Consider this article only as an example to help explain an important point – not an attempt to try to rewrite the Bible in any way. 

We all know the story about there being two thieves on crosses on either side of Jesus at Golgotha – experiencing the physical suffering of being crucified for their sins of thievery, while Jesus was experiencing the shame of being crucified as us, taking the punishment we rightly deserved, when He had never committed a sin of any kind.

Have you ever considered the possibility that these two thieves might represent an important lesson for us all – the lesson being that they may represent thieves alright, but thieves of a different kind than we have ever imagined. 

Perhaps the thief on Jesus’ left was a representation of YOUR PAST and the thief on Jesus’ right was a representation of YOUR FUTURE.  And each time your thoughts are consumed with things that occurred in your past – past failures, past hurts, past regrets, you have become a victim of thievery! 

Yes, it is also just as true when you allow your thoughts to become consumed with things of your future – worrying about how you’re going to pay your taxes, have enough money to educate your children, what you’re going to say to a friend that has used and abused you, how you’re going to settle the growing conflict between you and your spouse, etc.

Again, more robbery has occurred – time has been stolen from you – time that could have been used in a so much more productive endeavor. 

Could Jesus have experienced any challenges in His thought life while He hung on that cruel cross?  Could it be that this was a test for Him, too?  Was what we have read actually an account of Jesus rejecting thoughts of his past – the thief on his left [not condemning someone to eternal torment] and embracing positive thoughts of His future, knowing that His purpose was about to be finished and He would again be at the right hand of His Father very soon?  Is that why he said the man on His right would be with him in Paradise?

These are thoughts that passed my way today and I just wanted to share them with each of you for your own consideration.

In any event, there is no doubt that if we’re allowing our focus to dwell on things that are totally out of our reach, such as things of our past or things in our future, we’re allowing time to be stolen from us – time that could be used so much more productively on the challenges of the moment, the enjoyment of the moment, etc.











TWO THIEVES ON THE CROSS [Sunny Orly Coffman] 9-9-05          1


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