There is a hidden knowledge which the Father has reserved for His sons; reserved long before there was an age. This knowledge far exceeds the in-part knowledge of the past dispensations. It is a knowledge that searches the deep things of God. A knowledge which the Holy Spirit imparts, exhorting us to compare spiritual things with spiritual. 


From a depth completely unknown to man comes the voice of the Spirit. His voice is strong and His message is certain: "Hear the word of the Lord and ye shall live." The word of the Lord is to be given in its purest form … untouched by the wisdom of man ... absent of all the languages of earth, and free of all human ideologies. 


Natural thinking men cannot receive the things of the Spirit, they seen strange and foolish to them. They cannot know the things of the Spirit for they look upon them with a natural understanding. They take the holy truths of God and try to bring them down onto a natural level. They forbid spiritual things to be spiritually experienced. Because they walk as men, there is strife, envy, and last but not least, there are divisions among them. 


Jesus, in His day could not tell the "religious leaders" of heavenly things, they were too wrapped up in the old order. They knew the law and the prophets … they knew the Scriptures, yet they knew nothing of God's Christ. These "wise and prudent" men disputed over earthly teachings ... how could they possibly accept the heavenly? Actually, they were so lost in themselves and their shallow beliefs that the words of a carpenter's son seemed foolish and blasphemous to them. 


As sons of God, we are the stewards of the mysteries of God; mysteries which unfold to us as we sit with Christ in the presence of the Father. Of ourselves, we are nothing … it is God that is doing a great work in us. If we must boast let it be of His greatness and goodness. If we must glory, let it be in Him. If we must speak, let it be with the voice of the Spirit. 


If we speak as men, there will be divisions. If we write as men, there will be divisions. If we gather as men, there will be divisions. Teaching, preaching, and even prophesying is of the old order ... these became the means by which men drew followers unto themselves ... this must not be among those who claim to be the sons of God. There are no divisions in Christ Jesus. 


Many still look for signs and wonders … many still seek after the "gifts" of the Spirit … but God has prepared greater things for all those who will seek Him in the depths. It is in the Father alone that we find our sonship. Ultimately, the Sons of God shall lead all mankind to Christ and deliver all things unto the Father ... this is the true mark of every son. 


Where the Spirit is Lord, there is freedom; freedom from all controversies, divisions, strife, and dependency upon the arm of flesh. There is freedom from all the binding forces of the old order. There is freedom to enter into union with God. 


It matters little now, what we once knew and believed. There are no more walls to surround us, or weights to hold us back. Men, with all their conflicting opinions are silenced by the voice of God's Spirit. Dust and ashes are all that remain of the old ways and the old thoughts. We are ascending unto the high places of our Father's Dwelling, where we see and know, as He. Freedom is our birthright ... we are free indeed. Thus, we now begin to walk in an open heaven. Hallelujah! 


My beloved in Christ, it is time to be serious ... time to lay aside the old understanding of the past. It is time to realize that in this Kingdom Morning the Spirit is not quoting Bible verses ... He is taking the things of the Father and showing them to us. God is not carrying a Bible with Him, nor are all His plans and purposes recorded therein. Is God bound to do things the way men have assumed He would? Is He not The Supreme Being, infinitely perfect? Will the Sons of God come forth proclaiming "The Bible says"? Nay! They shall come forth speaking the words of the Living God, opening the new and glorious way before mankind; giving light and life to all that the Father has made. 


For two thousand years everything that has been taught or preached, has hinged upon the "letter that killeth." The Scripture has been faithfully quoted as though one has life therein. "I am a Bible believing Christian," is the testimony of countless people, and they give their testimony as though it is the fullness of God's eternal plan for their lives. The Scripture has been used to prove or disprove every idea that man has had. Every denomination claims to be built upon it ... so do nations! Every preacher, teacher, and writer have used it for emphatic proof of what he is saying … right or wrong. Does one truly believe that all of God's ways and plans are contained within the chapters of the Bible? All the books in the world could not contain the high and glorious ways of the Lord! Yes, I believe that the Scripture, in its purest form, is the written word of God. However, I also believe that the translators (all of them) have played with it, and reworded it to coincide with their religious influences. 


I firmly avow to you that God dwells beyond the sacred page. The Scripture spoke of Him … it led us to the knowledge of Him … but it could not give us life. He dwells beyond all earthly nations, laws and covenants. He bids us to come up hither to be with Him … to take our rightful place at His side ... to share all things in common with Him: And to receive from Him the Living Word which far transcends the written word ... and He takes us beyond the tongues of men and angels... 


