JANUARY 23, 1997

Time is an available tool in man’s life.  It seems like there is never enough time.  People borrow time, steal time, abuse time, and they all murmur that time is passing too fast.

From the beginning, people have taken time for granted.  What has God created time for?  Some would say… so man can gain wealth.  Others would say… to gain knowledge.  But, I say… to come to an intimate relationship with God by recognizing the lordship of Jesus, the Christ, and also by following His example of doing nothing without communication with the Father.  It is in this intimate relationship that we take on the personality, character, and nature of Jesus, the heavenly man.  This transformation does not take place immediately.  It takes time.

For you to know me, you must spend time with me, understanding my likes and dislikes… becoming acquainted with my personality and how I think.  All of this takes time.  You must be willing to invest time in others.  Time was invested in you.

Jesus spent his lifetime teaching, loving, caring, being a reflection of God on this earth, being our example to follow.  Will you allow God to use you in this same way?

Time is our most valuable resource.  Be sure you use it on Holy Spirit-led projects.  Carnal things are time wasters and so is procrastination.  Remember, only the things you do for Christ will count in the end.

Just think where you would be if Jesus’ attitude toward the cross would have been “Father, I just really don’t have time to die on the cross for all of this stubborn, rebellious, stiff-necked people.  They won’t follow instructions anyway.  All they do is murmur and complain.”  Instead Jesus volunteered to let the Father use Him for our clear path of restoration back to one-on-one communication with the Father.  Jesus paid close attention to the instructions of the Father and did what the Father asked of Him.

Dear friend, would you allow God, the Father, to speak to you during this time?  Many say time is running out.  Would you ask God how He would have you utilize these moments in time?  May God bless you and may we spend eternity with the GIVER OF TIME!











THE TIMING OF GOD [Roger Dale Coffman, Sr.] 1-23-97         1


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