Spirit knows exactly what to show us at exactly the right time to impart the knowing of truth that frees us. This is the prodigal coming “to himself.”

As a spiritual being, it is our destiny to rest in and enjoy the unconditional love of our Father, who is love, joy and peace. We are destined to know the truth of being, that in Christ we are free from bondage to the prison of human doing!

The story of the prodigal is the story of the human race, still wallowing in the pigpen of human doing in a futile effort to try to improve its surroundings. When this futility has served God’s purpose to bring us to ourselves, we too, will remember our origin as children of the King whose unconditional love restores our full inheritance as true human beings, whose beingness reveals His image on earth as it is in heaven.

In the entirety of the Bible you will find one story: it is yours and it is mine. We left our home in the one spiritual Being, the Father of all human beings. After forgetting our eternal oneness with our Father, we wandered in an unreal world of other fallen men and women, also spiritually ignorant of their true origin in Spirit. In this ignorance, humanity has devised what they call “higher education,” an education that is devoid of the higher, spiritual understanding of being.

This is the condition in which the person of the Holy Spirit, the gift sent by the mercy of God in our Lord Jesus Christ, found us. Apart from God’s revelation, we are like starving children, eating the husks of life tossed us by the fallen world of spiritual darkness and ignorance. The work of the Holy Spirit is to bring us to the awareness of the true selfhood of Christ in us, as our hope of glory, to the remembrance of ourselves as spirit beings.

This is where we, like the prodigal, “come to ourselves,” to the true spirit being within. In our true eternal spirit being we remember our home in the heaven of unconditional love. In that home, we too are given a robe, the glory of God to cover our soul, and a ring, the symbol of the Bride who has become one being with her husband, Christ Jesus. This is heaven meeting earth and kissing each other in the unconditional love of spirit being!

Isaiah tells us: “And it shall come to pass in the last days that the mountain of the Lord’s house shall be established as the highest of the mountains. (Isa. 2:2; see also Micah 4:1) God’s house is with us here and now, in the body of Christ on earth. In Christ, human and being are together as one.

If any person is (engrafted) in Christ (the Messiah), he is a new creation, a new creature altogether. In Christ, we are engrafted in the eternal being as one in Him, married to eternal Being, Christ Jesus.

We have put away our old marriage to the spirit of separation between human and being. The new-creation man and woman are now in the perfectly functioning balance of human and being, the perfect balance between heaven within and earth without!
























THIS STORY IS YOUR STORY [Marvin E. Cope] Aug. 2003          1


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