What is inside of you right now? Have you ever thought of that before? Your spirit? Your soul? Where do these two things come from?

We proclaim to anyone who will hear us that God is omnipresent (everywhere at once), that God sees and hears all. We point to the stars or to some beautiful natural landmark and think of God creating those things and we think how wonderful He is to be able to do such things, yet we overlook the greatest truth of all.

Consider this, God is all that there is. This may be hard to see, but try and understand the next few sentences because they are important.

Nothing existed before God. All that there is physical and spiritual came out of God. In Genesis we see God before anything else was created. There was no light and no earth. Even the universe itself was not yet born. Nothing existed in that moment in time but God. Then God spoke, and in the speaking creation began. Creation came out of God. Literally speaking, all there is existed within God before He spoke and gave it life outside of Him.

Now this part is even harder to see but I am confident it is nothing less than truth.

Even you and I lived in God before our physical bodies touched this existence we now live in. Life begins with, is a part of and eventually returns to God who gave it out of Himself to us. The very breath in our bodies is His.

Now that we see all came from him, let us move one step further. All that is, is a part of Him. In math we would say all that there is, is a sum total of Him. And although the parts that make up the sum are not greater than the totality of God, the individual parts exists as a part of Him nonetheless.  Not only is this true in natural things, but also in spiritual. That is why we are rightly named the “Family of God”. Of all things spoken, this is one of the greatest truths. Few of the children of planet earth have fully realized this truth, yet those who did have shaken its very foundation.  This is the purest kind of life. The knowledge that God is your Father and that Father is IN you.

Once this is fully understood with all of your heart then events outside of this truth will not shatter your faith any longer, for once you see yourself as a part of God, God who lives not on a planet called heaven, but within your very being then what could shake you? With that knowledge fully grounded and rooted in you what could arise that would cause your faith to fail?

Seeing yourself as a part of Him should not be mistaken for seeing yourself as Him for the part can not be greater than the whole. You are of God; you are of the God family. You exist as a member of the “I AM” family. We can see ourselves as I AM of the I AM family but not as the GREAT I AM.

Now a mystery, even though we are parts of the whole, the fullness of the whole is inside of us individually! Peter realized this and walked on water. John realized it and lived well beyond his natural years, even after being boiled in oil. Paul realized it and was not moved when bitten by a viper. Now child of the Father, son of the most high, will you also see yourself this way? Will you recognize that God is speaking to you from inside of yourself? Calling you to walk in the fullness that exists there already? You do not need to become anything else nor do you need to follow a prescribed pathway. Just Be. That is the final revelation of this particular message. Just be, for all that you would see yourself become in Him exists there within you already. God can be no less than what He is and since He exists in you, and you exist as a part of Him, you can be no less either. You are creating your experience right now. Create a flame and light the world with it. It is within your hand to do so. “Behold He comes quickly and even is at hand”. The word “at” in this verse literally translates “In” hand. His coming within you is in your grasp, within your hand. Now that you have it, place it in others hands. Light the candle, catch the flame. Set the world ablaze. Blessings!  Scott




TRUTH WITHIN THE TEMPLE [Scott Carpenter]          1


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