Galatians, chapter 1 verse 3, Grace be to you and peace from God the Father, and from our Lord Jesus Christ, who gave himself for our sins, that He might deliver us from this present evil world, according to the will of God and our Father.” The word “world” here means age. The world is not evil but the spirit of the age we live in is the problem. 


Verse 3 says that Jesus gave Himself first of all for our sins. The story of Calvary says that God, in the form of a man, Jesus Christ, bore our sins, and that even before we were born, we were forgiven. If we would remember when our flesh gets the best of us, and we find the law of sin and death working in us that before we were born, we were forgiven.


We were born not as sinners, but we were born as an incarnation of a son or daughter of God. We were born without sin but lowered in this carnal realm of sin consciousness, A consciousness of separation, a consciousness of “I am here, but God is there.”


Even those of us who have been born again, for many years we have sung songs about God is in heaven, but I am on the earth. We are now beginning to realize and have an unveiling that the God who we once believed was only in the heavens and some far distant place, has made residence within us, and we are literally, corporately, the sons and daughters of God on this earth.


I am reminded of what the scriptures say that Jesus was the first born among many brethren. So today God has a corporate son. Sin is no longer an issue with God. Sin was dealt with. Sin was annihilated. The old man was crucified. And now we need a revelation, an unveiling of the truth of our being. True revelation will bring transformation and demonstration of the flow of life from within us.


For so long we tried to believe that we were justified. We’ve tried to believe that we were set free from sin. We’ve tried to believe so many things. What we really need is a revelation that brings demonstration, because once the veils are removed from our eyes, and we really understand that we are not a sinner; we are a son, our life begins to change. We are not an Ishmael; we are an Isaac. We are not a Cain, working by the fruit of our own hands to please God, but we are an Abel who brings nothing to God but an offering. We simply offer our bodies as a dwelling place for the spirit to dwell.


Hebrews 10:5 says, “Sacrifice and offerings thou wouldest not, but a body hast thou prepared me.” That is why we are here, to give individual expression and manifestation of our Father God. Hallelujah! He gave Himself for our sins that He might deliver us from this present evil age. We know as we go on in the book of Galatians, that the evil age in Paul’s day was the day of religion.


Man’s concept of God, is what I would call religion. Man’s concept of God is the cause of probably almost all of the ills in the world, because religion believes in a God who is like they are. Religion believes that God is both good and evil. That is testified to in the Old Testament. If you are good, God will bless you, and if you are evil, you will be cursed.


We have believed, most of us our entire lives, in a God who is both good and evil, who will only bless you if you do what He says. And this is the concept of God that Jesus came to break. You see, the Old Testament, and the law in the Old Testament were given to carnal men. In the very beginning, man was meant not to live by an outward law, but he was meant to live by the law of God’s life within in. That is why in the garden we have the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and Tree of Life are within each of us, yet living as a carnal man we are living by the darkness of the knowledge of good and evil.


We judge everything by good and evil. And so we have believed that God is both good and evil. Now God certainly does know good and evil, but God is not good and evil. Jesus very plainly portrayed that His Father was just one thing: His Father was love. Jesus revealed that the concept of, “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”, was not valid in the presence of the Father. My Father does not curse His enemies. My Father does not punish His enemies. For years the people of God have lived under the concept that God will punish them if they do wrong. And there is no such thought in the mind of God. In fact, God makes His rain to fall on the just and the unjust.


How many people have you seen in your life time, that you would consider wicked, or that you would consider natural-man with no knowledge of God, yet it seems that the blessing of God is upon their lives? Well, that should be proof enough that God makes His rain to fall on the just and the unjust. God delivered us from this present evil age. If you take chapter 1 in context, the evil age that Paul was delivered from was the age of the Jewish religion.


Paul said he was very zealous for God. Isn’t it amazing? He was zealous for God. He kept the traditions and the laws. He said, “In the law, I was blameless.” Yet one who was so zealous for God as the apostle Paul was, did not really know and understand the nature of God. Therefore Paul still had the Old Testament concept that if you did not agree with his God, then you were legally put to death. So Paul was given letters to bind and to chain all those who called on the Name of Jesus. Paul stood by and willingly consented while Stephen was stoned to death. This is why it is so important for us to realize that God is not good and evil. God does not judge us by good and evil. As long as you have the concept that God is both good and evil, as long as the world has this concept that God punishes those who disobey Him, we will always have religious wars. The apostle Paul was in his day a terror ist. He was a religious terrorist, because he would bind, and consent to the death of any of those who did not believe according to his religion.


The situation is no different among those of God’s people who are still living out of a consciousness of good and evil, because you must do it their way; you must believe like they believe. If you do not believe like they believe, then they will not fellowship with you.


The revelation that we are given in the New Testament is that we should all be meditating and reflecting in our lives, the same life that Jesus displayed. Every Christian denomination in the world will tell you that Jesus was the manifestation of God. There is not one thing in His words that would make you tend to believe that God would punish anyone when the very words of Jesus are, Love you enemies. Do good to those who despitefully use you. Bless those who curse you.” You see; Jesus delivered us from this present evil age that exists right today, the age of a religious mind-set.


So many people believe that they have the correct interpretation of scriptures. I am always amazed when I realize that every Christian holds the Bible in their hand and believes it to be the Word of God, yet we have over 3,000 different denominations, and who knows how many thousands of home groups and free groups, and non-denominational groups. Each of us have our own statement of faith that we believe is the truth and the rest are all wrong.


The Baptists believe in the same God that we do. Yet, if you speak in tongues, the Baptist mind-set believes that your speaking in tongues is of the devil, or perhaps an angel of light, or perhaps you are just mumbling something and deceiving yourself. It is amazing! Thousands of preachers and ministers and priests all believe in the one God, yet are forming their own concepts about God and about what he says, and then everyone who does not agree with their concept, they would look down on them and a lot of times won’t even fellowship with them.


We all worship the one God, but we all see Him a little bit differently, and believe a little bit differently. All God looks at is the heart. What if you are wrong? What if you believe wrong? You can be very wrong but God looks at your heart. I’ve used the example of David in the Old Testament. The scriptures reveal that, that David was a man after God’s own heart. His zeal was that of the apostle Paul. David had the same concept as the apostle Paul. David would pray that all those who come up against him, God would kill and crush because at that time, there was no real revelation given of the true nature and character of God that would love their enemies and that would pray for them instead of praying for God to kill them. When you have a revelation of Christ in you, then you have a demonstration manifested within you of His unconditional, unfathomable love.


First of all God’s love is revealed to you, and then within you, and you know that God loves you unconditionally. You know that nothing can separate you from the love of God. You know that no sin, no act of disobedience, nothing you can do can separate you from that love. When you really understand that, it will set you free from the bondage of human religious thinking. When your flesh does get the best of you, you will know as the apostle Paul said, Rom 7:18-20 For I know that nothing good dwells within me, that is, in my flesh. I can will what is right, but I cannot perform it.  [I have the intention and urge to do what is right, but no power to carry it out.] For I fail to practice the good deeds I desire to do, but the evil deeds that I do not desire to do are what I am [ever] doing. Now if I do what I do not desire to do, it is no longer I doing it [it is not myself that acts], but the sin [principle] which dwells within me [fixed and operating in my soul]. AMP


It is crucial for us to understand it is not us that sins but it is the sin principle that dwells in our soul. There is no such thing as “I” sinning, because it is not “I”; it is still the residue of that old carnal thinking, the old un-renewed mind. The only place the law of sin and death operates is in the carnal mind. In our spirit we are whole and complete. It is our unrenewed mind that is the problem. As we are unveiled to the reality of our being we begin to function from our spirit and then the sin principle begins to be dealt with.


Once we are unveiled to the reality of Christ within us, once the mind of Christ begins to be formed within us we begin to change from the inside out. Remember the apostle Paul cried out how he labored and travailed “until Christ be formed in them”? Because when Christ is formed within us, and begins to manifest within us, there will no longer be those divisive attitudes; there will no longer be those who pray against their enemies, but there will only be the unconditional love of God that cries from deep within the recesses of our being to open the eyes of the blind.


Instead of hating and resenting our enemies we will find from deep within us will come intercession something like this. Oh Father, open the eyes of the blind. Father, that one who would come against me, that one who would persecute me, that one who would say all manner of evil against me, oh Father, open their eyes that they might see that the only desire in my heart is to love and to have compassion on those who are ignorant and out of the way. Oh, what a blessed life it is to begin to live in the conscious awareness of being a son or daughter of our Father.


We also are not only delivered from this present evil age; we are delivered from the law and its demands. One who is living in the reality of Christ as their being is delivered from the law of sin and death. No longer is there any law whatsoever that we conform to in an outward way. Oh, but the law of life, the nature, the character of almighty God is written within our hearts, and that which comes forth and is manifested, that which is displayed is the life of God. Those who have come to realize that there is no personal sense of life, there is only the life of God that is individualized within us where God is an individualized expression that flows from us are the most joyous people.


We are not good. As Jesus said, “There is nothing good in me.” But as you realize that you are not good, you must also realize that you are not evil. Evil may be something that you are doing, but you, at the very core, the very essence of your being, you are the “I”, that “I am”; you are the individualized expression of God on this earth. As a spiritual corporate man, we are here to express and display all the glorious, wondrous works of our Father, and reveal to all of creation the magnificence of His love, and to release all creation from the bondage of corruption, ushering them into the liberty of the sons of God. Oh hallelujah! We have been delivered!


Paul said that Jesus abolished in His flesh the enmity, the law of commandments contained in ordinances to make of Himself of two, both Jew and Gentile, one new man in Christ Jesus. There is only one life and one power in this universe. The concept of a human being that is both good and evil will fall at your feet as the living Christ begins to arise within your consciousness. You will realize that all your life you have believed a lie. And you see, our believing the lie is the only thing that gives any power whatsoever to anything evil, anything antichrist and any kind of a devil. The only thing that gives it power in our life is our belief in its power to do so.


Many people ask me, “Do you believe in a devil? Do you believe there is an individual personal devil?” Well, for those of you who do believe in such a one who has all of the power that we’ve been taught, the scriptures say that He, Jesus, destroyed him who had the power of death that is the devil. Why do we not walk in that awareness? Because we believe there are two powers. We still believe that one power is fighting another power, when in reality God is the only omnipotent one in the universe. There is only one power in the universe. And as we stand in the awareness of that one power, the enemy is defeated.


Nothing can stand in the presence of God. No power exists in the presence of God but the power of God. Jesus delivered us from this personal sense of life so that we might live in the kingdom of God. Wow! Think of it! It has never entered our minds the reality of the gospel message that we have been delivered from this personal sense of life, this life that we are aware of that is alienated and separated from God; that life that is both good and evil. The life that at one moment is a wonderful being and praises God and thanks God and loves God and is born again. However on the other hand there is resentment, bitterness, division, strife, envy, and debate about what is right or wrong.


The power of the cross has delivered us from this personal sense of life so that we can experience the one life. As Jesus prayed in John 17, “Oh Father, that they may be one as we are one, I in them and you in me and they in me”, so that all of us together have one life and one nature; we together are the manifestation of God on this earth.


When we begin to have an unveiling of that one life within us, then that personal sense of life will begin to cease in our consciousness. No longer will we be bothered by defeat and failure. Oh, I’m not saying that you will never have some defeat and failure, because we are growing into this consciousness. We are in a sense evolving into this consciousness. We have been all of our lives. More and more we are being unveiled to the reality of His presence and love within us.


In this personal sense of life, one who is separate from God does not have the ability to have unconditional love. We can only love those who can love us. We can only do good to those who do good to us. We can be wonderful examples of Christ like goodness to people, until they turn against us and abuse us, and then we learn that we do not really have the demonstration of His love. You can love; but if you cannot love your enemies, if you cannot love those who despitefully use you, you have not yet entered into the demonstration of the son of God.


This is why Jesus came. He came to reveal His Father to you. He came to reveal to you that His Father was your Father. Remember what He said to His disciples? He said, “I go to my Father and your Father.” We must realize that we have the same life as our Father. The problem is that we still believe that we have only the human life. We believe that we were begotten of a human parent. And that is why we live a personal sense of life that is both good and evil, because we have not had the full revelation that our earthly father is not our father. Through our earthly parents we were brought into this physical realm, but our Father is God!


We entered this physical realm directly from the very presence of God, and we were lowered into this physical, dense world of sin and separation. Then our parents told us, and our teachers told us, and our preachers told us that we were born in sin; we were original sinners; that we were alienated and separated from God, and we must do certain things; we must come to an altar; we must receive Jesus; we must not only receive Jesus, but then we must live a life that is impossible for anyone to live from a human consciousness and if we die a good person we will go to heaven. What Nonsense!!!


We came into this physical realm, as a son or daughter of God without sin, without defeat, without failure. I am so thankful that in these days the eyes of the blind are being opened. As long as we still see ourselves as good and evil, as long as you still see yourself in any degree whatsoever as being separated and alienated from God, you have not yet begun to walk in the abundant life that Jesus said He came to give. Jesus didn’t come to give us a life that is a little better than what we have; He didn’t come to make the human life better; He came to demonstrate that the human life cannot cause you to walk in the fullness of God. The human life, at best, can only be good. But good is not God. Remember what Jesus said? “There is nothing in me. Don’t call me good; because it is not me, it is the Father.” 


Don’t look at yourself as good, but neither look at yourself as evil. We must realize that we are not good and we are not evil. We are simply I am that I am in this body temple. We are simply vessels of God so the spirit of God can manifest through our being. That is why we are here. And the whole book of Galatians was written because the Christians in Galatia were returning back to the Jewish religion . And so Paul wrote the whole book of Galatians to reveal to them that if they did go back to the Jewish religion they would fall from grace. What was the Jewish religion all about?  Living by an outward law, following rules and regulations. And Paul said if you do that, those of you who would be justified by the law, you have fallen from grace, because you see, the grace of God comes to you, sets you free from the law and its demands. Grace enables you to live from the deepest recesses of your being. The life, the nature, the character, the essence, the being of all that God is, releases you to express the Father, as Jesus did.


Religion, law and grace, can never be mixed. Yet that has been the problem, because Christianity has never left, entirely, the concept of Jewish religion of laws, and ordinances, and eating habits. Yet if you walk in the grace of God and you have an unveiling of the grace of God, you will demonstrate again, all that God is. So let us pray, let us open our hearts, let us sit in the quiet with open hearts to have God reveal to us the true essence, the true being of who we are. And then we will fully be released from the power of the law and its demands.





In our experience there seems to be two kinds of truth. I won’t say in reality but in our experience. The two kinds of truth are, relative truth, and absolute truth. The kingdom of God is the only place where you will find absolute truth. But in our experience, there are two kingdoms. And these two kingdoms represent two men. And these two men represent two lives. And these two lives produce two different consciousnesses, and two different cities. One of these lives reproduces mystery Babylon, the great Harlot of the book of Revelation. The other kingdom, the other world, the other life, culminates in the city of God, the New Jerusalem.


Two lives, two laws and two different results. Until we have an unveiling, not in just knowledge, but until we have a revelation that will bring a demonstration of walking in reality in the kingdom of God, we are living in the kingdom of this world, living as a carnal man, having a personal sense of life, living under the law of sin and death. This is the kingdom of this world. I’ll say it again. The kingdom of this world is living as a carnal man not having the realization, or at least not having the demonstration of living in the kingdom of God. Instead, you have a personal sense of life. And this personal sense of life is what keeps you under the law of sin and death.


You see; the old covenant law was given to carnal men to restrain their flesh. In the Old Testament, they did not have a full revelation of the Father-heart of God, as Jesus came to reveal. They still had an old, really a paganistic concept of God that was both good and evil. “He would only bless you if you lived right and did right, but you would be cursed if you did wrong.” This is living by a personal sense of life that is separated and alienated from God. So if you are alienated from God, if you do not have the life of God manifesting in you, then you have to be under the law of sin and death, because it will help restrain your flesh, because the carnal man without the law would be lawless. So the law was never given to people who understood and had a revelation and a demonstration of God’s life living in and through them. The law was given to carnal men who had no concept of who they were.


The law was also given to them because they were not willing to hear the voice of God. Remember the first time God spoke in the Old Testament to all the people, and they all feared, and said, “No, we don’t want to hear from this God. Moses, you go hear and you tell us what He said.” That concept is still alive today. I cannot tell you how many people come to me and criticize me because I teach that man has an anointing within him, that man does not need another man to guide or direct him, but the anointing within him will lead him, guide him, nourish him, bless him, and train him up until he becomes a manifested son of God.


Most people do not believe they can hear the voice of God. Most of the people today really aren’t experiencing hearing the voice of God, and when they do, they have to run to the arm of flesh, they have to run to the preacher or the priest to see if what they are hearing might be right, or might be wrong. They have not been taught to trust their anointing so they have to have the preacher tell them right from Wrong. Now at the same time, we need leaders among us. We need pastors and teachers and evangelists but they are not here to direct our lives. They are not here to govern our lives. They are here to teach the ways of God. They are here to unveil us to the kingdom of God within us. They are here to nourish us and build us up in the faith, but never direct our lives.


Only one being in the whole universe has the authority to direct my life, and that is the Spirit of God rising within me. If the Spirit of the living God never rises within me, even though I obey outwardly what I am told, I will still never enter the kingdom of God in reality. You see; entering the kingdom of God is just that. It’s walking in the reality that Jesus walked in.


The carnal man, all he has is a personal sense of life. Now this man can be born again. He can be regenerated. This carnal man can love God with all his heart without really knowing the heart of God. We see that in the Old Testament example. We see that of David, who was always praying to kill his enemies, and crush his enemies. Because I serve you God, I want you to kill all of my enemies and all those who would come against me, all those who would revile me. David was a warrior. Yet before they crossed over Jordon, in the Old Testament it is said that all the men of war died. And all those who did crossover had to be circumcised. Before we can cross over, before we can cross over from the carnal sense of life to the spiritual sense of life, we must have a circumcision of heart. The heart of flesh must be cut off and the warring must stop so that we become a man or woman of peace.


I believe that’s why the Lord had me crying out to Him for years. “Oh Lord, burn in my heart.” Oh how I used to pray, “Father, burn out everything in my being that is not according to you. Lord, burn out all of the religiosity within me; burn out all of the old way of thinking, all the carnal thoughts. God, burn in me until you bring purity to my life so that I know that I walk in your kingdom as your son.”


This carnal man, whether he is born again or whether he isn’t, whether he is saved or lost, or regenerated or lost; this carnal man has a concept of God. And not only does he have a concept of God, he has a concept of everyone he meets. And he judges by the appearance of what he sees with his natural eyes, that is a carnal man. That is a man living out of his carnality. It is a man living the lie of a human personal sense of life that is separated from God. Carnal man has a concept of God. And again, this concept can only be destroyed when the Spirit of God in us begins to rise up, and we literally take on the mind of Christ and the consciousness of God. Until that time our concept of God is the same as it has been for thousands of years, and all the peoples of the world and even all the religions of world have a false concept of God that He is good and evil.


What a sad concept. If God is both good and evil, there is not much hope for us. If God is one who punishes, then there is not much hope for us. We must realize that God b rings judgment, as I’ve said so many times, the only judgment there is in this world is the judgment that makes right that which is wrong within you. And the only thing that is really wrong, in that sense of the word, is because you do not know and have a revelation that God is total, unconditional love. And God sees no man after the flesh.





