“Until the time that his word came: the Word of the Lord tried him. (Psalm 105:19)



This is the experience of those who are to be firstfruits of the new creation. While we wait for the time of our own deliverance from this bondage of vanity and subjection to corruption, we are “tried by the Word.” There is no justifying of your vision in the eyes of those around you. There is no visible form of manifestation that what God has spoken into your heart concerning the ages to come shall ever be realized. The bondage of vanity is yours to experience just as much as for all the rest of groaning creation. The moments of glory when you see into the realms beyond, and your spirit knows the certainty of the things which the Holy Spirit reveals to you, these moments, I say, are interlaced with long periods of dryness and times when “THE WORD OF THE LORD TRIES YOU” deep into inmost core. Yet the Word of the Lord is sure, its fulfillment is secure, and as an anchor deep within, its “wisdom and knowledge become the stability of thy times, and the strength of thy salvation,” (Isa. 33:6)



Joseph was no different then us, when he received his dreams he had to tell somebody. There was still a distinction made between the messenger and his message. He told his brethren, and they hated him. He told his father, and his father rebuked him. Thus one learns to ‘limit’ the telling. Self-proclaimed visions are not the reality. When the vision becomes reality it needs no telling. Eventually the message and the messenger become one! When Joseph became the embodiment of his dreams, he ceased telling them, and simply LIVED THEM. Let others recall the message they have heard, let them acknowledge the truth, but he who has been thoroughly tried by the Word till he becomes the message, has no need for self-defense, nor self-proclamation, his state of being is the message. Reality is its own declaration.



Tried by the Word till all error is removed,

We stand in His presence, message approved,

Steadfast in the truth we cannot be moved.




















TRIED by the WORD [Ray Prinzing]          1

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