JUNE 8, 1999


The Bible talks about a dimension where it is always a present tense NOW and is forever TODAY.  We live in a three dimensional world where there is time divided into yesterday, today and tomorrow.  The Christian assignment is to integrate the two, under the laws of spirit life.


Jesus came from a place where nothing ever changes into a dimension where and learning from that which has come to past.


While on one hand the Bible presents overwhelming evidence that the Kingdom of Heaven is a non geographical, spiritual, today, personal experience; there is also equally overwhelming evidence that the “promised land Kingdom” is a specific geographical, time framed, land with identified boundaries of rivers and seas.


Does this information not once again identify the necessity to integrate that which is real in a spiritual non sensual dimension with that which we can determine as real by the three dimensional senses, without destroying the law but to fulfill the law.


My focus, for forty-nine years of study and teaching has been on the spiritual aspect of personally appropriating the Kingdom as a Now/Today reality, without the need of anything else happening.  I must now acknowledge that for the Kingdom to happen on the earth in a corporate way will require a planned and organized implementation.  And it seems to make sense that a model, an operational model, would be a good idea.  A model illustrating the spirit of the law made flesh.


I would like to believe that this group is representative of other groups—set apart by the Holy Spirit of God--whom He will network and integrate into an operational fulfillment of His Promise of an earthly Kingdom where Love and Peace will reign.
























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