…Our Subconscious Minds Rule Over us (In Unruly Fashion)


JULY 29, 2012

“As long as you are following the dictates of your sub-conscious mind which has not been renewed* and reprogrammed by SPIRIT (or, if you prefer, “the Christ”), you have unwittingly made your sub-conscious mind your ‘God!’”

The foregoing quote is the essence of what I got out of something my publisher, Ryan Bruce, said over the phone, yesterday afternoon, while he was expressing that he would like me to continue writing articles that pushed the need to put our subconscious minds in a position to be reprogrammed by our SPIRIT-PARENT.

*NOTE: Per usual, I feel the need to wander around a bit before coming to the main point …which is that the major reason we need our minds renewed and re-programmed is religious indoctrination, which is that we cannot overcome the effects of the original separation; if, indeed such a separation ever actually existed. I happen to believe (which doesn’t make it true) that there is no point in denying it …if deep in the unconscious parts of our minds we believe it to be true.

Several worthwhile nuggets came from that conversation as we both vocally and, therefore, consciously declared our desire to be guided by SPIRIT for those few moments on the phone; at the end of which I told him I wish he had recorded it for a “podcast” …the entire conversation was, for me, a “mindblower!”

The above quote of Ryan’s statement …which I feel the need to repeat: “As long as you are following the dictates of your sub-conscious mind which has not been renewed and reprogrammed by SPIRIT, you have unwittingly made your sub-conscious mind your ‘God!’” was the catalyst for the mutual and verbal request to be guided by SPIRIT and most certainly, I believe, was why Ryan and I were both so open to several meaningful “gems,” about which I don’t ever remember being conscious of previously.

Right now, however, I seem to be nudged to go in a different direction …what now?

What I just received was:

“Bring hypnosis into the mix.”

I’ve done a bit of recent research about hypnosis and discussed the process with a few certified hypnotists, as well as beginning over forty years ago, I attended several workshops and seminars focused on the use of hypnosis, that were a part of the “on-going education” curriculum established by the American Medical Association, with my psychiatrist-partner, Jim, and which he attended to meet the requirements of keeping his medical license up to date.

I’m neither an expert, nor have I ever formally practiced the use of hypnosis, but I do have a healthy respect for the effectiveness of hypnosis for reaching and reprogramming the sub-conscious. I am willing to even recommend hypnosis with a strict and strong caveat (let the buyer beware) which is, that anyone depending upon hypnosis, in all its myriad forms and by whatever other title (which I insert here because the term, according to many of the practicing and teaching professionals with whom I’ve talked, insist that advertising and other suggestive methods that are tied to a deliberate attempt to “hook” emotions, is exactly that …hypnosis) …and a person, considering hypnosis, again, in its many forms, as a tool, for reprogramming her or his subconscious mind needs, first, to have a very secure “handle” on their purpose in life, from a spiritual perspective!

I’ll try, here, not to go too far afield, but we’ve mentioned several modes of reprogramming on this website, “Silva Mind Control,” “Neuro Linguistic Programming” (NLP), “Tapping” (on acupressure meridian points around the body) and others – all of which are deemed by many to be a form of hypnosis.

Let’s stop right here and carefully examine what is being suggested – which word (“suggestion”) may serve to prove that what I am engaging in, at this very moment, is A FORM OF HYPNOSIS. Let’s also understand that several hypnotherapists, I personally know, would cringe at how I am using the term.

The foregoing paragraph underscores a challenge that is not unlike, so many other words and terms: That is, “hypnosis” simply means too many different things to too many different people to communicate anything meaningful.

If you remember a favorite old, but true story of mine about the woman in her forties who was almost instantly freed up from asthma …well, let’s go through the shortened recap version: A church pastor I knew would often call me for intervention when one of his parishioners didn’t respond to his prayer for healing because he and his wife were convinced that I was in possession of (his wife’s terms) “the of gift faith for healing the three ‘A’s,” which she would enumerate as allergies, arthritis and asthma.

I didn’t make that claim then and I don’t make it now, but the referenced woman in her forties, who was diagnosed by medical specialists as being incurably asthmatic and was troubled by arthritis as well, was “healed” instantly and quite dramatically.

I’ll send the complete story to anyone who wants more details, but what I am led to focus on right now, is what I did that led up to both the asthma and arthritis making an abrupt departure …and it wasn’t temporary, more than ten years after the incident she was still asthma and arthritis free.

She had been making religious responses to my questions and we were getting nowhere. I finally, in desperation, silently asked our SPIRIT-PARENT what to do and followed the instruction I received.

I told her to close her eyes and repeat some words after me which she did verbatim. I told her that if she was uncomfortable about anything and didn’t want to repeat what I was saying, after me, to just say so and we’d stop and talk about it. I spoke the exact words I was given and she repeated them exactly.

She was dramatically and totally healed! No sign of the noticeable wheezing with which she had been troubled much of her life, the onset beginning when she was just a little girl. She had also been bothered by arthritis for almost twenty years and which had been getting progressively worse.

There are those who would argue that what I did was a form of hypnosis and the broad brush, with which I am painting here, I won’t disagree.

Some of the reasons that what was done got results, that went far beyond “hypnotic” suggestion, however, some of the dynamics were the same; and among those was the expectancy of the others who were present; my own confidence, or “faith” – not in the “technique” I was employing, but in the ONE who was guiding me (and actually differently than I had ever been guided prior to that afternoon), was certainly another factor.

Another thing that was consistent with what professional and ethical hypnotherapists insist is an essential ingredient; was to remain within the boundaries of the client’s own value system.

Her own values were based upon her religion, which I did not violate, but rather emphasized and, again, was guided to expose and emphasize without attempting to supplant with my values.

Truthfully, I was not consciously relying upon any technique, but rather upon what I was being “shown” what to do and how to do it. Could this be a function of the subconscious? In fact, it more than likely is and the reason it needs to be renewed and reprogrammed!

Hidden way back there was the note …the stand-alone third paragraph near the top saying that “religious indoctrination” about “separation (from ‘God’ …by whatever other title or name) is the culprit which needs to be dubbed over.

Well, I just spent several minutes desperately crying out, what now?

“Try Law and Grace …some of you have managed to dub over what you thought was incontrovertible law with a substitute referred to as ‘grace.’ Write the following with emphasis: Grace has proven even more debilitating than ‘The Law.’”

Now I understand the reason I was give the quirky title for this piece. Now hear this! “The Law” created a belief in us that we couldn’t do whatever because we’d be punished for it. “Grace” gave us the belief that we didn’t have to worry about doing whatever, because the ultimate penalty has already been paid.

Both are debilitating and ‘Grace’ even more so, at least according to the “word” received above (in red letters).

I have been sharing my understanding of what Jesus meant by “God-faith” or “the faith of God” for almost fifty years and, that is, it is the means by which he did what he did and by which we can do what he said we could do, which is more of the same that he did and even more and better than what he did.

For all of those fifty years I have heard the proffered excuse for not doing what he said it took to get the point of having this “God-faith” …and here it is like a broken record: “I believe in the grace of God.”

What the hell does that have to do with living out the  promised destiny of walking in the presence and power of our SPIRIT-PARENT, if we break through into believing enough (“enough,” as I am prone to repeating over and over is the operative word which is so clear in the original language (?)

I’ll say it in a different way: WHEN WE ARE NOT OPERATING IN THE PRESENCE AND POWER OF Spirit, it is because (according to the words that issued forth from the mouth of Jesus) we don’t believe enough …and the reason we need to have our subconscious minds reprogrammed.

That’s it for now. What possibly could be next?


























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