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God is incomprehensible.


Here are two believers, Brother A and Brother B. One is found in the Lamb's wife, the other is found in the other lamb's wife. I want you to study the two brothers carefully and make a determination of which is which. But first, let me warn you. If you attempt to do so, you have just blinded your own eyes and smashed your own knees; now you stumble in darkness. No one, seated upon the Mercy Seat of heaven, ever considers doing such a thing.


Did you and I not regard a Nicene Christ most of the days of our walk with God? And did our false definition of Jesus ever prevent Him from carrying us in His arms all the way into life? I may have miss-defined Him, I may even have maintained false connections with the world, but it was still Jesus, my Savior, all the way through.


You see, there is no other lamb. Such a creature does not exist. And that is the problem with “Antichrist.” They've turned it into something real and forgotten that there is only Christ and that anti-Christ is only that which hides the real Lamb from us in the imagination of our minds, the whispering of things that are not true.


And if there is no “other lamb,” not in reality, there can be no “other lamb's wife.”


All sin is absolved. To the extent that we see the Lamb of God separate from us with our sin and lack weighing upon us, to that same extent we stumble in the darkness of the “other woman.” Yes, it is a harlot to whom Jesus is married. She is a harlot only in her own mind. There is not one member in particular, seated upon the throne of grace, who has not first spent many years stumbling along as that “other woman.” And there is not one member in particular, stumbling along in the pollution of the harlot, who is not carried utterly by Jesus as them.


Jesus drank His Father's Cup.


Yes, purification must come, but it comes only from the inside out, from Christ as our life FIRST. All purification comes by the singing of the Lamb.


Those seated upon the throne of heaven, looking out at Brother A and Brother B, how do they respond? They sing only the Song of the Lamb into both. It matters not to them if Brother B sings in harmony with that Song within a year and also enters boldly by faith into God, but Brother A takes a thousand years for the same. It matters not either way; we have forever, for goodness' sake. We will not cease singing the song of the Lamb until all creation is restored to the Father and the Lamb finally comes all the way home. And by that time, singing the Song of the Lamb will be the only thing we are. It is the only thing we are right now.


The first steps of the Atonement, walking down the stairs from the upper room, were Jesus and His disciples singing a hymn to God, singing the Song of the Lamb.


The prophetic Word of Christ and the Song of the Lamb are the same thing.


Identity is everything. The story you tell yourself about yourself in your own mind is everything. And you can tell yourself any story you wish. Any story you wish. But only One is true, the story of a Man who already carried you all the way into life, the story of a Lamb through whose eyes you see everything, the story of a Savior who has become all that you are.


And now this same Lamb is waiting for you to carry Him all the way Home.


Please read A Great and Terrible Quest by Margaret Lovett. I will not tell you a bit of the story line, the ending is so powerful, and you must not know it, not until you get to the last page. Yet, I tell you what, the scene presented on the last page of that story rules the seeing of my eyes right now. I see out from that scene. I see a wide open gate, and I am running as fast as I can, laughing hilariously, and carrying my King in my arms.


I sing the Song of the Lamb.


I have been singing the Song of the Lamb for several years now. I hope to discover here many wonderful things about our singing this Song; let me begin with one, very precious.


As I sing the Song of the Lamb, I am, in my mind, singing it into you – and that is our role as sons seated upon the throne. But the more I sing that Song into you, the more I am transformed by it. The more I seek to make the Song of the Lamb your song, as I hear you singing it back to me, both my singing and your singing transforms me from the inside out, marvelously.


That has just begun, really, only in the last few months, that brethren to whom I have been singing the Song of the Lamb are now singing it back to me.


Let me share with you a couple, there are more, not many, but more precious than gold, each one.


Hi Daniel, Just wanted to share another post with you... It came out of a prayer time with my wife Tuesday night here. It seemed that a lot of things came together from my spirit to unite and tear down strongholds in our minds.


Beforehand we had watched Jeremiah, Prophet of the Lord... with Patrick Dempsey. It was great. But the scene where he confronts Zedekiah is a preaching of death that the story writers must have come up with from their own understandings. We both felt like it was convicting us... so afterward we spoke about the message it was bringing to our hearts about our leadership of our children, being like Zedekiah who allowed the children of Israel to worship false gods.


