MARCH 11, 2008

If I just could find time………….. “Your time is unlimited!”

If I could finally be free…………. “You are as free right now as you will allow!”

If I could just love as You love. “First you will discover you are Love, and then you will always express what you are, in everything you do!”

“So you may commit your love to everything you are doing moment by moment for this is My Will for you. Just like you are the one trying to invent the light bulb; you are fully dedicated to what you do.”

“Honor always belongs where you are.  Here, you are blessed abundantly; chosen to be here. The love that you are opens the way in this new creation.  You always change darkness into light.”

“My anointing rushes in to reveal itself where dedication eliminates division. It is true that double mindedness can hinder. I am here that there be only one mind. I am the way, and it is a polished way, direct, careful, and pure. I am your innermost thought and Being.”

“It has been said, “Even if I am a lowly ditch digger, I shall be the very best there is. Why not? We shall do all things as unto the Lord.”

“By the way, I am always pleased that any one is willing to start on the bottom, seeing each day through. This is honorable.”

“There are innumerable ministries of all types, many not recognized as ministries. Consider where your feet are presently planted, or consider a little homemaker washing her husbands work clothes on a rub board.  Consider the love by which she washes as well. In this new day, every person is a minister unto The Lord in One Another.”

“Yes, you are that love right now, an energy that is inexhaustible, and in the midst of Divinity.  You are infinite grace and mercy for I am here. You are one with resurrection and life eternal.  All power in Heaven and in Earth are at the foundation and substance of your Being.  You are the seed of wisdom and harmony.  Within you is a complete blessing harvest; righteous and unlimited; sent from on high.”

“You are discovered; Kingdom of God status, the new creature of Life; open fully to Christ within.”

“Be fruitful as the love you are.”

“Man is not left out of My Glorious Kingdom. I give My all for the love of man. All have been gathered into One as We live and give life one to another.

“There came a foretaste of Kingdom in earth in the very outstanding period of the renaissance, and another foretaste in the establishment of the glorious freedom of mankind in America The Beautiful. Just as in America today, it took real dedication by Michelangelo for him to lie on his back and express his heart on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. His determined wish was to reveal The Father.” (True Oneness)




TRYING to INVENT the LIGHT BULB [Jim-Melba Crofford] 3-11-08          1


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