Father, today, is walking the earth in His Many-Membered Body.  Many are seeing Him, hearing Him and many are walking in/as Him.  So many people ask, “why can’t I?”   The Truth is: you must take your eyes and ears off of EVERYTHING, EXCEPT HIM.  You see, if allowed, the carnal mind, that we THINK we still have, will keep us looking at every religious thing; every material possession; every thing in our bodies, religious sounding words, everything,  EXCEPT FATHER.

Lately, Father has been speaking some things to me that MUST be realized. He is speaking SIMPLE things that are easily understood.  There’s no studying needed; no sermons needed to be heard; no works that need to be worked.  

We have been SO CONCERNED with the future, trying to prepare ourselves to receive and accept what Father has to offer, that we have overlooked the here and now.  We’ve overlooked the prize because we’ve been so busy LOOKING FOR IT!

The prize is right where Father is, WITHIN US!!  It’s been there all this time!!  I have been as guilty as anyone else, about these things. But, thank Father, He is speaking so CLEARLY, that IF our desire is to LIVE IN HIM, MOVE IN HIM AND BE IN HIM, it HAS TO BE!    As He elevates us out of this dimension that we’ve been existing in, there will DEFINITELY come things that will be allowed to come our way, to see if we TRULY ARE lifted up in Him or if we can be drug back down to the realm that He has lifted us from.

Something came about, last week, that I KNOW was sort of like the scene where Jesus was tempted by Satan, in the wilderness.  At first, the first thoughts that came to me was the “lower” way of thinking (not that that happened with Jesus).  But, it didn’t take more than 10 minutes for Father’s thoughts to begin to start flowing, CLEARLY.  And all was peaceful again!  Oh, what peace is in HIS THOUGHTS!

It’s a matter of keeping our focus on Who we are. Which is HIS LIFE!  It’s not that we are focusing on ourselves, but, on Who is walking, talking and BEING in and through us. There’s not us AND Him, it’s ALL HIM! And that’s how we must focus.  Father said to me, “REGARDLESS of how these physical bodies are seen, by anyone, I AM being seen.”  What a blessing!

Father is walking BACK into, even the “system” that He took us out of, to bring forth those that are beginning to know, or even becoming uncomfortable in that religious atmosphere, to give them understanding of the TRUTH of who they are.  Praise His Loving Being!

I don’t know how many parts this study will be made up of, but, I do know that some will be for babes, some for adolescents, and some for ALL.  But, Father is and will be showing how impossible it is to truly know Him, AS HE IS, without understanding and knowing His Spiritual TRUTH, not just the written text of the bible.

Eph 3:17-19, “that Christ may dwell in your hearts BY FAITH; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to COMPREHEND with all saints what is the BREADTH, and LENGTH, and DEPTH, and HEIGHT; and to know the love of Christ, which PASSETH KNOWLEDGE, that ye might be filled with ALL THE FULLNESS OF GOD.”

The word “comprehend”, in Strong’s #2638, 2596, 2983, means to find, to obtain, or to perceive “down” in opposition, position, or intensity. It’s means to seek, to search out, look at and to obtain what is beneath the scriptures.  Spiritual understanding is actually dimensions of meaning and interpretation. The dimensions are the measurements of, the BREADTH, LENGTH, DEPTH, and HEIGHT of knowing Father.

Taking the Pattern that Jesus laid; we can see by His ministering, the different dimensions that HE used in His teaching.

1. LITERAL= Jesus used the Literal interpretation of teaching, when He addressed the Pharisees.

2. PARABLE or ALLEGORY= Jesus used PARABLE interpretation of teaching when He preached to the multitudes.

3. SEEK and SEARCH= Jesus taught His disciples to seek Him for answers, to search out the meaning of the parables, He has taught us to STUDY AND SEARCH OUT the true meaning of the words in the Written Word.  To search out the culture of that time period; the people and the Law that they were under. These things we seek and search out. And these are the ways that we’ve been led to get to know ABOUT Father.

