JULY 17, 2012

I woke up to this word at around 5:00 a.m. this morning, “transformation” …I wondered what it meant. I asked the question that has become somewhat of a ritual for me, “what now?”

“What now?” is simply, for me, a signal reminder how to gain access to that infinite Power, Wisdom and Love available to anyone who wants it from our SPIRIT-PARENT …any time we are willing to make the effort to break through our “natural” mental lethargy to get to it. 

I was surprised by the instruction to go back to sleep. I had a rather involved and vivid dream. Now I’m sitting here at my computer wondering how to put it into words.

“That’s not important,” I just heard, “simply write the truth as I give it to you” – okay so …what now?

All of us are caught in our own conscious thoughts about what we want and need, individually, and to each of us, INFINITE LOVE, POWER and WISDOM is being met at that level. What is it that you want/need right now, at this moment?

You have the CREATIVE power available to you, right now, this moment, to transform any situation into opportunity. Because I’ve seen so-called “miracles” with my own eyes, I know this power of transformation is always there to bring about physical, emotional and spiritual change to anyone willing to say “yes” to it.

Here’s the truth behind the dream from which I just awakened. Because I expect answers, I get them. That doesn’t mean that I don’t resist some of the answers until they “grow on me” a bit.

What about you? Are you resisting that you can have a transformational “happening” in your life right now? There are simple solutions to every problem we encounter in life; the primary obstacle in getting the solution is that we neither expect the solutions to be simple nor easy.

My tendency is to exacerbate the situation by thinking rather than merely expecting the answer to come to me. Thinking about a problem, for me, is the long way around.

When I accept that a situation is impossible to think my way through it, is when I ask, “what now?” When I ask that question it is never very long before I get the answer, but it isn’t via rational or even logical reasoning processes. Again, though, I expect the answer and I always get it.

Where did I get this “crazy” concept? Jesus was talking to our SPIRIT-PARENT when confronted with the problem of his close friend Mary’s brother, Lazarus, being dead and already buried for four days and thus already “stinking.”

Jesus said, “I know you hear me, you always hear me” …then, as you remember the rest of the story, they opened the tomb and Jesus ordered that they remove the burial cloths in which Lazarus was wrapped and “presto” – no longer dead, but alive.

Jesus said that every miracle he performed could be performed by anyone who believed. Healing physical ailments is just one simple example of that – it has always been amazing to me that some people so quickly accept the possibility and receive healing and others refuse to even consider it and go without.

Our SPIRIT-PARENT always hears me and has assured me that such hearing is available to everyone who wants it bad enough to DO SOMETHING ABOUT GETTING IT, instead of making religious or anti-religious (opposite sides of the same coin) excuses for not having whatever.

Here we go again (shut up Ryan …publisher, Ryan Bruce, is always trying to get me to come up with a different example, but I just asked and the redundancy will be perfect for many of you), in order to expect to get the answer you have to believe it is possible. That is the first step. The words, literally, in the original language, that Jesus used and which started me on the path to transformation, were: “All things are possible IF you believe ENOUGH(!)”

If you want to argue over whether this is truly the literal expression from the original language – it really doesn’t matter because I’m going to give you the same old example that proves the point regardless of what you believe about the Bible or anything else.

Ready everyone? In the year 1953 almost everyone, including experts on the subject, believed that it was impossible for any human being to run a mile in less than four minutes. As proof of this “fact” it was often pointed out that nobody had ever done it in recorded history.

On May 6th 1954, a guy by the name of Roger Bannister did the “impossible.” Since 1954 literally hundreds of runners have done it. What’s the difference? They believe it is possible and train for it!

The reason I believe this example is so important is that it is so simple – the difference in just one year! If you will open your mind to it you will see the power of belief and that what Jesus said is literally true. Since Ryan wants other examples …who would have ever believed it was possible for an airplane (a 747) to weigh 255,000 lbs. at takeoff …that is, over 125 tons?

It wasn’t all that long ago that nearly everyone believed it was impossible for man to ever get to the moon – I have met people who still don’t believe it – they believe all of the evidence including videos and photos are all part of a giant conspiracy.

NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE, unless you refuse to believe that everything really is possible – Next, we move from knowing something is possible to how to get to the point of knowing it will take place …physical healing, just as one example. Stay tuned.
























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