SEPTEMBER 28, 2012

“Are there any tricks to keeping conscious and subconscious thinking in agreement? The thinking, to be trusted, has to be more of a knowing which involves faith and trust, doesn’t it? I mean you can SAY something repeatedly because you want it to be so but if you don’t actually KNOW it to be true then how do you determine what your subconscious thinking is on the matter?”

I didn’t count the e-mails related to questions about the subconscious yesterday which prompted me to give personal responses, but I’m estimating about fifteen. The foregoing one struck me forcefully because she articulated the question so well. She posed the question to both Ryan and me. My answer:

“From my perspective, Xxx, when we SAY something repeatedly with emphasis — demand/command/declare we HEAR it and eventually we actually KNOW IT …the key is to keep declaring it UNTIL we know it. I have a daily “TAT” Declaration related to health I use daily if you want I’ll send. Ryan? Wanna add anything?”

Before I copy Ryan’s addition to her a bit later… here was her response:

“Brad, I use three of your daily declarations, but not specifically one related to health, so yes, please send it along and I will start tapping with it. I suspect I am still having to deal with dark agents (BWOTON) and that is difficult when accompanied or manifested by physical ailments.”

Now, “tapping” and TAT are two distinctly different things, but let’s go to Ryan’s response:

“Hi Xxx,

I think the distinction Brad is pointing out is: with “positive thinking” and “affirmations”, we don’t go far enough. Remaining in the moment/statement/thought UNTIL…… we know that we know that we know it “has” happened. Manifestation will take as long as it takes, to remove any resistance to the manifestation. Resistance comes from your mind, habits, vibration, energy (your own personal demi-BWOTON).

When the above happens there is no more thinking, there is nothing left but the waiting. Oh, and removing the resistance, but Spirit will do that, once you “know that you know”. Many people stumble on this issue because they don’t want to put in the time/energy/discipline to see it done. I know this because I have quite before I “knew”. So I guess it’s your turn to try it out. ASK UNTIL…you know.


I have often said (which must make it true, correct?) that language creates an obstacle to communication because each person puts her/his own interpretation on individual words which trigger responses that have nothing to do with what is meant.

I have also used the example of an angry exchange between an ex-wife and I …one of those “I said/you said” kinds of things which lead into complete disintegration to anything that might have been helpful.

“That is not what I meant, I may have said that, but it is not what I meant.”

“But that is exactly what you said.”

“Can we get past what I said to what I mean now? I apologize for whatever I said.”

“But you said” …you get the point and I handled the whole thing poorly and got the door slammed in my face.

Could I have diffused the situation? Of course …had I taken the responsibility for the miscommunication in the first place and asked our SPIRIT-PARENT what to do, I would have been shown exactly what to do.

I’ve had to face the fact that I didn’t want to fix the problem …because I wanted to stubbornly hold onto my perception of the problem, that is, that it was all her fault. It wasn’t, it was all MY fault (period). There are a lot of people who resist what I’m saying, here, that is, taking 100% of the blame for the continual miscommunication which ultimately destroyed that relationship. Do I leave it in to expose yet another character flaw? I’m not making the determination as to whether it shows a “character flaw,” but I get a definitive “Yes” as to leaving all the above, as is.

I’m going to say something here which has to be defined as ONLY ONE perspective …mine. Before you can be “transformed” you have to want to be transformed enough so that you are willing to do what it takes to be transformed UNTIL you KNOW that transformation has taken place …and which “knowing” IS the transformation.

I don’t know which of the many of “my daily declarations” she was referring to, but I strongly suggest that just as reciting or singing the English version of “The Lord’s Prayer” over and over in sonorous (how I love that word) tones may produce some positive results — saying “Brad’s declarations” over and over may have SOME positive result, but if you want to have a real TRANSFORMATION …take it to your SPIRIT-PARENT and ask what to say that will make the DESIRED transformation. Go directly to the SOURCE of everything …HE/SHE/IT has promised to be with you always …go collect on the promise NOW!
































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