4. INNER, SPIRITUAL= Jesus called aside 3 of His apostles, on the Mt of Transfiguration, to show Himself; then, there was ONLY ONE that Jesus called, His Beloved. John. John laid his head on the breast of Jesus. John’s MIND was on the HEART of Jesus!!  This showed that NOTHING had to be physically seen. His mind had become ONE with Jesus.  If Jesus said something, John BELIEVED COMPLETELY!!!  Regardless of what else was said by anyone; what the situation looked like; regardless of the difficulties, John BELIEVED!

With us, WE HAVE THE VERY BEING of Father. We have BECOME AWARE that instead of US, it is Father’s very life THAT IS BEING LIVED OUT THROUGH US, HIS BODILY MEMBERS!!  We will be seeing in this study, that He wants us to KNOW Him, not only naturally, but Spiritually, because we are Spirit as He is Spirit. (If you read the Genesis studies, we learned that we were created Spirit beings, this is ONE knowing, that “as He is in this world, so ARE WE!)  As we go along and learn to go inward to learn, we find, more and more, that “as He is, so are we.


Eph 3: 17-19, “that Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height; and to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled WITH ALL THE FULLNESS OF GOD.”

As I started this study, I was going to focus on definitions, words, and other things. But, Father is focusing on the above scripture.  This has been one on my favorite scriptures; and I have been taken realm to realm, level to level, in understanding it. It is SO full of revelation and knowledge, not head knowledge, but, Spiritual knowledge that is needed to be understood and eaten and allowed to become a part of us.

The first thing that we need to remember is the meaning of the word “Christ”.  It is not Jesus’ name; it is an adjective that describes who and what the flesh man Jesus was.  Christ=Christos.  It is Father’s Life. Anointing. That is Father’s Life that has been placed in each of us, although, many do not know that it is within them. They keep asking, “let Your anointing come down upon me”.  Well, HE is within us, we are ONE WITH HIM, His Life is what is being lived, not our life. With His Life in us, we became His anointed one, His Christ. “that Christ may dwell in your hearts.”

This is the Breadth of learning. The literal form of the Word of God, the written Word. We, as babes, are taught the literal realm of teaching.  We learn that “Christ” was born in a manger; was left behind, at the age of 12, to be found teaching in a temple that He was the cousin of John the Baptist, that took on 12 disciples and went around teaching the Word of God, and became our Saviour. And we just accepted the thinking that the word Christ was part of a name that God gave Jesus.  And it is in this realm or level in which we learn much history. And all these facts are true.  (For this level or realm of learning.) This is the realm in which our attention to HIM, is being molded, shaped. It is, also, as we will learn later, that much is fabricated, by the natural thinking.

Then, by the working of the Holy Spirit, we learn that this is NOT all we’re supposed to learn.

Heb 6:1-3, “Therefore leaving  the principles of the doctrine of Christ (Jesus), let us go on unto perfection; not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works, and of faith toward God, of the doctrine of baptisms, and of laying on of hands, and of resurrection of the dead, and of eternal judgment.  And this will we do, if God permit.”

We, by the Holy Spirit, are raised into a higher realm or level of understanding. (which I see, as the Length).

We learn that Jesus Christ is to live in us. So, we think that the man, Jesus, is to live in us. Which, we learn in the next realm or level, that it isn’t the MAN, Jesus, who is to live in us, it’s Christ who lives in us. Many people get upset when I say this, but, they forget that FATHER’S WORD tells us, “know Jesus no more AFTER THE FLESH”. (this is a teaching in it’s own). So, then, the Holy Spirit leads us into a knowing, that as in school, we are moving into another class. It’s the same Teacher, but He seems to recognize that we are ready to have a “more in detail” teaching. Now, instead of teaching us literal, historical teachings, He begins to teach us in Parables and Allegories.