We recognized the accusations coming against us... or really in us... in our minds. So began praying and speaking Christ our life... Oh my... Daniel, the contrast and conflict in the spirit was tangible as my wife followed me in speaking Christ our life out loud and forcibly. She struggled so hard and valiantly to get the words out, against many tears and sobbings... but in the end, peace and joy and a sense of victory pervaded the room and our hearts. It was like we had been thrust to the front lines of battle, and confronted the Goliath who had had our measure for so long!!! We cast him down with our feeble words which really were laced with the POWER of GOD!!


The enemy was so caught off guard and driven out. As we spoke Christ, it seemed that all the things I had been reading these past years from you and Fred Pruitt were crystallizing in my mind and flowing forth from my spirit. I know that Jeremiah 1 is mine. I am called to pull down and to establish... and we experienced it that night together. Love you brother! D___


Here is another.


Dear Daniel, I don’t have time to write much but wanted to let you know.  Today for the very first time I saw myself standing before Father and AS THE IMAGE OF JESUS!! This IS who I AM. This is who Father predestined me to be and this is who HE SEES when He looks at me. I am getting ready for work.  While reading today’s part in The Jesus Secret, this is what I was reading today and for the FIRST TIME!!! THIS IS MY REALITY!!! OH, HOW I LOVE JESUS! OH, HOW I LOVE MY FATHER!! AND OH, HOW I LOVE YOU AND ALL OUR BRETHERN!!


YES, this is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it!!


Thank you Daniel for YOUR FAITHFULNESS to our LORD through the writing of these books and letters and helping your brethren to come on in!!! Love in Christ Jesus, K___


Here is another wonderful thing that happens as we sing the Song of the Lamb. More and more Christ alone appears to us all through the days of our lives. I cannot say, “I suffered through that because of my disobedience.” Such a thing is foreign to me. All I see is Christ Himself through the good and the bad, the happy and the difficult. Christ Himself, reconciling the world to God through all I have ever experienced.


It is no longer “robbery” to say “God has ordered my path by His perfect will all the days of my life, because He intends to show Himself, now and forever, through everything I have experienced, step by step, every perfect moment of my life.” It is not robbery; it's just plain and obvious. I say to myself, “My whole life is crafted by God for the revelation of Jesus Christ,” and I marvel because I find that it's not wrong at all to say such a thing, but the only thing true, the only thing Christ.


The more we sing Christ as our only story, the larger and larger He becomes in our sight until He has swallowed all things into Himself. You see, He already drank the Cup. The Cup already turned to Joy inside of Him.


Then I saw another sign in heaven, great and marvelous: seven angels having the seven last plagues, for in them the wrath of God is complete. And I saw something like a sea of glass mingled with fire, and those who have the victory over the beast, over his image and over his mark and over the number of his name, standing on the sea of glass, having harps of God. They sing... the song of the Lamb, saying: “Great and marvelous are Your works, Lord God Almighty! … For Your judgments have been manifested.” Revelation 15:1-5


I would very much like to present a panoramic view of the Song of the Lamb without any contrast with what is not. That's hard, because God is filled with contrast. However the contrasts of Adam's world and the contrasts inside of Jesus – was dead/am now alive – are very different in nature and operations.  Yes, Adam's world is the arena into which we sing the Song of the Lamb, but the Song of the Lamb is utterly for salvation with no condemnation in it.


You will see, in my quote from Revelation 15 that I placed an ellipsis, …, where the song of Moses should go. I really don't want to bring in the song of Moses here. You will find the song of Moses in context in Deuteronomy 31:14-32:47. I am convinced that if God does assign anyone the task of singing the song of Moses, it will be only those who really, really, really don't want to sing it. As I share in my next letter, those who find it easy to sing that song are not sent to sing it. Yet Paul places the song of Moses and the Song of the Lamb in full opposition to each other all the way through his gospel. Paul calls the song of Moses the ministry of condemnation.


What is the foundation for the Song of the Lamb in the gospel?


Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. Now all things are of God, who has reconciled us to Himself through Jesus Christ, and has given us the ministry of reconciliation, that is, that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself, not imputing their trespasses to them, and has committed to us the word of reconciliation.


Now then, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were pleading through us: we implore you on Christ’s behalf, be reconciled to God. For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him. 2 Corinthians 5:17-21


Because most Christians define God by the role and nature of a king of men and they define spirit as something totally other, “reconciled to God” simply means “go to” heaven after death. But for us, reconciled to God means sinking into the Lord Jesus Christ as a garment – put on the Lord Jesus Christ. But there I'm contrasting again with what is not.


