MARCH 26, 2007

“Of all my beloved children, many are today discovering what it is to be Sons of God; both Children and Sons having been born in The Only Begotten Son. I love My Children as Sons for I see all of them As One New Man.  I Am risen, Glorified, come again in all humanity, and Am the substance of every particle of creation. There is none or no thing outside of Me.”

“Now, think on this; (the greatness of God): It is only natural that if you pour water on a flat rock that rock will become wet, obviously.   However, The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, if He so chooses, can pour water on a flat rock for ages without that rock becoming wet at all.  This is a simple story, but illustrates the unlimited nature of Being Free Indeed. The Same One, as you know, can bring water from the rock to fill every man’s needs.”

“This is the story of “Free Indeed” The Very Un-Compromised Holy One Who You Are In The Son; there being no such thing as partially free in Me.  Everything responds to your Presence, Your Word, and Your Agreement. Free Indeed” is The Unlimited State of Eternal Being In The Son.  Whom The Son sets free is free indeed.  It is a freely given State of Being.   The Sons have come to know They are Free, while My Children, are being awakened to the Glory of what has already been given by My Spirit. ”

“Free Indeed Whom You Are” is freedom from all precedence and all law; nothing separating God and Man; God As Man.  It is freedom even from natural law. 

“Free Indeed” may walk on water or speak worlds into existence. I know I Am The Word of God. In me, there is no death at any level; no fear, no separation, limitation or condemnation.  Free Indeed controls the rain, the rainbow, and the harvest. You are aware of the awakening of all men in their order. Free Indeed is come again to bless the dawn, to reveal the eternal love of Father, to wipe away all tears and to pour My heart out to all that rest upon My Wings, Your wings.  You, “Free Indeed,” The All in All; The All As All, do not hesitate or waver. Your breath is the sweetness of the resurrection upon all; Your mercy is forever. You’re here to define the fullness of salvation, and to give that which You, since resurrection, have found that You Are.

Free Indeed may never be measured for You have no bounds. You never, never compromise for that which is perfect is come. In Your hand is peace and mercy forever. You are about The Father’s business.”

You stand at the top of the mountain waving The Flag of Peace and Joy. Your voice honors The Christ Within. You may be seen with one foot on the sea and one foot on the land signifying that You have overcome all limitation.”

Never to condemn or find darkness in any man, You see only The True Light That Is, The Risen Son, The New Creation. You speak of The Father often, Who Is Heaven Himself.”

Welcome back Lord Jesus Who, now abiding in our hearts, has made us “The Free Indeed One.!”




UN-COMPROMISED [Jim-Melba Crofford] 3-26-07          1


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