“By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death; and was not found, because God had translated him; for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased God.” (Hebrews 11:5)

“For the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.”

(I Thessalonians 4:16, 17)

“Behold, I show you a mystery; we shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed.” (I Corinthians 15:51)

The revelations set forth in this booklet were given during experiences of “rapture,” beginning in January, 1942, and continuing for several months. Guided by the Holy Spirit, I have made an earnest attempt to interpret these heavenly experiences in earthly language. Needless to say the testimony falls far short of the reality.

Since the first edition was mailed out in 1943, we have received letters from other Christians, in many parts of the world, who testify to similar experiences and rejoice in the testimony recorded on these pages. By many reliable witnesses, the Holy Spirit has confirmed the word given to us that “rapture” meaning “to be caught away or transported in the spirit” is preparatory to the even greater experiences of transport (in the body), and translation. All three of these experiences are recorded in the Word of God, and are among the promises given to the full overcomers in the Latter Days, or Time of the End. A body is being prepared ”as it hath pleased Him,” as revealed in I Corinthians, 15th chapter, whose blessed privilege is to be changed and caught up alive – made like unto Christ, our glorious Head. Foretastes such as this booklet records are becoming more numerous as the time of the Consummation draws near

This was the Lord’s doing and it is still marvelous in our eyes! With all praise and glory unto our Lord Jesus Christ who has revealed Himself unto us and has shown us things to come, kindling our love, reviving our hope, confirming our faith, I offer this testimony to yo




Rise up on the wings of the Dove,

Rise up at the call of love,

Rise up, up, up, up…

Up! To the courts above!

Why will you tarry here in darkness?

Why will you wander, sad at heart, –

When Jesus has bidden you,

“Rise up, My love, and come with Me apart?”

Rise up; earth’s chains are broken!

Rise up, the heavens open!

Rise up, up, up, up-

Up! The Lord has spoken!

Why do you linger in unbelief?

Why give place to doubt and fear?

Why is your spirit still reluctant?

His will to do, His voice to hear?

Rise up! What more can He say?

Rise up! ‘Tis the dawn of the day!

Rise up, up, up, up –

Up! My love, and come away!

Angels are hovering all around you,

Waiting to bear you to the Throne:

Heavenly songs float down through the spheres

To woo you in tender, loving tone.

Rise up, in joyous surprise.

Rise up, through the beckoning skies

Rise up, up, up, up-

Up! As a bird homeward flies!

Blessed is the one whom God has called

To His high and holy dwelling;

Yes, blessed is he who thus is stirred

By the voice of Love impelling.

Rise up, through ethereal spheres,

Rise up, your redemption nears.

Rise up, up, up, up-

Up! Your King appears!

Winter has departed now at last,

Flowers are appearing on the earth;

And all creation is awaiting

A restoration and new birth.

Rise up, out of earth’s dark night,

Rise up, to the courts of light;

Rise up, up, up, up-

Up! Take your rapture flight!


In January, 1942, the Lord began to speak to me in a most vivid way about rapture. For many years a little company of us had been hidden away in a ministry of intercession and worship. During this time the Holy Spirit had led us continually, and had blessed us with true prophecy and many revelations about the great End-time plan of God. We all were preparing our hearts for the glorious day when our Lord would pour out the promised rain of His Spirit in double portion, and send us forth to work the “greater works” in His Holy Name.

It was, therefore, a great surprise to me when our Lord indicated that this earthly prayer ministry was being terminated, and that I was to enter into rest and be taken into another realm. I was puzzled at His Word and wondered if I were going to die. One night, as I was engaged in earnest prayer with a few others, I was suddenly rapt in the Spirit: I had the sensation of passing up and up and on into the third heaven!

“The universe is thy inheritance in Me,” the Lord said. “Thou hast possessed an earthly inheritance in My Kingdom, but now thou shalt spy out and possess a heavenly inheritance by faith.”

He revealed that Satan and his rulers would be cast down out of the heavens, and their seats of authority would be given to the overcoming saints. I had a strong impression that I was standing on a high and very steep pinnacle. To my surprise I found myself looking at the starry heavens from above them! The myriads and myriads of heavenly worlds spread out before me overwhelmed my spirit. I felt that at any moment I would faint, so I leaned upon the Lord, trusting Him to sustain me upon this pinnacle. I was conscious of angelic beings and of ethereal sights and sounds, but I could neither see them plainly nor hear them distinctly.  Then, as suddenly as I was taken up, I was set down again upon the earth! “There is a path which no bird knoweth,” the Spirit said, “You shall be given the wings of a dove, and shall flyaway and be at rest.”   I saw that hitherto I had been an “eagle-saint,” a prayer wait-er and warrior. I was now to be changed into a “dove- saint.” (The doves typifying the company who shall ascend and descend and finally be translated.). The following Scriptures were illuminated to me: 

“Oh, that I had wings like a dove! for then would I flyaway and be at rest.” (Psalm 55:6)

“‘Though ye have lien among the pots, yet shall ye be as the wings of a dove covered with silver, and her feathers with yellow gold. (Psalm 68:13) 

This portion had been spoken to me many years before, It is found in the prophetic 68th Psalm-an inspired song containing a profound revelation of the Latter-Day. As one commentator has written: “It would take the Pentecostal gifts of tongues to properly interpret this superlative song of David,” Our little company has often sung and danced in the Spirit to its transcendent strains, Many think David sang it as he danced before the Ark when it was being returned. The ninth verse reveals the Latter Rain. This is followed by the giving of the Living Word to a great company who publish it. There is mention of a people once cast down in servitude and bondage who arise as pure doves. as free as a bird! If you read on you will see a picture of mighty conquest in which angels participate.

Again the Spirit spoke to me in the tender words of the Bridegroom to the Bride:   “0 My dove, that art in the clefts of the rock, in the secret places of the stairs,” (Song of Solomon 2:14) 

And again:   “Who are these that fly as a cloud, and as the doves to their windows?” (Isaiah 60:8) 

The Spirit also reminded me of Noah’s ark and the dove with the olive branch-a type of those hidden away in Christ, during the present storm, who shall come forth with the everlasting Gospel of true peace.  “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of them that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace… that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth! (Isaiah 52:7)  

I was also reminded of the descent of the Holy Ghost, in the form of a dove, upon our Lord at His baptism in the Jordan River. At that time the Father spoke out of heaven: 

“This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” (Matthew 3:17)  I saw that the dove was a symbol of the Sonship, of purity and of sacrifice – as well as of the Holy Spirit.  I pondered these Scriptures for many days, and the Lord caused me to see that the “Dove” company is the “Bride” company – the “Son” company – the raptured and finally translated saints. I was shown that whereas I had previously glimpsed into the heavenlies, I was now actually to be taken (by the Spirit) into celestial realms. “How can these things be?” I asked, as did one of old. After much prayer the Lord gave me a revelation which was new to me. This was presented to me in many ways and was verified consistently. It was this:  Rapture and translation are two entirely different things! The meaning of the word “rapture” is – “to be suddenly caught away or transported in the spirit.” This does not involve a transportation of the body. St John, according to the Greek text was “rapt” in the Spirit when he received his revelation of Jesus Christ. His body was on the Isle of Patmos, but his spirit was taken into the heavenlies. St. Paul was rapt in the Spirit and taken to the third heaven. Daniel was rapt and fell as dead, when he was given the amazing revelation of Jesus Christ and “the time of the end.” Isaiah, while in the Temple, was rapt and saw the Lord “high and lifted up.” Moses was rapt in the Mount. And Ezekiel was rapt again and again. 

All through the history of the Church, the saints have been given experiences of rapture. Savonarola was often rapt while preaching, and would sit motionless for hours seeing visions in the Spirit. St. Francis and many of his brotherhood were rapt and taken into heaven. They communed with angels and saints, and were given revelations of the Lord and of His sufferings and glory. St. Catherine of Sienna was rapt in the Spirit frequently, even in early childhood. She foretold the Reformation, and also saw revelations concerning “the great world-wide crusade of the latter days in which the Bride would arise, clad in beautiful garments, and the glory of God would fill the earth.” Many of her experiences seem to be typical of the works which are to be wrought in the days just ahead. 

George Fox of the Quakers once was rapt for many days, and his body was altered in appearance in a most supernatural way. The Holy Spirit reminded me of these things of which I had previously read in brief. I had not been greatly impressed by them, supposing they were purely individual revelations. Now I saw that these raptures were types and signs of experiences which lie ahead for us.

About a year later, after having entered into rapture, I investigated other reports of such raptures, and found that the Holy Spirit had dealt with me in ways so similar that I was amazed. I was filled with rejoicing at the witness given to me in reading of those who were raptured in days gone by. 


That which St. Paul experienced, as one born out of due time, is the perfect type and pattern of the sons of God. They will be given a revelation of Jesus Christ-a face to face, beyond-the-veil experience-before they are physically translated. They will be caught up in the spirit and will commune with angels, prophets and apostles, as well as with Jesus Christ Himself. They will be shown the things which have been, the things which are, and the things which are to be. They will be able to say, as St. Peter said after the transfiguration: 

“We have not followed cunningly devised fables, when we made known unto you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but were eyewitnesses of His majesty... when we were with Him in the holy mount. We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto do well that ye take heed.” (II Peter 1:16,18,19) 

Likewise, St. John could say:  “That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled of the Word of life; (the Living Word). That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you.” (I John 1:1, 3)

Oh, what a word of authority! We shall see, we shall hear, we shall know by first hand experience. And this we shall declare unto the nations a sure word of prophecy. Why was it not lawful for St. Paul to tell of his revelation of Jesus Christ and of the mysteries revealed in the third heaven? Because these things were sealed up until the time of the end.

The Revelation and Appearing of Jesus Christ is now at hand – a secret appearing and revelation to His prepared saints, before His open appearing. This is foreshown in the first three chapters of The Revelation, when Jesus Christ appeared unto John on the Isle of Patmos. In chapter one, verse ten, we read: “On the Lord’s day I found myself rapt in the Spirit.” (Moffatt) The entire Apocalypse was given to him by revelation while in the state of rapture that is, caught away in the Spirit out of his natural senses, his mind being quickened and illuminated by the supernatural power of God. 

After rapture, the next step is transport. We shall be taken from place to place in the body, as Philip was caught away when he preached to the eunuch.  The last step is translation. Then we shall be caught up -body, soul and spirit-as were Enoch and Elijah. But this will not be until the consummation of the Endtime ministry.

When this astounding revelation was given to me by the Lord, He immediately challenged me, “Believest thou this?” Then. He said, “By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death.”


My heart was so stirred that I earnestly sought the Lord that in all things I too might walk well pleasing to Him. I laid aside all spiritual labor and sought to enter into complete rest; but it took several months and a severe illness, before I could fully do so. I did not confide this revelation to anyone but the Holy Spirit confirmed it by many demonstrations, Scriptures and prophecies through others. The Lord began to speak to our company about rapture, and there were manifestations of “flying” and being transported, and prophecies about translation. We were told that to enter into translation, required long and difficult preparation: for our entire being, including our body, must be brought into complete submission to the Spirit. With these dealings we were given Romans 8, I Corinthians 15, all of Thessalonians, and many other portions of the Pauline epistles. 

We also had demonstrations about the whole burnt offering. Those who are truly raptured are consumed with the fire of Divine Love. Over and over the Word in Hebrews was given to us:  “Ye are coming (come) unto Mount Sion. and unto the city of the Living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels, to the General Assembly and Ecclesia of the First-born which are written in heaven, and to God the Judge of all, and to the Spirits of just men made perfect, and to Jesus the Mediator of the New Covenant, and to the blood of sprinkling, that speaketh better things than that of Abel.” (Hebrews 12:2224)  

During this time the Lord instructed me about St. John the Revelator, and one night I, too, heard a voice behind me, like a trumpet, calling me to “come up hither,” I saw an open door in heaven. but it seemed far off, My heart was pained, for I felt earth-bound and knew not how to “come up.”  I prayed much that I might find the way out of the earth into the heavenlies. I was impressed about Nathanael, the pure-hearted. He recognized Jesus as the Son of God and as King; and Jesus commended him as an “Israelite in whom there is no guile.” He gave him a wonderful promise: “Hereafter ye shall see heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of Man.(John 1:51


Angels descending from glory I see,

Down through the open portal;

A wonderful word they are bringing to me,

Sent from the King immortal.

Angels from glory are winging,

A message divine they are bringing,

“The King bids thee come up higher,” they say.

“Now rise up, beloved, and come away.”

My heart completely He’s captured,

Soon to His Throne I’ll be raptured;

Caught up in a moment, I shall arise

To meet Him in Paradise!

The Holy Spirit gave me this song as a promise. He revealed that throughout the ages this “door” in heaven has been opened at certain times to certain chosen ones. Jacob saw this “stairway” or “ladder,” and the angels ascending and descending. The prophets at times looked into these heavenly realms: but now, in the End-time, oh, praise the Lord, this door is to be opened to an entire Company. It is to be opened wide for a short season to a few firstfruits of that company. Then it is to be opened to the entire Sons of God-Bride Company. Each one is to be taken up the “golden” stairway, up into the third heaven, some to higher realms, and some to the very Throne.

By the way of rapture they are to have access to the heavenlies. They are to see and commune with the angels and saints; and are to see Jesus, beyond the veil, face to face, being changed into His likeness, fully united with Him. They are to be commissioned and sealed, and then sent forth for a short ministry. The pattern for this is found in the life of our Lord. He was brought up out of death, and ascended, after He also descended. He was seen by many and ministered for forty days before He was taken up again to remain at the Throne. 

The Lord also revealed much concerning Enoch. Later I was given the Book of Enoch to read, and I found it was profitable. In it I learned that Enoch was raptured many times before he was actually translated. The marvelous revelations given him concerning God’s plan-even unto the end of this age–and his knowledge of heavenly movements, enabled him to enter into the End-time privileges-and to experience the consummation of translation!  Every Son of God is to have these privileges. They are to know as they are known. As I learned of these things, my heart hungered for the fullness of the revelation of Jesus Christ -the secret revelation to be given to the Ecclesia. I earnestly sought the Lord and prayed that I might be pre~ pared to “rise up and come away.” I prayed that I might be like Nathaneal, pure in heart, without guile. “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” The old hymn, “Blessed Assurance” was often brought to my mind, especially this verse: 

“Perfect submission, perfect delight

Visions of rapture now burst on my sight;

Angels descending bring from above

Echoes of mercy, whispers of love.”

Then the Spirit again gave me a portion of Isaiah which had been impressed upon me for many years. This prophecy refers to the time of the Lord’s appearing in the midst of His people:  “Now will I rise, saith the Lord; now will I be exalted; now will I lift up myself. The sinners in Zion are afraid, fearfulness hath surprised the hypocrites. Who among us shall dwell the devouring fire? Who among us all dwell with everlasting burnings?” (Isaiah 33:10, 14) 


Yes truly our God is a consuming fire. He is even now sifting in our midst, purifying the sons of Levi, (Malachi 3:3) Isaiah gives the pattern for those who are to be raptured:  “He that walketh righteously, (in the righteousness of Christ by the power of the Holy Ghost) and speaketh uprightly; he that despiseth the gain of oppressions (frauds), that shaketh his hands from holding of bribes, that stoppeth his ears from the hearing of blood, and shutteth his eyes from seeing evil; he shall dwell on high: his place of defense shall be the munitions of rocks ( the cleft of the rock, the secret place of the stairs): bread shall be given him; his waters shall be sure. Thine eyes shall see the King in His beauty; they shall behold the land that is very far off.” (Isaiah 33:15, 17)  

In this passage it is clearly revealed that our walk, our talk and our every action, must be guided by the Spirit. Our feet, our tongues, our hands, our eyes, our ears, must be cut off from every worldly and evil use. As St. Paul so perfectly expounded this truth:   ‘”As ye have yielded your members servant to uncleanness and to iniquity unto iniquity; even so now yield your members servants to righteousness unto holiness.” (Romans 6: 19)  How difficult to shut our ears completely to the hearing of blood, in the midst of a world at war; and, to shut our eyes to the seeing of evil, in the midst of this evil day. But I saw in this Word that I must deliberately “tune out” the world realm, and “tune in” the heavenly realm. The promise to those who, by His grace, enter into this complete rest is indeed glorious.  


Who shall ascend the Hill of the Lord?

Who shall stand in His Holy Place?

Who shall appear before the King,

Beholding Him face to face?

He whose heart has been yearning

For a glimpse of that far-off land,

Whose spirit is quiet, waiting,!

To move at the King’s command.

Blessed is that one who approaches His dwelling,

Summoned by the voice of His love impelling!