Oh, what a revelation it would be for all of us if we practiced what Paul shared in 2 Cor 5:16 Wherefore henceforth know we no man after the flesh: yea, though we have known Christ after the flesh, yet now henceforth know we him no more. That means we cannot judge with the seeing of the eye. That is an unrighteous judgment. There are so many people today, across the world that is beginning to have a true perception in the concept of a God who is not good and evil. What a wonderful thing it is when you know that God would never punish you for wrong, because God does not look at any man according to the flesh. You will be corrected, but only from a heart of love.


I remember I’ve said so many times before I ever really understood these things, and I thought I was lost in a life of sin and disobedience; I will never forget the day God said to me, “Gary, I do not look at you where you are today. I do not look at what you consider, ‘sin and hang-ups and disobedience’. No! I look far beyond your natural mind. I look far beyond your natural will and emotion. I look deep down in the recesses of your being, and I see my Son. I see the glory that is within you.” God did not judge me after the flesh, even when I was judging myself after the flesh. He so wonderfully revealed to me that He sees no man after the flesh, but He looks beyond the flesh. Remember the song, “He looks beyond the faults, and He sees the need”?


The scriptures so clearly reveal to us that we no longer should look, or judge, or see any man according to the flesh. Oh, what a wonderful revelation! But you see; carnal man is always judging by appearances. He judges by the 5 senses, the seeing, the hearing, the touch, the taste and the smell. Man living in a carnal consciousness always judges by appearance because he has not yet had the revelation of the love of God. Oh, he might be saved and he might love God but he hasn’t seen the heart of God. You know, I loved God for years, truly loved God, before I had a revelation of the unconditional, all-encompassing love of God. I knew it long before I experienced it. I’ll never forget the day that God said to me, “You will not go out and share this message until you become this message.” I’m so thankful. I can really look back now, in my life, and see that all things work together for good. God has never left me. He said, “I will never leave you, nor forsake you.”


As a carnal man we are always judging by appearances. We say, “That one is a prostitute; that one is a thief; that one is an adulterer”, when all the time deep within there is a crying out if you could only hear it, “Stop judging my people by the appearance of the eye, and realize that the I that I am is the very essence of their being. Realize that they may be doing something wrong, but that is not who they are. Look beyond the flesh. See no man according to the flesh. Do not behold with the eyes of good and evil, but oh my people, open your eyes!” Look beyond the flesh and see the Son of the living God. If you will recognize God, if you will recognize the Spirit of the living God within those whom you contact, you will be able to minister to them and bring them out the bondages that they are in. But if you see them as prostitutes and thieves, and all of the negativity, you are judging them by the flesh.


We have no right to judge anyone by the seeing of the eye because Jesus said at Calvary, “I have set you free! I have paid the penalty for all. In my eyes all are redeemed; all have been set free; all are cleansed.” Jesus proved that by how He dealt with the woman who was brought to Him in adultery. He did not see an adulterous. He saw the essence of His being within her. He knew that the Lamb was slain even before the foundation of the world. He looked at her, not as an adulterous; He looked at her as a child of God. He could see beyond the fault, look deep within her being and see the Christ, the anointed of God. So He could say, “I don’t condemn you, but I forgive you.”


Do not the scriptures reveal that we have the power to forgive sins? Yet when you judge by appearance, you hold people in their sins. You are pronouncing wrong judgment upon them. But if you look beyond the fault, you look beyond what they are doing and you realize who they are, you too can realize that they are as you are. You are a son of God. There is only one son, and all of us have the being and the essence of that one son within us. All of us!


Then we have the thief on the cross. Oh, how that would make so many people mad to think that there was a thief being crucified on a cross and Jesus would forgive him, and not only forgive him but say, “Today you will be with me in Paradise.” Think of that! He had no chance to get off the cross and repay that which he had stolen. He had no way to make recompense for what he had done. God had no requirement at all for him.


All we need to do is open our hearts to His love, and experience His unconditional love and forgiveness. God has forgiven you once and for all! Even the thief on the cross was forgiven. Those who nailed Him to a cross, they hadn’t repented, and we don’t know if they ever did, but they were forgiven whether they repented or not, because Jesus looked down from the cross, bleeding, the crown of thorns on His head, and said, “Father, forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing.”


Even in such a despicable act as nailing the Son of God on the cross, Jesus looked beyond the flesh. He didn’t judge them by the flesh. He said, “Father, forgive them; they don’t know what they are doing because if they had a revelation, if their eyes were unveiled to the reality of who I am and who they are, they wouldn’t have put me on a cross.” They could not see, because it was their destiny to nail the Son of God to the cross. Jesus knew that, and so He could look beyond the flesh. He did not judge them according men in the flesh, but He judged them as sons of God. “Father, forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing.” And so they were forgiven.


Judging by appearance, as I mentioned before, we also have a concept of others. Whenever we judge people by appearance, we will judge them as perhaps good, or perhaps evil. I am talking about one who is regenerated, filled with the Holy Spirit, yet still to a degree walking in this carnal sense of life we judge by appearances. We form a concept of people. Take myself, for instance. A carnal man will form a concept of me. And there are many people in this country, and in the entire world probably, that believes, or have a concept of me as being a most wonderful person, and they absolutely love me; they absolutely love the words that I share with them, so their concept is that I am a good man, when in reality there is no such thing as a good man. If there was any good man, it would have been Jesus, but He said, “Why do you call me good? There is only one good, and that is God.”


Then there are other people who have a concept of me that is not good. They feel that I am deceiving the brethren, that I am an angel of light, that I speak doctrines of demons. And so they judge me by their appearance of what they think I am or what I say. Well you know; those who judge me as good, and those who

judge me as evil does not have any bearing on who I am. Your concept of me does not change who I am, and neither does my concept or your concept of anyone change who that person is. All of us do things that are right or wrong because we are still living, at least to a degree, out of a carnal consciousness of good and evil.


When you refuse to judge by appearances, you realize that all men, all women, all the peoples of the earth, their true nature, their true being, their true essence is a son or daughter of God. We know that the being of everyone is the being of God. And so all they need is to be regenerated, their eyes to be opened, their candle to be lit. And then they too will begin to have a proper understanding and a revelation of God, if they can get someone to get them to go beyond the concept of good and evil. You can be a Christian for 90 years, and never get beyond the concept of good and evil, of judging by appearances, of seeing good men and bad men, and wonderful people and not so wonderful people. Most religious folks are simply living as carnal men judging everything by what we see and with the natural eye, and having concepts about God and others according to good and evil.





The apostle Paul from the very start of his ministry was different than the Judaizers, or the men of the Jewish faith who were before him. Paul was given a revelation outside of the Jewish religion. We are going to see such a drastic difference in the Old Testament concept of Judaism, and the New Testament concept of grace. They are vastly different.


Paul begins in Galatians 1 verse 6 through verse 9, saying that; “I marvel that you are so soon removed from Him that called you into the grace of Christ to another gospel.” The other gospel that Paul was speaking of here is the gospel of Judaism. The reason Paul wrote the book of Galatians is because the Galatians were returning to Judaism. There were certain Judaizers, men of the Jewish religion, who were Christians, but they also taught that to be acceptable to God, you must also keep the law. These Judaizers were following Paul trying to bring people back under the law of Judaism.


The Gospel of grace versus the law of Judaism. Again, Paul said, “I marvel that you are so soon removed from Him who called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel: which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ.” That is what those who taught the law were doing. They were perverting the gospel of Christ.


The gospel of Christ was a gospel of grace. The gospel that was revealed to Paul is that God comes to you revealing Himself first of all to you, and then as you begin to fellowship and open your heart, you discover that He is in you, and not only is He in you, He is your true life, nature and identity. This gospel of Christ. “But though we, (Paul says) or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than that which we have preached, let him be accursed. As we said before, so I say again. If any man preach any other gospel to you than what you have received, let him be accursed.” 


Paul preached the grace of Christ. There is nowhere in the grace message, for man to do anything by the works of the law. The gospel of Christ is about an unveiling and a revealing of the Father-heart of God. Father loves you with an unconditional love, and has provided for you the way into His presence where you can live a life not from a performance of an outward code of ethics, or the law in an outward way, but Christ in you will fulfill all the righteous requirements of the law.


The gospel of Christ, or the gospel of grace does not say that you can live any way you want to, but the gospel of grace says that as you have unveiled to you the reality of the Father-heart of God, that from the deepest recesses of your being, in your spiritual identity, you are able to live and fulfill all the righteous requirements of the law. There is nothing lawless about the gospel of grace. However you must not feel that you have to do certain things or abstain from certain things, or be a certain way before God will accept you. The law puts demands on you, and the gospel of Christ sets you free from the law and its demands so that you can come into His presence to find the help that you need to overcome the flesh.


As you come into His presence and fellowship with Him, His life within you, begins to be formed. Remember what Paul says to the Galatians? He says, “Oh, how I travail in birth until Christ be formed in you.” This is what the gospel of Christ does. The gospel of Christ forms the very nature and the very heart of God within your consciousness, so that no longer do you have to live your life from an outward code, or an ethical code, but you live your life by grace.


Grace, again, is simply God’s life in you, being formed in you, coming into maturity within you that enables you to live a godly life on this earth. Grace is a divine enabler. When you have a revelation of grace you realize that God has put no requirements on your flesh. In fact that is what went to the cross. My old man was crucified with Him so that my new man, the Christ of God, the Spirit of God, the life energizing force of my Father now arises within my consciousness allowing me to freely walk in the grace, and in the richness, and in the empowerment of Christ.


The law could not make any man perfect. The grace of Christ versus the Law of Moses, and we needed a clear vision to see this. Now that is a hard concept for some. However, the day that you begin to understand the law versus grace, you begin to have an unveiling of grace within your very own heart.


I want to share just a few things to give the contrast between law and grace, because grace produces God’s seed and His nature of unconditional love within us. Grace is God revealing to you His life, His nature and His character within you and enables you to live by His life. That is grace! If we do not experience God’s life being formed in us we have not yet walked in grace. Grace enables you to love as God loves. Grace enables you to walk as God walks. Grace produces God’s seed in you.


The Law of Moses produces Satan’s seed, the carnal nature of good and evil. Remember, the law was not given to spiritual men. The law was given to carnal men to restrain the carnal mind, and to restrain the works of the flesh. The natural man without the law would be lawless. What we haven’t understood is that grace absolutely replaces the law. You see; the law makes its demands on you, and says, “If you do this, you will get this. If you don’t do this you’ll get this, or you won’t get this.” Grace comes bringing to you the bread of His word and the wine of His enjoyment. Grace comes to you bringing gifts to you, not putting any demands whatsoever upon you, and God our Father recognizes His seed, His life and His ability within you. So He does not put demands upon you; He simply reveals to you that you have within you, in the very essence of your being, His nature, His life and His abundance.


The Law of Moses produces from your carnal nature, good and evil. The carnal mind of man is based upon the knowledge of good and evil. That is what happened to Adam and it has happened to all of us that we have chosen to live a life that is based upon choosing the good over the evil. If we choose the good, we feel that we deserve a blessing. If we choose the evil, then our conscious condemns us and we expect the worst. That is a man living under the Law of Moses. The law will always condemn you.


I’ve used the example before as when I was really struggling, trying to be a good Christian, trying to live according to what I thought the law demands. I began to pray every day. And the more I prayed every day, the more I felt that I needed to pray more. See; this is what the law does to you. The law never stops putting demands on you. If you give into it in just a small way, the law will increase its demands upon you, and you will never feel good enough, or righteous enough, or holy enough. You will struggle all of your life trying to be a better person.


Grace reveals to you that you are a spiritual being. And as a spiritual being, you have the same life and nature as your Father, and so it becomes effortless for you to live a life of abundance. Grace produces a dependence on God for everything. You begin to understand that within your being there is all that God is. Everything that you need comes to you because the divine essence of His being is your being. This is what Jesus meant when

He said, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added to you”, because once you walk in the reality of the Kingdom of God, you discover that everything that you need just flows to you from the abundance of His life, where living by the law of demands produces a self dependence.


Grace produces dependence on God for everything, but law produces a self-dependence. In other words, you must do it. You must build up your self-image. You must re-create an image of yourself, and by struggling and striving and promising and making resolutions and doing all that you can do to produce within your own carnal being a better person. This is what the law does. The law produces within you self-dependence. In other words, “it is up to me”. This is what preachers used to tell me all the time. “Gary, it is up to you. You make the wrong choices, you do the wrong things, and you go into the wrong places, so how can you expect God to bless you when you are always making the wrong choices?”


What happens to those who have a strong self-will and a strong character and a good character? They are able to bring themselves into line with the law of demands. But what that does is produce a self-righteousness and it produces a modern day Pharisee. If you are living by the law you will look at all of those who are not able to do what you can do, and you will look down on them because if you did it, they should do it also, where again, grace produces a dependence on God for everything.





We must realize as Jesus said, “I of mine own self, can do nothing.” I try to make choices but sometimes it doesn’t seem to work. So I don’t need a good self-image in the sense of my natural man, but I need to realize the utter hopelessness of me ever trying to be, as God would have me to be, because when you have the revelation of Christ in you, you no longer have to try. Although you will try you will not feel condemnation when you fail once the essence of His life begins to flow in you, and then you can’t do anything but be a manifestation of who He is. So it produces a dependence upon God for everything, when you understand grace and when you begin to walk in the reality of grace. 


Living by the law produces a selfish and a self-centered love. This is what the law does  a selfish love. If you love me, I love you. If you do good to me, I will do good to you. As long as you do not do anything contrary or negative towards me, I will love you. But it is really a selfish love because I love you because you love me. I love you because you are good to me. Perhaps you shower me with gifts, or you complement me by what you say, but the very moment that you begin to do something against me, then my love becomes critical and resentful, and becomes bitter towards you.


That is the best the law can do. Again, the law is simply living by the knowledge of good and evil, but grace produces a godly self-less love. God’s love within you enables you to love the ungodly. It enables you to love those who are not so lovely. Grace produces a godly image, but the law produces a self-image that is good and evil. You see; I said earlier that we don’t need a good self-image; we need a godly image. In other words, we discover that our true self, our true nature is the being of God. Then we begin to walk in His grace, and we begin to experience His unconditional love for us.


The more we experience the love that flows from our being, the more we love everyone with that love without any sense of reward, without desiring anything from anyone, we just love, because see; walking in the Kingdom of God, we already have everything! Everything that we need flows to us, so we can love without a selfish motive. We can love without trying to get from the other person.


A true Melchisedec priesthood never tries to get anything from anyone, because Melchisedec priests have everything that they need. As they walk in His abundant life they have the source of all that is, flowing to them and through them, where as the Law of Moses produces the law of sin and death. We have talked much about that in the past, how that when you would do good, evil is always present with you; when you make the right decisions to do that which is good in the sight of God or man, evil is always present with you. You decide, “God, I will never do that again”, you set your sights on pleasing God, and yet here is that law of sin and death nipping at your heels. It will always bring you into it the law of sin and death.


The Law of Moses can only produce sin and death, because the Law of Moses will simply stir up your carnal man to try to make him into something that he isn’t, yet the grace of God produces the law of the spirit of life that is in Christ Jesus. You see; grace reveals to you that the law of His life is in you. Remember what Paul said to the Romans? “If when we were enemies we were reconciled to God by the death of His Son, much more being reconciled, we shall be saved by His life.” This again is grace! You were saved not by what you do, but you are saved by His life. And you are not saved by his life coming to you from outside of you, but you are saved by His life that arises within you!


There is no salvation in the carnal mind or in the natural man; salvation is in the life, the being, the essence and the substance of God that arises within you! Hallelujah! Grace produces the law of the spirit of life. The Law of Moses produces the works of the flesh. You see; we hear the law in an outward way, and then we work to try to fulfill it. I’ve shared this many times how it relates to ministry, that we feel the call of God on our lives and then we do everything within our power to bring that into manifestation. We work night and day; we’ll do anything we can do to make that ministry that God called us to, happen. But all we do is we produce the works of the flesh. 


Grace coming to you produces in you the fruit of the Spirit, love, joy, peace, long suffering, goodness, meekness, temperance and self-control. Grace reproduces in you all the fruits of God’s Spirit. You see; there is such a contrast, such a difference between law and grace. Grace produces a life that is controlled by the Holy Spirit. Grace in us, again, enables us to live a life that is controlled by the Holy Spirit, not controlled by our natural desires or emotions, but totally controlled by the Holy Spirit.


We have had so many years of teaching on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and being filled with the Spirit, but today we are beginning to realize what it really means to be filled with the Spirit. To be filled with the Spirit means that you are motivated, moved and controlled by the Spirit rising within you.


Trying to live by an outward Law produces a life that is controlled by religious spirits. Oh my, how much we see that today, a life that is controlled by religious and wicked spirits. They are one and the same. I’ve watched many of the religious telethons to raise money. I see with such clarity, the resemblance of Catholicism. One of Martin Luther’s big objections to Catholicism that caused him to do what he did is the selling of indulgences. It is paying God or the church to do something for you. I see such a similarity in that, and in these Christian telethons. God’s people today, so many, are really desperate, especially financially, because they are living under the law of sin and death. 


There is a big difference between grace and law, and it is quite a difference. Grace produces one new man on the earth. We are beginning to realize as the Spirit of God is formed within us that all of us are one. Paul speaks of this in the book of Ephesians how that we are growing up into the Head, until we all arrive at the unity of the faith, and the knowledge of the Son of God unto a perfect or full-grown man. 


We are beginning to realize that grace produces this one new man on earth The more we help people realize that the very substance of God is their true being, and we minister to them until they are able to begin to experience this life and live by this life, it will produce in us, and in them this one new man. 


This one new man that is coming forth is a corporate man who cares for absolutely nothing but the enjoyment of Christ living in him. You see; we learn to live by God through the enjoyment of God. I’ve said many times before that in the gospel of John chapter 1, it is said that the law came by Moses, but grace and truth, or grace and reality came through Jesus Christ. One of the root words of grace is enjoyment. So it would really be proper to read the verse this way: The law came through Moses, but grace, enjoyment and reality came through Jesus Christ. What a difference! The law came through Moses; the law with all of its demands came through Moses. But grace and enjoyment came through Jesus Christ. So as the one new man is growing in the consciousness of God’s people on this earth, we are realizing that we are all one; we have the same Father; we have the same life; we have the same nature. And this one new man that is rising up on the earth is one who has this unconditional love of God that condemns no man that only judges a righteous judgment, and is bringing all of creation out of the bondage of corruption into the liberty of the children of God.





The sons and daughters of God today are releasing all of creation from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. However it is every man in his own or der. The one new man is growing on the earth as we awaken to our true nature and identity. The one new man is coming to maturity in these earth bodies to manifest the life and the nature of love.


The Law does not produce the one new man. The Law produces divisions in the body. You see; the law is the reason for most divisive acts in what we call, “the church”, today. The organizations are really not the church. It is what we call them. It is the letter of the Law that creates all of the divisions in the churches, because all of them feel that they have to live a certain way; we all have our statements of faith, and we all believe that we are right and everyone else is wrong. Again, I will say that the Law is the root cause of most divisions among God’s people. Some of the divisions are absolutely ridiculous. There are different beliefs on baptism. Many people believe that to be baptized, you must be baptized in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Others believe, whom we call, “Jesus only”, that you must be baptized not in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, but you must be baptized in the name of Jesus. Most of them say you are not really baptized if you do not do it in Jesus name only.


