DECEMBER 11, 2010




It’s been a trying week in the Antonsson household, but we’re very grateful nonetheless that everything has worked out for the good.  AOL, which had denied me the privilege of sending bulk mail to our readers, finally got the problem resolved on Thursday.  That was a bit longer than the 24 hour period they had promised me, but when I was finally able to send bulk mail, I was rejoicing.   Next, the plug that carries the electrical power to the 5th wheel “pop-out” overheated, taking it with the battery operated lights in that section of our living room.  We’re thankful that there wasn’t a fire as a result.  Our cousin’s husband, an electrician came the next day and found the problem and fixed it. The new laptop is doing what it’s supposed to do; AOL is up and functioning and we have light in the living area of the 5th wheel. I still haven’t managed to “count it all joy” in the middle of the trials, but I erupt in praise to the Lord when they are resolved.



Try as I might, and I did try, I haven’t figured out yet how to put a link to The Glory Road Blog from The Glory Road Website. The Lord will show me in time, but meanwhile, we’ll continue as usual to announce new writings via our e-mail announcement list, which has a link to this blog as well.



Today’s Mrs. Magillacutty segment is called Mrs. Magillacutty Gets The Boot.  It makes me smile because her dedication to serve Jesus puts her in hot water with the church deacons and pastor, a somewhat predictable situation I’ve found in my life.  We have a sister in Southern California who is the role model for her outburst in church and I thank her again for sharing her experiences with us.


















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