The twinkle in her eye expressed the spirit in her soul
Her soft-spoken voice with whispers untold
Her gentle wings embracing us all
The grace that unfolded with radiance afar
An angel who sprinkled glitter of gold on our hearts
Making us sparkle and shine with goodness inside
Peace we felt, worthy and strong, no faults, no judgments,
no one was wrong
Sisters and brothers by side we stood
Rekindled in are spirits we are but one
Reunited in friendship, enamored with God
Compassionate and kindness our cups overflowed with
the blessings on which he bestowed
She quietly nestled back to silent repose
Leaving us with her gentle soul and miracles abound all around
Inspiring us to love, we will prevail
We transcended together in deep solemn sleep
Fields of flowers waved in the wind as I let her go
The raindrops fell as she bid farewell
The sun awoke as the horizon unveiled
A bright beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky, as golden
rays trimmed the clouds from behind
That day memories and prayers were fulfilled
She flew with wings to a better place where tears are
excluded permitting only laughter and rejoice
Adorned with God’s glorious crown
Victory at last, a triumph indeed
We’ll be together soon, don’t worry Dear
God has plans for us all in his Holy and Promised Land
It is not death we die but we are reborn again to an eternal
an everlasting joy
May these words of wisdom be with you all until we meet
again in the enchanted gardens of heaven above
















TRIBUTE TO MY MOTHER [Jeannie Diazio]~POEM            1


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