Sometimes, we get so frustrated with OURSELVES, because we can’t always see through the parables!!  We read and read, look for hints, in other scripture that will give us shed some LIGHT on these parables. Some of us, stop here!!  But, for those who THINK that they are DETERMINED to figure out these parables, are plunged right into the DEPTH realm.

We learn to use study aids; we look up words; we read every book that we can get our hands on, if we think they may help us. And many of them do. We SEEK, we SEARCH and we begin to EXPLORE. Father honors our desire to learn. And then, He begins TALKING to us!!  Oh, Hallelujah!!  He has wet our appetites!!  We receive much needed learning.  We begin to look back at the literal (BREADTH) realm, and we think, “Boy, have I grown!”   Much of our thinking is about how much WE have learned.  And many stay at this realm or level.  A few don’t.  Those few feel, “I know that there is more, but what?  I’m studying day and night, but, I KNOW there is more.”

Then, Father will bring something our way that causes us to SPEND MORE TIME WITH HIM!!  He still uses the books and the aids to help us learn, but, He gets us into a mold of asking, “Father, am I understanding this or that, correctly?”  And when HE SHOWS US UNDERSTANDING, we can’t seem to spend enough time WITH HIM!!!   We see, yes, I did learn the literal (BREADTH) understanding; and yes, I did learn MUCH, in the parables (DEPTH); and oh, what a blessing the seeking and searching (LENGTH) have been; and the learning to commune and listen to Father teach me!!!  Usually, we stay here at this realm or level for a while, sometimes a long while.  Father works with each of us in different ways, and in “time” spans. No one can say, do this or do that or stay this long or don’t stay such a long time. It’s Father, by His Spirit that is actually the One who DETERMINES how, when, and where we are to be moved. And no matter how much we may try to move ahead, or lag behind, we move WHEN HE WANTS US TO!  We have become aware that we are His Son. We are in the Sonship realm. Some will remain here, some won’t.

AND THEN, Father takes some out of these few who walked when Father said to walk, into another rising up; the HEIGHT!

We are maturing in the Fatherhood realm. HEIGHT is the realm in which we learn, that it”s ALL ABOUT FATHER. NOTHING is about us. It is this realm that we come to know WHO we really are. We are HIS FLESH (that will be changed); we are HIS movements; we are HIS LIFE!!  It is not us and Him, it’s all Him.  We are ONE with HIM.  We were/are the VERY BEING of HIM. We are as HE is. We are Spirit, not mortal man. There is ONLY ONE MAN in the earth, HIM!!!   HIS thoughts have become our thoughts. HIS ways have become our ways. We don’t just have HIS anointing in us, we have become HIS anointing. We no longer look at outward appearances, we see AS HE SEES.  We walk as Him, in the land. We give LIFE and take away death and swallow it up. We are the Spirit that He is. We are not the Bride; We are not the Church; We are not the Son; We are not the Heir. We are HIM, ONE WITH OUR FATHER!!!  This is the realm that only HE can give us understanding to.  We have no enemy that is too great; no words can harm or cause doubt; this is t he realm, that the majority will not believe in or accept.

It’s all laid out in His Written Word! John 17:4-5, “I have glorified thee on the earth; I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do. And now, O FATHER GLORIFY THOU ME WITH THINE OWN SELF WITH THE GLORY WHICH I HAD WITH THEE BEFORE THE WORLD WAS.”

Gen. 1:27, “So God created man in HIS OWN IMAGE, in the image of God created He him.”

Be blessed.

“One man manifesting Christ is better than 100 men preaching about Him. May Christ Manifest in You, Daily.

And “Now” we are wearing the seamless garment, a thought garment, woven without a break of His high realization of Truth. “Now” His Truth has both interlaced the substance of both our spiritual and body consciousness. Praise, Praise His Holiness, Lord Jesus Christ!  

**All articles, sent by Lord’s Light Ministries, are what the author was led to write. This ministry neither condones or condemns, you must let the Spirit show revelation.

UNDERSTANDING AND KNOWING IN THE SPIRIT, Parts 1-2 [Linda Keith]          1


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