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One of the things that I have noticed in recent days, (made aware by the Holy Spirit) is the dialogue and verbiage of Christian people when presenting the message of Christ. Whether we are speaking to Kingdom people (who seem to have a deeper understanding of truth) or to those in the world (who are blind by reason of ignorance) our presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ can be confusing.

Part of bringing salvation to all men, must be in the presentation. I noticed the other night my 7-year old son was reading from Genesis about the origin of things in God and he actually began preaching. For 20 minutes I got a message on creation from my son as he paced the floor and stumbled through some of the difficult words. He took in the simplicity of the message for the Word paints a picture. However at his age and level of understanding I had to make some corrections in his theology.

In his delicate and innocent mind he formed images of a real slithering snake, man being formed by a giant hand, and a tree full of delicious fruit. I spoke to him in simple terms on a level that a child of 7 could understand and even though he read and envisioned one thing in his natural mind he soon was able to grasp a real spiritual reality that this serpent was in the mind of man (the mind of man himself), the tree was in the heart of man and man came from Father.

Our religious world today is still practicing a natural interpretation and a literal translation of the Bible, which leads us to false doctrine. These interpretations out of the mind of man are not built upon a true foundation, which is Christ but upon hay, wood and stubble. When life’s problems come people often loose sight of God, loose their faith and are swept away by it all for they had nothing substation to hold on to. Whereas, when one builds their beliefs and way of life upon Christ Jesus it does not matter what comes against us we are able to stand against the storms and pressures of life for Christ Jesus said that “He would never leave us nor would He forsake us.”

Now back to my main point. In most writings concerning God we often use phrases and words that are only understood by learned people of God. I know that I read a lot, and I listen to many recorded messages. I enjoy the fellowship I get even when we are not together. But for myself, as a light unto the world, I must shine a light that can be followed by ALL MEN, if I am to be a vessel and an instrument that ushers in the plan of God.

I have been guilty of talking so religiously, writing messages that are over the heads of common folks that the message really is hidden. Not hidden by Father, but hidden in the way that I present it. Jesus spoke in simple parables. I believe that one on one Jesus was easy to talk to. I believe He was very approachable and this is why people wanted to be around Him. The Scribes and Pharisees were spouting off long prayers and fancy words and the people gained nothing from them but sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. They just made noise. This is the year 2004. I feel it is of a necessity to come out of the King James way of presenting the gospel and present Christ as He truly is.

My 7-year old son was presenting Christ in a way that would be confusing to a person who knew little to nothing about God, Jesus or the Born Again experience. I stand guilty of this also. Since the Lord has pointed this out to me I will make an effort to say what I mean without the imagery and theatrical speeches. The “Thus saith the Lord, the thee’s, thou’s and such is a language that the world can no longer identify with. Even the above phrase that I used “sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.” Would make no since to most people outside of the church walls.

As Kingdom people, representing the government and Kingdom of God it is our privilege to serve Father in a way that has a benefit to mankind. Many of us swap messages, ideals, thoughts and etc among Kingdom people and I think this is good. We speak a language consecrated in the heavens. But as Priest of God we should learn of the Father how to ascend and descend and bring this message to earth in a way that those who are still bound to dead Adam can understand.

One of the things that really awakened me to this situation is I just heard a message that I had preached back about 10 years ago to a group of about 1000 young people at a festival in Illinois. I listened carefully to the way I presented it and then I took notice of the words, phrases etc. Even though Father has changed my message since coming to the truth of Sonship, I have been preaching and teaching with the same attitude and style. I do not believe that the world in its present state will be moved by the presentation of the gospel if I continue printing a picture from an age gone by. We have moved into the new age. This is a New Day in which words and terms such as anointing, redemption, tribulation, phrases such as “during the feast, Seed of David, entering into His rest, etc. (those are just quick examples probably not the best), but these along with hundreds of other terms and words are spoken daily in our lives. Father has revealed truth to us. Yet, are we not to carry this truth daily as an example to the world.

Think about it. A man sits in darkness. Black, putrid, thick blanketing darkness not having any ideal at all that there is anything outside of this blindness. He has no comprehension of what light is. He has never seen color or even imaged the real shape of things. Yet we come filled with the light of the gospel of truth. We can begin explaining to him in depth what he is missing, using terminology that we are familiar with for we can see the things which he cannot. Or we can put ourselves into his shoes and start the message from the point where he sits. Yes that is correct. We shine a light, but he doesn’t know what it is. Will he go to it? The lost are lost, sheep are dumb! We take the light into the deep recesses of his soul. This is true awakening. We move along the long corridors of this tragic figure to rouse something that is in him, yet he doesn’t know it even exists. We approach the center of his being to bring forth life, to make alive, and make him mindful. His consciousness was dead, asleep, blind, (whatever you want to describe it) yet we are a foreign stimulating force to make him aware. We cannot shine the light all at once for he will run and hide. But if we are to restore this one the mechanics of our approach must be done gently with words that reflect the nature of an all loving God.

My ministry has always been to the young people but the young people that supported this work have now grown up and they have young people in their homes. God can change the mind of anyone, young or old, however I have noticed that if this message of Sonship is simplified and presented in a understandable way that young people will be more apt to take an interest to seek truth. The problem that I have always had with presenting the gospel is that most people know the basics or what they see on TV about Jesus and little else. To get them to further their interest a uncomplicated word can move mountains. I have been guilty of treating everyone like they had walked with the Lord as long as I had and never took into account that the majority of folks are not consumed by Christ on a daily basis as I am.

We do not need to know the complicated chemical makeup of a flower to appreciate the fragrance. All we must do is get close enough to it to take it in. Afterwards if we are consumed by its aroma we may want to investigate it more thoroughly.

A computer is a good example of how one must understand terminology in order to be a computer person. A computer has a whole different language that one must learn before ever thinking about operating one. People have a concept of a computer but not a working knowledge of it. The gospel is the same. Most people know when you speak about God (when referring to Christianity) that you are speaking of Jesus, salvation, and the cross. But that is as far as their education goes. Knowing that man is limited we ought to be more considerate, thoughtful and pragmatic in our approach when introducing people to truth.

I guess what I am saying is, be led of the Spirit of God. As Christ arises in you to minister outwardly take into account that He may have a deep word which He wants to speak on a simple plain. Do not do anything but be that mouth piece. Being deep in the Lord is great when you are with others of like-mindedness. But if you want to tell the world outside of Kingdom people you may have to present the easy to follow message without the dialect that you are accustomed to using.

I fully understand that God is a Spirit and that His message is a Spiritual message, however if we are to wake up the spirit in man we must move through the veil of his flesh to do so. If we are truly God’s instruments we should be able to play a complicated symphony of harmonious sounds or peck out a simple easy to follow melody. To do both is easy in Christ, but if we routinely just speak forth without the full consideration of our audience I am afraid that many will go untouched, unaffected, unstirred, unaltered, and unchanged by our message.

Deep truth presented in the simplest of messages seems to be something that only God the Father can perform. It is hard to get past our own arrogance at times. But remember, to whom much is given, much is required!

Your brother in light,

TRUTH IN A SIMPLE FORM [Dale Thompson]          1


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