DECEMBER 18, 2010





Bells ringing, choirs singing, Salvation Army Santa]s ding, ding dinging. “What does it mean?” we wonder. “What shall we do?” we ponder.  Before Halloween, Christmas Trees gleam in Walmart’s Garden Center.  Hearing their cash registers chinging, they will stoop to any low, including Christmas glow to part us from our money.  Now, that’s not funny. “Cease and desist,” we must insist.  What have we missed?  What has the “bottom line” to do with the story divine we want to know?



The shepherds came there without a care with nothing to wrap, no cookies to bake or halls to drape with holly.  What folly, we ask, has brought us to this,  when it takes mistletoe to get a kiss,  and eggnog poured to get the song going, the party flowing, everyone knowing that  THIS is not Christmas at all.



Love in our heart is a very good start to knowing the Christ child of old.  In the manger He laid, in a stable displayed bringing THE ULTIMATE GIFT. The World looks at us and laughs at our cache of bells and bows and bulbs.  Where is the meaning when crowds run screaming to shop the latest sale?  What does it say when our only concern is trying to discern what to buy for Mom?  What she wants but cannot say is for someone to love her every day.



What we all want is in short supply because we’re too busy to even try.  In our quest to have fun, may we bless every one and receive God’s gift of love:  A gift to be shared by all who dared to invite Him in.  Give it a spin and we’ll all win!












ULTIMATE GIFT, THE [Jan A. Antonsson] 12-18-10          1

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