There are denominations that are split over how to baptize, in what name to baptize in. And those who baptize in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost; they don’t really fellowship with the “Jesus only”, and some of the “Jesus only” people say you must be baptized in the name of Jesus or you are not even saved. I was invited to speak in a group several years ago, but when the pastor asked me if I believed that you must be baptized in the name of Jesus only and I said no he uninvited me to speak. 


There are literally hundreds of silly doctrines like that, that divide the people of God, because they believe that serving God is a matter of doing things right, and “right” according to their concepts, “right” according to their precepts as they read the Bible. Well, what should we be baptized in? Should we be baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, or in the name of Jesus? Would it really make any difference if you are baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, or if you are baptized into Jesus who is the fullness of that name?


Jesus was the fullness of all that God is. There are so many doctrines that divide the Body of Christ. It is absolutely ridiculous today. So grace produces the one new man where we all realize that we are one. If we are in a Baptist church, a Lutheran church, a Pentecostal church, a Seventh Day Adventist church or Mormon church; if we realize that we all have the same Father; we all have the same life and nature, we will begin to examine why we are so divided, why we are so mean-spirited, why are we so hateful, and we will begin to seek God for a revelation of His unconditional love. Then we realize what we believe, our differences in what we believe really doesn’t matter all that much.


If we will focus on the oneness, on the life within us, on divine grace, and the enablement to live as Jesus lived on the earth we will discover that our differences do not need to divide us at all. We can believe differently yet still love and fellowship together. 


Jesus said, “I am the vine, you are the branches.” Is the branch not the vine? Does the branch not have the same life as the vine? Did Jesus not clearly reveal to His disciples that they were one that “I am in my Father and you are in me and I am in you, and we are complete in oneness?” This is what grace produces, the one new man. So anything that would try to divide you in your mind from a believer needs to be set aside.


The carnal mind living under the law is the creator of most of the divisions in the Body of Christ, living by an out

ward law thinking that “our way” is the right way, when there is only one way. Jesus taught very clearly, “There is only one way to the Father, and that is through the unveiling of Christ within you, it is the unveiling of His essence, His being, His substance within you. There is no other way. You can intellectually believe in Jesus and still not really know God. You can’t pray enough; you can’t study enough; you can’t read enough. The only thing that will bring us into recognition of oneness is the revelation of His life in us.


When we realize that same life, and nature is in everyone we will become one. Oh, they may not believe like us; they may not talk like us; they may not observe the traditions of our church; they may not believe certain things that we believe. But if we see that the substance of who they are is the substance of who we are, it will bring into manifestation the one new man that Paul preached. Can you just imagine what creation is going to be like as more and more people across the world realize the substance, the being of Christ is within them?


The grace of God produces the New Jerusalem with streets of gold, people who are walking in the divine nature. Hallelujah!  People who are selfless and people who are caring for one another. Grace produces the New Jerusalem, the city of God where nothing enters that makes a lie; nothing enters that is not God-like. This city of God is among us right now. This city of God can be walked in, can be experienced by us today as we begin to walk on the streets of gold in His divine nature.





There have been a lot of good spiritual leaders down through the centuries, but I know of no other who had the revelation that Jesus had. He knew where He came from. Some Christians today are just beginning to discover where they came from. Once you discover by revelation, where you came from, and you really have that unveiled within you, your days of being in any kind of religious box or bondage are over. One of the first things you realize, as the Spirit of the ascended Christ begins to arise within you, you have no fear any longer. You don’t have to be afraid of hearing wrong doctrine. You don’t have to be afraid of words like “energy”, and “chakra”.


The chakras  probably most of you know where the word, “chakra” came from. It has its equivalent in the Bible. In the Bible the seven seals in Revelation, are seven chakras or energy centers. The chakras in your body are the seven seals over you that need to be opened. Revelation talks about the opening of the seals. Most of us have had much Bible teaching about the horrible judgments that God is going to pour out on His creation while the rest of us are suspended in the air in a so called rapture. 


Judgment begins at the house of God. While there is judgment coming, guess what? Those seals in the book of Revelation are seals over you. You have a seal over your mind. As that seal begins to brake and open in your mind, you go through all kind of warfare. As this sea l over your mind begins to open you find you are putting on the mind of Christ. You think perhaps you are backsliding; you discover that you cannot pray in the same way anymore. Many things begin to change in your concepts. You begin to love your enemies. You begin to walk in the mind of Christ and become a lover of God and creation. 


Each one of these seals is being opened in us not so God can pour wrath out somewhere in the world, but so the seals as they open in us, will reveal to us the truth of our being, and will bring the judgment to us that we need to have Christ totally and completely formed within our being. The whole book of Galatians is Paul speaking to Galatians about getting them to realize and understand that you do not gain God’s favor by what you do.


Perhaps you feel you are justified because you came to an altar and said, “Jesus, I receive you.” Or perhaps you feel justified because you read the Bible every day, or you pray every day, or you do good deeds to your neighbor every day. Well, this is what Paul is talking about in the book of Galatians when he said, “you who would be justified by your works have fallen from grace.” You don’t understand grace, because grace has nothing to do with how you think; it has nothing to do with how you study, to read the Bible or to go to Bible school. Grace, again, is simply God coming to you and unveiling to you the reality of His Spirit within you.


For years I walked as a Christian, born again, tongues speaking, going to church meetings sometime five times a week, yet still living out of a carnal mind, trying to do the best I could do to be a better Christian. This is what Paul is trying to get people to realize, you are not a Christian and you do not advance in God by what you do. The only way we advance in God is having a further unveiling and revelation of the reality of His life within in us. So again I say, the very first thing that happens to us when Christ begins to arise within us is we lose all fear, because as long as you have any fear, whether it is fear of being deceived, or fear of hearing wrong teaching, or fear of reading a wrong book; as long as you have fear, it should be an automatic signal to you that you don’t really trust God.


You really don’t know your Father intimately or you would not fear. Oh, you might know it intellectually, but if you really know the Father, you know that when you ask Him for bread, He doesn’t give you a stone. So I learned many years ago to not be afraid to look into things. Don’t be afraid to read anything. As long as you are in fear you will not progress spiritually. Perhaps it’s fear of the word, “chakra”, if you have fear of hearing “New Age” terminology, or if you have fear that you might be deceived by a New Age teacher, it should be a clue to you that you really don’t understand that Christ, your anointing, by the moving of His Spirit within you, you don’t have to fear anything, because He will guide and direct and lead you into all truth.


I’ve been saying for some time now that there is no man on earth who can teach you what the Lord is doing in our midst today. I like what the Apostle Paul said in Galatians 1:11, “I certify to you brethren that the gospel which was preached of me is not after man.” So many today preach a gospel that they learned in Bible School. It is amazing to me that 2,000 years after the resurrection; there are still people in pulpits today that can’t even pray. The church that I was raised in, (don’t take me wrong because I’m not being critical of the man because he doesn’t know any better), the pastor when he prayed, he would pray from a prayer book.


We think that we can go to Bible School and study for 4 or 5 years and we come out qualified then to be a leader among God’s people. Some of the greatest theological minds this world has ever known can’t agree on some simple doctrines. Now if the greatest theological minds in the world can’t agree on certain doctrines, how do we think we can know the truth simply by studying with the carnal mind? How can we think that we have the absolute truth and everybody else is wrong? 


There is a movie called “What the Bleep do we know?” And it is a wonderful movie because it brings spirituality, metaphysics and quantum physics all together, and shows how that really it is all spiritual truth. A lot of people are afraid of what they call the metaphysical teachings. But a metaphysical teaching if you understand and have a revelation of it will help you discover the reality of Christ being in you.


So Paul said, “What I preached was not after man, neither did I receive it of man, neither was I taught it, but by the revelation of Jesus Christ.” Now that is why I say, no man can teach us what God is doing today. We can share with one another, and we do that, and it’s wonderful , but no man can teach us. We, each of us, have to have this revelation of Christ within us. One of the greatest dangers today is all of the knowledge that we acquire. Knowledge is wonderful, but there is a lot of controversy today among God’s people because we know so much, yet we experience so little. There are so many today who are saying that we are in a finished work, and so there is absolutely nothing left to hope for, to seek for, that we just have to know that we are in a finished work, and we believe it is so, and it’s just all over.


I’m reminded of what Paul said. He said in Galatians 4:19, “My little children, of whom I travail in birth until Christ be formed in you.” That amplified said it this way, “My little children, for whom I am again suffering birth pangs until Christ is completely and permanently formed and molded within you.” We certainly know that what was accomplished on the cross is a finished work. In our spirit, the very anointing, the Christ of God abides within us. However His nature and His life must be formed in us before we will ever really be satisfied and become a finished work. 


Knowledge is not going to satisfy us. No matter how much you know, knowledge will only satisfy you for a while. Years ago I got into the Word and Faith movement, and it is a wonderful thing because I learned a lot of principles. But you know, I went around saying, “I’m healed, I’m healed, I’m healed”, until my tongue almost fell out. Finally I got to the point where I realized that what I was doing was a mental exercise. A lot of times that is what metaphysical teaching will teach you. It’s really about mind control.


There is really something far deeper than mind control. It’s a wonderful thing if you learn to speak positively. I’d rather speak positively than negatively. But the real key to having what you say is what you believe in your heart. The key to the whole thing is the same experience that Paul had. “For you have heard of my conversation, (or the word, “conversation” means, “manner of living”)  For you have heard of my manner of living in time past in the Jew’s religion, how that beyond measure I persecuted the church of God, and wasted it: and profited in the Jews’ religion above many my equals in mine own nation, being more exceedingly zealous of the traditions of my fathers.”


That a problem today, being exceedingly zealous of the traditions of our fathers, being exceedingly zealous of our church doctrines. And that is something else. The only place we ever find true unity and oneness is in the spirit. The moment that the resurrected, ascended, enthroned Christ begins to arise within us we realize our oneness with every other human being. And that oneness doesn’t come out of our natural character; it doesn’t come out of our natural mind; it certainly doesn’t come out of religious tradition. We discover that Christ is the being of everyone in existence. Their true nature lying hidden deep within them, is the seed of God, and that really our job if you want to call it that, is not to tell them how bad they are, but to reveal to them that the seed of God is within them. 


If we minister to them that the seed of Christ is in them, and the very life of God Himself flows from our being into their being, they are changed. They don’t even have to come to an altar. I think many times we get cheated, because we come to an altar, and we say, “Jesus, I receive you.” And then there is very little change, which takes place in our lives, but yet we are told, “Well all you have to do is come to Jesus, and you will be saved.” But then we find out later on they say “Oh, but that isn’t enough. You can receive Jesus. That is not enough.” You have to work, and you have to be obedient, and you have to do what he says. The moment someone ministers to you like that, guess what; it puts that little religious mind-set in your mind, and you will never be good enough; you will never measure up to the standard that religion will put on you. Even those men themselves, who teach that, don’t walk in the kingdom of God. They walk in the religious tradition of the elders.





The Apostle Paul said, “I profited in the Jew’s religion above many of my equals in mine own nation, being exceedingly zealous of the traditions of my fathers. But when it pleased God, who separated me from my mother’s womb, and called me by His grace, to reveal His Son in me, that I might preach Him among the heathen; immediately I conferred not with flesh and blood.”


I have meditated on that verse I don’t know how many times. When God reveals something to me, I do not go to flesh and blood. Years ago when I was still in the religious system If God spoke something to my heart, I would always go to the pastor, because that was what we were taught. If he didn’t agree with it, then I had to consider, “The devil was lying to me, or perhaps an angel of light, or a deceptive spirit.” That is what keeps us in the religious box because we all know that as we begin to have our eyes open to religion it is kind of scary, because the it has been our security blanket.


When you begin to hear God speak to you and your eyes start to open you discover that for years carnally minded men have been interpreting the bible. You find that your concepts begin to change as the spirit of Christ begins to awaken you to the truth. When God speaks you do not have to go to anyone to see if you are right or wrong. You begin to trust the anointing of the Spirit within you.


1 John 2:27 But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.


John 16:13 Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: 


Who do we go to when we want to learn the truth? For years I went to the Pastors and leaders of different groups I was in. If I felt the Lord was speaking to me and it did not line up with what the group I was in said then I was told I was not hearing right. As long as your trust for spiritual truth is only in a man you will never be led by the spirit because you will always trust the man more than your anointing.


I know a couple from California that was in a group for a while that if you didn’t tithe, your name was announced publicly from the pulpit. Also you could not participate in the church functions until you began again to tithe. I was in a group for a while that I could not even go to town or visit family without the elder’s permission. When you give your will over to someone else to control your life you are not hearing for yourself. It is hard to believe until you have your eyes unveiled that religion is all about power, control and money.


When God reveals something to you, don’t be afraid, and don’t run to the arm of flesh to find out if this is God, or is it not God. I’m not saying everything you hear is God. But that is why you have the anointing. “The anointing that you have received abides in you, and you do not need any man to teach you.” When man teaches you from the carnal religious teaching that is what I am talking about. When God is speaking it is not man teaching but the spirit. I’m teaching you that you have an anointing that you don’t need to hear somebody else unless they are speaking from the spirit. We all need to spend the time to get to know and trust our own anointing.


God’s desire, intent and purpose have never changed. The desire and will for you and me is, He wants to form His life within each one of us. We are each unique in our expression and manifestation of who God is. It is not that we all even have to think alike or do alike, but all of us are individual expressions of the one God. Within us is the substance, the being, the essence of all that God is, everything that He is we are in our spirit. But at the same time, we are not all that God is.


Jesus said, “My Father is greater than I.” He realized that he came from his Father. We are beginning to have the same revelation and understanding. I did not come from human parents. My physical body came from my parents but I came from my Father. Remember what Jesus prayed? He said,  Father I would that you reveal to me the glory that I had with you before the world began.” And then Paul said in 2 Tim 1:9 Who hath saved us, and called us with an holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began. 


We need the same revelation, “Father, open my eyes that I might know that same glory that I had with you before the world began.” You may say, “Well that sounds too much like Jesus.” Well again, the scriptures say that He was the first born, not the only born, but the first born among many brethren. Many people are scared of the word, “divine”. However we have the same divine life and nature that Jesus has. 


One of Paul’s greatest revelations is that we are the body of Christ. As the body of Christ, we are all divine. If the Head is divine, then the body has to be divine! Imagine what this world will be like when Christians begin to really believe and understand that they are the divine sons and daughters of God. We know that God will fill us and form within each of us the uniqueness of His essence and being, so that the world can see the divine nature manifested in the flesh, reconciling the world.


“God was in Christ reconciling” (a few people unto Himself? No!) He was “reconciling the world unto Himself, not holding their trespasses against them. As far as the east is from the west, so far have I removed” (not will I remove, but) “I have removed the transgressions of my people. The whole world is already reconciled to God. Is the whole world saved? I don’t think so, because we have to understand what salvation means. The fullness of salvation is to have Christ formed in you. We have all received forgiveness. In the sight of God, all men are clean and undefiled. Everyone is reconciled. But to be saved means that the knowledge you have of reconciliation is worked into you until you have the revelation of Christ in you, and He begins to be formed in you, and then it is not just a cute doctrine. The whole world today is talking about love. And I’m glad they are. But to know that you have the love of Christ, and to experience the love of Christ, is to be saved from this carnal world.


Divine life is literally being formed within us. So I don’t know if I could ever be more satisfied than I am today. I am happy. I am at peace. However I am still looking for a fuller day. I am not looking for it in the sense of, I have to do something out of my own nature or will or obedience to make it happen. I am looking forward to the day when the fullness of His expression will be manifested in me. That is what I am looking for! But I am not looking for it in such a way that I’m dissatisfied today, because I am absolutely satisfied today. Nobody can take away from us that which God, by His substance has built within us. And once that peace becomes a part of our consciousness, it is wonderful.


Many people are discouraged today because of all the sickness and problems in the physical body and the conditions of the world. 


I see that as a big part of the problem because we look at the appearance and think it is our reality. As a man thinks in his heart so is he. I know I keep repeating this over and over but Death and Life and in the power of the tongue. We will always speak what is in our heart and what we speak becomes our reality. The best advice I could give anyone is to begin to change your mind and the way you think NOW. The longer you wait the harder it will be. 


Jesus said “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. 


To begin to change the way we think of course must begin in our thought life. The more you dwell on the negative and speak about it the more it will become real in your life. When you are able to focus on the positive things and believe in your heart it will then become what you speak. Then what you speak from your heart will become your experience. This is not just a mental exercise, but a changing of your perceptions.


We first always focus on the things of the spirit and this will renew our minds and change our conversations so that we speak according to the principles of Life, Light and Love. Then the words we speak have the creative ability to bring our actions into line with what we are thinking and speaking. What you are thinking and speaking you will become. Thoughts, words and actions will purify your heart, or keep you in the darkness. When you find yourself thinking the wrong kind of thoughts do not focus on them. We all have negative thoughts but if we do not dwell on them they have no power over us. This is very simple, but not so easy. Try some time when you’re angry at your spouse not to say the wrong thing. If you will pray for them instead, and set your mind on the things of the spirit, your anger will quickly dissipate.


Until the heart of man is changed, until he is quickened by the life of God, there is no amount of teaching, no organization, and no change of environment that will help him. The only hope he has is an absolute change of his heart, a new nature, which can only come through contacting the Spirit within.


We have the resurrected, transcendent spirit within us no matter what our body looks like or what we may go through. "Resurrection life", in most places means, “to stand up again”. So no matter what gets us down, no matter what discouragement or sickness, there is a life in us that absolutely cannot be put down. 


We stand up again every time. However there will come a day when we will experience what Paul called, “the out resurrection from among the dead.” Preston Eby has talked about this. To be resurrected out from among the dead means that we will be fully transformed, and the spirit life fully formed within us, and we will literally walk out of the realm of the dead. And when I say, dead, I mean this carnal realm that we are all so touched with from time to time.





I was in the system of Christianity for many years carrying around guilt and condemnation listening to all the teaching on sin. I was taught the fear of God but I never fell into that trap of serving God out of fear. I had a real experience when I first met the Lord. I was so caught up in the love of God from the very beginning. I’ll never forget, I wept for probably 2 or 3 days, not at first because when I first accepted Jesus I was told that if you just get alone and ask Jesus to come into your heart, He’ll come into you and change your life. I thought, “Man that sounds wonderful!” And so I did that. I went home and I knelt down in my bathroom and I said, “Jesus, if this is true, if you can come into my life and change me, that is what I want.” But nothing happened. I didn’t experience anything at all. But about 3 days later, people began to ask me, “Gary, what happened to you? You are different.”


I didn’t realize it but people around me did. They began to question me, and this was on the job, “What happened to you?” All of a sudden the light and the glory of God just filled me, right there as they were asking me these questions. I began to weep, right on the job. Right in that instant, I realized that it had really happened, that I had tapped into this unlimited love of a God who had no hatred, and no animosity. He didn’t care how I had lived my life in the past. It made no difference to Him. He just filled my consciousness with His love and His glory.


I remember what the apostle Paul said; he was a big shot in religion. He studied under the greatest men. He said, “I was more earnestly zealous for the traditions of my fathers.” I often shared that the apostle Paul was no different than an Osama Ben Laden. He had the same concepts of God that Osama Ben Laden had, the same concepts, that God killed all of His enemies. We are given that concept from the Old Testament and Christianity picked it up and continued the assassination of God’s character. They have never understood the difference between the concept of a God who murders and kills his enemies and God who has unconditional love.