The foundation of the Song of the Lamb which we sing is also in 1 John 3:2: We shall be like Him. Let's bring in the context.


Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called children of God! Therefore the world does not know us, because it did not know Him. Beloved, now we are children of God; and it has not yet been revealed what we shall be, but we know that when He is revealed, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is. And everyone who has this hope in Him purifies himself, just as He is pure.


However, we know that the last thing in man's view is the first thing God does and the first thing man tackles is the place God ends up last. And thus Romans 8:30 rules 1 John 3:2. God has already glorified us, having begun with our final state.


Being just like Jesus comes first. Resting utterly into God our Father comes second. Becoming like Jesus comes last. It's just the way it works for God, although that makes no sense to man.


Here is the order God has arranged the three key action verbs of the universe, of salvation, of our lives.


Symmorphos – Enduo – Nike


Christ become us – Sink utterly into Christ – Christ acts upon all.


I always enjoyed the backstroke best in any swimming. With the backstroke, you are always resting upon the water, almost sinking back into it, yet with slow, measured strokes, you sink yourself further back into the water and by so doing the water carries you. You relax completely, looking up into the sky, sensing the carrying power of the water. Enduo – put on the Lord Jesus Christ, sink into Him in the same way as that leisurely back stroke, with every human effort only in the direction of further sinking into Him.


Driving into Him is by force and takes us nowhere, sinking into Him is by the continual action of pure rest.


Overcome is last, subdue, bring all things into subjection under His feet. And yet, we are already more than overcomers; we are already glorified; God always leads us in triumph; we are already just like Jesus right now, even though we don't see it.


Symmorphos – Christ IN us,  Enduo – Christ AS us, Nike – Christ THROUGH us. Although we speak triumph now, overcoming, total victory before we see it with our eyes, yet we know that no Nike that is Christ, no “Christ through us,” can ever come out of anything other than Symmorphos first, Christ having become us, and Enduo second, our sinking utterly into the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ.


I would like you to consider two phrases. The first is a pure and true word from the throne, precious and holy. The second is from the pit, serving only to divide and obscure, to throw murkiness and shadow into people's minds.


Here are both phrases. 1. It's not about us, it's about Jesus. 2. It's not about us, it's about Jesus.


Do you see the devastating difference between those two phrases? The first phrase is an utter sinking into Him, gleefully abandoning ourselves into His glory. The second phrase drives us far away from Him, makes us to be without value, found only in some collective “death.”


There is no collective death. There is one death and it is entirely WAS dead. I am alive unto God.


Yet this union between Jesus and me, Jesus the Christ having become me, His Person inside of my person, yet He calling me by name, highly regarding me in every way, yet utterly carrying me. And I sinking into Him, yet as Him, knowing that He, in Person moves through me and out to all the universe, I speak Christ my only life. This union is most precious and known only by those who know it. All who do not know this most precious union and communion do not know it, cannot conceive it, and decry it as heresy and blasphemy.


Therefore the world does not know us, because it did not know Him.


Sadly, in this case, “the world” includes almost all Christians. They are invited to know Him; He lives in them fully; He carries them. But they will know Him only after a firstfruits unto God has swung the door wide open to all.


They will know Him as we sing the Song of the Lamb.


The Song of the Lamb is, in every possible way, “I am.”


When I first heard Sam Fife preach, one of the first things I heard him say was, “I am the light of the world.” That statement was shockingly heretical to me. My mind did recognize Jesus' words: “You are the light of the world,” but my Augustinian world view knew that no fallen, fleshy human is ever allowed actually to say such a thing. I'm so glad I have repented of Augustine. Because I have done so, I know God so differently than I ever knew Him. He is utterly different from what they think.


I mentioned union AND communion; looking back, I realized that these two realities must always be together, 100% both, all the time.


Some use the understanding of union with Christ to drift away from any communion with Jesus. Since Jesus is as me, then whatever I am is what He is. Therefore, to them there is no communion of spirit with any “Person” named Jesus.


The majority, however, enjoy momentary communion with Christ and allow that communion to drive a wedge into union. Thus too many, experiencing wondrous communion with Christ as He leads them forward, place communion before union and end up turning the communion of union into “hear and obey.” That miss-definition of our communion with Christ always then places “obey” ahead of union, driving union itself into the far distance, unknowable and unattainable.


My desire is to sing and sing and sing union AND communion, union AND communion, always both, always 100%, always together, always all, to sing it into you until the dawn comes and the Daystar arises in your heart.


