AUGUST 17, 2006

Hi guys,

Just a little note on time.

I shared this with someone recently and thought it would be useful for our walk with Christ.

But before that, I would ask those who can, to fast and pray for His Kingdom to be revealed in us.

Secular humanism pervades everywhere and has crept into the church; as people look for solutions among themselves only.

‘Man’ ruling and obeying ‘man’.

I guess you know the often heard phrase: ‘Time heals all wounds.’ 

But there is another not often talked about: ‘Time wounds all heels,’

The 1st statement is when we have a positive belief about time:

“I will work through this; I will not let everything I’ve gone through bring me down. Can I help someone who is suffering, just as I am now?”… etc.

The 2nd statement is when we have a negative belief about time:

“I can never get through this. Nobody will ever get through to me; I am alone in this situation”… etc.

What the 2nd statement does – is drag everyone around us down to what we are experiencing (‘wounding all heels’). So, instead of discovering release when with someone, we instead bite into their hearts and make them sad. I thought it would be useful just letting you know that there is a way through every dark tunnel. We will find that way when we seek it, and only then.

That way is Christ.

















TIME [Anthony Idemudia Asakpa] 8-17-06           1


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