Jesus was an absolute contradiction to what the Jews believed. And that is why they killed Him. He said to them, “I know what your scriptures say. They say, ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.’ But I say to you, that is not my Father! My Father, He loves His enemies. He blesses them that curse Him. He makes His rain to fall upon the just and the unjust.” That is why they killed Him, because He did not fit into the Jewish mind-set of a God who was an ethnic cleanser.


I often say to people, “What is the difference between the Old Testament concept of God, and the terrorists. What is the difference?” You see, their mind-set has never been changed. They’ve never had a revelation of the Father-heart of God. And neither did the Jews. Even David himself who was called in the New Testament, “a man after God’s own heart”, even David himself never knew the Father heart of God, because David would continually pray, for God to destroy his enemies, to consume them who come up against him. The scriptures say, David was a man after God’s own heart. You can love God with all of your heart, and you can still be so screwed up from your religious traditions that you’ll think that because you love God, and somebody comes against you, if you have that concept that God annihilates His enemies you will do the same.


They told people in the Old Testament times to go in and slaughter everything in sight, kill all the babies, kill everything! That is ethnic cleansing! That is why Jesus said, “You guys; you really don’t know my Father. You don’t know Him. You are serving Him, you think, but see; you are serving Him according to the traditions of the elders.” And that is why Paul said, “When it pleased God to reveal His son in me, immediately, I conferred not with flesh and blood.” What he said was, “When God chose to reveal His Son in me, I didn’t go to the Jewish fathers. I didn’t confer with flesh and blood.


Paul began to see something that was so contrastingly different between the tradition of the elders and what was being revealed to him by the spirit that he went away by himself and did not confer with flesh and blood. He did not go to the Jewish elders and ask, ‘Is this right or is this wrong?’


When I first experienced this unconditional love of God, I didn’t know not to go confer with flesh and blood. So what did I do? I immediately went to the traditions of my fathers. I went back to the church I was raised in. I didn’t stay there very long, but from there I went into Pentecost and got all caught up in the laws and the rules and the holiness teachings that at least suppressed that new life that was in me.


I tell people all the time, especially those who are just coming to know God, “Don’t get caught up in the traditional church systems because they will cause you to get into the works of the flesh trying through carnal methods to improve yourself. They will immediately begin to tell you what you can and cannot do. They will tell you if you do certain things and make the wrong choices you cannot be helped. I was told at one place I was visiting that if I was not baptized I could not be saved. I was also told in another place I attended that if I had sin in my life I could not enter the presence of God. As long as you believe that you can’t enter the presence of God with sin in your life, you will never ever advance in God.”


The only way that you will advance spiritually is if God, by His Spirit, reveals to you the truth of His unconditional love for you. And you will find as I did that no matter what my condition was I could always enter into His presence and find grace to help in my time of need. And that is the only thing that will ever change your life is to discover the richness of the unconditional love of God. The only way you will ever love yourself, is to fall in love with that being that you are on the inside. We must discover the difference between the natural and the spiritual, because no matter how bad you are in the natural, you have another life on the inside of you. You may not have even experienced it yet, but everyone has the essence and the substance of God in their being. It is our privilege to reveal to them the glory of their being.


Ps 139:7-8. Where shall I go from thy spirit? or where shall I flee from your presence? If I ascend up into heaven, you are there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, you are there.”


I used to pray all the time for the Lord to take me into his presence. I did not realize that I could not be away from his presence. He is always with us no matter what. However you cannot enjoy the presence with guilt and condemnation unless you know the truth. You have to know that right in the very midst of whatever you are doing right now, God has never left you. 


God has placed His life, His seed, within you. Again, that is why Paul wrote the whole book of Galatians, to reveal to people that the religious traditions that they had been raised in the Jewish religion, those religious mind-sets, those religious concepts will bring you back under the bondage of a performance based religion and make you feel guilty before God because you cannot do what the law demands.


That is why Galatians was written and the law was given, to make sin exceedingly sinful; to make you realize there is no way you can take your humanity and make it godly. In fact, that is the abomination of desolation when we try to take the human concept of ourselves in this temple and try to make it like God. When the revelation of His love is unveiled within you, then you understand what Paul meant when he told the Romans the gospel of God is the power of God unto salvation. 


Our religious organizations pretty much all denominations, do not understand or hear the gospel. They don’t hear about a God of unconditional love, a God who will continually bless you even when you screw up. I often share what Paul told the Galatians. He said in Galatians 3:13, “Christ has redeemed you from the curse of the law.” Well what does that mean? Who got the curse of the law, the good people or the bad people, the obedient or the disobedient? The Old Testament concept of law was that if you were obedient God would bless you abundantly, but if you were disobedient you got the curses. You have a few verses of blessings if you were obedient, but you have like 52 or 53 verses of cursing if you were disobedient.


I have shared for years that until your concept of God is totally changed, you can’t be set free. If you think He is the author of confusion, if you think He is the author of sickness and disease, if you think He is the creator of evil, it will be difficult for you to change! The only creator of evil in this universe is the Adamic mind. That is where it all came from to begin with. I know what the scriptures say, but I’m here to tell you that until you are able to stand in the presence of God and hear His voice and know His voice, and be secure in what He reveals to you, you cannot advance. You will read too many scriptures especially from the Old Testament that will condemn you. You will hear too many things that come out of the religious world to make you feel guilty.


The nominal church, the system of Christianity, will never let you believe that the voice that you hear is your infallible guidance system. They won’t let you, because they will say, “It is too easy for you to be deceived. It’s to easy for you to be caught up in the New Age movement or into the metaphysical movement or into many millions of other things.” We must understand that when we ask God for a fish, He won’t give us a stone.


We have to learn that where we get our real answers is not from Gary, not from any man on earth; the only place that you truly get what I call infallible guidance for your life comes from you seeking, and your fellowship with God in your own private life.





We should all learn the truth of what I call our inner guidance system. Again I will share 1 John 2:27. The anointing which ye have received of him abides in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teaches you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.


People all the time call me and ask my opinion on many things. Somebody called me one day and they were all concerned about, “A Course in Miracles.” This is a book that is put out by what some call the New Age. And they said, “Gary, what do you think of A Course in Miracles?” You don’t want to ask me that kind of question because I will never tell you what you should do. Here is the kind of counsel I give people. If you are reading  

I don’t care what it is, A Course in Miracles, the Bible or something by Deepak Chopra, I don’t care what you read. How do you feel about it? When you read it, does it bring you closer to God? Does it open your understanding more to the unconditional love of God? Does it bring any change to your life? Well then why ask me if it is good or bad? But if you read it, and you sense that this just doesn’t feel right; it just doesn’t sound right; this may be something deceptive, you know what to do!


Until you learn your anointing your religious or carnal mind can trick you into thinking something is bad because of what you have been taught in the past, when it is really good. I always ask, how do you feel in your heart? When we are regenerated we have a new heart that seeks truth so don’t let your mind cheat you. Many times when people hear or read me for the first time their religious mind tells them I am trying to deceive them, when the truth is they are judging me from the religious mind.


We have men all over the world today who will tell you what you should do. “Don’t you touch that because that is a deceptive spirit. God will not lead you down a wrong path. You may find yourself on the wrong path at times, but that is why we have the guidance system. I was in a group one time, and I knew there were some things there that just didn’t settle right with me, but I still felt that there was something there that I needed, or something to learn. I’ll never forget. I was sitting in my car one morning, getting ready to go to these meetings and spirit just said, “That is enough.” And He didn’t say any more. He just said, “That is enough.” And I knew what He meant. If I’d had of gone to flesh and blood when I first started going there, and I’d of asked some of the pastors, they’d of said, “Oh, don’t you go there.” But see, I learned some really good spiritual principles in that place. And when I learned, God said, “That is enough.” But see, you can’t learn what you need to know from Christianity! I’m telling you, you can’t. They won’t let you. It is the greatest bondage in the world to get caught up in some kind of a religious denomination or group. You are not allowed to be a free thinker. If you don’t become a free thinker, you will never get out of bondage if you are not open.


There seems to be an unending supply of religious leaders who will give you the answer or tell you what you must do. If you learn to trust the anointing from your heart you will find the answers you need. You don’t need the answer from a person. That does not mean we should never seek advice but we should never make a man our final authority.


I have lived my life in the scriptures and I would never devalue them. I know the value they have had in my life. However the bible does not take the place of the spirit speaking in my life. I have the resurrected, transcendent Spirit of the living God within me that is my guidance. When I read something in the scriptures, and I know that it’s a wrong concept and that is not my Father’s heart, I’m not afraid to tell you that. God does not kill people. People kill people. Your concepts will kill you. If you believe that God is the author of sickness and disease, or God puts a cancer on you to teach you something, how are you ever going to believe for healing? And why go to a doctor? If God is teaching you something, you need to learn the whole lesson, and die with it if need be.


Religion has given us such a mixed message. That is why it is called, “Babylon”. The word, “Babylon” means confusion. And these two seeds that we talk so much about, Adam and Christ, come to completion in the book of Revelation. One of them is called Babylon; the other is called The City of God. The seed of the serpent, the carnal mind, no matter how good, no matter how religious, no matter how much you love God if Christ is not living in you, you are influenced by Babylon; the carnal mind ends up in the City of Babylon. The only way you’ll end up in the City of God is, you have to be one who learns to follow the Lamb whether so ever He takes you, not where somebody else takes you.


I have people call me all the time and they talk about these different books and different men who have helped them like Walter Lanyon and Joel Goldsmith. But then they listen to some of the Christian ministers that tell them they are being deceived and then they call me. And they say, “Well what do you think?” And again I have to say, “No, no. It’s not what I think. What do you think? What is your inner witness as you are reading these things? That is how you will know if it is right for you. I’ll not tell you what is right for you because I don’t know. I don’t know how the Lord is leading. I don’t know what you may need to go through. I don’t know what experiences you need to walk through to see that at the end, there is nothing but Jesus. That is all there is. That is all we are looking for. We are looking for the reality of His presence within us.


If I had of listened to flesh and blood after my conversion experience, we wouldn’t be touching lives all over the world today. When I was growing up, I wanted to be a Lutheran pastor. I wanted desperately to go the Lutheran Seminary. I didn’t have the money. My family didn’t have the money to send me. But you see, I really understand what Paul meant when he said, “But by the grace of God.”


I’ve tried desperately everywhere I go to tell people, “Please, go to God. Get your direction from God. Sure. Read this Bible. Read it from cover to cover. Study it. Get your Greek. Get everything out, but don’t let it become a god to you. Let God be able to speak to you and say, “Well you know what? That prophet, he really loved God but he didn’t quite understand what I was giving to him. And so his interpretation came out in his writing.” Don’t be afraid of that. I studied; I cried over the concept of God in the Old Testament. I couldn’t understand it. And the first thing that the Lord revealed to me about it, I was reading where Elijah cursed the children, and the bears came out of the woods and tore the children to pieces. And I said, “God, that can’t be you! How could you do that?” And He said, “I didn’t do that. Elijah did.” That was the first indication I had that prophets in the Old Testament did not have a full understanding of the heart of God. They walked in the relationship with God. They walked in the power of God, but they did not always use His power wisely.


God will love you and bless you. Love may correct you but is not out of revenge. You are corrected so that what is wrong in your life may be made right. The Old Testament concept of a vengeful God full of wrath is not a correct concept. Jesus refuted that concept by what he taught. God will not curse you or put disease on you. All of the ideas of God torturing you in an endless torment come from the religious mind of man.


Most Christians are confused. We don’t really know the heart of God because of what we’ve been taught. I gave a message I called, “Why Do You Believe What You Believe?” Osama Ben Laden, and the terrorists, why do they believe what they believe? From a child, they were raised to believe that the American is the enemy. The American is the embodiment of Satan, they’re taught this from childhood, and then taught that the greatest glory and the greatest reward in Heaven for you is to blow yourself up and take a few Americans with you. Why do they believe that? Because that is what they’ve been taught. Have they ever touched God in reality? Probably not - And if they have, they still believe what they’ve been taught.


What is the difference? The war in Iraq was proclaimed and justified by Christians all over the world, as a justifiable war. And I don’t get into politics, but I just want to say this one thing. How can we take up arms and pray to God to protect us while we are out killing our enemies? Why  because we still have that old concept of God, that Old Testament concept through the prophets of old, the tradition of the elders. They believed that God was an ethnic cleanser. If you are a heathen, God isn’t going to fool with you; He is just going to wipe you out. And I guarantee you that if you were raised in that culture, and you had never had an experience with God, you too would have flown those jets into the twin towers, thinking you were doing God a mighty service. Yet we condemn the terrorists instead of praying for them that their eyes would be opened to truth. 


We do not pray for our enemies because we do not know the heart of God. We need to understand that in the terrorist there is a seed. There is an indestructible, incorruptible seed of God them. If someone could get to them and speak life perhaps that seed may become quickened and come alive. That is what happened to the apostle Paul. He would have never changed had not God given him a revelation of Himself, and had he not gone away alone and let God reveal this gospel to him. That is why he said, “This gospel that I preach, it is not of man. I didn’t receive it of man. It is nothing like the other gospel writers. It really is not. Paul is the only man that you can read and find out that he is teaching a gospel that is diametrically different than the Jewish religion. He picked up on Jesus’ gospel.


Paul not only touched the heart of God, but God revealed to him His true nature and character. So Paul could write all of those wonderful things he penned to people, then we made doctrines out of them. Ephesians chapter 1, Paul said, “Even before the foundation of the world, you were chosen in Him that you would be holy and without blame.” Then we come up with a Calvinistic gospel that says, “Well He did choose a few. But the rest of them He chose to go to Hell. It doesn’t matter how good you are. If God hasn’t chosen you to be with Him, you are going to Hell. You don’t have a chance. You can cry. You can seek Him. You can beg Him. Too bad, because back there in the beginning He chose a few, called the elect, and He made some vessels for honor and some for dishonor. If you are a vessel of dishonor, sorry honey, there is no chance for you.” How would you like to believe that? It only works for those who believe that gospel. To believe that God chose some for heavenly bliss and some for damnation makes him a monster.





God has been so miss-aligned in our thinking. I was told that God punishes you for sin. That is so untrue. There has been so much judgmental preaching “It has been appointed unto man once to die, and after that the judgment.” And they stop right there, and then they preach this message about, “You know, one day you are going to face that judge. One day you are going to stand before the great White Throne and you are going to give account for your sins. And if your sin out-weighs your goodness, or whatever, you are going to be cast out to perhaps be tortured eternally. When reading that verse in Hebrews, they stop to soon. This is what it says. “It is appointed unto man once to die, and after this the judgment, so Christ was offered to bear the sins of many.” Our judgment took place on Calvary. Every Christian denomination will teach that Jesus died for your sins. But they will turn right around and say, “But if you don’t straighten up, and you don’t live like you are supposed to, then when you die, you are doomed.”


I want to tell you something. There is no one who has ever taken a breath of air that is ever doomed in God’s eyes. The only thing God is going to destroy is that image of yourself, that anti-Christ spirit that sits in the temple of God thinking that he is a carnal human being. That is the only thing that God will destroy. And He does that through the breath of His mouth, through the words that He will speak to you. That is the only thing that God will destroy, is that carnal image of yourself.


You may say, “Oh brother, the scriptures say that the wicked, God will leave them neither root nor branch.” Hallelujah! All the wickedness in me, all the rebellion, everything will be burned up, and what will be left is His seed, the real me; that is what is going to be left. God is going to consume me by the breath of His mouth, the fire of His presence will purify and cleanse every defilement in this Temple until one day I stand in the glory manifesting the presence and the essence of all that He is. That is the only thing He is going to destroy.


The gospel is the power of God to deliver us. No matter what you do, God is still going to get you, I won’t tell you; you won’t go through Hell. I won’t tell you; you won’t suffer. I will tell you this: In the end, you belong to God, and He is going to burn up everything in you until you are fully standing in His likeness and image. That is the God I know.


We are beginning to realize some of the things we have taught are what will hold us in bondage. Some of the most spiritual men alive today, most of Christianity are rejecting them. Why? They don’t say a whole lot about Jesus. They don’t say a whole lot about God. They don’t say a whole lot about atonement. I wonder why that is. Let’s look at something. Hebrews chapter 6 I hear this all the time. “Well these guys, they are teaching you good, but they never mention the blood. They never mention salvation. They don’t mention Jesus enough. Listen to what Hebrews says. Chapter 6 verse 1, “Therefore leaving, (not hanging onto it), leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection; not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works, of faith toward God, of the doctrine of baptisms, and the laying on of hands, and the resurrection of the dead, and of eternal judgment.”


You show me a church in America that has gone beyond those basic principles, and I’ll show you a place where you can go and be spiritually fed and nourished and raised up in the faith. But when you go to church all you hear is how you need to cleanse up your life, how you need to be baptized to be saved, how you need to do this, how you need to do that. You only need one thing. You need His Spirit quickened on the inside of you, and then stop listening to voices outside, as far as directing your life.


I listen today to certain preachers and ministers, so I’m not telling you to shut everybody off. But just know that if you hear something and it doesn’t settle right with you, you don’t have to receive it, but you might find out 3 weeks or 6 months from now that what they said was really right, or you may never feel it was right. But you have to learn if you want to grow spiritually, you have to learn to use your own discernment, and not somebody

else’s. That’s the only way that students can pass their teacher is to learn to hear God for themselves. Otherwise, you will sit in a church and you’ll never go beyond what the preacher can tell you. All the preacher can do is reproduce what he is. If he is not advancing, neither will you, unless you are hearing the voice of God for yourself.


The whole book of Galatians was written by the apostle Paul, because the churches had begun to move away from the gospel of grace, and they began to fall back into teaching a mixture of law and grace. They began the teachings of Judaism of outward laws, commandments and ordinances. The apostle Paul wrote the book of Galatians to get them to understand what the true gospel of Christ was really all about.


The Gospel has nothing to do with forms or rituals or any kind of regulations written my man or by the church or by an organization. If I were to ask you what is the greatest hindrance in a Christian’s life that is keeping them from advancing in spiritual maturity, what would you say? Some would say, “Well, it is all the sin that is rampant in the world.” Some would say, “Well it’s the homosexuals, or it’s the gay life style. It’s corruption that is in government. The greatest hindrance to our spiritual growth is the tradition of the elders, or that which has been taught by the organized systematized church we know as Christianity.


The biggest majority of Christianity stands in direct opposition to the gospel that Paul preached. And that is why Paul said to the Galatians, “If any man preaches any other gospel than what we’ve preached, then you let them be accursed.” The whole message, especially in the book of Galatians and really in all of Paul’s writings was to the New Man., Paul never spoke to what we call, “the old man, or the carnal mind or the religious man”. Paul only spoke ministering to “the new creation man”. That is why he said things like “you have been chosen in Christ before the foundation of the world.


The book of Galatians was written to bring clarity and understanding to what you have as a New Creation Man. When you begin to have a clear understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ, it simply says that He who you thought was outside of you, He who once walked among the disciples in Jerusalem and walked the shores of Galilee and raised the dead and healed the sick, the One who you believed was outside of you is really inside

of you. We have the same life and spirit as he had.


