AUGUST 29, 2007

“I, Jesus will perform miracles even today, to prove to the hearts of men that I am not a figment of imagination or an invention of men’s handy work.

I will be Myself within men in the meantime, coming and moving, The Love That I Am. I will sooth and bless and take part in the everyday walk of my sons. I will enjoy the day and the work of My/Your hands. You will see Me As I Am, your Friend indeed.”

Men have seen automobiles pass through one another without harm, and persons raised from the dead.  Children have come back after being under water much too long for mortal minds to believe. Such miracles happen at Father’s will to remind that I Am always here. ”

“Suddenly, I appear, sometimes when least expected; My choosing in surprise moves and visitations. You have witnessed this. Am I coming from within your heart or from without? This is a question you may not be able to answer, except Father make it known to you. ”

Lord is a very important word; One Lord and Savior of all men. Some may see Lord visibly while some are always waiting. Some are constantly in communion while yet some are up and down a ladder of hope.” 

Nevertheless, My grace and My love are not limited; My plan is in place. My hand is not shortened as My mercy endures forever. I will never leave you. I see through the eyes of every man. I Am Jesus, The Resurrection of all and The Life of all. The will of The Father is My path, and I have come to reveal His Great City.

I shall amaze and yet comfort in love, and see you through. In the end, All will know we are One. In the timeless now, as you have discovered, or will discover, I, Jesus Am That End. Every tongue shall confess that I am Lord, just as every heart has already done so at the Cross. Each man will come to know the solidity of the resurrection for it is a manifested event.”

Praise The Lord and Amen In Love,


UNDERSTANDING one PURPOSE of MIRACLES [Jim-Melba Crofford] 8-29-07          1


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