JANUARY 29, 2007

Gently lifted from the cares and business of this world, and caught away in rapturous Presence, it is appropriate to immediately honor the Treasure found within. The all new openings, the all new awakenings, the all new Words of Life are the only fulfilling treasures to be desired. Never mind the incidentals of day by day necessities, for it is foreordained from the Cross and abundantly clear that everything is well provisioned. Therefore, let us turn to the beauty of the brightness of this moment for it is reserved for a christening never before seen. We look to ways we know not of.

Wide open heart and mind ventures upward and inward to open the hands of Father that we may discover that which has never been told. Diligently to look and listen in the obedience of oneness, there is a sure knowing that Divine Love will touch the moment and swing wide the doors of heavenly vision.

“Ye are not a man that enters My Presence, but My beloved Son. You have come without pride or purse having entered the unaltered perfect world. You have discovered Pure Being, The Delightful, Reborn, Risen One of Yourself. You are welcome to walk among the Treasure of My Garden as I show you anew the love in your own eyes, sweeping away everything that would hinder. Such love, you see, is beyond limits and supersedes all objection; carrying creation into timeless forever.”

“Let us counsel together the fulfillment of this day My Son. Everything you see or touch is your inheritance. It is yours from the foundation of the world. You are alive to this new day, this new and living way. It is written that I Am Come To Give You Abundant Life, My Grace Being sufficient.”

“The perfection is that you know only Me, knowing that beside Me there exists none other. There exists no thing outside of Me. I satisfy and fulfill, whereby you may stand In The One in the center of creation lacking nothing. Like a mighty rushing wind, I have quickened and made alive. I dwell in the midst as a whirling new world of faith, never to be diminished. I cause your feet to dance and your eyes to sparkle. I honor your shadow and your voice as well as your ever increasing love.”

“This Is Who I Am As You.”

“Go and Be Fruitful.”

Humbly He Is Come With All Things Under His Feet, The conquering Lamb of God.


love you



TREASURE OF MY PRESENCE [Jim-Melba Crofford] 1-29-07          1


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