And once we have that revelation that Paul told the Galatians, “When it pleased God to reveal His son in me, then is when I went out and preached the gospel” This has to go much deeper than an intellectual understanding, because every Christian that you know that is truly a Christian will tell you that Jesus lives in them. All of us have known that. I mean, the moment that you go in any church in America that preaches any kind of a gospel, a salvation message and you receive Jesus, they will immediately tell you that now that you’ve received Him, He is in you. But from that point, the whole message of the religious system is to get you to try to bring this humanity of yours, this human image of yourself and make it more God-like, or make it more Christ-like; and that is why they teach you all the rules and the regulations so that you will, “clean up, or straighten up” your outward man to make you more acceptable to God, that is really the how the religious system puts you into bondage.





The true gospel message is this: once the Spirit of the living God is quickened within you, there is nothing you ever again need outside of yourself. For instance, Christians teach that someday Jesus is going to come back and then everything is going to be wonderful. But what they haven’t realized is that when He did go away He only went away for 40 days. On the day of resurrection, He that was among them breathed on them and re-generated within them the life, the nature, the seed and the character of God that was in them. John 20:22 


The gospel was not to get people in any way to just correct their outward behavior, but to realize that the living, transcendent, resurrected Spirit of Christ was now in them. What they needed was not rules and regulations, but to have an unveiling and understanding that the new creation-life, that new creation-man that was in them had the very life and nature of God Himself that they could learn to live by.


Galatians 1:3. “Grace be to you, and peace from God the Father, and from our Lord Jesus Christ, who gave Himself for our sins that He might deliver us from this present evil world.” Now again, what was the present evil world that Paul was talking about? I can guarantee; he wasn’t talking about sin. As he goes on in Galatians, he tells about how he was so well bred in religion, and how he was exalted in his religion. But he said he gave all that up as dung that he might know Christ and go on in the reality of the gospel. The present evil age that Paul was delivered from was the religious age of his day.


There are two gospels presented and both are in operation today. There is the gospel of law, and there is the gospel of grace. In most of the Christian churches that we go to, teach us a mixture of those two. They say, “God is great. You were saved by grace. You know, even before you were born, Jesus died for you.” Well, that is the message of grace. But then  I don’t know how you were taught, but if you were in church very long, you were certainly taught after you were saved how you needed to behave. My pastor told me in the 1st Assembly of God church that I began to attend right after I was saved; he said, “Gary, you never work your way to the cross, but you better work your way away from it, because God loves you. That has been proven because He went to the cross and He died for you. But now that He is in you, and now that you understand that you are forgiven, from this point on you have to live a holy life.”


In the 1st Assembly of God, it was not quite as bad as some, but it was no smoking, no drinking and no going to movies. They gave you a little card to sign that you wouldn’t do any of these things. And I gave the card back to the pastor, and I said, “Well, I don’t see anything wrong with those things.” That was my beginning of once you are saved, they say, “You come to Jesus just as you are, but once you come to Him just as you are, then you must begin to live according to what the scriptures teach,” and I’m not saying not to do that. What they miss is that once you really have the revelation of what you know in your head, once you really have the revelation that the Spirit of God dwells in you, nobody has to teach you not to do this or not to do that.


We all have a new nature on the inside of us that is birthed. And that is what the ministry should be geared towards, ministering to that new life, not trying to get that old life to change and to act better, to quit sinning, or whatever it is, and try to get you to change by an outward law. The new life in us needs to be fed.


Galatians chapter 2 and verse 16 Paul says this, “Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law, but by the faith of Jesus. Now I don’t know how that for at least 13 years I studied the Word, and I read this over and over and over. “A man is not justified by the works of the law, but by the faith of Christ”, yet I always felt guilty! That was mainly due to the fact that when I went to church, all I heard was, “You can’t do what you are doing.” Or if I’d go to my religious leaders, they’d tell me, “Well Gary, God can’t bless you as long as you are living this way. As long as you are puffing on a cigarette, or you are going into some of these places where you shouldn’t go, you can’t expect God to bless you, because it even says in Deuteronomy, ‘If you obey my laws, if you obey my commandments, then you will be blessed in the field, you’ll be blessed in the cattle, your families will be blessed. You will be prospered.’ But living like you do, the law has a whole other set of curses that come upon you.”


I often share that according to Deuteronomy, if you keep the law, you have 15 verses of blessings that come upon you. I just named some of them. Your children will be blessed. You’ll be blessed. You’ll be prospered.  15 verses, if you keep the law. But the worst thing about keeping that law is, as you go on in and really understand what the law says, you can’t break even one of them, because if you break one law, you are guilty of all! One day as Kenneth Copeland Was speaking at our church he shared Galatians 3:13, “Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law.”


That is why Paul said here, “There is no man that can be justified by the law in the sight of God”, because the only way the law could possibly justify you is if you keep every bit of it. We have all kinds of churches today that teach you that you have to keep the law. But what they don’t tell you is that you have to keep the law according to their concepts. And if they really taught the law like it is taught in the Old Testament, you would see all kinds of weird things happening in church. Well one of the laws is, “Keep the Sabbath Day to keep it holy.” Now, no matter how much the Christians argue about that point, there is no way that they can get around this. The Sabbath Day was Saturday. Yet the people in Christianity that are teaching the law, outside of the Seventh Day Adventists, they break the law by celebrating the Sabbath on Sunday. But then they are trying to get you to keep all the other laws that they think should be kept.


If your performance is right, then you are accepted. The true teaching of scripture is that there is nothing at all that you need to do to win God’s favor or grace. Once He died, He died for all, and He took away the sin of the world. All the churches teach that, don’t they? He paid the penalty for your sin. That is the gospel of grace.


Carol and I were driving to the beach one day and saw a man with a huge sign that said Homosexuals are going to hell. Religion teaches you that if you don’t stop that life style you will go to hell. That is definitely not the gospel of grace.


The more you struggle by performance, trying to overcome, and trying to keep the law because you feel guilty, or you feel unacceptable to God, it just keeps you trapped in that bondage, and you can’t get out of it. In fact in 1st Corinthians 15 and verse 52 says this: “The strength of sin is the law.” That should tell everybody you want to give strength to the sin in your life? Put a law on yourself. You are going to go on a diet, or you are going to quit smoking, or if you are a prostitute, “I’m going to quit prostituting my body.” The more you put that on yourself, the stronger it becomes. It was meant to be that way!


The law was never created for anybody to make a performance so that they could be acceptable to God. I can hardly say anything in a message without bringing up the verse that says, “God was in Christ reconciling the world unto Himself, not holding their trespasses against them.” This is one thing that we need to understand in these days, the love and the character of God. If God is not holding sin against you  and I’m so glad that is in the Word and that is what it says, that God is not holding you accountable for your sins. If you really, really understand that you will become so free, because you realize, what can you possibly do to live as God on this earth? Only by living by the spirit of God within you can you live as God on this earth.


You show me one person who can live as God on this earth. You might say, “Well Jesus did.” You are correct. But how could He do that? He lived as God on the earth because he had a revelation even as a child that God was his father. He never lived by His human carnal life. He was a human being in every respect that we are. He was born as we are both human and divine. He lived the way He lived, because He knew who He was. We will also live as he lived when we discover the truth of our being.


When we understand that when the scriptures talk about a new creation-man, it’s not talking about our old human nature made new again. It is talking about a brand new creation. It is a brand new man. That is a brand new way of living. And those two lives can’t mix. The one life is lived by grace. And the other life is lived by law. Paul says the law was written to the disobedient. The law was written for the carnal man, for the man who knows nothing other than being a human being. The law was written to restrain the flesh.


Consider what would happen today if there were no law. If you take away all the law from one who is living by the law of the spirit of life in Christ they are not going to be any different, because they do not live by an outward law. However if you do that with a majority of the population, you just take all the laws out of society, what is going to happen is chaos. So the law was given, not to the spiritual man, it was given to the carnal man to restrain the flesh. And it’s purpose is always to make the new creation man, those who are regenerated and born again, it is to make them realize that no matter how much they want to, no matter how bad you desire to completely conquer everything in your life that is not according to God, it is impossible for you to do it living out of this human consciousness.


When we get the revelation and the understanding that I am a new creation man, it is absolutely impossible for that new life on the inside of us to sin. It will not do anything but please God. We need to first of all, have this revelation for ourselves, and then we need to learn how to relate it to others, because I believe in a very short time, in just a matter of maybe just a few years, this message is going to so explode around the world about the unconditional love and acceptance of God.


Religion has the control over most of Christians today. I recall a scripture that says, “Babylon has fallen,” the cage of every foul and unclean spirit.” You say, “That couldn’t be the religious system. That is talking about the worldly system.” When Paul said, “God has delivered us from this present evil age”, he goes on to talk about his experience in religion. The religious system is this present evil age along with the political and financial system. It is not sin, but the religious system that keeps your mind in bondage.


Religion will tell you that to take a drink of alcohol or numerous other things are sin. As a new creation being you are free to do anything you want to do unless you sense the anointing saying no. God will not be displeased with you. It doesn’t matter what it is. It’s not going to change God’s mind towards you. It’s not going to change His heart towards you. It’s not going to change your ultimate destiny. You will continue to sow what you reap but that will not stop God.


And what is your mind going to do with that? I’ve had people tell me all over the United States, “Well brother, if I believe that, I’d be out chasing women. I’d be in the bars every night.” Well what does that tell you? You don’t know God. So if I keep you in a performance-based religion, you are just fooling yourself. You are just lying to yourself. But if I set you free and tell you, “Hey, if you want to chase women, go chase them. If you want to go to the bars, go for it. You think that is going to change God’s mind and His heart toward you? Do you think God is ever going to destroy or do away with that life that He created within you?” No but you will reap to the flesh if you sow to the flesh. I f you set people free to sin, that is the only way they can be free from it. Because being free from sin is not restraint. Being free from sin is not, “I want to go to the bar but I’m not going to because that is not what a Christian does.” That is not freedom; that is bondage.





Most folks who are in religion are in darkness and bondage and they do not even know it. It is really not their fault because religion is what most are in and they have been taught ignorance. I remember when I was in Pentecostal churches I used to say “Thank God I am not in religion.” I really thought I was out of religion not knowing that in Pentecostal assembly’s I was being put into more bondage. When I first went into the Assembly of God church, I was one of those persons who used to have maybe two drinks every day. I’d come home from work, and I’d have two drinks before dinner. When I went into the Assembly of God church, they convinced me that liquor was bad, and you shouldn’t drink, and a Christian should set a good example. I poured all my liquor down the drain, and I didn’t drink again. 


You can’t believe some of the stuff I’ve let preachers convince me of. I was in a church one time and they were teaching on the first commandment, “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of anything in the heavens above, in the earth beneath.” They started talking about how the pictures of your family are idols. And it clearly tells you in the first commandment, “Thou shalt not make for you any graven image, or even any likeness of anything that is in the heavens above or the earth beneath.” You know what I did? I burned up years of my family picture albums so now I have no pictures of my children when they were young. You see; my heart was right because if there was something standing between me and God, and I had the power to do it, I’d do it.


What was really hard is the nature in me that loved to do the things that I wasn’t supposed to do. I would try to quit my bad habits and overcome in those areas but was never successful in overcoming the flesh, Never once! But one day I was so devastated by my conduct and my performance, I’d been so beaten down by religion, and how I couldn’t possibly please God and smoke and do these things that I was doing. I was so beaten down that I was telling God I was going to give up. I just couldn’t do this anymore.


When I was a kid, I told my mother at 11 years old, “When I grow up, I’m not going to church, because all I see is hypocrisy.” I saw it as a child. So I didn’t want to be like that. So I told God, “You know I can’t do it. I want to. In a way I want to. In another way I don’t.” Most of you probably know, but when a habit really grips you, you can abstain for a while, and I don’t know what it is, if it is sex, or if it’s cigarettes, or if it’s booze. You can abstain for a while. But in the back of your mind you know, “Here it comes. It’s going to get me.” And you fight it, and you fight it. But eventually it gets you. And whatever it is you do it. I just couldn’t live that way, so I told God, “I’m just giving up. I don’t want to be a hypocrite.” That is one of the clearest times that I’ve ever heard God speak. He said, “John saw you in the book of Revelation.” And this is while I’m telling God, “I’m done. I can’t do it.” I couldn’t even quit smoking! 


Thirteen years I tried to quit smoking. I thought it was a big deal because that is what religion told me. One preacher said  I heard him on national radio, “Christians, don’t you think you can blow smoke in the face of Jesus and make it into heaven.” What does that do to somebody like me that is so hooked on nicotine and cannot quit. That is why I say, the gospel will deliver us from this present evil age of religious hypocrisy. So God said to me, “John saw you in the book of Revelation.” So then when I went to the book of Revelation, I came to the place where it says, “Every tribe, every tongue, every nation, everything in the heavens and the earth and beneath the earth and the sea”, everything was giving glory to God. Again I heard, “John saw you there.” Now how could I give up after that? See I was going to God and saying, “I am giving up. I just can’t do it.” And He said, “Oh, John saw you in the book of Revelation.” So when I saw that, I knew my destiny. But what I didn’t realize was that He wasn’t speaking that just to an individual named Gary Sigler. That is His gospel for the world. John saw you in the book of Revelation. You no longer need to be condemned by any acts of the flesh. No longer were you hindered by those desires. No longer were you entrapped in a mind that says you are not worthy. But John saw you there in the book of Revelation. He saw the magnificence of your essence. He saw the beauty of your expression. He saw everything, every tribe, every tongue, every nation, everyone in all creation praising and giving glory to God. And that is your destiny.


There is absolutely nothing you can do that would cause God to turn away from you. Remember what Jesus Said? “He that is without sin cast the first stone.” He was the only one who could condemn her and he said, “Neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more. 


Why do Christians tell people that they are going to hell? Because they do not believe that Jesus took away the sin of the world. Since he took it away and paid the price then we are free from the curse of the law. If we really understand Calvary we know our destiny is sealed. Remember John saw you in the book of Revelation. You cannot change your destiny. However, if you take this message with a carnal mind and you say, “Well my destiny is sealed so I can do anything I want to do. Well there is also such a thing as sowing and reaping. God is going to have His way in your life. I’ve got a message entitled, “God Will Perform His Will in Your Life.” But what kind of hell are you going to go through before that happens? You see, religion tells you that you are going to suffer hell when you die. No. You are going to suffer it right now. Your religious mind is one form of hell. 


You can’t imagine for thirteen years the torture in my mind because I loved God, and I’d go out in the desert sometimes at four o’clock in the morning in my car, and I’d park out in the desert, and I’d cry because I knew that before the day was over, I was going to fall into some of those habits. What delivered me from all of that was not my crying, it was not my struggling, it was not my cry to God to help me, to deliver me. That is not what did it. What delivered me was the revelation of the Father’s heart for His creation. That is what delivered me, when I realized that no matter what I did, He loved me. No matter what I said, He loved me. There was nothing that I could do that would cause Him to not perfect his will in me, no matter what the cost.





The Christian religious system has perverted what they call, “hell”, or everlasting torment, because they say, “If you don’t straighten up in this life, then perhaps when you die, you will end up in this Lake of Fire where you will suffer eternal torment.” Do you know, today it is beyond my comprehension how people can believe that, how they can say, “God loves you brother,” “But” “If you don’t quit smoking, if you don’t quit going into some of those places where you shouldn’t go, if you live your life and you never conform to Christ’s way of living, then when you die, you may end up in everlasting torment.”


Most Christian churches will tell you that you could serve God for 80 years and backslide, and get into all kinds of stuff you shouldn’t get into, and die and go to hell, and lose it all anyway. That is “the Armenian gospel”. The Armenian gospel comes out of the Assemblies of God church, and most of your Holiness churches, in fact it is pretty prevailing in most Christian churches.


I say this. If God created a place where even at today’s statistics worldwide, probably 90% of His creation that is dying today is going to suffer eternally in a Lake of literal fire, if that was true, then that would make God a monster. How could a God who loves unconditionally create such a place for people he created? They say, “Well you know, God doesn’t send you to hell. You choose to go there.” Well you tell me He created it. And if He created a place where 90% of His creation is going to suffer eternally, He is not God; He is a monster. The image of a vengeful angry god that Christianity worships is just as much a false image of God as any other false God. 


There is a divine plan for all of us. If it was true that sin keeps God apart and separated from you like they teach you in the churches, then none of us would have a chance. When you realize that God is so much a part of you, if He has forsaken you, He has forsaken Himself, because this is so hard sometimes to have proper expression to express, but in the truest sense of the word, you are God manifested in the flesh. The Source of all that is dispensed Himself into all of humanity. I can say that everything that God is, all of His essence, all of His beauty, all of His loveliness, everything that God is I am! That is the gospel. And that is the gospel of grace.


When this revelation comes upon you, it puts such an overwhelming love deep within you so that you don’t look anymore at what you see with the physical eyes. You understand that everything you see with the physical eyes is really a lie in the sense that it’s not eternal it is temporal. And Paul says that is why we don’t look at the things that are seen, for they are temporal. But we look at the eternal, the things that never change. Do you know what never changes about you?  Your true nature, the new creation on the inside of you. That will never change. But you see, what I see of you with my physical eyes, that is subject to change, and that will change.


If you understand that God is not condemning you, no matter how you live. God is love and is the only one who truly, unconditionally loves you without reservation. It is very hard when you are caught up in some of these lusts of the flesh to really understand that God loves you anyway and the only way that you will ever be delivered is by the increase of the awareness of His Spirit within you. Because even if you change your outward behavior and you abstain from all the bad habits that is all well and good, but you are no different in the sight of God. You are no different, because if you remember that tree in the garden that all of us were supposed to stay away from, was the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. What does that mean? We look at something and we say, “That is evil.” And then we look at something else and say, “Oh that is good.” You see, that Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, it’s not about a literal tree in a garden. 


“In the middle of the garden there were two trees.” It is not about somebody taking the fruit of a tree and eating it. Paul told the Corinthians, he said, “You are God’s husbandry.” The word, “husbandry is an old English word that means ground, a place to grow things. Man was created from the dust of the earth so in the middle of your ground, there is the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The physical body was created from the dust of the earth. So in your garden, there are two trees and you have to make the same choice that Adam and Eve did. We all make that same choice. You have two trees to live by. You can live in the very deepest recesses of your being where there is life and it is God’s life. Also in the middle of your garden is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.


If we can get Christians, to see that the root cause of everything in the world that is rebellious, sinful or negative is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. You see, God said to Adam, “Who told you that you were naked?” Before that happened evidently Adam and Eve were naked, but it was no problem. Who told us it was wrong to take a drink? Who told us it was wrong to do anything? Who told us we were sinners? Not God but our preachers and religious leaders. The sin issue has been dealt with. What we need now is to live by life, light and love.





You are a garden in which the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil are within you. The Tree of Life represents the mind of Christ which we all have and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil represents the carnal mind which functions by good and evil. If you are living by the tree of life then you realize that all that is came out of Christ, is flowing in Christ and is returning to Christ. That is why we do not judge according to the seeing of the eye or the appearance of good and evil.


All who are living by good and evil are functioning by the carnal mind. Whenever you look and something and think or say that is good or evil you are not functioning by the mind of Christ. This is so hard for those living in the carnal religious mind to grasp. When you are living by Life (the mind of Christ) you are living by love, life and light. You realize that those who are living by the carnal mind or are what we call sinful have the mind of Christ also but they are not functioning from it. If we begin to meditate on Love, Light and Life and begin to live from that awareness our whole life and concepts of God begin to change. 


