SEPTEMBER 18, 2001

Life in America has forever been changed by the acts of terrorism that provoked at Attack on America today.

Men from other countries with other values chose to act in hatred and seek vengeance against us this day.

They have been taught to hate and fear and their twisted thinking destroyed around 3,000 innocent folks.

But God was not asleep when this planned attack became a reality on this beautiful sunny day in New York.

He knew exactly what was at hand and He dispatched angels to receive those people going on a spirit trip.

His angels exchanged their pain and suffering for peace and victory as they removed the power of death’s grip.

They were received with love beyond human understanding and royally clothed in their glory garments.

Each one was given their new heavenly spirit assignment and ushered into God’s eternal glorious presence.

Their first assignment in their new role was to assist in bringing the towers to rest 110 stories below.

What a way to enlist soldiers into God’s Spiritual Army and what immediate obedience they did show.

Unity and harmony were the ways of this cooperative group of spiritual infantry as they worked in unison.

Each tower was laid to rest in the place where it had stood – a symbol of America’s financial vision.

Many of those left behind are crying out “How could a God of love and mercy turn His back on this act?”

Agape love can only come to full maturity in an atmosphere of good and evil – it is a proven fact!

It’s no time to blame God for what He has allowed, but to praise Him for the end result that will be worthwhile.

He always takes what we may call evil and turns it around to make an ultimate blessing so we can all smile.

Now seven days have passed by since this awesome event in the United State’s and New York’s history.

People from all over America came out of their comfort zone and gave to bring consolation in this mystery.

Many traveled across this nation – concerned for those suffering and grieving from these acts of aggression.

Gloves, flashlights, teddy bears, and other supplies were brought to help bring peace amid the confusion.

These charitable acts of help and concern are sometimes man’s most meaningful ways of showing love.

A rescue worker digging for endless hours through rubble cherishes a useful gift of love – new gloves.

A welcome glass of water, a pat on the back, a word of encouragement – all things we can so easily share.

But these gestures make the difference in another person’s day when you’re showing how much you care.

It’s not time for judgment and division – it’s time for the family spirit of America to rise to the surface in our life.

Let’s put our issues behind and search out ways we can join with our neighbors to remove all hatred and strife.

Children have a way of finding common ground – reasons to be friends and share their time together in peace.

Let’s all become as little children and lay down our own selfish desires and not withdraw but choose to reach.

Such simple things can really make the difference in every single human being’s activity-filled, busy day.

Just search out what you can do to bring joy to someone with a need that no one but you seems to see today.

Fill that void within the life of just one human being and see what an incredible boost this will be to your spirit.

For you see, you were made to be the hands and feet of God Himself – to love on His people by His own spirit.

You’re just a temple of flesh that He wants to establish a lush, green, fertile residence for himself within.

Let Him move out all of the “stuff” you’ve been hording in your attic and make a room for Him to dwell in.

He’s just waiting for you to see things from His perspective, desiring to be an instrument of blessing, so say

“Lord, I want you to be in control of me and all my presence represents – take this vessel – use it this very day!”

It’s not about being in a church every time the door is open where folks are gathering to be seen and heard.

It’s about having an intimate personal relationship with the creator of this universe – hanging on His every word.

He’ll give you all the wisdom you need to make it through each and every day of your exciting adventurous life.

And He’ll see to it that you’re productive in all that you say, think or do – all in peace and joy, without strife.

Sure, there will be suffering and adversity as we walk through our time right here on this planet called earth,

But joined intimately with Him, you will walk in a realm above all of the details of life, from death to birth.

Do you have some questions – the answers are all in His hand – ask and wait for Him to respond and say,

“My child, I’m so glad you took the time to ask. I’ll be happy to share those details with you this very day.”
































































TWIN TOWERS ARE NO MORE [Sunny Orly Coffman] 9-18-01 ~ POEM         1


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