AUGUST 29, 2008

The trumpet is sounding: A decree has been sent forth. It is time to enter in for all those properly cleansed, purified, and adorned – to prepare for entrance, or be banished, or worse to be put to death. Here we see that Haman will be put to death, Haman the god of self. We have been summoned to the marriage supper of the Lamb, summoned as The Bride, both corporately and as the Bride on an individual basis. We must vanquish the Vashtis and Hamans from our midst, to be permitted to rule and reign with Him. An ingathering has been called to take place, it has begun: Tabernacles.

Today comes a decree from the throne room of God for a bride to enter into His presence properly prepared and adorned according to her purpose and calling. Are we to be found ready, properly cleansed, purified, and adorned to approach Him as He beckons and calls us unto His Throne of Glory? Are we found in right Order? A judgment is coming in our land and those not found to be in right order (Vashtis and Hamans – enemies of soul and any found in association with these two) shall not be permitted audience before the King, and those not permitted audience shall forfeit their estates and positions, and those possessions shall pass to those “…that is better than she.”  Our souls (Vashtis) are to no longer bow down and honor our flesh (Hamans). We are, through the authority in the Spirit, to put to death all that would assault us; thus, all those hindering our entering in shall be, must be, put to death.

As Esther, The Bride, we must first find favor with the King, that is to be found acceptable in His sight, and in so doing we will find favor in the sight of all them that look upon us, a book to be read of all men. We are being called to Tabernacles in the spirit: a full infilling of Him in us, a death to our self-life. The Mordecais that are sitting at the gate, the faithful scribes, intercessors, and spiritual mentors shall also be honored in this day: His Day.

In Shushan (place of purity of word and thought) there is no place for such as Vasti, the soulish, those entertaining soulish things and refusing to come before the Lord when called. On the 7th day (Hallelujah!) King Ahaseurus commanded Vashiti’s presence. Refusing, rather preferring her soulish and fleshly indulgences, the Lord was angered. Vashti is refusing to come before the Lord as is the commandment. It was believed that this was a movement that would infect others, souls, and that they would in turn refuse their husbands, refuse their husband honor. As a result Vashti’s (old Israel, churches refusing to acknowledge the full power and majesty of the Father, and Son, positioned in the Cloud of Glory – the Holy Spirit) position is to be given to another better than her. Vashti is to be banished from the King’s presence. Decrees have gone out looking for another bride – His Bride, His anointed ones, His corporate church/body.

The eunuch (Hegai), one who no longer is producing after the flesh, shall take charge of the maidens. Hegai is to be in charge of purifying these maidens. Hegai represents the Spirit within us. Esther finds favor in Hegai’s sight, giving to Esther 7 maids to her charge (the golden candlestick – 7 Spirits of God – the Holy Spirit – Completeness – Perfection), and brings her to the best place of the house (Hallelujah!) in anticipation of her audience with the King. Those circumcised (Mordecai/Hegai) in the heart, having run from Babylon (the Church, confusion, the great harlot), are in charge and care raising and maturing these maidens until their appointed time.  Mordecai comes everyday to check on Esther to find out what should become of her. He intercedes upon Esther’s behalf before the LORD, on her behalf during her purification (myrrh), and on her behalf for her preparation and readiness for her audience with the King: 12 months in preparation (governmental order). The Mordecais are those intercessors who spend hours before the Lord in prayers and intercession for others praying it through to its completion. The reward to these Mordecais shall come from the King, The Lord of Hosts.

Esther is presenting herself before the Lord with only that which Hegai, the Spirit which has trained her up to know the heart of the King, gives to her. She approaches in the Spirit, nothing more, nothing less. Approaching with what the Spirit has revealed to her, appointed for her; having been filled with His presence, having been cleansed, having been purified, and having nothing of self left to hinder her entrance, she enters safely in.

She has been summoned into the King in the 10th month (Tabernacles), 7th year (Sabbath, day of rest of the Lord in our lives) of the Lord’s reign in her life. The King loves her above all and she finds favor in His sight more than any other. The Lord crowns her and makes her his queen, His Bride. He sees that Esther is bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh.

At the appointed time, Esther comes to petition the King after fasting for 3 days, day and night. We must be properly prepared to approach him wearing our royal apparel, always ready and awaiting His biding to approach Him. Then and only then is His golden scepter extended to us. Her petition would be heard, “…it shall be even given thee to the half of the kingdom.”  His scribe tells us to hide ourselves not approaching until the proper time (our maturity in the Spirit) to reveal ourselves, revealing of the true nature of who we are in Him. There is a proper order to approach His throne as is typed in the Tabernacle of Moses in the wilderness. There is a proper preparation that needs to be done, must be done to approach Him safely.