God is Love. What is the expression of Love? 1 Cor 13:4-7 explains it well. “Love endures long and is patient and kind; love never is envious nor boils over with jealousy, is not boastful or vainglorious, does not display itself haughtily. 5 It is not conceited (arrogant and inflated with pride); it is not rude (unmannerly) and does not act unbecomingly. Love (God's love in us) does not insist on its own rights or its own way, for it is not self-seeking; it is not touchy or fretful or resentful; it takes no account of the evil done to it [it pays no attention to a suffered wrong]. 6 It does not rejoice at injustice and unrighteousness, but rejoices when right and truth prevail.

7 Love bears up under anything and everything that comes, is ever ready to believe the best of every person, its hopes are fadeless under all circumstances, and it endures everything [without weakening].”


As we begin to live by the mind of Christ this is our experience. We love without conditions. God is light and in him is no darkness at all. Jesus told his followers “You are the light of the world.” As we function in the mind of Christ we are a light to the world. We do not judge according to the flesh but with a righteous judgment.


God is life. God is the true life of everyone. Without the source of life within you, you would not be alive. Because God lives we live. When I speak of God I do not mean what most think that God is. God is NOT a person or a man. God is the source of all that is and cannot be defined by words or thoughts. God is best described by the expression of Life, light and Love and the source energy of everything that exists. It is better to call God Father or Daddy as my friend Brad Cullen does.


The very instant that you begin to judge by the Knowledge of Good and Evil you are separated in your mind from your source. The moment you begin to live from that consciousness, you are separated in your awareness of God, and no longer are you living by the Tree of Life within you; you begin to live by a performance-based religion of good and evil.


I look at a brother and I say, “He is evil, because I see him doing something he shouldn’t do.” You can apply this to every area in your life, good or evil. That is the law that Paul is talking about in the book of Galatians, to go back underneath the law of performance, and to once again leave the gospel of grace and begin to live by the knowledge of good and evil. “I should do this because it is good. I shouldn’t touch that because it is evil. Who said? What is evil? What gives evil its substance and its power?


In reality evil has no power. There is no power in evil. The only power in evil is the suggestion that comes in your mind, and you give it power by your belief in it. You take evil out of the minds of men and there will be no evil. It will disappear, because the knowledge of good and evil is within man.


God gets blamed for everything. “Well, you know if God loves everybody, how come we have all those starving children in other countries? Why does God let that happen?” God doesn’t let that happen. Man lets that happen. The man that God created, what did He say to him? “You take dominion over the earth. The money that comes into the Christian churches, if they were to do what God commanded them to do, or would allow God to lead them into what they should do, there would be no hungry people in this country. Instead of that we spend millions of dollars on large structures that sometimes are only used once a week. Millions of dollars are spent every week on Christian television. I’m not against Christian television but why do we have these multi-million dollar TV sets and recreation sites? 


The religious gospel has told us that Jesus came and died because His Father was so angry with His creation He gave His own Son, and sacrificed His Son to appease His anger so that humanity could be saved and go to heaven. That is absolutely a false gospel. The pagans taught that stuff! Am I saying Jesus didn’t die for us? No, I’m not! What I am saying is that our concept of God was that He was so angry, He had to have His anger appeased, and to appease his anger, he sent his son and had him killed to appease his anger so that you could die and go to heaven, but only if you are good. That is a paganistic gospel.


Jesus came not to appease the anger of His Father, but to reveal to you who you are, and to show you that God loves you so much, that He was willing to die to make you realize that God loves me no matter how bad I am, and that is why He died. 


When I really realized the magnitude of Calvary’s victory, it set me free to be who I was, and gave me such a love for God that I began to spend more time with Him than I did with the other things that had a hold on me. Eventually, all of those things that religion couldn’t get me to stop just began to fall off my life. I’ll never forget, on July 11, 1982, I awoke with a knowing I would never smoke again. Now when I say that, don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with smoking. There really isn’t. It might kill you but God isn’t angry with you for smoking. You don’t need to feel guilty about it. As you continue fellowship with Father your spiritual consciousness will become dominate and begin to purify your thoughts and actions. If you are just religious, you will always be living from the Tree of Good and Evil, and you will always be judging yourself and everyone else by that tree. My wife can tell you I don’t like to hear anybody talk about anybody else even if it is the truth. You tell me something true about another minister, and I’ll do everything in my power to turn you away from that, even if it is true, because that is not the truth. I heard a pastor down in South Carolina. Randy Lambert share a message on facts and truth. I’ll never forget it. It was a wonderful message. He said, “There are a lot of things that are facts, but they are not the truth.” So you can say, “That preacher, he is literally a shyster.” Well that is a fact, but it is not the truth of his being. And if you focus on the facts, and you believe the facts, you will help hold him in that bondage. You really will! That is what Jesus meant when He said, “You have the power to forgive sins.” You have the power! But as long as you judge by the seeing of the eye, and the hearing of the ear, you will keep people in bondage.


Galatians 2:16. Paul says, “Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law, but by the faith of Jesus Christ, for even we have believed in Jesus Christ, that we might be justified by the faith of Christ, and not by the works of the l aw; for by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified in His sight.” 


No flesh can be justified in His sight by the works of the law. We have shared a in the past few years on Coming out of Condemnation, or getting loosed from all those thoughts that we are not worthy or we are not acceptable to come to God just as we are. We know those thoughts are lies, yet it seems until we can fully understand that the scriptures here, when it is talking about that no flesh can be justified in the sight of God through the works of the law, this is talking about a natural man living in a carnal mind, perhaps even a religious mind, yet he is living from the realm of the natural and not the spiritual.


The man who is living from his natural understanding, no matter how much he loves God, no matter how many good works he performs, the man who is living from the human perspective cannot and never will walk in the kingdom in reality, because it’s impossible by the works of the law for you to experience being free from guilt and condemnation.


What we’ve been sharing over the years is that we need a change in our perspective of who we are. As long as we are living as a human being, thinking that we are but human beings we cannot get free of the carnal religious mind. Once we are the quickened by God’s Spirit and regenerated, we begin to sense another life awaken in us.


When we are born again or regenerated it’s only the beginning point in our awareness of spirit within us. And so we need to concentrate and focus on that new awareness that’s been brought forth within us. Instead, mostly because of religious teaching we tend to focus on the flesh, and because we’ve been quickened and regenerated by the Spirit, we want to please God. 


The moment that we get in the place of trying to please God we do not yet have the realization that we ARE pleasing to God, because we are His sons. So instead of focusing on our flesh and trying to make ourselves better and more acceptable to God, the revelation, the understanding that God has brought to us in these days is that we have always been His sons. He has never been upset with us, but He has continually been reaching out and unveiling us to the reality of His unconditional love and acceptance because we ARE His sons. We were created in Him even before the foundation of the world, and were given all things that pertain unto life and godliness.


2nd Timothy chapter 1 and verse 9. Speaking of Jesus, verse 9 says, “Who has saved us, and called us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began. But is now made manifest by the appearing of our Savior Jesus Christ, who hath abolished death, and hath brought life and incorruptibility to light through the gospel.”


You see, in plain understandable English, that verse is telling us that even before the foundation of the world we have been given everything that we need in Christ Jesus for this journey that we have taken in this physical realm. However coming into this physical realm, we have lost awareness of being a son of God. We have lost awareness of being with Him in the beginning, and we’ve been lost in this physical identity thinking that there is

something that we must do to please God, or thinking that if there are certain things we don’t do, we will displease God. But you see, the truth of these verses is very plain, that a man is not justified by the works of the law. Because when we are trying to be justified by the works of the law, we are trying to bring our human, carnal nature into subjection unto God. And that is utterly impossible. Yet when we have a revelation and understanding and an unveiling of Christ in us, we cannot do anything but please God, because that is our nature.


What Paul is talking about in Galatians, is that they do not need to try to be justified by the works of the law. In fact, when you try to be justified by what you do rather than by who you are, you have fallen away from the grace message. When you realize who you are, there is no need for justification because you are a son of God. However when you are living from a natural, carnal, physical realm, and you are trying to please God, it is impossible because the flesh cannot and will not please God. So Paul says in Romans chapter 3 and starting in verse 19, “We know that what things the law says, it says to them who are under the law, that every mouth may be stopped, and all the world may become guilty before God.” You see; that is what the law does. 


The law makes everyone guilty. So the law has done what it was supposed to do. The law, when you try to keep the law by carnal means and methods, by study, by practice, whatever; when you try to keep the law out of a natural understanding, you will always bring guilt and condemnation on yourself. The law makes everyone guilty before Christ, knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law, but by the faith of Jesus Christ.


“Even we have believed in Jesus Christ that we might be justified by the faith of Christ, and not by the works of the law. Therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in sight: for by the law is the knowledge of sin. But now the righteousness of God without the law is manifested, being witnessed by the law and the prophets. Even the righteousness of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ unto all and upon all them that believe: for there is no difference. For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; being justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.” Rom 3:22-24


We need to go back and take a closer look at these verses. You know, it’s the most wonderful thing to have the revelation of being a son of God, because it takes all the striving, all the struggling, all the guilty feelings of not being able to measure up. You realize that’s why the law was given, that all flesh might become guilty before God so that you might realize that by the deeds of the law, no flesh will be justified in His sight. For by the law is the knowledge of sin, but then the righteousness of God without the law is revealed! Well, what is that? What is the righteousness of God without the law? It is having that revelation, that understanding that you are a son of God. You are a manifestation of your Father in the body temple. When you have that understanding, when God by His Spirit reveals to you that you are already justified in His sight and you need to do nothing but fellowship with him and know that He that began a good work in you will complete it.





Rom 3:21-22 “But now the righteousness of God without the law is manifested, being witnessed by the law and the prophets; 22 Even the righteousness of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ unto all and upon all them that believe: for there is no difference:”


I will never get tired of hearing this. We are righteous without the law and we manifest that righteousness by the same faith that Jesus has. We have the same spirit as Jesus and we live by that same faith knowing that we are righteous not because of what we do but because of who we are, a son of God.


The Apostle Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 15 to “Awake to righteousness and sin not.” We do not have to become righteous we have to awake to righteousness. Paul also said Eph 5:14. “Wherefore he saith, Awake you who are sleeping, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light.”


Jesus did what He did because He knew that He was a son. As he is so are we in this world. We have forgotten that. We have thought that we were merely human beings; born again, trying to do the best we can to feel more acceptable and more justified in His sight by our performance, rather than by the faith of Jesus Christ.


We are here in this physical realm, to express the glory of God to His creation. May the Lord open our eyes to see that we ARE holy and righteous NOW. It is the righteousness of God, which is by the faith of Jesus Christ upon all, and to all them that believe. If we can just simply believe the words of scripture, the scriptures clearly reveal that we are justified, not by what we do, but by who we are as a son of God.


No matter how caught up in wrong doing you are, not matter how far you have fallen from being able to express God in your flesh; all you have to do is have a revelation that you are justified, not by what you do, but by what Jesus has done, and you are justified because you are a son! And when you begin to have the faith of

Jesus Christ, it simply means that the same faith that He had is now operating in you. And you don’t have to try to justify yourself; you realize that you are justified. You realize that you have come into this physical realm and you have forgotten your true nature, your true identity and you have picked up this human identity that feels separated and alienated from God. There is no way that you can take that identity and work it up, study, do all the religious activity to make yourself righteous.


When you realize that the old man, the old nature, that old human identity of yours is on the cross  hallelujah! Then you begin to live by the faith of Jesus Christ, and you are released from the guilt and condemnation of trying to be something that you already are. 


“For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God; being justified freely by his grace through the redemption.” You cannot find any man who has not come short of the glory and the expression of God. Anytime that you are acting out of your carnal religious mind, you have fallen short of the glory of God. Sin is just falling short of expressing the glory of God in our body temple. One explanation of sin of course, is missing the mark. We all have missed the mark of being able to fully express God in this realm.


I have talked so much over the years about Romans chapter 7. And Romans chapter 7 became one of the most magnificent and glorious understandings to me after years of struggle. Romans chapter 7 was a great mystery to me. And I lived in that realm of Romans chapter 7 for many, many years trapped in the consciousness of being human trying to please God.


So let’s go back and take just one more look at Romans chapter 7 again, and look at it as Paul talking about humanity and the two seeds. The two seeds the two expressions that I talk so much about in Romans chapter 7. He says in verse 14, “For we know that the law is spiritual: but I am carnal sold under sin.”


Now that is a scripture that reveals to us that the law is a spiritual thing but I am carnal, sold under sin. Well what does Paul mean when he says the law is spiritual? The law is spiritual because the law is not something that we try to keep. When you have an understanding of the true spiritual law, you realize that it is not by performance, but it is something that emanates from your very being.


“I know the law is spiritual, but I am carnal and sold under sin.” That was my identity for many years. I knew the law was wonderful. In fact Paul said, “I delight in the law of God in the inner man, but that which I do, I allow not; but what I would do, I don’t do, and what I hate is what I am doing.” I can’t tell you how many years I lived there, delighting in the law of God in my inward man, yet finding that what I wanted to do, I didn’t do, and what I didn’t want to do I was always doing.


I know I’ve shared so many times before that I was trapped in this consciousness for 13 years. I would pray; I would seek God, but yet I was still doing that, which I didn’t want to do. I so delighted in God but that is the dilemma we are in here, that Paul says, “The law is spiritual, but I am carnal, sold under sin .” “Well if I do that,

which I wouldn’t do”, he says in Romans 7:16, “I consent to the law of God that it is good. Now then it is no longer I that do it, but sin that dwells within me.”


I’ll never forget when I first had a revelation of that verse. It is no longer I, but it is the sin that dwells within me. You see, if you delight in the law of God, if you have the love of God in your heart, if you find yourself in that consciousness of Romans chapter 7 doing those things that you know you shouldn’t do, and not doing those things that you want to do, then you can understand this verse. But you see, what I missed for many years reading Romans chapter 7 is the simple statement Paul made. He said, “If you are doing that, that you don’t want to do, it is not you that is doing it, but it is the sin that dwells in you, because when I would do good,” Paul says, “evil was present with me. - - For I delight in the law of God after the inward man, but I see another law in my members, warring against the law of my mind, and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin, which is in my members.”


How many of God’s precious people today live under the law of sin and death? I can’t tell you how many times I would wake up in the morning and I would say, “God, help me not to do that today. My heart was crying out for righteousness, and I realized that I was carnal, and I would read where Paul says, “The law is spiritual, but I am carnal”, but I was trapped. I didn’t know how to be spiritual. All I knew to do was to try to be spiritual. All I knew to do was to make resolutions and to cry, and I did cry and beg for 13 years to no avail, because there were things in my life, things that I didn’t want to do, but I did. And no matter how much I wanted to please and serve God, the things that I wanted to do, I couldn’t do. And when I would do good, I found that law in me that would bring me down into the law of sin and death, so I understand what Paul meant when he said, “The law was spiritual, but I am carnal.”


One day I began to have an understanding that “I am carnal” is the wrong identity, because later on in Paul’s ministry he said, “It is no longer I, but it is Christ.” That is why I stress so much that we must have a change in our identity. We must not focus on what we are in the flesh, but we must focus on who we are in the spirit, because the law is spiritual. And until you have an unveiling, a revealing that you also are spirit, you will always be trapped in that carnal mindset trying to overcome in the flesh.


I know the Bible talks so much  especially in the book of Revelation about he that overcomes. And so I would read those verses in Revelation, and oh my, how I wanted to be an overcomer! I wanted so desperately to be an overcomer. But yet I was still in that consciousness of Romans chapter 7 of being a carnal man, sold under sin, not being able to live a spiritual life.


Thank God for what He is bringing forth in these days to our awareness. No longer am I held captive by the law of sin and death. No longer do I delight in the law of God and then go out and not be able to do what I want to do, because there has been a change in my perception. There has been a change in my awareness. There has been a change in my identity. I realize that no matter how good I would try to become in the flesh, I am still

not expressing who He is.


It is not a matter of being good. It is matter of having a change in our perspective, a change in our awareness, a change in our identity to where we focus not on the old man, not on the carnal man, but on the new man and that is when Christ begins to flow from our being.


“If any man is in Christ, he is new creation. Old things have passed away, and behold, all things have become new.” For many years I was regenerated, born again, filled with the Spirit, but not realizing that I was in Christ. Oh, I knew Christ was in me. At least I knew it mentally but I didn’t know it experientially. I shouldn’t say I didn’t know it at all experientially, because I knew that when I was regenerated that it was a new life, a new quickening, a new awareness, a new consciousness that was birthed within me.


Peter says, “As new born babes, desire the pure milk of the Word.” The pure milk of the word is not the black and white letters of the scriptures. The milk of the word is what spirit speaks to you through the scriptures. For many years, I never received the real nourishment in the scriptures because of my natural understanding, most of what I received of the scriptures was guilt and condemnation because I wasn’t able to live up to what I was reading.


Paul says in Galatians 2:19, “I, through the law am dead to the law that I might live to God.” Well, what does it mean to be dead to the law? “I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live. Yet not I, but Christ lives in me.” Hallelujah! You see, in Romans chapter 7 Paul says, “It’s not I, but it is the sin that dwells within me”, but here he says, “It’s no longer I, but it’s Christ who lives in me.” It is so simple and so plain here that we need to change the perception of who we are!


I realize we can’t do that without a revelation from God. But you see; you can’t always get a revelation from God by studying the Bible. I have many times, but by studying the Bible, it will not necessarily give you anything except a carnal understanding of the scriptures . That’s why we have such a mess in this world of different groups and denominations and divisions and strife and envy and debate because of man’s carnal understanding of the scriptures.


What we need so desperately is a change in our perception of ourselves to realize that we were created in Christ, even before the foundation of the world. We were with Him; we were created His son; we are His son; we have always been His son; we have just taken on this mistaken identity by being birthed into this carnal realm and not understanding who we are. And that is why Paul wrote this book of Galatians. It is so clear in Galatians that Paul is revealing the two seeds, the natural and the spiritual.


The natural man in his carnal mind is separated, and alienated from God. Yes, he may be regenerated, he may even be filled with the Spirit, and speak in tongues and operate from the gifts of the Spirit and still be in his awareness and consciousness separate from spirit. He may still operate to a great degree in carnality and operate as a natural man.


That is why the book of Galatians was written, because the churches of Galatia were going back to the Jewish religious practices. And Paul said, “Look. No matter what you do to be justified before God, you have fallen from grace. Why is that? Because grace is what gives you the ability to walk in His nature and grace gives you the expression of His life and His being. Grace brings you the awareness of Christ living as you in this world.


We have admired Jesus for so many years, as we should. We have looked at Him as the epitome, as the full expression of God in a physical form, as we should. However today we are beginning to realize by the grace of God that as He is, so are we in this world! Oh, when I think of the difference, when I was able to change my perspective of being a carnal man sold under the law of sin and death, struggling every day of my life to be more like Him, when I had a shift in consciousness, when I had a change in my perception of myself, when God by His grace and His mercy revealed His son in me.


The spirit of God within said, “I have never left you, nor forsaken you. I have never looked at you as fallen. I have never looked at you with anything but unconditional love and acceptance because I realize that you have fallen in your perception. You have been lowered in this physical realm not realizing your true nature and identity. I have never forgot that. And I have always looked at you as a son. And I have nourished you. I have loved you and will continue to do so until you are able to stand in my likeness, until you are able to rise up within yourself by my Spirit within you, to express my loveliness and my unconditional love to the world.”