During this time of preparation I found that my heart and mind seemed often caught away, so much so that I could hardly realize that which was taking place about me, even though I still had the full care of my home and three small children. I also noticed at times a new sensation of quickening in my physical body. Often I felt so light that it seemed that I could fly away in a moment. These ecstatic times passed -and fiery trials closely followed. I found that all my heart, my soul, was longing for heaven, longing for Jesus, longing to leave the earth. I was no longer led to intercede. Indeed, I seemed helpless to pray unless I was anointed; but I was conscious of a constant, close union with the Lord. I experienced an inner hunger similar to that which I felt while seeking the baptism of the Holy Spirit. So often then I had cried, “My heart and my flesh cry out for the Living God!” It seemed that again my flesh was crying out-this time for fuI1 redemption. About this time the Spirit gave this song: 


Once, a dying thief prayed, “Lord, remember me,”

As he looked in Jesus’ tender eyes;

And Jesus answered him, while in bitter agony,

“Today thou shalt be with Me in Paradise.”

Beyond the burning stars, up through the whirling spheres,

I have heard a hidden pathway lies;

And sweet angelic songs are falling on my ears.

As I look up and catch a glimpse of Paradise.

I often sigh and yearn, in tender reverie,

For that heavenly land beyond the blue;

And then my soul is stirred to holy ecstasy,

For I know that some day I shall dwell there too!

Today my spirit cries, like one so long ago

Dear Lord, wilt Thou remember me?”

And Jesus, bending near, whispers clear and low,

“My Kingdom, dear one, I give to thee.”

Show me the path to Paradise.

Out of earth’ s darkness bid me rise;

I know my Lord is waiting there,

Walking in God’s garden fair.

Angels are softly calling me,

With heavenly love enthralling me,

So I would climb the stairs beyond the skies-

The path to Paradise!

Often the Spirit came upon me in such a new way of “transport” that I seemed to be passing out of my body. But, as eager as I was to be caught up, I found that my body offered quite a resistance, similar to the resistance most of us felt in our bodies when we first sought the baptism and the Holy Spirit began to move upon our members. I saw the heavens opened one day, just a little “slit” as it were. “Heretofore.” said the Lord. “you have had glimpses into this realm:.” (At the time of baptism I had been caught up, and had heard the heavenly choir; and at other times there had been some experiences along this line.) “But now the heavens are opened wide to you,” At this, I saw the heavens actually roll back, much as a curtain on a stage is parted. The glory of the realm supernal blinded me! I was given glimpses of the New Jerusalem and the stairway or “ladder” leading to it. I was also permitted to see various angels, and to know their ranks, I became conscious of them about me day and night. Prior to this time I had seen a few angels, but only at rare intervals, and then very dimly. Twice the Archangel Michael had appeared and had spoken to us concerning the Time of the End. How I loved this noble Prince among angels, Captain of great hosts! How concerned he is about the “Woman” and the “Manchild,” and what a great part he is playing now-gallant warrior! When I saw him and his hosts, I was like the prophet who saw the heavenly hosts – glad that I was on the Lord’s side! 

It was revealed to me that I would be enabled to see and to converse with the angels, and to understand heavenly mysteries. The Lord also spoke to me about passing over death; about death being swallowed up by life; about the reign of death which is coming upon the earth; and about the glorious reign of Life which is to be given to the sons of God. I saw some coming out of their graves, as they did upon the day of Jesus’ death. (Matthew 27:52, 53) I also saw that some of the early saints are going to be out-resurrected from the dead, ahead of the general resurrection, and are going to appear in the earth. Later, I found that in the prophecies of the early Fathers this had been proclaimed. I saw that St. Paul and St. John, among others, were to appear again in the earth during this brief supernatural ministry. Indeed, I saw much of which I had not previously heard. Jesus said, “I have told you many earthly things and ye have believed; now I show you heavenly things:” The Spirit continued to inspire me to sing new songs. This one became a daily prayer: 


Heavy with darkness, the world lies waiting,

Waiting for You, my adorable King;

And my heart is waiting and longing too,

And sighing, even as I sing.

I look up to the stars with their silvery lights aglow,

Somewhere up there You are looking down, I know,

And Your heart answers mine in an ecstasy divine

As my song takes wing.

Each day I wonder how long it shall be

E’er You appear, my adorable King,

And often I ponder the mystery

Of the rapture that happy day will bring,

When I rise and take flight to Your palace of light

Oh, hasten the day, my adorable King!



Alas, between me and the glorious experience of going up into the heavenlies, lay the dark vale of death. I hadn’t counted upon death. I had only seen the bright and promising aspects of the upward call. But soon I found the cohorts of darkness and death concentrating around me, seemingly set for my destruction, determined to take their prey. 


At the beginning of April, a little over two months after the first of the “rapture” revelations, I found the Lord dealing with me in great solemnity. A new awe and fear of the Most High God began to permeate my heart. He suddenly seemed to become veiled and mysterious, and His ways were most strange. He spoke to me often about death, and I found that it was not so easy to draw nigh unto Him at this period-for invariably He would speak to me of it. I discovered that my heart-so eager to hear the good things, the bright things of God-was most reluctant to hear dark sayings. During this examination, for such it proved to be, the Holy Spirit by the living Word cut through my entire being like a two-edged sword. I had the very real experience of seeing my soul and spirit divided asunder; my whole inner being was opened and cut as a burnt offering is quartered and examined. 

“I must have a lamb without blemish,” the Lord said, “a whole burnt offering.” (We know certainly that Jesus is the only spotless and perfect Lamb, and that only by His grace can we become “lambs of God.”) I found every innermost thought and motive was likewise brought into divine scrutiny. Needless to relate, I was greatly humbled in spirit, and saddened to discover that after all I was not such a complete living sacrifice as I had imagined myself to be. I was even more unyielded to God in the matter of becoming a dying sacrifice. 

Finally, by the grace of God, I reached a place of complete resignation to the will of God. I was loath to die; leaving unfulfilled all the wonderful promises which the Lord had given me about the End-time ministry. I was saddened when I considered the many precious saints who, though they were given revelations and promises regarding the End-time and the Rapture, are now in their graves. It was a great trial of faith, for the Lord had spoken so long and so frequently about this ministry that to be cut off in the body seemed a crushing blow. Yet, in that hour I saw, as Abraham saw, that God could raise one again from the dead to fulfill His Word were that necessary. I reached the place of being entirely willing to “wake” or “sleep” in Him.  

I saw that some who were in this sonship calling, and yet have been dead for some time, will be raised as signs. I was given a most marvelous revelation of the resurrection power of our God. I was also shown that the resurrection of the dead holds many unheard of mysteries. Over and over I sang this song: 

“I know that my Redeemer liveth.

And on the earth again shall stand;

I know eternal life He giveth,

And grace and power are in His hand.”


“I am the ‘resurrection and the life; he that believeth in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in Me shall never die,” (John 11:25, 26)

On this Word I took my stand, as I had done many years before when the Lord first spoke it to me. May God give us Bethany faith! “Believe and thou shalt see the glory of God.” Several years previously, one who was precious to the Lord lay at the point of death. He had given up hope, but asked for prayer. When I looked at him my heart despaired for his life. Suddenly it seemed that Christ was embodied in me, and it was no longer I, but Christ, who stood before this dying man. It was clearly an act of intervention. Within my heart I heard an almost audible voice saying, “I am the resurrection and the life,” And immediately life and healing were manifested in this brother! The Lord spoke again at that moment: “He that liveth and believeth in Me shall never die; believest thou this, also?” I said, “Yes, Lord, I believe it.” And from that moment I began to look for translation rather than death. 


Oh how my heart yearns for the day when our God shall be openly vindicated in the earth: when the dead shall be raised, the sick healed, and His mighty signs follow in a greater way than at present. But all this is by Faith. I had not realized what a perfecting of faith I needed, to be prepared for rapture and translation. I had supposed that it would just happen when the time came! But now I knew that it required a tried faith. I saw too that to live until the change takes place might be more to His glory, than to die and be clothed upon from above with my house from heaven. Yet I was willing to enter the grave, if He so willed.  


After many sufferings and crosses I found a deep rest in faith, but I had no outward consolation or inward feeling whatever. (Hebrews 4:9, 10) I mention all this in detail because I am given by God to see that all who enter into the experience of rapture and translation will be somewhat similarly tested and tried. And the last enemy to be overcome is death. The full overcomer is to inherit all things, even immortality, thus escaping the grave. 

Think what It privilege is ours! But it is one thing to have the revelation of these great truths; it is another thing to enter into the experience of them. Only by His intervention and supernatural working of the Spirit, administering great grace to us, can we be in this number. Again and again I have reached the place where I could not possibly stand, let alone go forward another step. Always, when undergoing such a trial, the Spirit has led me to humble myself before God completely, confessing my weakness and inability to go on, with the definite assurance that Christ within me will steadily press on, since I will it so. The Father has willed it, the Son has secured it; the Holy Ghost: will administer it. All that remains then is for me to will it, too, and yield to Him, believing that He will do it ALL; and praise God He always does! 

One night I was taken in the Spirit to the top of a large mountain and was shown another peak opposite it. The Spirit told me to step from the one peak to the other. I was about to do so, for it seemed only a step; but, looking down, I was filled with horror, for in the valley lying between was the grave and in it the forces of death were marshaled! “How shall I cross over, Lord, into this heavenly hill?” I asked. 

“To die is to go down into the valley,” He replied. “To be translated is to be supernaturally transported into heaven.” Then He showed me how Elijah was translated, and about the symbolic meaning of “crossing Jordan:” “You must cross over death; you must pass over, as the children of Israel once passed over in flood season and possessed the land.” Is it not wonderful that, when floods of death shall be sweeping the earth with destruction, a whole company is going to pass over death without being touched by it!  The Spirit works out many things in our natural bodies, and His divine truth becomes embodied in us as we live under the sway of the Spirit. I can never feel that anything the Holy Spirit does is “just a demonstration,” an entertainment to be enjoyed and then dismissed. If the Spirit of God demonstrates a truth in us, it becomes alive, and is established in the earth in us. We regard it as more than teaching-it is reality! When Jeremiah and Ezekiel enacted their prophecies in strange signs and wonders in the earth, these signs and symbolic actions became the Living Word of God to Israel. Just so, this experience of crossing Jordan was a real one to me-painfully, sorrowfully real. Is it not wonderful that in our day a few priests shall be able to turn back the flood for a great company, by the power of God? Amen! I believe it! But here is another truth that is hard to receive; for I saw that although the priests were the first to step in, they were the last to leave! (So even now” though I passed through death and have been taken on into the heavenly realm, I must still stand as a priest in the path of that flood.) (Joshua 3:15-17) 

After this, my body daily grew weaker. Many forsook me in the Spirit, not understanding these strange new dealings of the Lord, wondering why, after having faith for divine health for seven years; I no longer had health or strength to do my duties. Those closest to me were sorrowful, feeling that I was to be taken from them. One was even led to anoint me for burial, somewhat as Jesus was anointed. She could not restrain her tears. All this occurred at the Easter season when thoughts of the Cross and Passover were in the minds of us all. How very real became the betrayal, the smiting, and crucifixion. 

Then, one night, the Holy Spirit anointed one to “lay me out” for burial this was almost too much to take! The powers of darkness came upon me like a. flood, attempting to upset my faith and turn me against the works of the Spirit, which seemed cruel and far-fetched. In my despair I cast myself upon the Lord. 

“Are you one who is glad to enter with Me into My power, and yet is unwilling to enter with Me into My death?” He asked. “To run from the Holy Spirit when He works hard things within you is to flee from Me. How privileged you are to enter into these, My sufferings. I must have a Bride who fully understands. I am letting you actually suffer these things and enter into them with your mind, your heart, and your body. This is a complete offering unto Me, and is well pleasing in My sight. I am writing My Word upon your heart: and mind; I am deeply engraving it in them with the penpoint of suffering, burning it in with the brand of divine Love.” (Galatians 6:17)

Then the Lord showed me a large chalice. “The cup I drink, are ye able also to drink it?’. He asked. I remembered when He had questioned me in a similar way after I had been baptized with the Holy Ghost. Then I had answered, as the disciples did, “Yea, Lord, we are able,” I had little dreamed what it might mean. I felt that I had drunk it; but now I saw that it was more than spiritual suffering and death to self. It was an actual death-as a sacrifice. I hesitated, knowing that I dared not trifle with so sacred a matter. “By Your grace, Lord, I will drink this cup with You,” the Spirit moved me to answer. I took it from His hand with trembling and raised it to my lips. I tasted of it, expecting it to be very bitter; but, to my amazement, it became as the most mellow and delicious wine! Then He smiled and seemed about to laugh openly with joy. “This is the cup of full salvation;” He said, “I drank all the bitterness of death, so that you might drink of My Divine, everlasting life. This is the cup of redemption.” 

Nevertheless, I grew weaker each day. Finally, in the first part of May, my heart grew so weak and faltering that I could barely move about. I could not breathe freely, and panted for breath most of the time. It seemed that the very breath of life was being taken. The forces of death were constantly about me night and day. I began to realize the full significance of overcoming death. I seemed to be walking in a region of thirst, darkness and pain. All anointing and blessing were removed. Just before I became completely bedridden, the Lord sent several precious sisters who were from the Middle West. I knew them only by correspondence. One of these prophesied that the Lord was about to do great things and to show me unusual favor. (I was so ill at the time that I could scarcely notice or remember her words, but this is the substance of the message.) 

On the night following their visit, I was suddenly moved upon by the Spirit. Going to the piano I began to play and sing under inspiration. The theme of the song was, “Take Me Into Your Garden.” This title reminded me of one given earlier in the season-which spoke, not of a garden of love, but of a garden of Gethsemane. I had been led to sing it often during the dark weeks:  Come, watch one hour with Me in dark Gethsemane, Come, pray with Me alone, for thou art all My own; No need to reel afraid, in nothing be dismayed; Soon I will take thee to My Throne.  This was the new song I sang in such weakness that night: 


Thou hast a hidden garden, Lord,

Where Thou dost wait for Thine own,

Bidding them come apart and rest

Sweetly with Thee alone.

Each flower reveals Thy loveliness;

Each tree speaks of Thy great care;

Under the sheltering boughs I would sit,

Finding deep solace there.

Songbirds are singing up in the trees,

Caroling songs of Thy love;

Fragrance is borne on every breeze

Straight from the courts above.

Take me into Thy garden, Lord,

See! I stand at the gate;

Open wide now the golden portals,

Lest I enter too late!

Lead me gently upon Thine arm

Into a place apart;

Take me into Thy garden, Lord,

Take me into Thy heart!

Then, suddenly, came complete collapse! All strength was gone.

There was rapid palpitation of the heart, and all food made me ill. Breathing was difficult; in fact, every breath had to be snatched with labor. I mention these details only to show how very real this condition was. I want to make it clear that none of this was imaginary in any sense of the word. The Lord had dealt with me for years about the subjection of the imaginations of my heart and mind. (So often the revelations of the Spirit are leavened and confused with error because our own imaginations are active.) In all this experience, while under anointings, my imagination was held in check by the Spirit; and at times when my mind tried either to reason or imagine, I was instantly reproved by the Spirit. Also, in writing or telling of these experiences, I was warned not to add to that which actually occurred. It would be so easy to do this. The human mind can scarcely recall or recount any incident without embellishing it in some way; but the Lord wants our testimony to be given in the white light of truth. Therefore, if any mistake is made, let it be known that it is not willful on my part. In the recounting of our spiritual experiences, to add to or alter them in any way is a grievous thing-our witness must be true. 

The point is that I was really ill, dangerously so! I grew steadily worse and was engulfed in the most terrible spiritual atmosphere I had ever experienced. To say that it was a “waste howling wilderness” can best describe it. It seemed to be the very valley of the shadow of death. I believe it was just that; and that I tasted in part, at least, of the sufferings of some saints, as they are about to die, when Satan makes his last terrific attack upon their souls. I was seemingly forsaken by God, and also by those who were close to me in the Lord. It is true that they prayed. But they received no special anointing or light. They seemed to be in another world. 


Diabolical forces centered upon me; and the days were like months, so intense was the suffering. I could not pray, praise, or converse; but I was conscious of complete committal unto God, and a rest of faith in which there was no fear. I knew that I was completely in God’s hands, beyond all human aid, and that to seek such would be absolute folly. “I wound and I heal; I kill and I make alive,” saith the Lord. Had I not declared with Job, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him”? Was it unreasonable that He should call upon me to demonstrate it? 

