This quote came to me through a daily Email I received. I have chosen it for the title of this article. When I first read it, I remembered a young woman who came to share with me a few years ago. What she was sharing did not fit my belief system at that time. She became a great annoyance to me. Every time she would bring the subject up it irritated me greatly. She would interrupt me when I was teaching small classes to interject her belief, bring me books on the subject, and try personally to express what she had come to understand.  

All of her efforts were to no avail. I just could not see what see saw, and what she had to say annoyed me! All the while she was trying to bring new understanding my way, she continued to honor where I was. She would listen intently to what I had to say and then gently give me her view. I was stuck… my horizon was limited to what I could see, spiritually, and I was not eager to release my views or move further. 

Eventually this young woman began to travel internationally and I did not see her for some time. In some ways I was glad she left because she had become a thorn in my side. She was always challenging my beliefs and I preferred staying in control and comfortable. I thought she was way out there with her beliefs and I sure didn’t want to join her!

Probably about a year or so later, I began to have a revelation on the very subject this friend had been sharing. It began very slowly, but bit by bit the Spirit was revealing this greater truth to me. Little by little, I began to see the clarity and wonder of what she had been attempting to tell me months before.

One evening, all of a sudden, I remembered a book she had loaned me. Back then I tried to read it but it just didn’t resonate, so I put it up on my book shelves. I had thought, the next time I saw her I would give the book back, this book was not for me!

So that evening when I thought of it, I began to search for the book. Where had I put it? What was the title?  Then, searching, I found it. I opened it and began to read. Lo and behold… it made perfect sense to me and was exactly what the Holy Spirit had been showing me! The wonderful thing was it tied lots of the loose ends of revelation together in a profound way.  I couldn’t put it down.  It opened scriptures and I saw them in new ways.  This new revelation made these scriptures come alive with meaning!  I was so moved and excited!  This book had just been waiting for me on my shelf. All thanks to my insistent friend!

My precious friend who had tried to share new truth with me was still out of the country, I just couldn’t wait for her return! I couldn’t wait to tell her that now I understood what she had been trying to share. That all the while I considered her an irritant in my life, she really had come with divine purpose! Because she had given me that book, I had the needed information to fill in the blanks of my new revelation.

I was ecstatic! I was back in my Bible seeing such new and exciting truth. I began to speak on the subject. It continued to grow with meaning and illumination. Others were beginning to see this new truth too! It was changing the way we saw God and ourselves!

I won’t keep you in suspense any longer. The subject she was trying to open to me was the true nature of God as male/female. She kept telling me we had lost the feminine part of God.  The world was in a mess because of an out of balance male perspective of God. That had sounded so way out or new age to me I could not hear her. 

Now I was seeing it for myself. God had created man in his own image male/female. God’s true nature was the power principle of the male, but also the intuitive, compassionate feminine, in perfect balance. My purpose is not to teach the Male/female nature of God in this article. If you want to hear the message it is on my CD, “GOD’S TRUE NATURE MALE/ FEMALE.”  My purpose is to show you how I fought new truth. How a belief which did not fit into my box, irritated me to no end before the truth could set me free!

Hasn’t this been true in your life? New truth before it can be accepted, many times first annoys you?  What a great lesson I had learned.  Things I now hear which don’t resonate with me, I honor and file away in my consciousness. I wait patiently until they come alive for me. If they don’t, I still honor them and put them gently away again. I have learned to honor others in their search for truth. I know all humanity is on the same journey… HOME! Home to our true source.

We all live and move and have our being in God!  We have come forth from the light and we are all returning to the light. The light of the full illumination of our Being!

Before my friend came back to the states I called her boyfriend. I told him when he talked to her to be sure and tell her that I could see her truth now. I was now able to see what she had tried so hard to help me understand. He laughed and said he’d tell her and was sure she would be pleased.

When she finally returned and we got together, I apologized for being so staunch and arrogant in my beliefs. I asked her forgiveness for being so irritated with her and for thinking “how right” I was and “wrong she was.” I thanked her from my heart for being patience with me, yet unyielding in her understanding. She had taught me a great lesson. One I won’t soon forget.

So next time you become irritated with something new, remember this wise quote we began with…..

The truth will set you free, but first it will annoy you Big-Time!

Freedom Must Be Our Cry…




























TRUTH WILL ANNOY YOU [Mary Lou Houllis] 9-2-07          1


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