OCTOBER 13, 2007


“Would you like some facts suggesting that humans are not responsible for the current very small change in temperature? Most of the global temperature increase of the last 100 years occurred before most of the man-made CO2 was produced. Of human-produced Carbon Dioxide (CO2), human impact on global temperature may be as little as 1% of that one degree increase. CO2 in the atmosphere is thought to be the biggest contributor to temperature change, yet do the enviro-police mention the truth that 97% of atmospheric CO2 is from volcanoes? Its known that sunspot activity is one of the larger influencers of global temp changes. Do you recall that some 30 years ago we were told global temperatures had actually been dropping since 1945, and scientists warned of “another Ice-Age”? Temps are cyclic overtime as many periods of warmer/colder temps are noted in historic literature and maps.” (Much information is available… try going to “The Global Warming Deception”, filmed by the BBC…among other things.)


It would seem that many people would rather believe the worst, no matter the lack of facts, than consider why there has been such fear mongering. From “Ice Age” (up until the 1970s) to, now, “global warming – and severe consequences.” Even here, it might be wise to “follow the money,” as they say.


As with ALL things, I see God in control – as He has been from the beginning – of EVERYthing! Man is fickle, and looks for reasons to fear, to cause fear, to empower himself. Amazing – the vast majority (even of Christians) fall in line with such thinking. Enough said…





















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