Oh, don’t you see how God’s people everywhere, how we all need more of an understanding, more of an awareness of His life in us? And that is what Paul is revealing to us in the book of Galatians. Quit struggling with the natural man. Now, even as I say that, I know it’s impossible for you, if you are living in a life of separation and doing things that you don’t want to do, I know that you are not going to quit struggling, because for 13 years I struggled trying to be God-like, trying to a good Christian. So I would not say that you need to give that up. But when you struggle and when you fail, the key is to understand that you are not justified by the works of the law. You are not justified by your performance, whether it is good or bad. But you are justified by

the faith of Jesus Christ.





“Calvary” is the greatest picture that God could give to us of not condemning us because we are lost in this mistaken identity. And we may have done a lot of things that are wrong. We may still be doing a lot of things that are wrong. But our justification does not come from us changing those things that are wrong and making them right, because if you make everything in your life right, you may feel good about yourself, you may have a better self-image of yourself, but no matter how good you are you cannot express what God is. The only way you can ever walk as an expression of God on this earth is to have a change in your perception of yourself. It must be Christ awakening in you to live, move and have it’s being.


Again I say, no matter how many times, how many days, months, or years you struggle, never ever be condemned when you can’t make it, because the flesh is not intended to make it. By the works of the law shall no flesh be justified in His sight. Again, in Galatians chapter 2 and verse 19, “For I through the law am dead to the law, that I might live to God.” You see, the only way we’ll ever be able to live as an expression of God is to be dead to the law. Well again, how are we dead to the law? We are dead to the law by not trying to measure ourselves by the law. You see, when you quit measuring yourself by the works of the law, then you are dead to the law. And once you become dead to the law, then you begin to live from that spiritual being that you are. No longer are you measuring yourself by what you do or what you don’t do. You a re simply realizing that it is God who justifies you. I’ll never forget the first time I saw Rom 4:5 “But to him that works not, but believeth on him that justifies the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness.”


Oh, when I first saw that! I loved God; I wanted to serve God, but I always felt so ungodly. And when I read that God justifies the ungodly, when that realization, not just those literal words in my mind, but when I had that realization that God justifies the ungodly, I cannot tell you the release that came to me. And I thought, well if God justifies the ungodly, then why do I have to worry, because I didn’t know if there was anybody any more ungodly than me, that’s the way I felt. When I realized that God justifies the ungodly because of knowing our true nature and being, and He provided a Lamb. Jesus came and died on a cross to give us a point of focus that we can look at Him on that cross and realize that God is not angry, and God was never angry with us. God came and let Himself be crucified to reveal to us His love for His creation. So Paul says in verse 20 of Galatians 2, “I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ lives in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of god, who loved me, and gave Himself for me.”


Oh, what a revelation! You see, in Romans 7, “It is no longer I, (Paul said) but it is the sin.” But here He says, “It is no longer I, but Christ.” That is why I say that there are only two seeds, two men, or two consciousnesses

on this earth. “Nevertheless I live, yet not I, but Christ.” So there are two identities. It is not I, but Christ, or it is not I, but sin. And those represent two types of consciousnesses in us. You see, for years I lived in this awareness, this perception that it is not I, but it is the sin that dwells within me. Well, when I realized this, this released me from the guilt and the condemnation, but it didn’t release me from doing the things that I didn’t want to do. It did give me an understanding that there was something operating in me that really wasn’t me.


Paul said, “It’s not I, but it is the sin that dwells within me, so that when I would do good, evil is present with me always bringing me into captivity to the sin and death.” But then Paul says here in Galatians 2 that it is no longer I, but it’s Christ. We need to have a change in our perception of who we are. We can either realize it’s not I, but its sin, or we can realize it’s not I, but Christ.


When we realize it’s not us but it’s Christ, not just in a mental understanding but in experience, we will begin to live as Christ on the earth. That is why I say we need to spend time in meditation; we need to spend time in prayer and time in openness listening for God to speak, because when we have that change in our perception, then it’s no longer I, but Christ.


Living in the awareness of being only a human with a carnal mentality we could never live as Christ on the earth, we could never express the loveliness of God It can’t be us, It has to be Christ. So you realize it’s no longer I, but it’s Christ. And then you begin to have this beautiful substance formed in you. You begin to have a complete change in your mind and in your awareness. You begin to experience what Paul said, “Be renewed in the spirit of your mind.” You begin to have such awareness and such a substance formed in you. You begin to love the unlovely. You begin to have an understanding that all men are lost in this mistaken identity, and all of them are doing what they are doing because they don’t understand who they are. Then you are able to express Christ on this earth, because within you there is no pointing of the finger. Within you there is no guilt or

condemnation toward anyone. 


When you get rid of all the guilt and condemnation from your life, then you will not see it in anyone else, and God gives you such a heart of compassion, and such a heart of understanding, and you truly begin to operate from the heart and the realm of spirit. You truly have a yearning to see everyone set free from the carnal mind.


The Apostle Paul said, “All of creation is groaning for the manifestation of the sons of God.” Well, we can be that manifestation to creation today, however not in the fullness. Most of us are still living in the “in part “realm. I don’t have the fullness of His expression yet formed in me. Oh, but there is a part, there is such a wonderful expression that is being formed in me. And oh, how I look forward to the day when this carnal shall be swallowed up in His life. I look forward to the day when this corruptible puts on incorruptibility.


That is what we are doing today. Paul says, “Put off the old man and put on the new.” Oh my, how I struggled with that verse! I used to say, “I’d love to, but can I do that.” Well WE can’t. But it’s no longer I; it’s Christ. When Christ begins to arise in you, you find that old way of thinking, that that old guilt and condemnation, and all that judgment that you had toward others for what they did, or how they believed just falls at your feet. All that you have is a desire that every man should have an expression of God come forth within them.


You know that by struggling in the flesh, by trying to do good, by trying to abstain from evil it’s just a sign that we have not yet had much of the experience of Christ living his life in us. I had the intellectual knowledge of Christ in me for many years. But oh, when that information gets in your renewed mind, it brings transformation. You see, just information without transformation doesn’t mean very much.


Thank God today we are walking in the realm of spirit. I’m so thankful that Paul wrote the book of Galatians. A lot of people today seem to think that the scriptures are just kindergarten stuff, that once you understand that you have Jesus in you, you don’t need the scriptures anymore. But I’ll tell you folks; I live my life through the revelation that comes to me through the scriptures. God has been so good and so faithful to leave us the records of spiritual men who can help us in our understanding.


Paul says, “I don’t frustrate the grace of God. For if righteousness comes by the law, then Christ is dead in vain.” If righteousness comes by our performance, then Christ died in vain. If righteousness is by the law, if righteousness is by your ability to live righteously, then Chris is dead in vain.


Righteousness cannot be obtained through the flesh, by performance, through natural understanding; we can live by the faith of Christ, by realizing that the cross is a never-ending statement of God saying “NOT GUILTY”. You are not guilty. We can look at the cross and know that we are not justified by the works of the law. We are not justified by being able to live godly. We are justified by the faith of Christ.


I’ve spoken a lot in years past on righteousness. Righteousness is imputed to you; it’s given to you. You are just as righteous today as you will ever be in the sight of God. And once you see that, then the guilt and the condemnation and the feeling of failure of not being able to meet God’s expectations will fall at your feet, and you will realize that whatever God would have you do, He will provide you with all that you need to do it, without exception.


What a wonderful day we are living in. I am so excited when I see people all over the world who are beginning to be set free from a consciousness of guilt and shame because they can’t measure up to God.


What a relief it is when you realize that you have been justified, and you can never be justified by the works. You are not that man of flesh; you are not just a human being living as good as you can. You are son of God on this earth. And even before the foundation of the world, God has given to you all things in Christ. We come into this realm fully equipped as a son of God, already justified, already set free, yet we haven’t known it until recent years, at least I haven’t known it until recent years that God had already justified me and set me free. For I, through the law, am dead to the law. The law has done its job, at least in my life. The law made me realize that there is no way that I could keep this law, for I was living from the carnal mind.


When I realized that I was not carnal, I was spiritual, I am a son of God, I have been born again, I am that new creation that Paul talks about. “If any man is in Christ, he is a new creation.” So let us focus on the new creation. Let us meditate on the new man, because whatever you focus on, whatever you meditate on, whatever you think about, whatever you speak about will bring into manifestation that very thing.


The more you think about your failure, the more you think about your inabilities, the more you try to struggle under the law, the more struggle you will draw unto yourself. So focus on the new man. I’ll never forget when I first begin to do that, I thought, “This is impossible!” But yet the more I thought about it, the more I meditated on it, the more I sat in the quiet listening for God to speak, I began to hear Him say things like I’m sharing with you, that I could never be anymore righteous than I am, because He doesn’t look at our failures. He looks at who we are, and He has never forgotten that. And He will continually bless us and minister to us until all of us awake in His likeness. And oh, what a day that will be! Hallelujah!


What a privilege that through the operation of Spirit within us, the Kingdom is being established in the earth. There is a familiar song that says “In Christ alone I stand, in Christ I put my trust.” We sing a song like that but I have wondered where our mind is when we are singing, "In Christ I trust"? What do we trust in? The Christ that we put all of our trust in, all of our confidence in should be the Christ that is rising within our being.


It is the most wonderful thing when you can trust the Christ within you. That is really the only way you can trust God. We try to trust, we try to believe, we try to live right, and most of the time we fail. However, when Christ begins to dawn within our consciousness, and we sing songs like In Christ alone I trust, what a wonderful experience it is. With gusto we sing to the Christ who is being raised up within us. No longer is He separate as

something apart from us. But He is everything within us.


I don't think we've ever had a day like today. There is such a dawning within us. How many years did we wait for the coming of Christ, or the second coming of Jesus? But today we are walking in the reality of that coming, because He is rising within our being. What a difference it is when the reality of that presence and that person that He is, begins to dawn in our consciousness.


The Book of Galatians is a real key in the scriptures to understanding the new creation, because like no other book except perhaps Hebrews, Paul makes it so clear that religion is not the answer. If we go back to Genesis, chapter 1, we can see very clearly that God created man in His image, and He gave that man dominion. You can search the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation and you will never find where God took that dominion back.


So many of us have this concept that we can't do anything. What can we possibly do to change this world? The reason we say that is still we are living out of this human consciousness and awareness, and we know that we cannot do anything to change ourselves or the world. You hear this all the time. "I'm one person. What could I do?" In fact, you are not one person! You are a corporate man on this earth. We are beginning to realize, that we are a corporate man. In Genesis, chapter 1, when God said, "Let us make man in our image and likeness", He gave them dominion. Again I have to say; you cannot find where He ever took that dominion back. And that is why the world is in such a mess. Man through the knowledge of good and evil, simply lost consciousness of who he was. I think most of us know that now. And the whole story in the garden is really an allegory showing us that our problem is separation, that Eve I believe, represents the soul of man, which is man living in separation from God. Man lost consciousness of who he was, and he became a "self" realized person, separated and alienated from God. That is the story of Eve taken out of Adam.





All of us are a corporate "Eve" because we have lost consciousness and awareness of who we really are. That is why so many of the religious teachers, even the theologians, say that the soul represents Eve, because the soul was separated, not in reality, but only in our carnal mind.


All of the stories in the New Testament are types and shadows and allegories, to help us realize the condition that we are in. The goal is to bring the soul back into harmony with the spirit, when in actuality there has never been a separation. It really helps when God gives us the understanding, that we have never been separated from Him. We have never lost His image and likeness. We have only lost the awareness of it.


The man that God created in Genesis, chapter 1, was a spiritual man. People say today, "Well, if you look at me you see God, because I'm created in His image." No, this physical body that you are looking at is not what God created. God created a spiritual being in His likeness and image. He then formed a body and breathed Himself into that body.


When man was lowered into the physical realm he then began to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Good and evil serves a purpose. There is nothing wrong with knowing good and evil. They are just two opposites. They help you to live by life if you do not live by the opposites. Just do not live by good and evil.


Living in this physical realm, we have no consciousness and no remembrance of who we are. And that is why almost the whole  Old Testament was done in types and shadows to help us realize in our darkened mind and understanding who we really are. Everything in the Old Testament Tabernacle is a picture of what we can experience today. 


When we understand the Tabernacle in the Old Testament, we will begin to become that Tabernacle. Let me give you an illustration. The first thing that you come to when you enter the Tabernacle is the Altar. On that Altar is the fire. That is the first thing you come to, is the fire. We have to realize that we are the Temple. This is not just a good doctrine, but this is what the Lord clearly reveals to us.  Paul says, "What, know you not that you are the Temple of God?" So the very first thing in bringing a union within us, between our carnal soulish condition, and bringing us back into unity with the spirit is, we come up against fire. It's the very first thing! 


We have to realize the fire is not something outside of you, it is not necessarily circumstances and things that God is going to do to you, but the fire is within you! As you begin to make the journey from the flesh to spirit, the very first thing you experience again is the altar of the fire. And that fire is there to burn up our human carnality, or the belief in your human carnality, the belief that you are carnal, the belief that money is your supply. How many Christians, if they have no money think they have no supply? The fire is to burn up all of these concepts that we have of carnality, because God is our source, yet when we get in trouble, what do we do? We don't know that God is our source, so we go to God and we tell Him what our problem is, as if He didn't know it.


Some people misunderstand a lot of things that I say, and some people think today that I don't believe in prayer, and yet I pray all the time. I just don't pray those religious prayers. I don't go to God and tell Him what I need, because I realize today that God is the source of everything there is. God is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. Since God is all knowing and all knowledge, why do I have to tell Him what my problems are? That is how religion teaches you to pray, that you have to tell God what you need, and then you ask Him to meet the need. There is a place for that. A child will always go and ask their father for things that they need. But if I come to my father, when I am 25 years old and say, "Dad, I need some razor blades", he'll say, "Go buy them yourself."  So you cannot take a scripture and put it in concrete and say, "This is the way it is", because all of us, are all at different levels of spiritual growth. 


The fire of God is not outside of you. I'll never forget, I discovered this many years ago, and Carol can tell you. We were going to church all the time. I'd always go to church early, and I'd run up to the altar and I'd begin to pray, "God, send the fire. Lord, send the fire. Lord, burn up everything in my being that is not of you." And I meant it. I would cry. I wanted that fire of God because I realized, the fire was in me and only by the fire of God rising in me would I gain the proper experience in my spirit.


And so, when we look at these Old Testament stories and types, we have to realize they are trying to show us the truth of our being. As we go on in the tabernacle the next thing we see is the Laver, the water. It is simply a cleansing. Jesus said , "You are clean through the words that I have spoken unto you." Now I used to think that meant the Bible and it can be, but really what cleanses you are the words that God speaks to you, not the black and white letter, not just reading the Bible.


There are people who have read the Bible for 80 years and have never really heard God speak to them. When Jesus said, "It is the word that cleanses you." That is what He meant. He said, "The words that I speak are spirit and life." And so for you to experience that cleansing Laver is to really hear the voice of the Lord. What happens when you begin to hear the voice of God is you begin to lose your carnality.


You then you go on into the Tabernacle and there is the Show Bread. What is the Show Bread? We know the Show Bread represents Jesus. So what that tells me is that since I'm the Tabernacle, within my consciousness is the living Bread of God. Jesus said, "You want to live like me? If you want to live like me as I live by the Father, then you eat me. For he that eats me shall live by me.” So we need to realize, that living Bread on the table is representative of the eating the living Bread that is within our being. It is so much more than just a picture of the Tabernacle in the wilderness, where God dwelled.


I enjoy meditating in the scriptures. I no longer read the bible like a history book. It is a road map when you meditate on it will bring you into the experience of it. The more time we spend in meditation and opening ourselves to the Lord, the more that Christ is formed within our being. The more Christ is formed within our being, the more we experience what scriptures say. When Christ begins to be formed in us, we have the revelation of Christ in us. There are no barriers. Every barrier falls at your feet when you have the realization of Christ in you. 


You realize that in every man, in every person is the substance of God (spirit). We were all created in Him. We have the concept that God created one man. But what do the scriptures say? "Male and female created He them." God created a corporate man in Genesis, chapter 1. And we were all part of that man. The word, "create", in Genesis, chapter 1 doesn’t necessarily mean that God created us out of nothing, but the word "created" is "cut down". Look it up. It is even in Strongs that you can find that. 


God literally created man in His image out of His substance, and we are what He is. Everything that God is, is our true nature and identity. That is the revelation that is coming to us today. I remember, I used to quote years ago, "As He is, so are we in this world."And that didn't do anything for me. However today we are having that realization, as He is so are we. It is not just words today. 


I'll never forget, I went around for days quoting "the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set me free from the law of sin and death." I was so deep into disobedience and sin, and because of my perception of myself it didn't do me any good. However today, the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death. I learned years ago just quoting it doesn't get it. It really doesn't. It is wonderful to quote the scriptures but it must get into our spiritual understanding.


If God says to you that "You are free", if God says to you that "You are healed", if God says to you to, "Do this"; for you to speak anything else, you would be a fool. The realization is coming to us that we truly are sons of God, and it's not just a good thought or a good idea or a new concept we picked up, but when we begin to walk in that realization, we begin to experience a resurrection out of our carnal mind into the glorious liberty of a son of God.


We begin to experience out of our innermost being flows living waters. Then when we speak God speaks. This doesn't mean that we can just think something up in our carnality, and speak it unto being. But when you realize that you are a son of God, you will always speak those things that you know you hear the Father speak to you. Paul wrote the whole book of Galatians to get people to understand that you don't get to God by religious works. The fact is you've never been separated from God. So the moment that you begin to try to regain that place in God by works, it causes the separation in your consciousness to get broader and wider. But if you can stop and just in the quietness of the day, the quietness of the morning, or whatever time of day that you set aside to just let the Lord begin to reveal to you the truth of your being. It is the most marvelous, marvelous thing when God begins to come forth in us.


Galatians probably more than any other book, is a book that if you really have your eyes unveiled to see the truth of it, it will set you free from religiosity, because that is the main thing that keeps all of us in bondage, and causes the lameness that we experience in not being able to walk in the reality of that which we know.


There is a lot of information available today. You can go to the Internet and can learn so much. You can study all of the religions of the world, and you can glean a lot of wonderful knowledge, even from the different religions of the world. But all the knowledge you gain, and cram into your intellect, the only thing it will do for you without the reality, is cause such a great conflict within your heart, because you will know so much, yet you will be that lame man, not being able to walk in the know ledge which you possess.


In Galatians 4, beginning at verse 4 it says this: “When the fullness of time was come, God sent forth His son, made of a woman, made under the law, to redeem them that were under the law that we might receive the adoption of sons.” Before Jesus came, all man knew was the law. He came to show us a better way. He came to reveal to us that living in the Kingdom of God was not a matter of choosing right or wrong, or good over evil, but it was a totally different kind of life. 


The Sermon on the Mount, which is one of my favorite readings in the Bible, in fact I wrote a book on the Beatitudes, but in the Beatitudes He was not giving us a higher standard, as some pastors told me. They said, “We had the law, but here came Jesus. And with the Beatitudes, He raised the standard higher.” Well, we couldn’t even keep the law of Moses let alone trying to raise that standard higher.


What Jesus was saying to them is, “Once you get to know the depths of your being, once you get to understand and have revealed to you that you too have that same life and nature I have, this is how you will react in these situations. You will love those that persecute you. You will do good to your enemies. You will not have any bitterness, or any resentment. You will experience a life that is so far superior to all of your trying to live by good and evil.