Two days and nights passed. Then God sent a dear sister and her husband to pray for me. They had not known of any of His recent dealings with me, so I was loath to receive them. I wanted nothing, no one, but the Lord. I knew that all my hope and help lay in Him. Nor did I want His will hindered by anyone. I was ready to live or die. It seemed to me that to depart and be with Him was greatly to be desired; yet to desire it unduly was selfish, if I wanted to escape suffering. I believe that the final end of all divine dealing is that in all things, at all times, we have no desire but this; “Father, Thy will be done.” It is not enough to know the will of God; it is not enough to know and do it; He requires that overcomers know and do and delight, by grace, in His perfect will in all things.  

So these dear ones prayed and were truly anointed. Afterward, they confessed to me that they saw death written on my face, and were greatly shocked. But for all their prayer I felt no moving of God whatever. I seemed to be already dead. They left, and I steadily became worse. By bedtime that night I was fighting for every breath. If you have ever been smothered, you can understand what this struggle was. I was so very bad by this time that I saw my husband could not bear it; therefore, I asked him to call some close prayer partners to pray for me; but he misunderstood me and phoned the brother and sister who had called during the afternoon. It was at this point that intervention had begun! This brother and sister had retired for the night. The sister had fallen into a deep sleep at once, and was given a glorious dream vision. She dreamed she was singing in the Spirit in a power, beauty and glory she had never known. Her final words were, “Oh, I am drunk with the new wine of the Kingdom!” With these words she awoke, so heavily anointed that she knew she must arise and pray. While asking the Lord to show her for whom to pray, she heard the phone ringing. It was my husband asking her to pray for me. Both of them prayed, and within a few minutes I fell into a sleep such as children enjoy, and I awoke in the morning greatly refreshed. 

This sister came to see me the next day. She was in the Spirit and declared that the Lord had revealed that I was to go to her house, and that the Lord wanted to bless me greatly; but that I was also in great danger from the forces of the enemy, who wanted to cut off my life. She saw me covered with beautiful flowers, being borne up in the arms of the Heavenly Bridegroom. But I still remained desperately ill. I was reluctant to make a move out of God’s will; however, by the next night I was at rest in her home, so rapidly did the Lord move. She and her husband were led to hide me completely from all friends, which they successfully did for a month. The Lord truly took me away, far from all others, and made this house to me the King’s House and the King’s Garden!

When I left my home it seemed that I would never return again. Everything that occurred impressed me that I was going to die. All circumstances and feelings were combined to undermine faith. I seemed to be in a state which my mother described to me shortly before her death many years ago. She said, “I am neither on earth nor in heaven. Oh, that I might depart and be at rest.” It was so strange to be in suspension – to lie thus between life and death, with only a hair’s breadth between.  

I am led to go into detail, for each step reveals God’s intervention dealings, and though the personal pronoun has to be used-since this is a testimony I beg you to regard it as an impersonal demonstration of divine Truth. The following night proved most difficult. Once, shortly before this, the Lord had drawn very near and whispered, “I am the Lily of the valley,” And I had answered, “Yes, Lord, Thou art the sweet Lily of the valley.” Then He repeated the statement with a most poignant addition, “I am the Lily of the valley-of the shadow of death!’ 

All that night I seemed to be in that valley; but, praise God, I knew that the Lily of that valley was there with me, though He spoke not a word. Since that time the Spirit has shown me how much it pained my Lord to see my suffering, and yet be unable to speak; but the Father is preparing a Bride for His Son, and often must subject her to extreme tests to bring her up to the standard which He has ordained. Ah! How our loving Savior longs to sympathize and comfort us! Bless His dear name! The night passed, and I grew worse during the day. Finally, I felt that I should permit my husband to call a doctor, for his own satisfaction. 


I feel that this was in order. for it established several things: first of all, that I was really very ill; secondly that though this illness was indeed serious, the cause for it could not be found in my body; and thirdly, that all the doctor could do was to give drugs which I did not feel led to use, and which would have only slightly benefited me. He was very puzzled, asking if I had suffered a severe shock or heartbreak. 

One translation of David’s word, “Thou hast enlarged my heart, is, “Thou has dilated my heart.” This is exactly what the Lord was doing in me; for the heart is the first organ to be changed in the creation of the new body within. It is also significant that in the Song of Solomon 6:12, we read: “Or ever I was aware, my soul made me like the chariots of Amminadib.” Nearly all commentators have believed that this refers to rapture or translation, since Elijah was taken up in the “chariots of Israel.” And we have “seen” these chariots at times. Adam Clarke commented that one reading of the original text indicates this meaning: “Suddenly, my heart was in rapid palpitation.” 

This doctor, who was not a spiritual Christian, unknowingly spoke God’s word to me concerning my illness. He said, “I can’t find the cause for this in your body anywhere, and I am convinced that just one thing has brought you into this state, you have hitched your wagon to a star that is too high.” He also said, “It will appear that you are going to die, and no doubt the suffering will be such that you will want to die, but I am convinced that you will not die.” When he said this, I sat straight up in bed, instantly improved. Even he had been obliged by God to testify to rapture, although he knew it not! 

By the next day I was a little better and was able to eat a very little. But still no word from God was whispered to my heart. It was just one week from the day I had fallen ill when He manifested Himself, yet to me it had seemed a long time. Shortly after sundown, while lying in my bed, I became conscious that my hand was knocking on the wall. At first, the anointing was so faint that I did not recognize it as such. But louder and louder grew the knock! “Knock and it shall be opened unto you,” the Spirit said within my heart. I did not understand His meaning, but I knocked, and the Spirit took the up intercession in another language. Then I saw a great door, and it was in heaven. As I knocked, it opened. It did not swing, but seemed to roll up as a heavy curtain. Then He said:  “I am He that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth…I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and has kept my word, and hast not denied my name.” (Revelation 3:7, 8) 

I was stunned, amazed, and wondered what this might mean! I felt strength coming into my body, so I arose and went into the living room and told the sister, with whom I was staying, that we must all pray together; however, I did not tell her what had occurred. She and her husband were delighted that I was better, and they praised God.

As I lay upon the couch, all strength again left me. A most delightful and wonderful heavenly atmosphere filled the room. My outward senses were held in suspension, and I was filled with an interior joy and light impossible to describe. Then, suddenly, He appeared – the King in all His beauty! He swept in and seemed to fill the entire room! So ravishing was this sight, and so clear, that I felt I would swoon with delight! He appeared as described by the Shulamite in The Song of Solomon and He was dressed in kingly robes! So majestic was his beauty, thus crowned and robed, that my heart melted into a new fervor of love. I saw His golden sandals, white undergarment, the royal purple tunic of a velvety substance, with jewels inset; and finally, to my surprise-as He turned – His cape or train, of finest ermine. It was very long, reaching from one end of the room to the other. The vision lasted about ten minutes, gradually fading from my sight. I turned and faintly heard the sister praying for America and the soldiers. I realized that they had not seen the Lord. It was so real to me that I was astonished! The sister seemed drawn to me, but I felt that I must not be touched. I seemed to be out of my body. 


She approached to pray for me; but, instead, suddenly cried out, “Knock and it shall be opened unto you,” repeating it: again and again. Then, in demonstration, she knocked and said that she saw a large golden door which opened to her. She burst forth in joyful praise and was radiant in the Spirit. She cried out, “Oh, I see the King, the King in His beauty.” She described and praised Him. The description was identical, even to the ermine train! We both rejoiced for some time. Another sister, while praying for me at the same hour, also saw the door opened. “She hath prevailed,” the Spirit said, “and from henceforth the door into the heavenlies is open to her and to the company who are to enter in with her.” He also gave her the verse in Revelation 3:8, which He had given to me. 

I retired in great joy. Henceforth this house was to be to me “The King’s House.” Had He not appeared to my joy? Had He not shown me His beauty? Was I not ravished anew with love, and lifted by Him out of death into new life? Yes, I knew that I was in His is House, and in a bridal chamber, as it were, being prepared for holy union. A new day had dawned for me; yet little did I dream of all the glories and blessings and revelations which He would give me during the following weeks. How unworthy I feel now as I consider these divine favors, but I recall that they are all for the Bride, of which I was just a representative member, being shown in advance wonderful things to come.  Just a year before this rapture, the Holy Spirit had given me a song which was prophetic of my sojourn in the King’s house. It began now to ring in my heart: 

0, how rich is my condition, how blessed is my state, 

For the King has brought me to His chambers fair; 

In the secret of His presence He has hidden me away, 

Oh what rest and rapture I am finding there! 

Without the storms are raging, the night is growing dark,

So I dare not leave this peaceful hiding place; 

For my King says. “Stay, beloved, I will hold thee to My heart, 

Thou shalt evermore behold Me face to face.” 

In this holy habitation I have found a perfect rest, 

For no harmful, hurtful thing can enter here. 

And the King Himself assures me, bids me lean upon His breast, 

While with tender hands He wipes away my tears. 

Dwelling in His presence, walking in the light, 

Feasting on His love, robed in garments pure and white. 

0 my soul is thrilled with rapture, a rapture all divine, 

For I know that I am His and He is mine.   


Through “The Valley of the Shadow” the King took me to the gate of the King’s Garden, and on to the Door of the King’s House. There in His majestic Presence I found rest and rapture! How perfect was His plan! How wonderful His ways, which are so much higher than our ways that we cannot comprehend them, but stand amazed! Amazing grace, amazing love, amazing wisdom! Oh, our King is matchless, wonderful! “How marvelous, how wonderful, and my song shall ever be; how marvelous, how wonderful, is my Savior’s love for me!” 

How true to Divine Pattern have been all His dealings with me! But most surprising to my own mind was this rapture, He is always doing unexpected things in unexpected ways, How often we have quoted; “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither hath entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him.” (I Corinthians 2:9)

And some of us are quick to quote the following verse which is often overlooked, “But God hath revealed them unto us by His Spirit: for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God.” How wonderful is the revelation of the Spirit of God! St. Paul further declares that we have received the Spirit of God expressly for this purpose; “That we might know the things that are freely given to us of God: (vs. 12) The Greek word translated “know” means “to behold, perceive, understand, declare.” If by the Spirit we really know these things, then it follows that: “Which things also we speak, not in words which man’s wisdom teaches, but which the Holy Ghost teaches.” (vs.13) 

Yet, may I say that with all the revelation of these wonderful things which had been previously given to us, over a period of years, the actual experience of entering into rapture and the celestial realm and ordinances was brought to pass in ways entirely unexpected. The element of surprise and amazement has been present in every intervention dealing. I am impressed to make this very clear. First Corinthians, chapters one and two, is the pattern for those who experience rapture and translation. Those who “come behind in no gift, waiting for the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ,” are instructed to become as babes, and as weak, foolish and base. The Greek word, translated in our version as “coming,” is Apocalypses, which means “appearing, manifestation, revelation.” This word is a direct word of instruction to us who are being prepared to receive His appearing. 

The true Rapture experience cannot be imagined or worked up, or brought to pass through our own efforts in any way. It is an act of grace, a sovereign act of God it is “intervention.” However, Satan always imitates and counterfeits God’s dealings, so he too can produce raptures, trances, and other deceptive experiences, as he has done in the past and is doing increasingly today. It is, therefore, necessary for those who are entering into these wonderful favors and privileges, and who testify of them to others, to make each step clear and plain in Scriptural pattern. I want to state that in this experience, as in all other experiences in the Holy Ghost, I followed St, Paul’s word to “prove all things; hold fast that which is good.” (1 Thessalonians 5:21)  

The way through death into the celestial realm is a pathway beset by the fiercest, strongest, most deceptive forces of Satan. Let no one presume in these matters, nor seek these privileges unless called by God and prepared fully to do so! On the other hand, if the Lord has been pleased to bring you to the revelation of these privileges, and is preparing you for rapture and translation, do not let fear or doubt keep you “earth-bound.‘” You will need faith; you, will need fortitude; you will need grace to take this way; but all this is amply provided in Jesus Christ, and he will do a perfect work. Whether we ascend into the highest heaven or descend into the depths of hell, or if we take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, even there will His hand lead us and hold us, for He possesses our reins. Our kingly father David knew the power of God, and many of his Psalms were written to instruct us in this experience. So, I repeat, all of this experience has been confirmed by Scripture every step of the way. 


Now, to return to the “garden,” At death, a saint passes through the valley, over the “river,” and is borne by angels into the celestial realm, He is given a sweet look into the face of Jesus, and is placed at rest in Paradise, the garden of God. So it, was most fitting that, after seeing the King, I should be taken into His Garden to rest, I entered into deep rest, My body was still weak. Indeed, for many weeks I was kept in physical weakness unless I was supernaturally quickened. To this very hour I seem to have little strength in my body. and I live “by the breath of His Spirit,” With small children and a home to care for, I had never been able to go away and pray or be in retreat for any length of time. All through the years the Lord had dealt with me about praying-even fasting and praying much-but always in connection with my duties to my family. I longed to withdraw and wait upon Him as many others could do, but this was not His will for me. It seemed He wanted to demonstrate His grace and intervention by often giving me the most profound revelations in the midst of my dishwashing, cooking, and other pressing duties-with the phone ringing, children crying, confusion everywhere. He had led me into the prayer of “union,” where He was constantly in my heart, no matter where I was or what I was doing. Of course, this had taken years of training, and it was all to His glory and by His power. 

But now, in the Garden, I was completely cut off from the world and all duties. Following His glorious appearing as King, His Presence filled the house, and He dealt in a strong way with this brother and sister. They were convinced that He was about to do great and unusual things in our midst. The sister made arrangements at once to lay down a ministry in which she had been engaged, so that she might present herself before the Lord day and night, and keep the house quiet and undisturbed by outside influences. Though engaged in secular work, the brother gave every free moment to the Lord. The radio and newspaper were excluded; and all talk of natural things was set aside as much as possible. No one but my husband knew of my “Rest Home.” Thus we were shut away in the heart of a big city almost as perfectly as though on a mountaintop.  The Lord seemed to move in and possess the house and garden, and to put all things in Kingdom order. So real was His Presence, and so personal were His dealings and favors, that I felt I was living in the heavenlies, feasting in the King’s House, and walking and resting in His Garden. This song, given later by the Spirit, expressed my childlike joy in His Presence:   


A wonderful joy is flooding my heart

Since Jesus has shown His love to me;

Into His garden He drew me apart,

And now His grace and His beauty I see.

Here in His garden the birds always sing,

And flowers are blooming everywhere;

Winter is over, at last it is spring,

And now His fragrance is filling the air!

We hold a communion, tender and sweet,

While walking within this sheltered place;

Sorrow is gone and my joy is complete

While Jesus holds me in loving embrace.

Jesus loves me truly, this I know,

And for my soul He gave His life a sacrifice;

Jesus loves me truly. this I know,

And His love has made my heart a Paradise.

Let me sit in His garden,

And bask in His sunlight,

Let me drink of His fountain,

And feast with Him alone;

For Jesus loves me truly, this I know,

And in my heart He reigns

As King upon His Throne.

The world seemed gone forever. Human beings, including my own dear ones for whom I had grieved, realizing their need of me, seemed far removed from me. (However, need less to relate, the Father blessed my family and took good care of them.) I saw that I had been born into a new realm, and that I was like a little babe-ignorant, helpless, and yet at rest. At first I could see and hear little in the heavenly realm, but gradually I became more accustomed to it.  The Sunday following the Lord’s appearing was devoted to waiting upon Him.

He led us to put on bright garments of praise, pin flowers in our hair, and come before Him in joy-as a demonstration that Zion was to layoff her garments of mourning and put on her beautiful, royal garments. I was too weak to pray outwardly in any way, but my friend appeared beautifully arrayed as a King’s daughter, and was immediately anointed with singing and dancing. We were given a vision of the King’s Court, with His daughters appearing before Him in praise!

“Let the children of Zion be joyful in their King. Let them praise His name in the dance: let them sing praises unto Him with the timbrel and harp.” (Psalm 149:3, 4)  The 45th Psalm was again quickened to us – “The King’s Wedding March,” as some have called it-and many portions of the Song of Solomon. He revealed Himself as the “Solomon” of His Ecclesia, and spoke of His virgins, His queens, and His choice one.  For many years He had been “opening” to me the Song of Solomon in which, as He told me, are hidden the deepest mysteries of the Bride. But now the entire book seemed to come into new life and beauty and clarity! The perfume of His ointments filled the house, we were ravished with the beauty and glory and loveliness of the King and His Court and His royal household. He revealed His desire to.’ feast” with His people, and that they, as Israel of old, might know Him in “holy festivity,” He spoke of the great feast set before us at His table and He invited us to feast on His choice fruits, and to drink of the new wine of the Kingdom.  This is revealed in type in the first chapter of Esther. There the King gave a great feast to reveal the glories of His Kingdom. The first company He invited were “the Royal Household.” They were given to drink from golden vessels, each diverse from the other. But the drinking was without compulsion, Our King is likewise calling the royal household to come and feast with Him! He showed us, that many will not come because they are so busy laboring for Him, and they will not take time out to rest and feast. And such are apt to condemn those who do respond to His call, “The time is too short,” they say. “We must hurry to get souls saved before the Lord comes.” They are in a feverish rush of “service” and are unaware that they may be offending the King who is now sitting at the table with His own. They are saying, like Judas, “Why all this waste?” But the “Mary” company is saying, “While the King sitteth at His table my spikenard sendeth forth the smell thereof.” 