We shall see the faithful, those properly prepared and purified, wearing only those things as directed by the Spirit, speaking nothing else other than His Word, coming in His voice, and then shall we see our enemy Haman ordered to honor us, to bow before us. The banquet of wine, Feast of Tabernacles, is a time of judging Haman- the judging of self-life, the flesh. The self-life is being judged and we are being given an opportunity to partake of the banquet of wine. Haman has been exalting himself, exalting self as though self has a place at the Throne of God. Only those properly prepared, having suffered the death of a loved one (our souls and soulish ties/self-life/fleshly desires) shall be allowed to partake of this His banquet/feast. The flesh that attempts audience with the King shall find judgment upon it. For the Hamans have sought to promote self and not desired to set captivity free, but have not seen to help set the captives free but have instead been at the root of their bondages. We see this in ministries that have promoted self rather than glorifying God.  The flesh (self-life), the Hamans, must be put to death in us to be properly prepared for safe audience before the King. We cannot be found exalting our self as we try to approach before Him. The Lord does not acknowledge self and we should not acknowledge the self within us by giving it a place to rule and reign from. That which we do must be done for the sole purpose of glorifying God and the Spirit found within.

The King shall grant us our petitions only after we have been properly purified and clothed. In spite of our enemies, the Lord shall exalt us before our enemies parading us properly dressed in royal apparel with the crown of glory upon our heads (thinking as He does). Our enemy shall even be subdued to bow before us, honoring us, exalting that spirit within His bride to have rule over the enemies of our soul.  We shall have subdued our flesh, our soulish desires, and we shall no long wish to be seen. The only thing that we should wish to be seen in us is the Holy Spirit ruling and reigning in our lives.

Our King shall be sure that we are honored before our enemies. At the second wine banquet, being called up once again Esther, the bride, requests petition for her people. Declaring Haman’s wicked ways, Haman is afraid for his life. Our enemies within us and without us shall be brought into subjection this day. The god of self, Haman, will be destroyed by his own doing.

Haman is to be hung with his own gallows, hung by his own doings. We must hang, put to death, the enemy within us that tries to rule – cut off that old way of thinking. It is necessary that we are properly prepared and clothed to be able to approach Him boldly, finding favor in his sight, being pleasing in his eyes; thereby, we are given the power to subdue our enemies. We shall be given control/possession over all that our enemies once owned, those enemies that have tried to seduce us away from our appointment, our divine calling, that have tried to seduce us away from our appointed time before Him.

We are being called to the marriage supper of the Lamb, are you ready? Are you cleansed, purified, and properly adorned in the royal apparel of blue, white, fine linen, and purple? The scroll, book of records of the chronicles, is being opened and read before the King. We are books to be opened and read of all men. Do we bear the great crown of gold upon our heads – does our mind reside in the heavenlies? Do we have His way of thinking in our minds? This day shall bring forth joy and honor. There shall be rejoicing everywhere. Words coming forth sealed with the King’s ring, by His authority, shall go forth with His messengers – His prophets/scribes. Those uncircumcised shall be converted by our presence and our walks. The Lord shall send forth a decree in the 12th month (governmental order) to take down all our enemies and empower us to defend ourselves.  “…no man could withstand them; for the fear of them fell upon all people.” All those things that have hindered us are being set right; we are being empowered to subdue this enemy by being given the tools, the swords, with which to defend ourselves: The Word of God. Purity of word (Palace of Shushan) and thought shall once again reign in this day: Tabernacles.

Mordecai, scribes and intercessors, and our souls shall prevail against those that wish us harm – to even the saving of our soul.  We are coming into agreement with Him, spirit and soul, mortifying our flesh to death – Haman – to rule and reign with Him with all the power and authority that entails. Haman, our flesh/self, and all the things that our flesh produces shall be put to death at His order. Purity of word and thought shall reign in this day. In that day as in verse 18 of Chapter 2 of the Book of Esther: “Then the king made a great feast unto all his princes and his servants, even Esther’s feast; and he made a release to the provinces, and gave gifts, according to the state of the king.” There shall be celebration and gifts of the spirit to be released according to His powers and authority. And we know how great His powers and authority are! Hallelujah!

It is the Mordecais that we must thank (the scribes, the intercessors, our spiritual mothers and fathers, our mentors). We must thank those sitting at His Gate praying for our deliverance, bringing back His Word to lead and guide us unto all things – His things. It is they that give freely of themselves on behalf of the prospective Bride. They wait, they guide, and they protect the prospective bride patiently molding, calling, and guiding the virgin to her cleansing, to her purifying, and to her proper adorning; thereby, making sure that she enters safely before Him gaining His approval and acceptance as His new Bride. Just as Jesus sought to be pleasing in God’s sight, so should we be of the same heart.

Heb. 13:21, make you perfect in every good thing to do his will, working in us that which is well pleasing in his sight, through Jesus Christ; to whom be the glory for ever and ever. Amen.



























TODAY COMES a DECREE FROM the THRONE ROOM of GOD [Kathy Blacker] 8-29-08          1


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