“A wise man’s heart discerneth both time and judgment. Because to every purpose there is time and judgment…” (Eccl. 8:5-6)



With a humanistic approach we tend to view everything in terms of the grand and glorious hour of climax, and tend to forget the day by day “moments” which are equally important and God-directed. Here is real discernment, to know the difference between “time” and “judgment.” The former speaks of the process, the latter of the climax. Many people want the spectacular hour of judgment, and try to bring it into the middle of the process time, but this would only cause confusion and mix up the process, were men able to control the judgment hours. Thank God, man cannot do this, but the Father “hath committed all judgment unto the Son.” (John 5:22) He sovereignly holds all the times and seasons in His hand.



True, when we are brought to the fullness of sonship, mature and ONE IN CHRIST, then shall we also partake of the stewardship of the fullness of times, “to execute…the judgments written: this honour have all His saints.” (Ps. 149:9) But long before that day, we will have learned to discern the present times, and be obedient to fulfill His will for us in present moments.



The Greek word for “judgment” is “krisis” from which we get our English word “crisis,” which is actually a climactic turning point, that critical moment when a change must occur. We rejoice to know that all of God’s judgments become a crisis, a corrective change for restoration unto full victory. Out of every crisis comes the moment for a new life to be born. The Chinese language expresses this beautifully. The written character in Chinese for the word crisis is made up of two symbols: one which stands for danger and one which stands for opportunity. Because GOD controls our “judgments,” He not only brings us to this critical hour, to end all the old order of self and its pursuits, but He also turns it into the hour of rebirth, leading us into new realms of His life and victory. But He has also controlled all of our times, our processing’s, which brought us to that momentous turning point.




















TIME and JUDGMENT [Ray Prinzing]          1

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