MARCH 5, 2004

Man’s perfection lies in the risen Son of God; not in the re-cycled old man, the improved version of the fallen nature. “Received ye the Spirit by the hearing of faith or by the works of the law?” What is righteousness? It is the free gift of Myself, My Presence: YOU as Me. Hear This!  I have filled you with the Spirit to overflowing.

The dressed up, improved earth-man has no inheritance in My new world. Along with his fears and unbelief, he is dead. His condemning heart is not recognized either. However, there is One Who is recognized; The Only Begotten Son who is the fullness of life in all.

Behold the light of day, the joy of the Lord. There is not the slightest hint in My City that I am not come in the flesh. I am here, your awakened Presence. Never wait, for my gates are open to the North, South, East and West. Let whosoever will come. Nestle in the perfection of My bosom, the place long prepared by My sovereign rising to the Cross. May you bathe in the Presence of all righteousness, endowed, My Grace; a free gift to all creation. My coming in Glory has made you whole. It is not at all necessary to qualify before men, for I have already qualified you in Myself . You are My jewel, My very own precious gemstone.

It is not given, levels of righteousness, great and greater, for what is given is Myself. You need not wait any longer for I am here, your righteous existence. I am here without sin, condemnation or separation. You are unlimited , for with My own two edged sword, I have sanctified you from hunger and thirst. I have opened you to the treasures of the Father; made you joint heir to all that I am. You are here in My Treasure House. You are My glorified Being, My raised body no less, bought with a price. Right now, you have the mind to know you have stepped across the threshold of eternity, and are able to soar as the Only Begotten. This is the ministry of The Holy Ghost. We are One Spirit come in the flesh. Listen within. You are sent to heights unknown. Move out NOW!!

Today, you manifest My Presence, and are looking beyond the world of appearance; denying the world’s earthen voice as you glow in the fullness of Truth. Unknowing men will attempt to deny you this, but you must bless, have mercy, and forgive them for they know not what they do. You will be known in due course, as men discover Me for themselves.

TRUTH: Is As I am

As I am; The only Truth that there is ! I am Truth, and so are you, for I have redeemed you unto Myself; made you the very righteousness of Father; once and for all. I have raised you, joint heir of perfection, seated you with Me at the right hand of Glory. Father be praised. That which you never would have been able to do, I have done for you. There is none beside Me, for I am all in all. I say these words to you, for earth thinking has been neglectful to reveal it. It is your time to hear.

Now, I close the book on processing and waiting, that your eyes may be opened to My eternal Glory, as you enter into My rest. I have done a quick work and cut it short in My righteousness. Do you hear the trumpet?  I am come to do Thy will !

Here am I Father, The One Risen Son in body, so making peace with all and for all and as all. Let the Light so shine that they all shall see.



TODAY – THE PEACE OF GOD [JimMelba Crofford]          1


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