AUGUST 19, 2012

[I’ll have a confession of my own stumbling/fumbling a little later …but first I am supposed to point out something that was brought to my attention].

Actually there were three examples in my inbox this a.m. Here’s the leader:

“Brad, I need help: I’ve commanded and demanded all obstacles be removed. My health keeps getting worse.”

Number two was even more revealing:

“Hi Brad, I’m wondering if you could pray for me. I’ve been doing everything you have been saying, but nothing helps, I just can’t seem to get the kind of faith you keep saying is possible.”

In the last several articles I’ve been complaining about some of you complaining about me saying the same things over and over. These three e-mails give you any clues? Oh yeah, here’s the third one:

“I’m dying and all you faith healers are alike; making promises that can’t come true.”

Before I go into one of my Brad Cullen less than gentle corrections over that one, let’s first review some basics that we all know, but tend to ignore, but for our better good we shouldn’t:

Scientific experiments and probes have long proven that there are two different parts of the brain – one is conscious the other just goes about its work unconsciously obeying the programming it has been given and, for the most part just quietly goes about doing the work for which it was designed – to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently.

Here’s the rub: The subconscious, while mostly an automated system, keeping all the organs contained in these body bags functioning properly and appropriately, can be interfered with in any number of ways (also proven scientifically), that is, interfered with in ways that can be both healthy and unhealthy. The subconscious (also scientifically proven) doesn’t make cognitive judgment …it is influenced outside of ways which the conscious parts of our brains cannot figure out without some scientific explanation.

A further challenge is that the subconscious has a variety of built-in protective measures against making any changes.

In the world of the conscious mind we might refer to it as “stubborn and prejudiced” because that is what helps us hold onto traditions and values which, on a conscious level, we may have decided no longer serve our best interests.

One way of looking at this is to realize that it isn’t our conscious minds that need an overhaul – most of us have been confronted with the fact that the good things we wish we would do and the habits we don’t like about ourselves point up the difficulty. Something is operating in the background that keeps us in bondage to stuff we know, consciously, we need to overcome.

What is needed is only to understand something quite simple. Meaning the first step is relatively easy. What comes afterward is the constant vigilance and discipline necessary to begin to have the long lasting effects we want to see take place …that proves to take a bit of work and here it is:

If we are to be successful we need to retrain the subconscious to stop being an obstacle to the progress we want, on a conscious level, to make. Before we tackle that, let’s go back to the stuff in the inbox that started us down this road.

Here were my answers beginning with number 3:

One of the reasons, I make no claim to be a “faith healer” (so what’s up with you calling me one?…when I’ve been clear that I’m not). There is only ONE healer and HE/IT/SHE is in you – but since you are telling the inner doctor that you are dying. Guess what? Your wishes are HER/HIS/ITS command. At least you’re not asking me for any help, that’s a wise decision …because I don’t offer any help to those who don’t want it. I usually say thanks for writing to almost everyone who e-mails me, but what would be the point in your case? In fact, what’s your point?

The second one …yep I’ve said it over and over and over. I DON’T PRAY FOR ANYONE TO BE HEALED! The faith I say is possible to get, the “God-faith” which Jesus promised, comes by demanding, commanding and knocking UNTIL you break through and know you have it. It’s not the thing “hoped” for (the watered down English translation), it’s the faith that is used with confidence because you KNOW! Here’s some more of “my” redundancy: “God-faith” was originally demonstrated by Jesus in the killing of a fig tree – by cursing it because there were no figs on it! Results-getting-faith is not that which says: “Oh God, if it be thy will, please heal me.”

Is it any wonder that Jesus got pissed off at the religious of his day? Lest you forget, he called them “painted over grave markers,” he referred to them as being, “the children of a snake” and other niceties. Of course, he even called his own hand-picked crew of 12 a bunch of faithless perverts! THAT, my friends, is an accurate, literal, translation from the original; yes I’ve said it before, surely you can see that SOME people obviously need to hear it again, even if you don’t, right?

“Jesus wouldn’t say anything like that” is the favorite response of the religious, to which I am saying, sigh, again, well in the Bible you hold with such reverence those things are exactly what he was recorded as saying.

Now to the “leader” …the one I opened with: Two brains at work here, a perfect example of DOUBLE-MINDEDNESS! Let’s do it again:

“Brad, I need help: I’ve commanded and demanded all obstacles be removed. My health keeps getting worse.”

I promised to share a little confession of my own. WE ALL, EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US, slip into this kind of double-minded nonsense. I shudder to think of all the times my words and my speech contain such contradictory pit-slime.

So I answered with a copy to my dear friend and publisher, Ryan Bruce, with these exact words (the name omitted):

“The help you need is very simple; STOP SAYING, “My health keeps getting worse” …that IS a command to your subconscious which can’t tell the difference and is obeying you. STOP IT NOW!!!! Sheeez, Xxxxx, that is your biggest obstacle.

Looking at it now, I realize I could/should have said it more clearly. The subconscious (part of the brain of these body bags we occupy) takes every word we say as the truth and finds ways to implement them.

Hear this, get this, stop with the thoughts and words that the subconscious, as the good servant it is, puts into effect without thinking!

This is where the discipline and work come in.

Of course, my dear Ryan sent me a copy of this corrective he sent to the poor guy to provide comfort from the effects of my brashness …and with Ryan’s words we close:

Hi xxxx:

I have found that I can only demand and command what I am not already creating. So if I am creating a sore back, I cannot command it to cease and not be sore. My healing calls are ignored because I made some earlier commands/demands that have priority or strength.

The strength of whatever my body is holding onto is based on, how long I have been holding on, how deep is the issue within my subconscious mind. 9 times out of ten, I don’t even know how/when or why I created the symptom plaguing me in any given moment. Sometimes I need help to get to whatever it is I am holding onto. Sometimes I need massive amounts of prayer and peacefulness to even hear what my issue is that is blocking my healing.

The next issue and that is the one Brad is addressing. You command/demand healing…it doesn’t appear instantly or shortly thereafter (based on your perception of how long things should take)… then you say “my health is getting worse”…and you have erased all commanding/demanding you have done and reinforced poor health.

S-o-o-o-o-o-o hard to stay focused when your health is challenged; that’s why I suggested you go see a doctor and get some level of relief. When you have some sustained relief you can build up your strength for another faith run. Seriously…no one expects you to be able to walk on water right after you discover Jesus, most of all Jesus does not expect you to walk on water, don’t believe me…ask Paul.

What Brad writes about is Brad and his experiences. How this applies to xxxx is totally different and totally different for Ryan too. Once again, I am asking you to please seek outside medical aid and thereby put yourself in a position where you can fight. Example: Jesus healed 10 lepers, said to them, “Go show yourself to the priest that you are clean.” Were they clean instantly or only at the time they met with the priest? What was the medium, Christ’s words or the priests? How about one other, the fact they went to see the priest? How about All of them. A doctor is just another priest, who will give you a modicum of relief. Your healing will come from Christ.

Love ya!























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