You see, when I emphasize union, those into communion above union say, “Wait a minute, Yordy.” And when I emphasize communion, those into union above communion say, “Wait a minute, Yordy.” But I do try to emphasize both, equally, all the time together, 100% union at all times and in every way AND 100% communion at all times and in every way.


The Song of the Lamb is 100% union AND 100% communion, although union must always come first. That's God's required order; the last is always first. Communion fills union full, but it is found nowhere else.


Glorifying Jesus without also glorifying Him personally as us is no glory to Him. There is no glory given to Jesus apart from us; we are His glory. All He has received from the Father He shares fully with us. We honor Him only when we proclaim it to be true.


The more I speak Christ my life, that I am just like Him in all ways, the higher He rises in my estimation, yet I know Him, Heart inside of heart inside of Heart. I am not other than He; yet it is He not me, yet it is me. Communion inside of union. Now, when I think back to my life of hating the flesh and worshiping a far-away Jesus, I see that I hardly glorified Him at all, no matter what my outward words may have been.


Those who “glorify” a Jesus high above and far separate from themselves, from their own hearts and persons, do not sing the Song of the Lamb. They cannot because they do not know Him.


The Song of the Lamb is NOT a song about Jesus, about His feats, about any solitary exaltation belonging to Him as an empty and solitary seed. In complete contrast, it is the Song OF the Lamb, Jesus Himself singing, yet through our voice box and completely as us, personal and real, many seeds, many sons to glory. It is the Song of “I Am.”


The song of condemnation cannot judge the world; only the Song of the Lamb judges the world.


I know that some who read my letters are singing the Song of the Lamb, but I also know that many speak of many other things not His song. Most speak a mixture. Now, please understand, I am not referring in any way to normal human conversation of family and work and life. Yet, the truth is, whichever song we sing creeps its way into and shapes and molds all of our human conversation.


In the end, there are only two songs out of which all conversation is generated, out of which all story is told, the Song of the Lamb or the blasphemy of the Beast. The story that is true, or the story that is not true.


You see, here is the bottom line.


For to this end we both labor and suffer reproach, because we trust in the living God, who is the Savior of all men, especially of those who believe. 1 Timothy 4:10


The “Savior of all” sounds like heresy to most, yet God says it, and thus it is Christ our life. The problem with those who say, “But, but, but – it's only for those who believe,” is that they utterly miss-define salvation, turning the Christ of God into a resort destination.


It is the faith of Christ. Christ comes first, believing comes second. We know Christ by believing, yes, but if Christ were not already all, then no “believing” could ever find Him.


Thus we sing the Song of the Lamb into all. As we sing Christ into every created being, each in its time, judgment comes first, yes, as the vanguard of salvation. No word of condemnation ever sings Christ; therefore condemnation cannot be any form of judgment.


Here's what I am saying. The song of the beast, the human story not true, human consciousness in Adam's present darkness, blasphemy, fills the entire earth. It's ramifications and boundaries, it's psychology and nuances, it's characters and plot lines, have been and are being spoken by more people and in more ways that we could ever imagine. No matter how much we speak anything other than the Song of the Lamb, we are speaking nothing new, others speak it far more grandiloquently than we.


Yet the song of the beast, Adam's sorry human story, is to the Song of the Lamb as a mud puddle is to the Ocean.


If you want something interesting, try the Song of the Lamb. Those who sing it first will be the story tellers of the new heavens and the new earth. In fact the new heavens and the new earth come out from one thing alone.


Singing the Song of the Lamb – what an incredible opportunity God has graced us with!


In Christopher Paolini's Eldest, the elves formed their homes out of living trees by singing those trees into the shapes they desired, stairs, rooms, shelves, chairs, so that every part of their home was part of the living tree.


Yes, that is fiction, but I wonder. I wonder.


To most, the Song of the Lamb is fiction, yet out of it's singing all things new are formed.


What I am suggesting is that if you find interest in the other song, that you would sing it instead of Christ your only life, it's only because you have not yet seen the endless vistas of the Song we sing.


I do not believe we will ever know Him as He is until we know Him personally as us inside our very human weakness and contrary to our human sight and our human judgment. That is why our bodies of weakness are so very important to us. They are the essential doorway, our greatest opportunity.


Thus the singing of His Song must begin with Jerusalem: “I am Jerusalem; I am the city of God.” Then it proceeds out to Judea and Samaria: “You are Jerusalem; you are the city of God.” Before it continues on to swallow up the uttermost parts of the earth.

