JUNE 2, 2004

I just want to share something the Lord showed me in the last few hours and then had me share with my precious husband.  As you may know, my husband has been pulled completely out of the work force and I am sure that, on occasion, he must have felt pretty useless and less than the “macho” man most men seem to desire to be. 

But just within the last few hours, the Lord showed me His definition of true provision and the real worth of my husband and then allowed me to share it with him.  I told him that I better understood some of the recent feelings of helplessness that he had experienced and wanted him to see himself from God’s perspective.  I told him that the Lord had taken me through many of the daily acts of kindness and considerations that my husband shows toward me… how he is truly more concerned about my own needs than he is about his own needs…  how he treats me with such great respect and is always so supportive of the things that God shows me to do… how very thoughtful he is toward our children, how he is so concerned about “just the right birthday gift, etc.” for the grandchildren and how much he prayers over each of them and their parents. 

The Lord told me that this is TRUE PROVISION – so far higher than the financial flow that we’ve always seen as provision. The Lord showed me that these unselfish expressions of true LOVE are the Father manifesting Himself through His Son, my husband, toward me and our family.  He told me what a blessed place my husband held – to be the vessel that Father uses to love on me. 

May you be able to use this testimony and this word of revelation to help other women learn to be Godly receivers of their own husband’s unconditional love toward them… realizing that it is coming from LOVE HIMSELF, to them, through their husbands.
























TRUE PROVISION [Sunny Orly Coffman] 6-2-04          1


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