Others respond to the call and come to the table. but do not put on their garments of praise nor enter into the spirit of holy festivity. These are asked to leave the table. Who would offend a King by appearing unwashed or clothed in working garments? We must be bathed and anointed with oil and perfume, and then put on our beautiful garments. to appear at His table. Of course, I refer to the oil and garments of the Holy Spirit, but the Lord required us to do this outwardly, too, and greatly blessed us for obeying, (He has dealt with us that everything we do should be done to His glory and in demonstration of the truth.) Thus the food we ate at that time had a meaning and reminded us of the Word; the clothes we wore, and on certain occasions the “ornaments” too, represented the ornaments of grace – even perfumes and flowers – everything, became a symbol or a token of Him. Jesus spoke to His “inner circle” in parables which the world could not understand, but they did. The early Christians; hiding from their persecutors wore signs upon their clothes which they readily understood and recognized. In Israel, nearly everything worn had significance. He reminded me of the command to write the Word of the Lord upon the door post, and upon their arms, and to speak of it while sitting at the table and walking in their houses, etc. The Word is not only being written in our minds, hearts, and bodies, but also in the outward things we do; and it is read by those who are simple and “foolish” according to the world, but “wise” in God, able to read the parables and signs and symbols of God. All the prophets received and often presented divine truth in symbolic form.

Oh the wealth of the riches of God, when we reach such a place of favor and blessing that He speaks to us in all things and where we, in all things, can reveal Him and His truth! But this is for those who are able to receive it. A few years before this time, I would have considered myself much too “advanced” for such childlike things, But He has turned some of us into little children, teaching us as they are taught. Have you ever noticed how they “act out” in their play the realities of their later life? Even so, we “act out” or demonstrate in the Spirit the realities of the life of the Kingdom. We “taste of the powers of the age to come.” How wonderful to learn thus of our dear Father, who takes us, like a child, upon His lap, and tells us of His divine mysteries in terms of childlike simplicity which we can understand and interpret even now! 

It has taken much breaking to “unteach” me to the point where I can thus learn of God. Of course I have never been very wise, nor was I well educated according to the standards of this world. How hard it must be for those who are really learned and educated to become as a little child and enter the Kingdom of God, here and now. No wonder St. Paul tells us that not many wise or mighty are called; but that the foolish and weak will be used of God to confound the wise and strong! (I Corinthians 1:26-29) So, at the King’s table, what a joyful time do the children have; but how hard it is for the learned! Some come to the table well dressed. but are reluctant about what” they eat. So new and varied are the rich foods upon this table that they seem suspicious of them, and are afraid these rich foods will not agree with them, or might even poison them. In this case, St. Paul‘s rule applies very well. “Let them eat in faith nothing doubting.” When we come to the King’s table it is very impolite, even ignorant, to question what is set before us. If the meat is strong, the fruits are sweet, and the dainties rich, let us partake of them with glad and thankful heart, trusting in our King who bids us dine, having provided that which is best for us. We shall find many new and wonderful foods at this table, which, if eaten and digested and assimilated, will greatly strengthen and enhance the new body being formed within us. 

Many, I am sorry to say, find the wine too strong. They only sip, then set down their vessel. But others drink deeply of both milk and wine, and experience divine inebriation, being made “drunk on the Spirit.” They discover the new wine of the Kingdom to be the divine life of Christ. The wine of the sacrament represents the human life of Christ poured out on Calvary for our redemption-even His precious blood. And now He is pouring out His divine life, and it is, in essence, divine love. Oh, to drink deeply of this love which is better than wine. and to be divinely strengthened! Zion, ready to faint, is revived by this choice wine! But so many refuse to drink; and, since the drinking is voluntary and not by compulsion, they will not become revived and inebriated by the Holy Elixir of God. These are among the first to despise those who do drink deeply. Thereby their offense to the King becomes twofold.

I saw a beautiful golden platter coming down out of heaven. It was set in the center of the feast table. When I was told to look upon it, I saw twelve fruits. The Lord said, “This is the fruit of the tree of life which is in the midst of the Paradise of the Father. This fruit shall be eaten only by those who have partaken of everything on the table.” In other words, the fruit of the tree of life is the dessert, the last course to be served! We parents often refuse to give the dessert to our children unless they have eaten the rest of their dinner. To eat of the tree of life is for the full overcomer, and is one of the last steps into immortality! 

In the past we had been given revelations regarding the King’s feast. But we had not entered into the actual experience of partaking of the feast: The above account was an actual experience of entering into the revelation.

Therefore, it was made a reality to me at this time. Practically all these truths had been previously revealed to some of us; but when we actually entered into them, they took on a different meaning. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that they were like pictures suddenly brought into the third dimension. They were made alive-a reality in us. 

The feast continued. My whole being seemed stilled at last, and I was aware of constant union with the Lord. I was impressed over and over with the need for secrecy and discretion in regard to “secret of the Lord.” David, when fleeing to Gath, said to the priest, “The King hath commanded me a business and hath said unto me, ‘Let no man know anything about the business on which I sent thee.'” (I Samuel 21:2) He asked for and received hallowed bread and a great sword! 

This rapture is a “secret rapture.” Jesus comes as a “thief.” He hunts and digs in the field for His precious jewels and, upon finding them. He polishes and cuts them for his diadem. Even now there is much that I am not permitted to relate. Other children of God may think we are wrong in entering into such rest and rapture. If we tell them that our prayer warfare “has been accomplished” for a time, at least they are aghast! They seem to forget that the Bride was created by the Father primarily for the pleasure of, and love-ministry to. His Beloved Son who is neglected and hungry for the fruit of the Spirit and the refreshing wine of her love. We become so taken up with the need of the world and the need of souls that we forget the need of our God. We act as if we were more concerned about souls than He is, and think that we must labor unceasingly.  

Are we so uninstructed in divine matters that we do not know that souls are brought forth in the new creation by being conceived and born through those in the earth who are in union with God? These souls are in the “Mary” company who will bring forth the “sons of God,” and the “nations that will be born in a day,” Zion. Mother Ecclesia, will conceive these offspring of God in the King’s House, on Zion‘s Hill. and not in “Babylon:’ Do we not realize that the King is going to give a great feast to the nations, even as Ahasuerus, who, after feasting his princes, nobles and servants made a feast for all the people? Have we not realized that we shall be the “golden vessels” who carry the wine to the nations? Yes, we shall go out and compel multitudes to come in-by the compulsion of divine love! How can this be unless we ourselves have been partakers?  As I rested, Jesus drew very near and began to reveal Himself to me in a way so new, so close, so clear, that my whole being was drawn to Him by a divine pull. “Draw me, and we will run after Thee,” cries the Bride! I was being drawn into Him-body, soul and spirit. He showed me no more of His outward beauty at this time, but began to reveal His Heart.

Once He had shown me His pierced side and had said, “From My side sprang My Bride.” Now, He laid bare His Heart to me. We bare our hearts only to those we deeply love. So it is with our Bridegroom. The revelation of His Heart and interior nature, His deeper affections and emotions, is so profound, so transcending, that human language cannot reveal this deep unveiling. He, Himself, will reveal His Heart unto each member of His Bride; and, as He does so, He will change each heart and bring it into full union with His own Heart. 

I was so melted, so humbled, so moved by the revelation of the sacred Heart of Jesus that I cried for a heart like His. Then He ministered to my heart first binding it up, for it had previously been crushed; then He applied rare ointments, healing and strengthening it. He also enlarged and dilated it, and opened the inner chamber of my heart-the holy of holies which opens to none but our Heavenly Spouse. His glory flooded that inner chamber. His light so warmed and glowed within my heart that at times I seemed to be all heart. The rest of my body seemed deadened. Only those who have experienced this heart change and union can appreciate what I am trying to explain. Words are inadequate to describe it, and tend to blur rather than clarify the picture. For some time, He had been writing His New Covenant and laws on the fleshly tablet of my heart. It seemed that now it was to serve also as a tablet for the heavenly revelation of Jesus Christ, and that it was written there first, before it was given to my mind. 

He spoke to me in flowers, and made the garden a Paradise. Each blossom carried a living word. I understood why the rose has always been the favorite flower of saints. I learned the meaning of the colors and perfumes of each tender blossom. Outside my window a rare flower-named wedding bells, or angel trumpets-swayed in the breeze, and the sound of heavenly wind-chimes ravished me. The birds sang a “song without words” to me. And each breeze carried a message. My room was kept filled with flowers. And they all seemed to say, “Your Lover, the King of Creation, made me to show His love to you. I am the fair work of His hands. My perfume and color and design reveal Him!”  

As I sat or walked in the garden it seemed paradisal to me, for He walked there too, wooing and courting my soul in love. I was overwhelmed! I a commoner, a servant-to be wooed by the King! Although for seven years He had been preparing me as an “Esther,” yet I still felt unprepared for such intimate, divine favor. I received Him as “My King.” In my times of prayer, when He withdrew, I sought the Holy Spirit and entreated Him, the faithful Eunuch, to prepare me and make me fit for so great a King. I was helpless to do anything but to pray and seek the help of the Holy Spirit. Please do not see the personal angle of these truths, for the experience of the entire Bride Company was being depicted in me, in miniature, and my prayers were not for myself alone, but for each precious member. This song came with wonderful unction to me: 


I have found a sweet communion,

Sweeter far than earth can give;

With Christ I have a holy union,

And in His presence I now live.

With everlasting love He drew me

From the depths of woe and sin;

By His Spirit He renewed me

And cleansed my heart within.

Heart to heart we talk together,

Hand in hand we walk each day;

And nothing now our hearts can sever,

Nor take this love away.

Forevermore we two are one;

Forevermore we’ll dwell on high;

And heart to heart we shall commune,

My precious Lord and I.

The days passed as in a dream. At times He withdrew and permitted me to be tested, sometimes in sudden and severe ways. Except for short intervals, experiences of rapture do not lift us above temptations and trials. In fact, I am given to see that the nearer we approach the top of the Mount of Transfiguration; the higher we ascend in our flight to the Throne, the greater shall be the tests. Even in rest I found a great cross. And truly, the path to the Throne is marked every step of the way by the sign of the Cross! However these tests passed swiftly, and I was conscious of new overcoming power. The way is dangerous, but when God intervenes to the point where He leads us in this supernatural way, He is faithful to deliver and protect. Angels attend and defend us, and our whole battle takes on an entirely new aspect. 

Since I have not dwelt upon the inevitable sufferings and trials which were encountered, some may imagine that such an experience as this has been just pure bliss. But such was not the case. At times the Lord does require that Satan leave us for a season, during which we are free from testings. But it is certain that we shall be tried and measured again and again, as we move on to higher ground in the Lord. The place He has prepared for the overcomers in His “Throne Company” is exceedingly costly, and the qualifications for entering this elect number are indeed high. So we must expect tests and be watchful-and especially is this time after we have received special blessings and favors from the Lord. Above all we must trust and not fear. Having shown us such great love and favor, will He permit us to be cast down and crushed by our foes? Never! Therefore let us believe God and abandon ourselves unto Him. 

When I first entered “The King’s House,” the sister there had said, “I believe you will be here thirty days.” This proved to be the case, for on the thirtieth day the Lord told me to depart. He had begun to anoint me again, and had caught me up as in the fourth chapter of The Revelation, and had also given me some experiences similar to those in Ezekiel and Daniel. We three had received wonderful dealings, so I was loath to depart. Was all this to end as in a dream? I could not bear such a thought. I was still very weak in body, though greatly improved; but to go back to duties and labor and confusion seemed unbearable. Wonderful Jesus! This “dream” did not end, but proceeded step by step, from glory to glory! The gates of “the new Eden” would soon swing open and I would be led on and on, even to “the Mount of Transfiguration!”


“By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death, and was not found, because God had translated him; for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased God.” (Hebrews 11:5)

“For the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.” (1 Thessalonians 4:16, 17)

“Behold, I show you a mystery; we shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed.” (I Corinthians 15:51)

The revelations set forth in this booklet were given during experiences of “rapture,” beginning in January, 1942, and continuing for several months. Guided by the Holy Spirit, I have made an earnest attempt to interpret these heavenly experiences in earthly language. Needless to say, the testimony falls far short of the reality.

Since the first edition was mailed out in 1943, we have received letters from other Christians, in many parts of the world, who testify to similar experiences and rejoice in the testimony recorded on these pages. By many reliable witnesses the Holy Spirit has confirmed the word given to us that “rapture”-meaning “to be caught away or transported in the spirit”- is preparatory to the even greater experiences of transport (in the body), and translation. All three of these experiences are recorded in the Word of God and are among the promises given to the full overcomers in the Latter Days, or Time of the End. A body is being prepared ”as it hath pleased Him,” as revealed in I Corinthians, 15th chapter, whose blessed privilege is to be changed and caught up alive – made like unto Christ, our glorious Head. Foretastes such as this booklet records are becoming more numerous as the time of the Consummation draws near.

“This was the Lord’s doing, and it is still marvelous in our eyes! With all praise and glory unto our Lord Jesus Christ, who has revealed Himself unto us and has shown us things to come, kindling our love, reviving our hope, confirming our faith, I offer this testimony to you.


In part I, which is published as a separate book, I have related how these experiences began with a surprising “catching up” into the heavenlies. In the weeks that followed, I passed through severe illness and walked in the “valley of the shadow of death” with our Lord. I was taken by Him into “The King’s House” and “Garden.” And there He appeared to me as the KING of glory! In order to fully understand Part II, you should read Part I first. Copies are available upon request.

Yours in the love of our glorious King and Bridegroom,



My heart was filled with sorrow when I knew for certain I must return to my natural life and family. This may seem strange; but I could not bear the thought of leaving heavenly rest. So sweet and full was the presence of The King, and so rich the revelation, that it seemed the consummation of rapture, the full union when we actually do put the wedding garment, which is immortality must be right hand! I little realized how much further preparation I needed! Now all was interrupted and ended, and I must go back to the everyday world. How could the Lord rapture me or reveal Himself in the midst of caring for my children and housework? It was really a test of faith, for I was still very weak and my nerves were exhausted. School vacation was at hand, and with it constant responsibility and confusion. I stifled my tears, and prayed for grace. It was such a shock to leave “the King’s House”! I can well realize why those who are brought back from death are seldom satisfied. I was literally all “unstrung.” Indeed, I was shown that I was like a harp now being tuned to play a higher melody. What torture as the strings are stretched! Everything natural was so foreign to my mind, as to seem strange or absurd.

I was truly “lost” to the world, in a new ray. I found that to cease contemplating the Lord was most painful, and that I could scarcely appear even sensible outwardly. Fortunately, I really was ill, and this covered my condition somewhat. I was in for a time of testing and perfecting. This type of experience seems to increase our capacity and sensitivity to suffering in an astounding way. Oh, the grace and divine love we need to pass from rapture to torture-for such it sometimes proves to be. But, as always, the Holy Spirit comforted me, and instructed me that St. Paul was trained to be content in any state: Abased or exalted, in prison or in the third heaven, he was alike at rest in the perfect will of God. The Spirit will give us a beautiful, balanced, even walk, if we will let Him have His way.

Again, I must walk by faith! This is hard to do after we have been flooded with Divine favor, and have found a welcome in the heavenly realm-a love beyond description. Especially hard, since, before that, we had been so grievously wounded, smitten and misunderstood here in the earth. No misunderstanding there all harmony, order, peace, unity. What rest after turmoil!

I saw that I must stay by faith in this heavenly rest, though I was outwardly greatly tried. Sweet comfort was given in this song:

Into his royal garden The King invited me,

Thru the golden portals He led me tenderly,

There, amid its beauty, my soul finds sweet repose,

Walking ‘mid the lilies, communing with each rose.

Every lovely flower speaks of heaven above,

Every fragrant bower breathes with His pure love.

Gladly will I tarry, and with the song birds – sing,

In His royal garden, feasting with The King.

In His royal garden The King oft’ walks with me,

To my heart He whispers His Kingdom mysteries.

Down each sunny pathway He leads me on His arm,

I walk as in a dream, enraptured by His charm.

On my ear is falling a heavenly melody,

Any my heart responds with holy rhapsody.

Someday, in this garden, wedding bells will ring,

In golden tones announcing my marriage to The King!

