John 1-13 - The believer is not born of the will of man - not blood - not of flesh - but of God.  Mankind’s generation is born of flesh and blood and the will of man.  Acts 17-26 - God has made of one [man] all nations… vs. 30.  Now God has commanded all men everywhere to repent.  This would be from the ignorance of God.  Vs. 31 goes on to say God has appointed a day [light] in which all men will be judged by one man - a man he raised from the dead.  


At this point they mocked Paul.  That day is here and the man is here. Then this also is the day and the judgment.  Resurrection is the proof.  Nor just the man, Jesus, but those raised together with him.  It fails to be fulfilled if there is no man on earth to judge.  The one man is Adam and the one man is the Christ.  To be born of God, then, is not you - not your flesh - not your blood - not your will.  The old humanity is not re-born.  


All men have died together in one man.  All are made alive together in one.  The transition is: repent of the old man. Rom. 6-8 If we have died together with Christ, we shall all live together with him.  Notice there is nothing separate from Christ.  


How can we be joined together with Adam and Christ in death?  Rom. 7:11 Paul concerning Moses law - Sin taking occasion through the flesh deceived me and killed me.  In verse 8 he says - apart from the law sin is dead.  Most then must be preaching law.  It flows then, if one is free from the law, then one will live and not die.  


Paul again in Gal. 2:20… With Christ I have been crucified.  Paul speaks of two engagements with death.  Rom. 4:25 - Christ was put to death for our trespasses and raised for our justification.  This was not to make him an icon to worship.  This is identification - oneness with man in death and resurrection.  I will be taken by men and killed and I will rise again.  This word was spoken before the cross and it was so and it is now.  Rom. 6:6 - Our old man was crucified together with him.  This is not some thing we look forward to.  It is finished.  Identity is with Christ in death and life.  This is not our idea of life, as man.  This does not come to the humanity crucified with Christ.  We have died to flesh and are in spirit with Christ.  The body is only a house.  Neither Paul nor you nor I were ever with the man, Jesus. 


It is the word of truth that we are to embrace.  To reject the reality of this - is to align yourself with those who rejected his physical presence.  This old humanity is operating today and only in Christ is he put away.  If God has put him away, he is not in the purpose.  That is now in Christ the new man [image].  We must reject what God has rejected.  To continue to work on the flesh to obey and witness is over.  Join God in the new way.  Nothing outside of the identity of a son will produce a new man [image].  Whatever idea of life Adam had, he gave it up.  This was not the case with Jesus.  Adam remained in death until he returned to earth.  The promise of return to the earth was given to Adam.  The seed of a new man, by God’s word was planted in Eve.  Both promises came to fruition in the man, Jesus.  All the promises of God are yes and amen in Him and we, in Him, are joint heirs of the promise.  Do not hope for anything outside of God’s Christ.  It is only in spirit that one partakes of the promise.  All is of God, the creator… not the material creation, which is temporal.


There should be no expectation of the flesh to take part in redemption.  The spirit finds no fruit of realization in the flesh mind.  Christ is the consummation of Adam and the law of Moses given to that man.  He is not a partaker of the spirit of the law in Christ Jesus.  Christ is now our nature and our life.  He is received as a word, not as a person.  We are members of his body - bone of his bone, flesh of his flesh, joined in one spirit, having one Father.  


Flesh used by Satan in that man now has no access to the Christ.  Now the flesh is in submission of Christ as Lord… a tabernacle of true witness.  This is serious business.  If you reject the judgment, you reject the word of God in Moses.  Then how will you accept the word in Christ Jesus?  This is the same word in Moses or Christ.  Remember, only God can give you Christ.  



TWO DEATHS [Lloyd Ellefson]          1

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