The old heaven and the old earth are passing away. Yet men go on as though time is on their side. Few there are that truly look for Him ... religious games are so much more enjoyable … and permissive. Others, cling to their earthly identity, if you will, their little bowl of pottage; and as of old, they forfeit their birthright. There is a covenant unto blessing ... ours is a covenant unto life. The hour is well past for sitting and talking about these things … it is time to dwell with the Father and become... 


As I have said before: The coming together of the Body of Christ has nothing to do with "groups" or "meetings." Those who think otherwise are living in the past. Imagine, if you can, our corning together in Him … we, as members of His Body, being joined with our Elder Brother … the only Potentate, the King of kings, and the Lord of lords, the glorious Head of The Church! In this holy union, we receive His mind, His sight, His hearing, and His language. Then is fulfilled the saying of our brother Paul: "Not I, but it is Christ that lives." Every thought we think will be from the mind of Christ. Everything we hear, we see, we speak, will be from the resources of God's Eternal Christ. Everything we do as members in particular will be under the direction of our lovely Head, Christ Jesus. When all the members are fitly joined together in Him, the greatest hour of liberation known to man will begin. The greatest hour of peace, harmony, justice and equality shall rise as ten thousand suns upon the earth. Then, shall all creation know that THE BODY IS OF CHRIST. Could immortality be "put on" any other way? Could we reign in the Kingdom without the Head of all things? It is from this holy union that God's Complete Christ will appear as The New Beginning: And from that Beginning shall come the Restitution of All Things. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! 


Each day we are more removed from the natural ways of the old order. Each day the Father makes all things new. Each day our inner son is closer to Divine Union. This is not the time for looking unto man, or to each other. Lift up thy Head, He Who is our Redemption draws nigh. We are seeing the revelation of God's Complete Christ! This is not material for a sermon, or a lesson, or a method ... this is the work of the Spirit of God as He draws all the sons into Christ and appoints unto them the reign of the Kingdom. 


The Kingdom of God is not a rule of violence and the shedding of blood; such came by the "Caines" of Adam's rule. Today, men still kill their brothers then build cities upon their land. There is a vast difference between a "peacekeeper" and a "peacemaker." One uses force, the other uses wisdom. The former often ends in death, the latter imparts life. One rules with a rod, the other with a staff. There is indeed a vast difference between the sons of man and the Sons of God. Let the light shine forth strongly from the eyes of your understanding that all the powers of darkness will fall backward and be dispelled in your presence. Let us put away the sword, and heal the wounds of our enemies. 


To the natural mind, all things are natural: But to those that walk in the Spirit, live in the Spirit, and are led of the Spirit, all things are by the Spirit. Why remember the things of yesterday ... the Spirit leads us on to the higher and fuller ways of life. Taste of the Lord and see that He is good. Unless we eat of Him, we have no understanding of the ways of the Eternal. He is the Bread from the higher life ... if we eat thereof, we shall have life for the ages. As we eat of Him we shall be filled with the words of life and we shall impart the words of life; not by preaching or teaching, but by the life in us being transmitted by the Spirit of God into all those who look for Him in the depths. 


Treasure thy "aloneness" ye Sons of God! Actually, we know that we are never alone as we dwell in the presence of the Father. The loneliness and unrest that we experience from time to time is due to our natural feelings. It is in our solitude that the Kingdom of God is appearing. It is taking rule over us, that we might receive the rule over all things through Christ Jesus. 


We know that our Father's Kingdom is not of flesh and blood, thus every kingdom known to man is being smitten by the Rock. In these days the Father is setting up His Kingdom that was and is and shall ever be. This is the plan of the Father: The increase of His Kingdom shall come from the Divine Seed of His Christ. There has not been an outpouring, or a glory of the past that can be compared to what the Father has prepared for the Sons of His Christ ... even their exaltation as His Creator Sons. 


While some would paint pictures of death and destruction, we have been given the words of comfort and life to share with a moaning creation. We can write about the darkness of the times and the gross darkness which covers the people. We can speak out loudly against the darkness. We can preach lengthy sermons condemning all of the works of darkness. Alas, none of these can dispel the darkness; only the Light of God, as it shines from the face of His lovely Christ, can cause the darkness to flee away. 





























LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] UNDATED LETTER A             3

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