I was indeed surprised when the Holy Spirit reminded me that The King wanted me to give Him a feast! This had been coming to me since before my illness. True, I had come to The King’s Feast. But what had I to offer such a one as He? Of course, I see now that the pattern was true. Anhasuerus made a great feast, a “Kingdom” feast. “Vasti,” a type of the “Church” as a whole, refused to come. She was busy with a feast of her own making. The greatly offended King ordered her set aside and a new queen prepared. Many were then chosen to be prepared. This took much time. Esther fully submitted to the Eunuch in all matters, and not only pleased him, and obtained the best, but also won the love and favor of The King. After this she made a feast too. She so pleased the King that she won the release of all her people, and was herself greatly advanced in power. Now, since in me this “drama” of truth was being enacted, as a pattern, it was fitting that I follow Esther’s example. (Book of Esther)


I see it all so plainly now. We cannot imagine how hungry our King is to be loved and “entertained” by His dear Bride. Oh, our terrible neglect of our God! and of His Son! Of His great salvation! Yes, terrible is His neglect by the Bride. He is so hungry for our love. How He longs for a “Bethany” in your heart and mine! I began to feel a great desire in my heart to minister to Him personally, as Mary and Martha did. I was led to prepare for Him a real feast. Yes, actually! Of course, it was a Spiritual Feast, but it was outward too! How odd it all seemed to my own mind. But, as I worked, the Holy Spirit instructed me for I was very ignorant of royal matters. I found a new devotion kindling in my soul a jealous desire to be lost in sacrificial love. I wanted to live for the pleasure of The King alone. I wanted to lavish on Him the love He richly deserves and so deeply desires. He said to His disciples, “With desire, have I desired to eat this feast with you.” Oh God, give us understanding: we are so cold and unresponsive to the deeper emotions and affections of Our Lord! Give us the understanding of Mary of Bethany, a true bride-a pattern for us. I found that I was longing now to go to extremes of devotion to show Him that His bride loved Him, as women of this world often love and sacrifice for their husbands. I wanted to lavish love upon Him. Blessed Holy Spirit, the Bride’s true Friend and Guide!

How precious is the memory of Mary, Who knew and loved Thee long ago; Her act of love and deep devotion, Thy Word has caused the world to know.

Lord, I would worship Thee as Mary, With a pure and fervent heart; Let me sit and learn at Thy feet, now, Choosing too, the “better part.”

Lord, give me a heart, like Mary, Broken and contrite in Thy hands, A heart that knows and loves Thee, A heart that truly understands

Let me, as she, anoint Thee With love’s rare essence, pure and sweet. I, too, would kneel in deep devotion Low at Thy nail-scared feet.

What a friend the Holy Spirit is to the Bridegroom too – for daily He was revealing My King to me, and instructing me about His inner desires. My King had been so modest that He had not spoken to me of His desires, but only had lavished favor upon me, as unto His Bride, the Church.

How true is the pattern: The Bride, after recovering from the first stunning revelation of love and favor, awakens at last to devotion and love and sacrifice which fairly consume her! Tirelessly she works; shamelessly she runs after Him, as depicted in The Song of Solomon. Others misjudge her, even condemn her. They attribute her desperate desire for Him to other causes; but she, all unmindful of them, hastens after her Beloved. She is tardy in her response, but none the less eager to manifest the depth of her new devotion.

I was impressed so much at this point with the delight such thoroughly devoted souls bring to the Father. An obedient child elicits love and praise and reward. But if that child goes beyond obedience, in lavishing personal attention and love upon His Son, this greatly pleases the Father. Let the Bride so ardently love The King, as to supply the great lack of love found among His people as a whole!

If the Holy Spirit brings us to this place of devotion, be sure He will provide ample crosses, sufferings and extreme tests of love. But, after this rapture, we will glory in these things, and rejoice in them with joy unspeakable. “Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it. Love is strong as death.” This love delights in all manner of extremity for its Lover; even as a real mother inwardly exults in the pangs of childbirth, and counts all her labor for her baby after its birth, through its long childhood, as a privilege of love. This supernatural love far surpasses any natural love, however refined. It burned in the breasts of the martyrs, and made death most sweet to them. It shall be kindled in the Bride during rapture, and never again will it flicker and die. Thus, in preparing for this feast, you see, I actually was preparing a love feast. In detail I was shown the appointments and preparations, and all were an outward showing of the written Word.

Only guests well pleasing to the King may be invited to a Royal Feast, and none comes uninvited. So here, again, I sought the mind of the Spirit. Now, during the last week or so of my stay at “The King’s House,” the Lord began to send others in by supernatural ways. Some of these met Him in the garden before they could get to the door. One, upon entering, saw many angels, and was so overcome by the Lord as to be unable to converse for an hour or more. One by one they had come. “These are the ones to invite.” the Spirit whispered.

I wondered how I could ever explain an actual “garden feast” to these dear ones, for such a thing was unheard of in our midst. But, here again. the Lord intervened. One brother was shown in a dream that he was to attend such an affair. Another sister was given a beautiful dress which seemed too elaborate for her use; but the Lord showed her she was to wear it to a feast. Others were dealt with in similar ways. Indeed, so many things happened so rapidly and in such order that we were all amazed!

This feast proved beautiful beyond words. The Song of Solomon was the theme. And one after another was moved to bring forth revelations, or portions of the Word, as we ate of the choice fruits at the table. In the King James Version, Esther’s Feast was called a “banquet.” This proved to be just that, in the Spirit. At its close some were anointed with ravishing music, singing in the Spirit. And so heavenly were these manifestations that all alike felt the presence of The King. The Lord graciously revealed Himself to me. He touched and strengthened my body, and gave me to understand that now all in my “realm” in the Spirit were to be brought in to share these glories. So, as for Esther, this feast became a “Purim,” in which many were released to share celestial privileges! Hallelujah!

I am sure that, as each one of us is taken into these realms, we shall find that our passing in involves drawing many others after us into the heavenlies. Our “realm” in the Spirit shall be greatly blessed and enhanced. Some who were present were already being shown new and wonderful things in regard to rapture and their calling in the Bride. The Lord was moving in many directions now, and great was our joy! I returned to my home, well content to devote myself to my King in sacrificial love, even though I might never receive another divine favor here on earth. But, swiftly He moved to bring me into a higher state!


Along the celestial highway of rapture I was swiftly drawn to another mysterious portal-a gateway once barred to the sons of men, guarded by angels with flaming swords! No need to fear them now, ah no, for He who once was dead, and now is alive for evermore, is holding my hand He who holds the keys of death and hell! At His Word the shining angels shall step aside, and I shall pass with Him, the Second Adam, into the New Eden. There He shall teach me the mysteries of the first creation. There, too, I shall learn of the glorious New Creation. I shall be shown the perfect New Eve-Bride of the Second Adam, eternal Help-meet of creation’s Head! What joy! What anticipation-as the Spirit whispered these things to my heart! May He open to you, dear one, these divine revelations. For so my Lord led me, in His matchless grace; and He gave me to understand that many of His dear ones shall be finding their way past the flaming swords into this Holy Ground! Amen!

This beautiful garden of Love is for YOU! Once, in the earth, a fair garden grew, eastward in Eden Land, a garden celestial paradise for two, planted by God’s own Hand!

Alas, because of sin, this garden was barred, closed to the sons of men; angels were guarding it with flaming sword, And none might enter in.


Then, from heaven, God sent His only Son, made in the form of man, and when His work on Calvary was done, the gates were swung wide again!

This beautiful garden of love is for you, grown in the sunshine and watered with dew. Each blossom is holding a promise sweet; each petal, a treasure to fall at your feet.

Its enchanting fragrance is borne on the air, Its entrancing beauty is surpassing fair; This wonderful garden, this heavenly garden, Is a garden of Love. . . for you!


If only I could tell this story, as it deserves to be told! If only I could sing it to you in the mystical tongue of a Seraph! Then, perhaps, this “sweetest story ever told” would inflame your heart with holy love, as my heart flamed in its unfolding. Alas, I must tell it to you in our prosaic language. May the Holy Spirit breathe upon it as you read, that you may share some of the wonder with me. Amen!

How rapidly the Lord moved in this experience of rapture! The long waiting times, the “empty” seasons of dryness, were all passed away now in the thrilling unveiling of new revelations. From height to height… from glory to glory. . . this was the pattern! Immediately following “Esther’s Feast,” the Lord revealed to me that He was preparing to take me out of the city. I felt that to leave my home and family again would be an impossibility. But the Lord moved quickly to bring it to pass. He dealt with my two precious prayer-partners along this same line. They were shown that it was His will for us to spend much time waiting on Him. While in prayer, the Lord gave me the Word regarding the calling of Peter, James and John, to come up into a “high mountain apart.” We three were to come apart with Him. He also revealed to me that I was going into the heights to meet primarily with Him alone. I was commanded to “see no man, save Jesus only.” He also showed me in a vision a rock-altar upon the mountain top. He promised to meet me there in a new way.

I cannot describe the awe I felt in these divine dealings. They were so vivid, so solemn, so weighty, and so supernatural, that godly fear accompanied each revelation. (This has increased as rapture has progressed. There has been much joy. But I can assure you that it is a solemn joy, sacred and profound.)

I believe I should mention here that the enemy moved in many ways in an attempt to hinder this retreat. Some imagine that in rapture the enemy never interferes, and that God moves so supernaturally that we do not have to exercise faith and obedience. Please do not be thus deceived! True, in some instances, the Lord may move so rapidly and unexpectedly that neither you nor the enemy can hinder. But, in most of these dealings, I found that I had to move as rapidly as the Lord moved. In other words, there had to be an instant and full obedience, if I was to attain all that the Lord willed. He will not take a way that is according to our own planning, for His ways are higher than our ways. In fact, His rapture-ways are heavenly-ways, and we are most ignorant pilgrims. If we try to reason, or argue, or plan, we shall probably hesitate long enough to temporarily interfere with God’s perfect order. In all of these dealings there is a time element. In every case God moves ahead of the enemy. At times it has seemed to me like a breath-taking race to outrun the opposing forces. I don’t believe I can stress too much the need of faith and obedience in these supernatural experiences. Your enemy will still try to hinder and deceive you, and you dare not heed any voice, save the voice of the Lord! There is no time to lose! The highway of rapture is not for those who hesitate and doubt.

However, even though this is all true, I was given renewed grace and strength to believe God and to quickly obey. Hitherto, I had often been delayed and hindered by the enemy; but now I found that in every case he was absolutely defeated and unable to prevent the outworking of God’s perfect plan, even though he often made fierce and sudden assaults. Praise our God! It seems that after we enter into this way of rapture by divine love, having already passed thru a “Job” experience, we get to the place where we can say with him: “I have heard of Thee with the hearing of my ear, but now, my eye seeth Thee!… I know Thou canst do all things, and that no purpose of Thine can be restrained,” (Job 42:2, 5) I have found this to be true over and over again. The “impossible,” the “unheard of,” becomes the reality. Often we have said: “There is nothing too hard for the Lord.” Now we begin to see it as well as say it!

So our enemy did all that he was permitted to do to hinder our departure but, nevertheless, on the appointed day we were on the road and were being taken swiftly, in “the King’s chariot,” to “The King’s Mountain Garden.” We had many trials along the way, delays and hindrances. But in all these things we saw a spiritual lesson, and continued to praise and sing. Before we reached our destination, I began to be very ill, and I bear witness that the last few miles of the way were the longest, steepest and hardest miles of the road. The Lord had chosen to take us to one of the most beautiful National Parks, noted for its grandeur and primitive beauty. It would be hard to surpass anywhere in the world! Yet, here is a strange thing about it not until you have reached the very top, can you glimpse any of its glory! In fact, the last few miles are so steep and barren that I, could scarcely believe any such wonderland existed within a radius of a thousand miles! I tell you this for the encouragement of some who may be traveling the last long steep climb to the top of the mountain, where they will see the sunrise of the New Day. Take courage! Some of the watchmen upon the mountain-top have seen the first glimpses of the Sun of Righteousness, as He arises with healing in His Wings! They are calling to you: “Come up higher, come up to the Mount of Transfiguration! Your King is waiting for you upon the mountain-top!


But, at length, we traversed the last mile of the way! By this time I was really very ill. The altitude was high, and my heart was fairly pounding. I felt that at any moment I would faint. We were all exhausted, and there was no natural cause for the exhilaration I shortly experienced. The moment I stepped out of the car, and my feet touched the groundI found a strange thing happening to me. Let me try to describe it.


The air, which was very balmy and fragrant, produced an effect in me like the drinking of strong wine. As I breathed deeply, it became the very breath of God to me, the breath that breathed over Eden, the breath by which the first man became a living soul, the divine breath by which the Second Adam became a life-giving Spirit. He was raised from the dead by the breath of the Almighty! This air, which did seem the very breath of the Father to me, almost instantly strengthened me, and I began to feel most wonderfully alive and most deliciously intoxicated. I felt renewed: body, soul and spirit- revived, quickened, and exultant! My heart seemed to cry out: “Oh, I am breathing air from a new realm. I am getting ‘second’ wind!”

As my feet touched this new high ground, it appeared to me that I was walking on foreign soil. In some way that I cannot account for, my feet would barely touch the ground, and then spring up off it. I actually felt that I had “hind’s feet.” 0, it was most delightful, and I seemed to be passing out of myself entirely into the Lord, who was now revealing Himself to me as Creator. Everywhere I looked I saw Him! Creation’s Lord! The mammoth trees, the flowers, the birds, in fact, everything He had made on which my eye came to rest spoke to me of Him in an unuttered word. I was like a child, dazed with wonder, for I was looking at the natural creation, as though I had never seen it before!

How can I clarify this experience to you? Let me say that I have always loved the beauties of nature, and have been inspired by them’ to worship and love the Creator. But this was another thing entirely. I felt that I was completely lost in the Creator of the creation. Everything created was revealed to me as a living Word of God. It was as St. Paul said:

“For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made; even His eternal power and Godhead.” (Romans 1:20, King James) The Amplified New Testament says: “For ever since the creation of the world His invisible nature and attributes, that is, His eternal power and divinity have been made intelligible and clearly discernible in and through the things that have been made His handiworks.”

As I looked at the visible creation, the invisible things of God appeared to me, unveiled, and everything I beheld became a Word of God. For I saw that all things made had been created by the Word of God! I felt, too, that the creative Word of God was very near me, even in my mouth. Then I knew, beyond any doubt, that the sons of God will be given this creative Word! Not only shall the curse of the present creation be lifted; but to them also shall be given the joy of co-acting with the Father in the creation of the New Heaven and Earth! In a word, I felt “at one” with God in His creation not as the pagan is at one with nature as God; but as the sons of God are at one with the Father, and are rulers over all the works of His hands!

It has taken several minutes to recount this experience, but it all took place within a few moments. In fact it just happened all at once! This was most surely another type of rapture. For from that moment I lost all trace of sickness, weariness, heaviness and discomfort. During the eight days spent upon this mountain-top, I averaged only about three hours sleep a day, if that much. I never really grew tired nor seemed conscious of discomforts. I was living in another realm, and the memory of the things of this present world could be recalled only with effort. I also felt that I had entirely lost my identity – so completely was I identified with my Lord. He was revealed to me now, not as the King the greater than Solomon, but as “Elohim.” “In the beginning Elohim created heaven and earth.” “Oh, the matchless names He bears, and O, the forms of love He wears!”

Whatever the type of rapture, I have found that always, if it is complete, it takes me out of myself out of my own mind and ways, and even out of my identity at times. I am not conscious of myself as an individual, but only as a part of this wonderful Body, “hidden away with Christ in God.” Thus there is no sense of personal satisfaction or elation in the reception of these divine favors. Even though most wonderful and profound mysteries are revealed even though the Lord may speak to us great things and pronounce unusual favors and blessings, we do not receive these things as unto our self. In fact, self does not enter at all into these celestial affairs. Oh, great is this deliverance from our worst enemy, even our own self! While here in the earth we must constantly watch and be on guard, lest SELF defraud God and assert prerogatives over our will. However, while in the state of complete rapture, self is temporarily inactive, and for a time we are lost in God. The longest sustained period of rapture I have experienced was during this eight days. Night and day I was free from duties and interruptions, and I lived in constant communion with the Lord in the Spirit.


My prayer-partners seemed to feel a touch of this same joy in creation. We at once began likening this fair garden of God to Eden. The animals played their part in the living drama, for in this park they are tame and friendly. How good of the Lord to harmonize the outward scenes with my inward state! He really knows how to “set the stage” for His divine drama! As we were eating our dinner that first night, a deer came to our table. We ate in the open, on our porch. As he approached us, my heart cried out, “My Beloved is like a roe or a young hart upon the mountains of Bether.” Yes, my Beloved was drawing very near! I could feel it! I knew that He was going to come closer to me now than ever before. I could scarcely contain my delight and anticipation. How we feasted and worshiped before the Lord. “Can this be real, can it be REAL?” Over and over I asked this question.