I must sing the Song of the Lamb into me before I could ever sing it into you. Yet in singing it into me, I discover that I am also singing it into you. And as I sing that Song into you, I discover that I am being transformed by it. Yet as I sing the Song of the Lamb into you, it doesn't stop there.


I just received this note from a reader of these letters:


Daniel, I have had the most awesome encounter and revelation last week and I am as a baby trying to understand my Father in Heaven, my king.  I have been eating up everything I can get to see clearly.  I want to read this series (Through Eyes of Fire) with a new heart, I don't understand it all, but I walked through a door and saw my Father on his throne... NOW.  Amazing.


As we sing the Song of the Lamb into one another, the Daystar arises in our hearts. As that Daystar arises in our hearts, the earth is transformed by His glory, by the same singing of His song.


I am filled full with another Person!


1. From the very beginning, God determined to make me just like Jesus. – From the very beginning, God determined to make you just like Jesus.


2. I am filled with all the fullness of God. – You are filled with all the fullness of God.


3. The Spirit of God flows out from me as rivers of living water bringing life and joy to all. – The Spirit of God flows out from you as rivers of living water bringing life and joy to all.


4. I cast down every voice that speaks against the Word God speaks, against Christ my only life. –  You cast down every voice that speaks against the Word God speaks, against Christ your only life.


5. Christ is my life; I have no other life. – Christ is your life; you have no other life.


6. I boldly enter the Holiest, the throne of God – with my heart sprinkled always with Blood, and with my body, flesh of His flesh, washed pure and clean. – You boldly enter the Holiest, the throne of God – with your heart sprinkled always with Blood, and with your body, flesh of His flesh, washed pure and clean.


7. I exult boastfully in all the victory of Christ revealed in me. I speak Christ; I keep the joy of my confidence high. – You exult boastfully in all the victory of Christ revealed in you. You speak Christ; you keep the joy of your confidence high.


8. I love you; I lay down my life for you. – You love me; you lay down your life for me.


9. I set creation free. – You set creation free.


10. Just as Jesus is IN the Father, so I am in Him and He is in me, every part of me in Him and Him in every part of me. I abide in Christ; He abides in me. – Just as Jesus is IN the Father, so you are in Him and He is in you, every part of you in Him and Him in every part of you. You abide in Christ; He abides in you.


It is a symphony we sing, this Song of the Lamb.


The song of Moses puts blessing on one hill and cursing on the other, and blessing and cursing sang their song at each other. “Do this and be blessed by the doing.” – “Do this and be cursed by the doing.” You see, yes, one side was speaking blessing while the other side was being blessed. But at the same time and in equal measure, one side was speaking curse and the other side was hearing curse. Blessing and cursing together is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.


Here is our Song:


Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ. Ephesians 1:3


We bless, and we are blessed with all good speaking. There is no curse in Christ.


I find, as I sit here pondering where to take this letter, I see this most precious essence of the Song of the Lamb, the marriage of union and communion inside of us. Union is Christ Jesus living as us in this world, having become all that we are. Communion is being filled with all the fullness of God. We could also include the third, sending, the Holy Spirit flowing out from us setting all creation free.


You see, the Song is the communion, this wondrous relationship I enjoy with all the fullness of God filling me full in all ways and at all times, face to Face, heart to Heart. And that's why union MUST always come first. How could I ever know such communion as any form of deficient human? Not even. I must always be sinking into this utter union with the Person of Christ Jesus as my only life, as all that I am, before I would ever know the pure and untarnished communion of sharing a heart with Almighty God.

Can God use my mouth as His own? Can I sing into you, “I am love, I am life, I am the joy that fills your heart,” and you hear only the God whose image I am, who fills me in perfect matching connection at every single one of ten million points?


I dare walk as such an image filled with such a Person only as I know that Christ Jesus has become me completely regardless of any outward appearance.


And as I sing this communion I enjoy with the Almighty who fills me full, there is only one possible result, and that is rivers, rivers, rivers of life and joy as the Spirit of God flows out from me, carrying all the words of my Song into every needy heart, into every shadowed place.


Do you see how it is, then, that by placing His Word in our mouth, by placing Himself in our mouth, God silences the accuser and all who will not believe?


The Song of the Lamb is the judgment of God, the proof that He speaks the truth.




















THROUGH EYES of FIRE SERIES, Pt. 23, The Song of the Lamb [Daniel Yordy] 07-03-13 ~ BOOK          8

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