AUGUST 10, 2008

To those who are bedded in the flower garden of The King’s Love, forceful, doctrinal words and explanations from another are like lemon juice on a chocolate cake – so bitter sweet and un-needed.  Leave us to the sweetness of His ever abiding Love.  Nothing you can demand or pronounce can make the sweet better. You have arrived too late. We look not for another. Heaven is OK just as He has brought it. Radiant beams of wonder and glorious silence have overshadowed what you would like to convey.

When one walks in the garden, he discovers the essence of Heaven coming from all directions.  Hallelujah!  Come and see. It cannot be explained.  Heaven from within has become Heaven without.

The roaring lion of His Presence is shaking the foundation of the earth that the Lamb may be revealed and seen, so we bow to His mercy, His new Heaven and Earth, and His abiding Love.

We stand in the thunder and wave palms of peace; the automatic response to this Love. This peace is to all men regardless of odor or appearance, for it is not ours to hold back, but ours to release. It’s too late to explain The King, for the warmth of The Son has captured us.  We give, and cannot hold back.

The old is erased, even yesterday, for the beauty of today is seen upon your face.  Joy is without measure, and Grace is poured upon the atoms of New Creation.  Limitless freedom is our inheritance. We are arrested as the pollen of the King’s flowers.  We look not to man, but dwell in the gleam of His Eyes; unexplainable! God Is and there is none other.

It is come, infinite mercy and overpowering love; wresting the whole; all things under His feet.  Perhaps it is not seen, and why not? It is not given to reasoning, knowledgeable minds, but hidden that God shall be all in all.  True to Spirit, He has conquered.




UNEXPLAINABLE [Jim-Melba Crofford] 8-10-08          1


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