When I retired it was not to go to sleep. Every atom of my being was awake and quickened unto God. I was expectant – more excited than any earthly Bride-to-be I have ever known! I felt youthful, pure and new. It was as though I had never known sin or toil or sorrow or weariness. I was restored. Is it not recorded that in the age to come the remembrance of former things will never come into the mind? All things new! Glory to God! Often I had sung Wesley’s song, “Love Divine.” And this phrase particularly was ringing in my heart. “Second Adam from above, reinstate us in Thy love.”

Now I felt that I was re-instated. I felt that “Love-Divine” had “fixed in me His humble dwelling,” and that He was coming into me in the fullness of love. I was being swept out, as by a strong tide, into tile depths of that mighty ocean. Some have said that they felt they would die under such ecstasy, and prayed that it be lessened. I felt to pray that my capacity be enlarged, that I might be filled “with all the fullness of God,” according to the prayer of St. Paul. I actually felt that my heart was being enlarged or dilated to make room for a new influx of divine love. I remembered that David too prayed, “Enlarge my heart, 0 God.” All the night long this “flooding” continued. Several times I seemed to be lifted off the bed, and experienced certain involuntary movements in my body, which I have since learned are the beginnings of the moving of the Spirit to transport our bodies from place to place, and finally to translate them.

The Heavens were opening upon my soul in such a way that I felt at any moment I would be literally swept away outward and upward to glory! It was truly wonderful, and beyond words to describe; and only a little before morning did it lessen enough to permit me to sleep. This joy continued, in a more moderate form, all during the next morning. I tried to explain to my friends this that was happening within me. But I was checked by the Spirit, and shown that I was not to re- veal much at the time. We feasted on the Word of God more than on our prepared meals. But even the natural food seemed to take on a spiritual quality. Each meal became a real feast, and our relish for the written Word was most keen. We rejoiced over it, ”as one that findeth great spoil.” “Thy Word was found, and I did eat it, and Thy Word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of my heart, for I am called by Thy Name, 0 Lord of Hosts.” At times I actually seemed to devour the Word.

May I say that genuine experiences of “rapture” always lead one to a greater love and appreciation for the written Word. The Lord reveals that this will invariably be the case, if our experience is of God. He warns me against any experience which tends to lessen our regard for the written Word. Years ago I was led to pray, as did David, “0 Lord, lead me in a plain path, because of mine enemies. Order my steps in Thy word.” This He has done consistently and, even in rapture, the Word becomes substance and is a Living Word, incarnate in us. Yes, even here, the written Word ever substantiates the experience. However, many revelations are given beyond that which is written-but these are always in perfect accord with the Word, providing we interpret it by the Spirit of God and not by the traditions of men.

At this precious day the first day spent in the heights – continued, I found a gradual lessening of joy, and there was a growing pain or grief in my heart. This was hard to understand, for we were constantly praising God. Yet I felt wounded, sorely hurt in heart. “Something must be wrong,” an inward voice would whisper, “I have failed and grieved the Lord in some way.” O, how sensitive rapture makes us to the Beloved One! How quickly we sense His pleasure or grief! If He is grieved with us it seems almost unbearable. Even the slightest hurt to Him pierces us for days. Thank God for this sensitivity to Divinity! At length I saw that I must withdraw from my prayer-partners, and seek the Lord alone. I must find out from Him how I had offended. He quickly answered my prayer. “I told you to seek Me alone,” He whispered in my heart, “I showed you an altar of sacrifice, where I would meet with you, and yet you have not sought to find it.”

O, how negligent, how careless of me! In the excitement I had quite forgotten this solemn charge. I prayed to know where this altar might be found, and when I should meet with Him there. Then, to my surprise, He told me that I was to arise and go out to meet Him at the dawn! I can’t tell you how difficult this seemed to me, to get up in the dark, to disturb my friends, and then to go out into the mountains alone. Yet nothing is too hard for love! Love alone can do all things, and never faileth. But the others would they understand, would they not be grieved that I desired to withdraw from them? This question troubled me much, for they were not being dealt with in this way, and saw only that we were to pray in unity.

Yet, in all of this, the pattern was true. The Bride, quickened by the pulsations of the Bridegroom’s love, arises early, before the dawn; she leaves those she loves behind, and flees away out of the night shadows into the dawn of the New Day! She is the first to meet Him on the Mountain-top! This divine-drama, this living truth, was being enacted in me by the Holy Spirit. And, praise God! He made the writing true.

O, the wonder of it! The First Covenant, written on tablets of stone! The Second (new) Covenant, written on the fleshly tablets of the heart! The Lord commanded the prophet to “Write the vision, and make it plain upon tablets, that he may run readeth it; for the vision is yet for an appointed time!” In this latter day, praise God, the vision is being written in your heart, and mine, and enacted in our lives, that it may be plain. Praise God, those who are able to read it run, and obtain the prize!

Lord, give me a heart like Thine, I pray, A new heart, tender and pure; On its fleshly tablets engrave Thy holy Word, And make each writing deep and sure! Then take it and seal it for Thy courts above, With the seal of Thy Love divine, 0, Sacred Heart, of my God and King – Give me a heart like Thine!


When I told my prayer partners that I must arise early and leave them to seek the Lord, they were a little surprised, and wondered if they should not accompany me. But I told them that I must go out alone, I could scarcely wait for the morning to come. All night long I again lay lost in God expectant of a new and wonderful revelation of Himself. At times great surges of despair and doubt would roll over my soul; fear that I should fail and someway miss this holy meeting, I dared not fall asleep, lest I fail to awaken before the dawn. It was truly an all-night watch and I “watched for Him, more than they who watch for the morning,” When the time to arise finally came, Satan did much to hinder me. He beset me in various ways, He tried to convince me that all this was sheer delusion, madness, foolishness, or worse! I would surely get lost or get hurt or grow ill in fact I might even die out there all alone in the mountains, Surely I owed it to myself, my family, my loved ones, to be a little sensible, a little less extreme and so on and on. Do you recognize His tactics?

But, by God’s grace, I did arise and make my way out to seek for my Beloved. He did not appear at once, but tested me, and my heart was gripped with desperate desire to meet Him – an almost frantic devotion. Truly He desires a bride as eager to meet with Him as He was to meet with her, when He laid aside His glory and descended, out of ineffable light, into the darkness of this world of sin. We have a fervent, eager, divinely-passionate Lover, in our God! Oh that we might grasp this truth and that we in turn might respond with a like-love, as we arise to run after Him. Women of the world are no longer ashamed to “run after” the men of their choice; but how slow is the holy Bride of God to run after her Lover Divine! Yes, in my agony of heart, that holy morning, I saw these truths in a new way; they were written on my heart, deeply, painfully. “Deep truths are dearly won,” some saint has said. It is true!

I cried unto Him that morning with all the intensity of devotion of which God made me capable. And, suddenly, He appeared! When I say appeared, I mean just that. I saw Him! I touched Him! I talked with Him face to face, not as a King, not as a Creator, not as the Son of God, but, to my surprise, as the Son of Man! In condescension my Lord came thus to me, in humility, in kindness, in tender love. As a man, I could approach Him. I could draw very near Him, and not be over awed. Later I was shown how much He loves His office as Son Of Man! Indeed He referred to Himself-as recorded in the Gospels-by this name, more than by any other. Also, in connection with His Second Advent, He said... And ye shall see the Son of Man coming.” He refers also to His sign in the heavens at that time, as The sign of the Son of Man.” Herein lies a mystery; may God open it to your heart! Oh how He loves mankind! How He delights to identify Himself with humanity! Bless His wonderful Name forever! The dear Son of God who became the Son of Man, that the sons of men might become the sons of God.

Yes, I saw Him as a man, as perfect Man, the Second Adam. Not until I saw Him did I fully understand what God had meant man, made in His image, to be. Just a tender look from His eyes seemed to establish me in the grace of the pristine purity of Eve before the fall. I walked with Him through the dew-sprinkled morning, and He personally led me to the altar He had shown to me before I left the city. As we walked, He talked with me, and I lost all consciousness of a world of sin, warring in violence. I forgot that I was a mature married woman, a mother of children. I felt what St. Paul meant when He said, speaking of the Bride of Christ: “I have betrothed thee, as a chaste virgin.” The chastity and purity of true virginity were revealed to me that morning, as I walked with the One altogether pure. O, the beauty of the first Eve! Praise God for the incorruptible beauty of the second Eve Bride of the Second Adam! This glorious creature lived in me that morning! I was washed, purified, chaste, and I was betrothed! This was all I knew, all I could think of, all that mattered! Do you see that for the moment I was portraying the Bride indeed I was lost in her, and she was lost in Him!

The altar to which He led me was very high, and afforded a view of the valley behind the valley through which we had journeyed as we ascended. He reviewed to my mind all the way He had led me since first I had given myself entirely to Him. Someway, it all lived before me, in its fullness, and I was given understanding of all His dealings. That which before had been obscure, was all made plain. I had often sung, “Someday, He’ll make it plain to me someday, when I His face shall see.” Now, I saw, as from the other side, the heavenly side and I was glad! I was comforted, happy, amazed- and filled with rejoicing. How clearly I realized that every trial, every smallest thing, is observed and treasured in His heart. He knows about every trace of suffering, and shares it with us.

Then, gently He turned me around and unveiled to me the land which was lying ahead! Range after range, the mountains spread before my vision. Much land ahead to be possessed! New land, rich verdant land – heavenly land. I think I felt a little as Moses felt when he viewed the Promised Land. The Lord has revealed to me that, in taking some of us into this way of rapture, we are spying out the land, foretasting of its glories-first partakers of its fruits but only tasting-not fully possessing. The full possession is for a full company. The Sons-of-God-Bride-Company must be caught up together, and enter into full possession in unity. Some of us may go ahead to spy and report, but we shall only taste in part. The fullness is for the appointed number; at the appointed time!

As I stood with Him that morning on the mountain top I felt that I was the most highly favored soul who had ever lived. Nevertheless, I was shown that so rich is He, so great are His possessions, that His privilege and favors shall be sufficient for the great company forming His Bride. I seemed to see that each one, upon entering into their possessions in Christ, would feel as I felt that day. Each will feel that the Kingdom and blessings they receive surpass all others. How rich is our God! I believe I felt much as Eve felt, when she realized that Adam’s love was all directed toward her, and that the world was her kingdom. My Beloved was mine and I was His. The universe was our Kingdom. The earth seemed the merest matter, nothing but a footstool for Him. As He unveiled to me the unknown worlds of the universe, I was dazed with the magnitude of the creation. I turned from this revelation to the contemplation of His personal beauty of heart and face and, after a time, with much reluctance, I left Him to return to our cabin, rejoicing that He had promised to meet me again at sunrise.

As I departed and started on my way, lost in this new found love, I was greatly startled when suddenly another appeared to me none else than Satan! Just as clearly and as plainly as I had seen my Lord, I saw this other one, appearing also in the form of a man! The sight of him turned my joy to horror. How could it be that he, too, was present in this Eden, lurking so very near the path I must take to return. Ah, but it was true, was it not, that Satan walked in that first Eden, and beguiled Eve? Was I to encounter him also, and must I, in the second Eve, overcome his subtlety? “Beware,” said St. Paul, “that the serpent does not beguile you through his subtlety.” I greatly feared; but at this time Satan was not permitted to approach me or speak to me. Had he done so, in the form of a man, I believe I should have been terrified. I was conscious that the Father was protecting me, and I seemed to have, a “veil” or covering over me, which hid me from his eyes.

You may wonder just what I mean when I say that both our – Lord Jesus Christ and Satan appeared to me in the form of a man. I really don’t know how to enlarge upon this explanation. I saw them apparently just as I would see you, if you came into my presence. Yet I am sure I did not see them with my “natural” eyes, nor did I see an apparition. They had a body, and were substance and not spirit alone. The only explanation I have to offer is that I was in a state of rapture, where my natural senses were almost suspended, and my spiritual senses were quickened and active in a greater degree than I had ever experienced. I was in the body, yet not in the body – senses. This is as clearly as I can explain this experience, which continued off and on for many days, and has occurred at other times also.


I fairly “flew” back to our cabin, which was quite a distance from this altar. All along the way, the flowers and birds and trees shouted before me of my Beloved; indeed it seemed that all the trees of the woods were clapping their hands with joy. Not until I saw my friends did I realize how late the morning had grown, and how very long I had been away from them. Indeed, while in a state of rapture, I have no sense of time whatever. Though they were most gracious, I could see that they did not quite understand, and I was somewhat abashed. I found that my lips were sealed, and I had no words to tell them of His appearing. A sacred silence settled down upon me. It is still difficult to reveal these intimate, holy dealings of the Lord, and only because of divine compulsion am I able to make such an attempt. Any touch of the carnal mind upon these things seems like profanation.

Yes, my heart, soul, mind and mouth were alike, hushed in awe and wonder. We ate our delayed breakfast in the glory of the sunlight of the New Day and, to my amazement, our brother was anointed to read the Word, and by it a confirmation was given of the experience of the morning. He read for about two hours, and by turns his wife and I laughed, cried and praised the Lord. Oh, it was a feast and I marveled at the perfect witness given in the written Word. It is good to linger long at meat and wine, when one sits at the table with the King.

Then we were led to go out and gaze upon the beauties of this wonderland. Here again we laughed and shouted and cried, for everything spoke to us of our Lord and His Word. We were like excited children running from one to another, discovering a new wonder at every turn. I think that we were feeling a little touch of the delight our first parents felt, as together they explored that first garden of God. At length we came to a beautiful outdoor chapel, set in an ideal location. It was equipped with an altar and a piano, which was set in a hollow tree. (In this park the largest trees in the world are found.) I could scarcely wait to get to the keys of that piano. And when I did, I was anointed to play and sing with a power and beauty I have seldom experienced. We all sang together in deep devotion, and I felt that gradually every part of my being was being tuned, and was vibrating like a harp. I was restrung, and in tune, and the hand of the Master Musician was plucking from my strings a melody divine!

It is My hands, love, that tune thy strings,

And thy whole being awakes and sings,

And as I pluck out each lovely melody,

My heart responds, too, with heaven’s harmony.

It is My fingers, that strike the chords,

And oh what rapture the song affords!

Throughout the ages of My Eternity,

I’ll play on thee A melody divine!

Ah, this is rapture indeed!

I can imagine no greater bliss in heaven than to blend with the angels and the redeemed in celestial canticles. I heard the angels singing with me, and our song came up even to the Throne, and drifted out to the utmost realms of the heavenlies. Then I was rather startled, when I suddenly became aware that others were gathering about us, listening and watching us. One young girl was regarding me with surprise. I remember looking at her as though I were in a dream and thinking, “She must be an earthly being, she looks so different from these other beings.” Then I came out – enough to realize that I was still on earth myself, and was regarding a fellow-being. This girl began to laugh. “I was asleep up there on a rock,” she said. “And I woke up and heard the singing coming up out of the top of the tree. It sounded so unreal, I thought that I had died and was in heaven hearing the angels singing.” We gave her, and a few others, – a short testimony and withdrew; it seemed almost unbearable to mix with people in a natural way, during this rapture time.

Upon retiring that night, I was again swept out in the Spirit and the heavens opened upon me and seemed to be “raining” down into my soul. I saw the New Jerusalem at a distance. And the gates were open wide. Out of them streamed the golden supernal light of the Heavenly City. I saw a great company of pilgrims passing up a highway into Zion. One by one they entered the City. I found that the 84th Psalm was welling up in my heart. Then I saw myself nearing the gate and I was filled with great rejoicing. I was not actually taken into the City, however, at that time

I also saw many other heavenly scenes, heard angelic music, and looked upon celestial beings. Their purity, devotion and beauty thrilled me, and I found a strong love for them rising in my heart. What friends to us are these ministering spirits! How they do love us, the heirs of salvation! But I found them to be very jealous about our Lord. So jealous, in fact, that unless in all things, and at all times, we glorify Him and give Him all the honor, they are apt to be somewhat aloof. However, when we begin to praise and glorify Him and tell of our love for Him, extolling His grace, then they break forth in a chorus of praise, their faces wreathed with smiles. I gradually learned how to address them, and how to recognize their ranks and stations. What strange society for a mortal to enter! How ignorant and crude I felt in the midst of their perfect order!

I could scarcely wait for the approach of dawn, so eager was I to arise and go to my Beloved. But again my heart was smitten with fear lest I never see Him again or fail, and miss His best for me. Again the enemy beset me with grievous attacks which caused my body to tremble, and my heart to faint.