The carnal the human nature is under that law of sin and death. The law was written for that man. The law was never written for a spiritual man, because the spiritual man doesn’t need a law. When I say, “the spiritual man”, that is who we are. We are sons of God. We’ve always been sons of God. We’ve never been anything else. In fact, the scriptures clearly reveal to us the only place that we’ve ever been separated from God is in our minds. There has never been a separation taken place except in our minds. So Jesus came to redeem us who were under the law. And God’s purpose is that we might enjoy His divine life. 


You know, there is a profound statement that John made in the gospel of John. He said, “The law came through Moses.” Now we have all thought I’m sure, that the law came through God. However, Moses took the Ten Commandments and made all of the laws out of the Ten Commandments. So the law came through Moses. And the law basically, was just the knowledge of good and evil. If you were to gain God’s favor you had to keep the law. John came in the gospel of John, and he said, “The law came through Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.” And if you look up the word, “grace”, one of the root words for grace is “enjoyment”. So I learned to translate that verse this way: “The law came through Moses, but grace or enjoyment and reality came through Jesus Christ.”


The easiest and simplest way for us to get ourselves out from underneath the law of sin and death is to learn to enjoy the Lord. It is that simple, because if you learn in your daily life to have gratitude, a grateful heart, and learn how to enjoy the Lord, you will not have any problems at all with the law. Even when you fail, or make a mistake, you can immediately turn and focus on the reality of your being, and begin to enjoy the Lord.


I first learned to do this with anger. I used to be an angry person. I’ve kicked down doors in my past; but when the Lord began to talk to me about some of these things, and I began to focus on the reality of my being and learned in my daily life how to enjoy the Lord I found my anger would flee. I did that through singing and fellowship with the Lord. 


I learned that when my anger flared up, you know how anger is, it is like lightening. It just hits you. And immediately, we fall under guilt, and we fall under condemnation and say, “Lord, I did it again.” But I’m learning not to do that. I learned when my anger hits me that I simply turned my focus from that anger, and just begin to speak to the Lord something like this. 


“Lord I am so thankful to know that you are not angry. I am so thankful to know that your grace and your forgiveness are unlimited. And Lord, I know that as I continue to focus my thoughts and my life on you, that eventually your Spirit in me will grow to that place where that anger will dissipate.” That is how I overcome the anger. It is not us that overcomes, it is the Christ within us. We can’t overcome the flesh. But there is one in us who is the overcomer.


The more we fellowship with Him, and the more we turn to Him in the midst of whatever our circumstances are, eventually we find out that the thing that has maybe plagued us for years, when we learn not to fall under the guilt of it, and understand It is our carnal nature, we gain the victory over it. 


What we need to do is focus on the divine nature. Very few people even today, realize that we are divine. We are just as much divine as the Lord Jesus, not in our carnality, but in our spirit. For Paul said, “He that is joined unto the Lord is ONE SPIRIT.” So we learn to focus on who we are, not what we are doing, because what we are doing cannot change who we are. As we continually focus on who we are that will bring change to what we are doing.


Jesus came to redeem us from living by that outward law. I know I’ve said this many times, and some of you have probably heard it, but the first thing that God warned Adam and Eve about was not to partake of the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil, because the moment we live by it we are in the carnal mind. 


We are a garden, we live in a garden. In fact, in the Song of Solomon, the Lord says that we are a garden enclosed, and a spring shut up, a fountain sealed. That is who we are. But the moment, even today, that you begin to choose the good over the evil, or try to discern your life by good and evil, you immediately are caught up in that law of sin and death. But the moment you begin to focus on the reality of His life within you, you discover that no longer do you need to live your life by right and wrong, good and evil, because life out of your inner most being flows living water.





Paul told the Corinthians, “You are God’s husbandry.” Husbandry means, a farm, or a piece of land to grow something. So within our being God is revealing everything that He is, all His beauty, His loveliness, His compassion, everything. We need to really have our eyes opened to see the preciousness of our being. We are the most precious people on this earth, because we are beginning to have our eyes unveiled to the truth of our being.


All of the preaching should not just be to give us all this intellectual knowledge and understanding. That is OK, and it has its place. But all of our preaching should be to uncover and unveil the saints to the reality of their being, because you can know a lot about God and still not know him. I could quote chapters of the Bible before I began to experience the reality of His life in me. God’s Son is the embodiment of divine life, and when I say, “God’s Son”, I mean God’s Son!” God’s Son is a corporate man. We are the embodiment of divine life. 


We all know that Jesus is divine. We know that Jesus was the fullness of the Godhead bodily. But there is a fear in us to face the reality that we too are divine sons. Jesus is the Head, and we are the body. Since that is true, how could we not be divine? 


“Divine” simply means that we are the expression, we are the manifestation, and we are the fullness of all that God is. Jesus was not just an individual son, but He is the Head of the corporate son. He will always be our Head. He will always be Lord and King and Master, and His Name higher than every other name that is named in Heaven and in earth; however we are no less God’s sons. We are no less divine. We are no less the fullness of God that Jesus is. It takes the head and the body to really please God’s heart.


Ephesians says, Eph 1:23 “the Church Which is His body, the fullness of Him Who fills all in all [for in that body lives the full measure of Him Who makes everything complete, and Who fills everything everywhere with Himself” AMP


The Galatians were a people who had been set free with the truth of the gospel, but they started to go back under the law of sin and death, going back trying to keep the law. That is when Paul cried out in Galatians 4:19, “My little children, of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you.” That was the cry of Paul’s heart. That is the cry of my heart, because God’s people have been so hoodwinked by religion. They have been so hoodwinked in thinking they have to be under the authority of a man. 


When I was first hearing God speak the pastors and the leaders that I would go to, would try to convince me that I wasn’t hearing God correctly. There is such a fear of the goodness of God. Can you imagine that? People are absolutely fearful of the goodness of God. We have a dear friend that had 500 people in his church. When he began to share with them the reconciliation and the unlimited love of God for all of creation, people got scared and left. Look what happened to Carlton Pearson. When he began to preach God’s unlimited love he lost thousands that used to love his ministry. 


That is religion’s biggest trick is to keep us in fear, because if we have that fear of being deceived, we don’t fully trust God. I’m not saying we are not born again or we are not saved, but we don’t really trust God if we are afraid of being deceived.


One of the first things God revealed to me many years ago when I was in Pentecost is, don’t be afraid to search and to read, because almost everything I picked up my pastor would come to the house, or some Christian friend, and look at my books, and they’d say, “Oh, you shouldn’t be reading that.” Yet that is where I was getting the substance of His life with the books I shouldn’t read. And it is still true today. I am not saying you can’t be deceived, because we all have been deceived by religion, but if you are trusting God he will lead you out of any deception you get into.


One of the biggest fears among Christians is the New Age. In fact some of them say that I am teaching New Age. I was first called a New Age teacher in 1982, and I did not even know what new age was then. People think that Eckhart Tolle is a deceiver, yet if you read his books you will find more enlightenment than you will from most churches. That does not mean I agree with all that he says but neither will I reject it, I just put it on the shelf to perhaps look at it again sometime. I’m not supporting a New Age movement. But the key is this: it is not to fear, because if you fear being deceived, you really do not trust your Father to lead you into all truth.


I have delved into almost everything in my life. When I really was hungry and searching for the Lord, I studied with the Baptists; I studied with the Mormons; I studied with the Jehovah Witnesses. I mean; I was really looking for God’s church. And what I found out from all of that was that there is a whole lot of good and truth in all of those places. When I was pastoring in Oregon, one of the main elders of the Jehovah Witness community in that area would come to my office every Saturday morning and we’d sit down and fellowship together. We had wonderful fellowship!


A friend of ours was on a ministry trip with his pastor. They visited a tribe that called their god Wally Tonka. They worshiped him just like we do Jesus. They give him thanks for their baby’s birth. They thanked and give him glory for the crops, just like we do. But they called him “Wally Tonka”. Do you think that makes God mad? What is this all about? Is it about what you intellectually know, or is it about heart? You see, all of us, no matter what culture we are in or what religion we are in, what country we are in; we have a heart-cry for God. And when you have a heart-cry for God, He will begin to speak to you no matter what religion or culture you are brought up in, and you begin to have this heart of gratitude and know that it’s God’s blessing if you have children, it’s God’s blessing that your crops grow; it’s God’s blessing on your life. Do you think He is insulted if you don’t know His name? And don’t you think that He can reveal Himself to anyone who is hungry for truth? 


I taught at a Israel identity group one time. The pastor of this group said, “Now you have a wonderful message, and we need to hear your message of grace, but whatever you do, don’t say, ‘Jesus’, when you preach, because in our minds” the name, Jesus’, is a pagan name, because the name ‘Jesus’ is a derivative of the name ‘Zeus’, which we know was a form of the false gods. So we call Him by His correct name, ‘Yeshua’. So when you preach, don’t say, ‘Jesus’, say ‘Yeshua’, because if you say, ‘Jesus’, some of the people won’t even listen to you.” I said, “Well, I’ll do the best I can, but I’ve never said anything but ‘Jesus’.” So when I spoke to the people, I did pretty well. I said, “Yeshua” once or twice. I made a mistake and I said, “Jesus”, but nobody seemed to mind too much.


What is God looking for, correct intellectual knowledge, or a heart that loves and worships and is seeking Him? Does He really care what you think His name is? Is it an offense to God to think His name is Allah? Most Christians live by the intellect, and it’s all about the proper knowledge and the proper terminology and the proper way to come to the Lord. Some people think It doesn’t matter how much you love. It doesn’t matter how much you relieve the suffering of people. If you don’t believe it right, you are wrong and bound for a torture chamber.” We get so hung up on believing right and doing right that we sometimes miss the heart of God. The Apostle Paul said to people who did not even know God “In him you live and move and have your being.” This is a fact for every person even if they do not know it. If the spirit of God was not in us we could not even live.


“It is written in Galatians that Abraham had two sons, the one by a bondmaid, the other by a free woman. But he who was of the bondwoman was born after the flesh, but he of the freewoman was by promise, which things are allegories, for these are the two covenants, the one from the mount Sinai, which genders to bondage, which is Agar. For this Agar is Mount Sinai in Arabia, and answers to Jerusalem which now is, and is in bondage with her children.” 


These two sons are an allegory. Ishmael represents the carnal man born after the flesh. Isaac represents the spiritual man born of the spirit. Ishmael also represents the one from the Mount Sinai, which genders to bondage, those who are living by the law of outward commandments.


Remember that Abraham was made a promise by God that he would have a son. And Abraham waited for a while, and the son didn’t come, and so Sarah said to him, “Take Hagar.” So Abraham produced a son. But the son he produced was according to the flesh and not by the promise from God 


The bondwoman represents working by the flesh produces Ishmaels. You see; Ishmael is an allegory of the Christian system. Abraham cried before God when he knew that he had to send Ishmael on his way. He cried to God, and he said, “God, I would that you bless Ishmael.” And God said, “I’ll bless Ishmael, but he won’t receive the promise.” Ishmael had to work by the flesh for everything he wants; however Isaac receives everything effortlessly by promise from God.


Most of Christianity is in bondage to the flesh and produces Ishmael’s. However I’m not saying that God doesn’t bless it, and good things don’t happen there. But the people that come up under that religious system are a people in gross bondage. They love God; they worship God, but their lives are one big conflict because they are not taught the truth of their being. They are taught that their performance and right beliefs are what gains them God’s favor. You see, we don’t need so much information; we need to know how to live the life. And the only way that you will learn to live the life is to get to know God intimately and not a God far away from you in the heavens.


The Jerusalem that now is, is that religious system in bondage with their children. It is so sad because it looks so good, and they tell you about how many people who are getting saved every day. And I wouldn’t say it isn’t good, but living under the law will just generate bondage. And the very first thing you come in bondage to is your wallet, because today it takes millions of dollars to support that Christian system.


People ask me, “Do I have to tithe?” I say, “Absolutely not!” Why do we even have to ask such a question? You see, God loves you and you are His son, the more that you have the revelation that there is nothing that you can do to improve on that, the freer you become. There is nothing you can do except have a revelation of God’s unconditional love for you. And when that happens, you won’t give Him 10%; you will give Him everything! And if you never give Him anything, He won’t love you any less, and He won’t bless you any less, or He won’t do any less for you.


You will discover that the more He blesses you, and the more He loves you, the more you will loosen up on the wallet. You don’t need a preacher to tell you that you have to tithe. I pastored a church for about 3 ½ years. I never even one time gave a message on offerings or money or tithing. You don’t have to, if you are feeding the people living bread.





As Ishmael represents our carnality, Isaac represents our spirit. As a son we inherit everything by promise. Without the revelation of our true being we will create Ishmael’s. God may speak to us or promise us something and like Abraham we will bring forth an Ishmael (a work of the flesh) unless we can just rest and wait for God to bring it to pass. When God speaks to us to do something, no matter how big it is, we do not have to try and bring it to pass by carnal efforts. We do not have to have fund raisers or ask for money or try and figure out how to make it happen. Carol and I have been asked to move across the country when we had no possible way to make it happen. We just said OK and then waited for the Lord to provide everything we needed to make it happen.


Paul said, “Now we, brethren, as Isaac was, are the children of promise.” That means Ishmael represents the flesh, the carnal nature, no matter if you are born again, filled with the Spirit, speak in tongues and dance in church; if you are living out of this human carnal mind, and living by the law of good and evil, you are carnal! God made no promise to the carnal nature.


When I first felt to make my writings available at no charge I was somewhat apprehensive because I knew that what I had written could become very popular and we didn’t even have the finances to print the books if they did become popular. I really felt to do it so the first year I offered my books on the internet at no charge we sent out 800 copies. The second year we sent out 50,000 and all the finances were supplied for us to do that. We were also supplied with all the equipment we needed to print and ship the books. Also the help we needed for the work came to us. We had 3 or 4 people that helped us over the years. For a few years after that we sent around 4000 books a month to over 70 countries of the world. We did that without ever asking for an offering. We had the same experience with our cassette tapes. 


By telling this I am not saying I am some spiritual giant. I just learned to trust God to supply what I needed to do the work of the ministry. If the Lord does not supply then we know we do not need to do it. That way there is no burden on us to have to strive to keep finances coming. If and when the finances stop we know the Lord is taking us in a different direction. Life is so much easier when we can rest.


We must constantly remind ourselves that because we are sons everything comes to us by promise. If God makes us a promise like he did to Abraham we know that all we need to do is stay open to receive and don’t get into the striving to make anything happen. 


We all need to experience the beauty of His essence that is within us. Everyone has the beautiful essence of all that God is in their being. This is the Good News of the Gospel. 


We are children of the promise. The promise is to the spiritual person that we are. Once we realize that we are on a wonderful victorious journey into the city of God. For years I never felt worthy, so I couldn’t receive the promise. I couldn’t believe that God would bless me if I didn’t stop sinning. Look what the law says. In Deuteronomy 26 it says, if you do all that I tell you to do, and you keep all my commandments and you are good, you will be blessed. There are about 15 verses of blessings if you obey. But if you disobey and break the law you are guilty of all, then you get 50+ verses of cursing that comes on you.


Praise the Lord for Galatians 3:13, “Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law.” Could that really mean what it says? It means, when I miss God, if I fall into sin, if I get into lust, whatever happens to me, I don’t get the curse of the law! God is going to 120 bless me, no matter what I do. Now His blessing may be the severity of His correction so I am not making this “greasy grace”, or “sloppy agape”. However God will bless you with whatever it takes to cause you to realize that you need him.


That is real grace. Grace doesn’t mean that you can live any way you want to without consequences. When you understand the cross and the magnitude of Calvary’s victory you will truly experience grace. Grace means divine enablement. Once you really understand the grace of God, and even if you are living a life of sin and disobedience, God will continue to deal with you until you understand His grace. And when you understand His grace is divine enablement that enables you, as Paul says in Romans 8, to fulfill all the righteous requirements of the law. The righteous requirements of the law are not the law of Moses; they are love the Lord with you heart, your soul and your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.


If we would forget every law, and stop living by good and evil and just focus on loving God, and loving our neighbor, Jesus said that would fulfill all the law, because if you love like that, you wouldn’t steal from your neighbor you wound not commit adultery or violate love in any way. Living by love is not a performance it is your inward nature.


Religion has made living for God a performance. When I was in Pentecost, in some churches you couldn’t dance, you couldn’t chew; you couldn’t go to movies; you couldn’t have a television in your house. You have all these desires, but you push them all down because you think you shouldn’t have them. That is bondage! That is not liberty! It is bondage! 


Liberty is when you have the freedom to do anything you want to do, but you just don’t want to do certain things, that is freedom. I don’t smoke now, not because I feel it is wrong, I just don’t want to. And I find that whatever I do want to do, I have the liberty to do it. One of the first things I was told when I went into Pentecost was that you couldn’t drink anymore, so I went home, and I dumped all my liquor down the drain. I never drank much but I used to come home from work at night and have a couple of drinks, but when I was told it was wrong, I didn’t take a drink for years. One day I realized, what is wrong with having a drink when I come home from work? What is wrong with having a beer? We had put ourselves in so much bondage thinking that our performance will gain us an entrance into the Kingdom, and our performance is what hinders us from entering the Kingdom, because a life of walking in the Kingdom is a life of walking in love and liberty.


In the religious mind we think anyone who drinks or commits various other deeds couldn’t be righteous.” But again, we are looking at performance, and we go by what we have been taught. Almost all of us, unless the Lord has dealt with you and has given you some revelation of Himself, everyone believes what they have been taught. If you were raised in a Baptist church, and God never deals with you as an individual, you will die a Baptist. If you were born a Catholic, you will die a Catholic. All of us believe what we’ve been taught, even If we don’t have any evidence for it. I believed in the bondage of Pentecostalism for quite some time.


Once God begins to speak to you, you can walk out of the bondage of religion and experience the freedom to just be who you are. You will not need to perform any longer. Oh, it’s such a wonderful life.


Gal 4:28-29. “Now we, brethren, as Isaac was, are the children of promise. But as then he that was born after the flesh persecuted him that was born after the Spirit, even so it is now.” KJV


You will find that true in your life once you begin to walk in the reality of the spirit and you begin to stand against those religious things that you’ve been taught. We have been taught that God is going to punish you or He is going to throw you in an eternal fiery Hell, and never let up on your suffering if you die in sin and disobedience. Once you begin to have the revelation that eternal punishment is a lie of religion, then he that is of the flesh, the religious spirit will persecute you. It won’t be the people in the world who persecute you. 


They love to hear about there is no eternal Hell. It’s the people that were born in the religious system, some of them, will kill you if they can. They will tell lies about you, all with good intent, thinking they are doing God a service. They will do anything to stop your voice. But they can’t. Jesus said many years ago, “My sheep, they hear my voice.” When you hear God’s voice nothing will stop you from believing the truth. 


When God begins to deal with you and begins to reveal some of these things to you, it is very difficult for you because you are not hearing it anywhere else. But then someone comes along that begins to explain to you the unlimited love of God, and begins to explain to you the real fire of God and what it’s all about; then it brings a confirmation to you, and you know that you’ve been hearing God. You might not have been sure, but once it is confirmed, you know that you’ve been hearing God.


Once you can begin to trust your anointing then you will be led into all truth by the spirit. Do not trust another unless there is a witness within you. Your religious mind will not agree with these truths but something within you will witness of the truth.
































TRUSTING the WITNESS WITHIN, Parts 1-20 [Gary Sigler] ~ BOOK          46

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