The way to the mountain top to keep the sunrise tryst with God is not made easy for the Bride. The Father permits her love to be tested, at every point, and not until she becomes desperate, relentless in her pursuit of her Bridegroom, does He permit her to enter the New Day! But, again, the Lord was victor. And I arose, very weak, and went out into the dawn.

This morning I was led to the little altar in the chapel. Here, in a “church” made by God’s own hands a type of that building not made with hands, eternal in the heavens I was called to appear before the Father, and there to enter into a new relationship with Him and with His Son. So vivid and real was this dealing, so solemn this compact, that it became the most significant day of this whole mountain top experience. Angels witnessed, and rejoiced with me, and bore me away into such heavenly rapture that it seemed that my body would of necessity follow my soul and spirit in their flight. I felt that at any moment I would be translated! But the consummation day was not at hand, though to me it seemed it must surely be near. O hasten the day! And at this point I must draw the curtain for much that transpired during this day would not be expedient, or even possible to utter. Truly, “eye hath not seen, ear had not heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man; the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him; but God hath revealed them unto us by His Spirit.”

At the breaking of the day I meet Him, In the glory of the rising sun, With great joy my heart awakes to greet Him, ‘Ere the new day has its race begun! In the radiant golden dawn we walk together, And all life’s shadows flee away, What a privilege is mine, What a rapture divine To meet Him at the breaking of day!


“That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you that ye also may have fellowship with us; and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with His Son Jesus Christ, and these things write we unto you, that your joy may be full.”

How shall I tell you of the experiences which followed, as this mountain became to me a very “Mount of Transfiguration?” Truly before my eyes, my Lord was transfigured. And I, too, tasted of transfiguration.

In the preceding chapter, I described a wonderful “crowning” day which was spent in rapture and revelation. Several times during that day my own body appeared to me to be changed. It seemed to be a partially glorified body. I felt alive and glowing with strength and power hitherto untasted. (Remember that just a few short weeks back I lay at the” point of death.) Now it seemed that I had drunk deeply of the elixir of eternal life. And it seemed that even my body had put on immortality. At the time I had no idea that I was only “tasting” of the things to come, that I was seeing a little preview of the glorious things prepared by our God for the Sons of God, the Daughters of Zion. Now I can well understand the longing Peter felt to build tabernacles and stay up on the Mount. Once, at least, during this time, the eyes of another were opened to see me in a glorified body for a few moments. I was astounded that all did not see it. My whole body seemed filled with light during this time.

The night which followed this glorious third day was blest with heavenly visions. These appeared to me as pictures suspended before my open eyes colored pictures in the third dimension. I saw scenes of grandeur indescribable. If such scenes exist on the earth, I have never beheld them or pictures of them. I believe I was seeing the world as God made it in its Edenic state before the fall. Not only was the Garden of Eden garnished by God, but the whole world was a paradise of pristine beauty. I was swept out of myself completely as the Lord took me on this “world tour,” a world unspoiled by the curse.

But, again, the hour before the dawn was most dark. Gradually the visions of the Spirit faded away and then, very suddenly, Satan attacked! It seemed that the hosts of darkness gathered around me, encircling me as a prey. So terrific was this attack that it awoke my friends and set them praying. At length the Spirit resisted the devil, and so great was the shaking that not only did my bed shake, but the entire cabin shook under the clash of the two realms. We were shown that the powers of the heavens were being shaken, and that the seats of the evil realms were being overturned. As Isaiah said, “I saw them fall as ripe figs.” At length this battle subsided; but it left me very weak. The hour of dawn was at band, and under great pressure and opposition I arose, by His grace, to make my way to the altar.


What a strange world greeted me in the first rays of the morning! It no longer appeared beautiful and radiant and harmonious. It was weird, ghastly and unreal to my eyes. I found myself actually running along the road, as though fleeing from some pursuer. My heart was in the grip of a nameless fear and dread. Nature, no longer friendly to me, actually seemed an enemy. The bird’s song was no longer a melody of love, but: a taunting accusation! So real was my anguish, that I am unable to describe the horror of this experience. “What terrible thing has happened?” I cried. “Where is my Lord?”

Then I saw that I was like “Eve” cast out of Eden, fleeing the wrath of God and the angel’s flaming sword! How could such a thing be? What had I done to be cast out, to be taken from the heights of blessing into a chasm of despair? I tried to pray, but: could not cease running indeed this running was so rapid, and over such a steep road, that in my natural strength it would have been a sheer impossibility. It was one instance of being “transported” by the Spirit. The other instances were pleasant this most terrifying! So I ran, and cried as I ran, but the Lord did not answer my cries. “Surely He will appear at any moment,” I kept telling myself. “He will end this nightmare:’ but no answering voice spoke to my aching heart. I felt alone in a way I have never experienced. Indeed I know now that I tasted the grief of Eve when, cast out of Paradise, she grieved more than the loss of the garden the loss of her communion with her Creator. Without Jesus the most beautiful Eden would be a barren wilderness to His Bride! With Jesus the wilderness blossoms and sings, and the streams of life flow through the desert. Amen!

However at the time, I did not understand the strange dealing of my Lord. Why was He thus seemingly torturing my heart? “Love asks no questions,” someone has aptly said. The Bride, as she advances in rapture, learns never to question God, even for a moment. She dare not reason, she dare not doubt. Hers must be a love that never fails. This love that beareth… hopeth believeth… endureth all things, keeps her safely on “the more excellent way,” the highway to the Throne! The redeemed pass over this King’s Highway and come with singing into Zion.

I found no answer to my heart-cry from God; but Satan was quick to respond. How his voice clamored in my ears as I ran! Accusing, mocking, deriding… not me, but my God! But I dared not stop to answer him. I must hasten on to the altar and cast myself at the Feet of the Father. I must find out from Him, directly, what I had done to-cause Him to cut me off from the heavenlies and to banish me from His presence. I felt as, indeed my mother, Eve, must have felt utterly graceless and without hope. But I knew, as she could not have known, the One “full of grace and truth,” whose grace is eternally sufficient for me. All hell cannot shake the soul who knows in Whom he has believed, and is fully persuaded that Jesus Christ is able to keep that which has been committed unto Him. The fully committed, fully believing soul is kept by the power of God through faith.

This experience of rapture has brought me into a fear of God I have never known before: not a fear regarding my soul’s salvation, but a fear of failing, or grieving, or displeasing the Father. I can’t describe the awe I felt. For years I had seen that until the saints really fear God-in the Biblical sense of the word-sinners cannot be brought into any real fear of the Lord. I had tried to have this awe, but fell far short of it in my attitude toward God. Now, having seen the power, majesty, holiness and authority of the Trinity, I had a Godly fear of each Adorable One, which caused me to desire to perfectly obey and please them in all things. 0 how grievous do many of our “small” imperfections appear, the other side of the veil! God will have a perfect, faultless Bride for His Son. He is relentless in His purpose, and without partiality. She will be without spot or blemish. She will be tested to the extremity of her endurance for this high calling.

So, when I tell you that I exceedingly feared before Him, know that never for a moment did I doubt my salvation. But, if so great a one as St. John fell at His feet as dead, when Jesus appeared unto him, what effect would His appearing have upon such a weak and imperfect vessel as I? If Daniel was “sick many days” at His appearing, it is no wonder that I have been sick many times from the weight of heavenly visions. O, how unclean, how imperfect, how unworthy we feel in the midst of these divine favors. A true rapture experience never exalts the individual… the inevitable effect of such a revelation is to greatly humble and chasten that one. We are more apt to say with Isaiah, “Woe is me,” than to say with the Pharisee. “I thank Thee that I am not as other men.” I am warned of the Lord to beware of any supernatural experience which tends to exalt me or any other person, as an individual. Without exception, these true raptures exalt and glorify the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

In this personal experience of “paradise lost” the hardest test of all this dark morning came when, try as I would, I couId not find my altar in the rocks. I found the path leading up to it again and again. Satan was still besetting me. Then, someway, along the path, I would lose my way. Twice I slipped and fell several feet, sliding through thorny bushes and over rocks. Once I suffered a really hard and dangerous fall. (My clothes were torn, but no trace of injury was found on my body when I later returned to our cabin.) Finally, I gave up in sheer exhaustion. I was lost… indeed I did not even know the way back to the cabin. I could not find my altar, or my Lord! I attempted to sing and praise, but my voice choked in my throat. The previous day I had felt the most blest and favored of all creatures; this day, quite the opposite was true – I felt the most miserable and forsaken! But divine love never fails, it is always the same. So, by His grace, I kept gasping, “Jesus, I love You, I love You. Always, in all things, in all places, I love You and trust You.” Over and over I said it. I lay back, my eyes closed and, though I was all tangled up in brush and dirt, I felt sweet peace slowly flowing into my soul. I felt the presence of angels, and sang to them, telling them how favored they were that they might behold Him all the time, that they were never deprived of His presence. To my surprise they sang back to me, that I was more favored than they, since I knew Him in redemption, by grace, and was made partaker with Him of the divine nature of God. I sang and rejoiced with them. And then, suddenly, I opened by eyes and turned my head. Just above me Jesus stood, His eyes eloquent with compassion. One look into His eyes healed my heart, banished my fears, and restored my joy. I saw Him openly, plainly, as before, and again He was like unto the Son of Man.

Before He spoke, I someway knew that He had watched me every moment of this testing time, and that He had been moved with great concern and compassion. Truly our Lord is touched with the feeling of our infirmities. He is the understanding, sympathizing, Jesus! “In all their affliction He was afflicted… in His love and in His pity He redeemed them.” If this was true of our God in His dealing with Israel, how much greater is His concern and pity for His chosen Bride. She is “flesh of His flesh, bone of His bone!” Nevertheless, He knows the meaning of being made perfect through suffering. If He, Son though He was, learned obedience to the Father by all He suffered, His Bride must follow Him closely in His sufferings. I felt His consuming love toward me, as a Brother-Divine. He took me gently by the hand, lifted me up, and led me to the appointed altar, which was only a few yards up the trail from the place I had fallen. Yes, He actually appeared and actually led me by the hand to the altar. I saw Him and heard Him as clearly as I would have seen you and heard you speak, had you stood there in the flesh.


“You will never be able to find your way to this altar,” He said, “unless I bring you here.” The Bride may make a long climb, seemingly alone, assisted only by the Holy Spirit. But near the top of the mountain, the Bridegroom will appear and take her up the last hard climb. Once at the altar, lost in praise and worship, I clearly saw my Father’s great love and wisdom in permitting this strange trial. Has not Peter warned us not to think these fiery trials strange? How quickly we forget! The Father had permitted me to taste of the bitterness and sorrow which befell Eve when, through disobedience, she lost her Eden. I could have read this story again and again. I might have heard many sermons preached about it. But not until it actually happened to me, could I have known and understood its real significance. Was it possible that I, as a bride of Christ, the Second Eve, might lose my Eden too? Had not St. Paul, in his epistle to the Corinthians, warned the chaste virgin betrothed to Christ of the subtlety of Satan? My Father wanted to teach me. So He wrote this lesson deeply in my heart and mind by letting me experience it.

This is the value of being brought into the experimental state of End-Time revelation. We may perceive many truths; but when we actually live these things out in experience, they are incarnated in us, never to be forgotten. So, vividly, deeply etched upon my heart, is the realization of the dangers confronting the New Eve. The loss of rank or place in the Kingdom is irretrievable. Oh how careless we are with the “true riches.” toying with them often, as a child might toy with a priceless jewel. Many called, but few chosen! And only the called and chosen and faithful are among the full overcomers. How deadly to taste and trifle! Yes, even in a raptured state, there is danger of loss. And to whom much is given, of him much shall be required. Eve disobeyed, desiring a greater place than God had given her. (If you eat this tree you shall be as gods, knowing good and evil). Ambition and pride cast Satan from heaven and Eve from Paradise. Be watchful, bride of Christ, and walk in humility and obedience-this was my Father’s lesson and warning. Not only had He been teaching me a lesson, but He had been testing my love for the Son. The Bride’s love must be a steady glow, not extinguished by the winds of adversity, “Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it.”


“I love You, I love You, I love You,”

This is the song of my heart. “

I love You, I love You, I love You,

I know, Lord, we never shall part.

I live by the breath of Your Spirit,

Your heart-beat is throbbing in mine.

And I love You, I love You,

I love You, My heavenly Lover-Divine.”


Following this test, the love of the Bridegroom was revealed to my heart in a yet deeper manner. I felt my heart again dilating, enlarging, toward Him. He was infusing His love into my heart, and my heart was being fused with His holy heart. He showed me the difference between that which is welded together-and may be broken and torn apart again-and that which is fused. Each particle is so united in fusion that it cannot again be divided. Indeed, to fuse means to liquify and melt together, to blend and to unite. The Bridegroom is appearing unto His Bride now to become fused with her, first in heart and mind and, later, in “body,” when her body is glorified and made like unto His glorious Body.


O sacred union with the Sacred Heart,

What joy, what bliss, what wonderment is mine;

That He should take me into His bosom,

And hold me in the thrall of Love-divine.

O sacred union with the Sacred Heart,

To beat, to feel, to know, to love as one.

Ah could this be my stony heart, once broken,

Bound up… made new and whole by God’s dear Son?

Oh the melting and liquidation I felt within my heart, as in the fervent heat of His consuming love, my heart was brought into full union with His heart. How much He revealed concerning His Bride, and His glorious plans for her in the days which lie ahead! These things were all far beyond my understanding. So, even as Mary, I hid them in my heart, and ponder them there.


This experience of His revelation to me as the Son of Man was all summed up by the Spirit in a poem which he moved me to write for my Beloved. He bids me share it with you. I am reluctant to speak of these intimate dealings, but He shows me that through this testimony other hearts will be moved to rise up and run after the Beloved. Some will be incited to a fervent, consuming devotion for Him. I give it to you with the prayer that you will see in it not an individual, but a “body,” the precious Bride, meeting the Beloved One upon the mountain-top.

I met Him on the mountain at the breaking of the day.

The path was steep and rugged, but He led me all the way-

Led me out into the dawning, called me from my wakeful sleep

Far out upon a mountain-top a vigil I must keep!

(How can I sleep, when His heart is calling,

Waking my heart to a love-enthralling?)

“Rise up, my love, my dear one, rise up and come away!

Flee out of the night-shadows into the bright new day!

Brush sleep from thy dove’s eyes, love, there’s no time to tarry,

Hasten to don thy garments; no weights with thee carry.

Swiftly upon the mountains thy hind’s feet must tread,

As up to heights thou art safely led.”


O, the sweetness and fragrance of the dew-sprinkled morn,

As, from the womb of eternity, a new day is born!

In the verdant trees, the bird-choir sings a paean of praise,

As the golden clouds reflect the sun’s first flaming rays;

Glorious rays, how they light up the sky,

Like fire-tipped arrows He bids them fly!

O hasten, my feet.

You must run now to meet Him;

Keep pace with my heart,

It is panting to greet Him!

He shall be as the sun when He rises in might,

On a morn, without clouds, in radiant light.

As a Bridegroom He comes out of His place,

As a Strong-man, He rejoices to run a swift race.

“Step carefully now, love,

There’s a sharp turn to essay.

You must go by the high road, the steep, narrow way.

I’ll break the trail for you, move the sharp stones aside,

For nothing shall stumble the feet of My Bride.

Ah yes, it’s a hidden way, dear, and rough,

But you’ll need no staff… My arm is enough!”


Be strong now, my heart,

Be swift and steady my feet!

I Climb to meet my King, at a hidden retreat.

He’s calling me up to a mountain apart,

To show me His face and to open His heart.

So long I have waited with hungering soul,

So long I have striven to reach this high goal!

0, I must not faint now, Father, help me, I pray.

Thy Word still holds promise for strength as my day.

Through years of preparation I’ve proved Thy sure care,

No trial was too difficult, no cross too hard to bear.

By Thy grace alone I shall reach this high goal,

And reach it I must and I shall, 0 my soul!

Now the last long ascent the very hardest steps to take –

But He guides to the end – He never forsakes.

So up! And now, 0 joy surpassing, 0 ecstasy sublime,

I stand upon the summit, I’ve finished the long climb!

At last I have found a safe place to stop,

For the King has pledged to meet me here at the top.

My heart blends with my voice in a canticle of praise.

For the rising sun greets me in glory ablaze;

Such warmth, such love! Let me bask in His light.

Very shadow is behind me, banished, every trace of night!

A new world lies before me, I must conquer it too.

Higher summits are calling, a new promised land I view!

The vision blurs and fades, as tears mingle with light,

My full heart overflows – throbbing with delight.

I turn, and there He stands, His arms outstretched to me –

More radiant than the morning, more glorious is He.

The Sun of Righteousness, what transcendent love He brings…

Rising upon me with healing in His wings!


So… I met Him on the mountain, at the breaking of the day.

The path was steep and rugged, but He led me all the way;

Broke the path before me, safely kept my feet,

Scattered flowers before my steps, fragrant and sweet.

And there upon the peak, at the rising of the sun He held me to His bosom, as the Father made us one! So shall Love’s old, sweet story be incarnated in the New Eve, the Bride of Christ. And through her it shall be given to a world gripped by violence and hatred. Do I appear to romanticize divine truth? This love drama of the ages has been reenacted in the elect of every generation. It began with a love story in the Garden of Eden: a Bridegroom, a Bride, a Paradise! It ends in another garden, the heavenly paradise of our God. In this garden there will be another Bridegroom with His holy Bride! The Song of Solomon, depicting this mysterious union, interprets it in the terms of nuptial love. This choice book has been illumined to the most devout souls throughout the centuries. Today it lives again, re-enacted in us who “Kiss the Son” and running after Him cry, “Let Him kiss me with the kisses of His mouth, for Thy love is better than wine.” This chaste, holy love of Christ, is the portion of the chaste, holy Bride the “lily among thorns,” the “Mary” saints) who sit long at His feet, choosing the “better part which shall not be taken away.”

For her – the Bride – Love’s supernal day dawns in full glory,

And she too shall know the old, sweetest story:

At the dawn of the race, revealed to the first two;

Revealed in each age to the chosen “elect” few;

God’s own secret love way, unveiling His grace,

Unveiling His nature, His heart and His face.

“God is love,” hear this word ring the centuries through.”

“God is love,” the Bride answers, and knows it anew!


During our remaining days upon the mountain-top, many other truths were unveiled. One of the most glorious days was spent following the King’s River up to its source.


O, the river of the Water of Life! “The streams whereof make glad the City of God!” The river that flows from the Throne, bringing life and love and joy in its wake! How much we had thought about this river! And now an actual river was used to demonstrate this truth.

When we had first started up the long winding way to the mountain top, we had encountered a river, and along its banks we found the only loveliness and life on that hot, barren road. The river was actually named, “King’s River.” Having followed it thus far, we felt moved to attempt to follow it on up to its source. This took us nearly a hundred miles, over a mountain-top road. The glories and beauties that greeted our eyes on every side were breath-taking. The primitive splendor of the scenery aroused us to a high pitch of worship and wonder. The flowers, of rare and varying types, seemed to fairly crowd along the roadside. I kept thinking of the flower-strewn path of the overcomers, as we pass over the last great highway to the Throne on the crowning day.

The river was at flood season, and dashed and sprayed over the rocks, much as we sing of it in the old song, “Shall We Gather at the River?” The dear sister and I stood on the bank, with the spray on our faces, and sang this song-filled with praise. In the Spirit we could see the great company of the redeemed coming up to drink at the River of Grace and to follow it to its source at the Throne. Great was our disappointment when we found that the auto road stopped short of the “head” of the river. But, since that time, in the Spirit, the Lord did take me to the Fountain-head of the River of Life-the Father, the Source. That River, the very life of the Father, will be flowing into the earth through the wide, deep, clean channels He is now preparing. “Thou visitest the earth, and waterest it; Thou greatly enrichest it with the river of God, which is full of water. They also that dwell in the uttermost parts of the earth are afraid at Thy tokens (signs). Thou makest the outgoings of the morning and evening to rejoice,” (Ps. 65).

As the time drew near for our departure from this mountain, my Mount of Transfiguration, a great solemnity overwhelmed my spirit. The weight of these revelations, and the responsibility of being entrusted with these mysteries of God, seemed more than I could bear. With this burden, my Lord added another precious one-the deep concern of His heart, His desire to appear, to reveal Himself, to His entire Bride company. “He appeared first unto Mary, and afterward to the eleven as they sat at meat.” How great is His desire to rapture His “Mary,” to reveal His love, and to perfect her for her heavenly calling, With this concern another burden gripped my soul.

O, to see the manifestation of the sons of God! Of course, for years, this prayer has been in my heart; but now it flamed to a new height of intensity and fervor. O, to see His sons, formed in His perfect image! How clearly I saw that a company must be brought into these privileges. As I walked with Him, I prayed for others whom I knew were in this race, that they too might share these celestial experiences.

His last words to me, before I left the mount, were in regard to this company. He spoke to me in these words: “I have appeared unto thee for this purpose: to make thee a witness of these things which thou hast seen, and of those things in the which I will appear unto thee.” (Acts 26:16) This commission brought me to a new and very heavy cross. I was staggered at the import of it, even though I rejoiced at the privilege of bearing it. The cross is the stamp of authenticity upon every divine experience. So my altar of revelation became for me another altar of sacrifice. Yes, deep truths are dearly won, and must be guarded at the cost of the laying down of our lives, in one way or another.

However, for the time being the revelation was sealed. I was instructed to “tell no man these things,” until commanded to speak by the Father. Those nearest to me knew only that which the Spirit revealed to them. I must seal my lips, even from them. A year later these experiences began to be unsealed to a few. Yet, at this time, much must still be left untold, it must remain hidden in my heart. I left the mountain top with instructions to walk in deep humility and quietness of heart. “I will confirm and establish all things in the mouths of many witnesses,” spoke the Lord to me, and this He has faithfully done. I was told that I must descend with as much devotion and grace as had been employed in ascending. The Bride must be equally sure-footed and graceful in the valley as in the heights. Many, who climb rapidly and steadily on the way up, lose their balance and footing on the way down. In the experiences of rapture, we must not risk any mis-step.

So I descended out of Eden, into an alien world. Yet, this did not prove to be the end, but only a new beginning. Rapture, praise God! never ends until it is consummated in Translation!

There’s a new light on my pathway,

There’s a new joy in my soul,

There’s a new and holy rapture.

Holding me in full control.

There’s a new hope to sustain me.

There’s a new faith, firm and true.

For Jesus has met me and shown me His glory.

And behold! All things are NEW!


The Lord has impressed me to witness to you about the types of rapture I have experienced from time to time, In Part I, I mentioned that, before leaving “The King’s House,” I had experienced several “rapture” dealings, I spoke of being caught up and of seeing visions in accord with The Revelation 4 and Ezekiel 1, You may wonder just what form these raptures took-whether I was in or out of the body, or in a state of trance or sleep, and whether I actually outwardly saw all of these things or merely perceived them. Just what outward effects were produced and what lasting benefits were received? So, with some reluctance, I shall endeavor to put into words many things which “are hard to be understood,” May the Holy Spirit indeed now enable me to express in our poor language these divine mysteries, Bear in mind that I am testifying, and not dealing with doctrinal truth or teaching. This experience is crystal clear to me; there is no doubt at any point. But to explain it is quite another thing.

To begin with let me say that I have found it very hard indeed to so completely abandon myself to God as to let go of every “rein,” Others may not experience this difficulty. Yet I cannot believe that it shall be easy for anyone to pass out of the body again and again. There are many reasons for this. In the first place, our being-body, soul and spirit three-fold yet one, is loath to be divided, The body offers a great resistance to everything of a supernatural nature, I have mentioned that in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit most of us encounter much resistance from our physical nature, Even after receiving this effulgence, we find that at times our body is heavy and contrary to God and, when under the influence of the carnal mind, is even at actual enmity with God, We gradually learn to submit our mind and members to the Spirit and, if we live constantly under His control, it becomes our second nature, as indeed it is, to be “in the Spirit,” However, if we disobey or walk in the fleshly mind, we find it again difficult to be under any anointing or moving of the Spirit until we are fully restored through confession.


Gradually we become accustomed to heavier and more prolonged anointings. At first a heavy anointing of intercession or prophecy or other manifestation will leave us weak and physically affected in some ways. But our bodies become more and more submitted and adjusted, until we reach the place where we may spend hours and some times days under a strong anointing without undue physical reaction. This is because we have become tempered and attuned to the Spirit in the physical members of our body.

Much the same is true in rapture. At first the body and the mind offer resistance and hindrance, but gradually we become yielded and can be taken in and out of the body more easily. In each case the Lord dealt with me by degrees, step by step, carefully preparing me. For He is ever loath to violate our body or mind. His operations are delicate and in harmony with our own will never taking us beyond our will. The Holy Spirit, even in intervention, never forces us, but always secures the full consent of our will before acting. Evil spirits observe no such respect, and will violate our minds and bodies beyond the control of our will. Be not deceived at this point!

So interwoven is our nature that it dreads separation. The soul seems more reluctant even than the body in this matter. It fears being unclothed. As much as the body weights it, it still clings to the body, its house. When, in rapture, it is withdrawn for a short time out of the body, it feels naked, in a sense, and unprotected. O how much does this experience cause us to appreciate the house God has given us, and to say with St. Paul, “Not that I want to be unclothed, but that I long to be clothed with my house from heaven.” I do not believe we shall ever completely lose this dread of nakedness until we are fully clothed upon with immortality! The spirit is the part of our being which is willing and eager to take flight unto God from whence it came. In regeneration each of us was begotten in the Father’s bosom. He is the source from whence we sprang, as the offspring of God. The spirit part of our being is ever ready to return unto its source. But so is it united with the soul that it cannot divide from it, for by it, the spirit, the soul is eternally saved through Christ. I wish I might make this as clear to you as it has been made to me.

I believe I mentioned that at one time I was “divided” – like a burnt offering by the Holy Spirit and the “sword of the Spirit.” “The Word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to dividing asunder the joints and marrow, and the soul and spirit!’ Dear ones, this was a real piercing. I can’t tell you how terrible it was when, for a brief moment, my spirit was cut asunder from my soul. But, in that moment, I discerned what was spirit and what was soul. Up until that time this was all obscure. It was done as a “demonstration,” but was so real that for days I felt I was truly lying on that altar, cut asunder. The unredeemed will experience a permanent division when the lost soul is severed forever from the spirit, the only connection we have with God. Now, I understand the horror of “the second death” so much greater than the loss of the body!

Let me continue further. I mentioned that at one time I saw death in an actual form. He was shown as the “last enemy.” I not only saw “death,” but he came to me, and laid his hands on me. This is as clearly as I can explain what happened. We all know what we mean when we say “The Lord laid His hands on me.” Just so did death. I was in the Spirit at the time, waiting on the Lord. I was looking for the Lord of Life; instead, the messenger of death came. As he put his hands on me, I felt a gradual cessation of the life-flow in my body. It seemed to be put into reverse, so to speak. My blood grew cold, and so did my entire body. The word dissolution went through me. As the life flowed out, the soul and the spirit clung together and began to withdraw gradually from the body. I believe that at this time I experienced that which does really occur at death. This was so real that I have no doubt that had God not intervened, I should actually have died at that time. I was utterly helpless as I lay in my bed. But I remember that in the depths of my soul I said to the Father, “Dear Father, what do I do now? You see, after all, death has come, and has put his hands on me. Should I resist him or submit? I confess I don’t know what to do. Jesus was obedient to Thy will, even unto death. Thy will be done.” At first, there was no answer, and I felt the icy flow of death gradually approaching my heart.

Suddenly, in a loud voice, the Holy Spirit, addressing death personally, cried in me, “The Lord Jesus Christ conquered you upon the cross of Calvary. He tasted death for every man, by the grace of God. You cannot take your prey. The Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus hath freed this one from the Law of Sin and of Death. Body, soul and spirit, she is redeemed by the Blood of God’s Son. Now is brought to pass the saying which is written, ‘Death is swallowed up in Victory. Where, 0 death, is thy sting; where, 0 grave, is thy victory.’” Then I was moved to finish this Word: “Thanks be unto God which giveth me the victory through my Lord, Jesus Christ.”

However, for many days, I was faint and ill, and I know beyond a doubt that the Lord was so gracious as to permit me to taste, ever so slightly, of death. Thus I am very conscious of body, soul and spirit. In my experiences of rapture, the soul accompanies the spirit on its flight. The body’s forces are largely suspended. It may turn very cold, or at times feel “stony.” At other times it is just relaxed as in sleep. It still breathes, but is insensible to pain, discomfort, heat or cold. It seems that a slight thread or wire connects the soul and spirit to the body, so that at times the body actually “tugs” at the line, attempting to draw the soul and spirit back, if the rapture is prolonged.


I found that the way into the rapture state varied. At first I felt complete weakness of body and a suspension of my mind-which is normally active and strong. But, in severe illness, the mind was dazed and weak. The sweetest rapture I have experienced is the “swoon of love.” In this, as the Bridegroom draws near and reveals Himself, the soul-already “sick of love,” as Song of Solomon 2:5 depicts now actually faints or swoons at His approach. It is ravished in divine love. It loses consciousness of everything, including itself. It flows or flames or throbs with the love of the Heavenly Spouse. It seems to disappear into Him, as a river is lost in the sea. It is not able to comprehend or explain in any natural terms this divine union. The effects of this rapture linger for days. In fact, they are permanent beyond any doubt. Coming out of this state, the mind and heart seem to be left with the Loved One. Others have tasted this rapture and have described it in similar terms. However, the union of love between Christ and each individual soul is absolutely unique. Truly, as the song says, “The joys we share as we tarry there, none other has ever known.”

After these times, for days I could think of nothing but Christ. I seemed permeated with His perfume, dripping with divine love which fell upon everyone I encountered. My admiration and love for Him, and the revelation of His interior nature, was such that I could not bear to think or speak of anything save Him. These times of union do change us, for thus beholding Him we are changed into the same image from glory to glory!

Another type of rapture occurred when I was suddenly set on my feet by the Spirit and whirled as in a “whirlwind” around and around. I caught a glimpse of Elijah’s whirlwind, and at length my body fell prone, but my soul and spirit went up in the whirlwind even to the Throne. It was then that I saw the “Living Creatures,” and “Elders.”

There is another type we might call, flight. In this the soul and spirit seem to flutter in the breast like a bird seeking release. Then, suddenly, they burst out and mount up like a bird in the air. Sometimes this is so sudden that the body faints. There is another type of rapture which begins with singing praise in the Spirit. As I sing I seem to begin to rise, each step of song takes me higher. I am climbing the golden stairs, singing each step of the way, like the priests who paused on each step of the Temple to sing a psalm on feast days. This rapture is always attended by profound revelation.

I want to make it clear that the imagination plays no part in these revelations, nor does the mind reason or question. It is really suspended. The heart seems to be the recipient of these revelations. The “eyes” of the heart are opened to divine mysteries. The things I have seen and heard and experienced I had never known previously, with a few exceptions. Nor does the reading of God’s Word reveal these mysteries, unless one has been given the key which unlocks them. They have been sealed until the time of the end.

For my part, I have found that under ordinary anointings of the Spirit, the imagination and reasoning faculties still operate. After years of demonstrations, operations and various gift workings, I find that in most cases, at least the other faculties are still active. Thus, in the midst of deep manifestations, a certain part of my mind is acting like a sentinel, checking everything that I say or do with the written Word, watching against error. That this is true is evident, for in many we observe that their own mind and imagination does enter into their manifestation of the Spirit. Thus, the anointing may be real; but their interpretation of it can be according to their own mind.

In this way error arises, which can be discerned by another. However, in true rapture, all mental faculties are suspended, save those of the New Creation Mind, which is Christ’s mind. We may see and hear and learn in amazing clarity the heavenly truths and recall them in minute detail. Oh, the wonderful renewing of the mind which takes place, as rapture progresses!


Out of the east I behold Him arise,

Sweeping through the everlasting portal!

Lift up your heads, 0 golden gates,

He arises, the King Immortal!

His wings, tipped with living fire,

Are outspread from earth to heaven.

His right arm is outstretched in power,

And the stars in His hand are seven!

His feet glow like burnished brass;

His eyes flash with love’s pure flames;

And His hair, as white as snowy wool,

His radiant countenance frames.

He is the first and the last,

The Alpha and Omega,

The Aleph and the Tau-

Which is, which was,

And which is to come

The Almighty whom Daniel saw!

His voice, like the sound of many waters,

Swells to a great deafening roar;

Heaven and earth are all atremble

And are moved as in the days of yore,

When He descended unto Israel

And the heavens themselves were bowed,

When His footsteps shook the wilderness

As He marched before His hosts in a cloud!

He that hath eyes, let him watch and see!

He that hath ears, let him hearken and hear!

In the midst of the golden candlesticks He walks,

For this is His hour to appear.

Unto His messengers He speaks,

And His tongue is like a two-edged sword!

0 Living Church of the Living God,

Hear the Living Word of the Lord!




THU RAPTURE INTO TRANSLATION [Frances Metcalf] 1942          1


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