Within the dark tomb of our flesh dwells a son of light. He moans, as it were, in great travail, waiting for the hour of freedom. Religion could not set him free. Man, with all of his "mighty works" could not for a moment touch his soul. He does not wait for the voice of a prophet, or a teacher, or an apostle; he waits for the voice of the Spirit. He partook of the "first death" when he left the Father's presence and came to dwell in a vessel of clay. In that vessel he would serve his purpose until One greater than he would call him forth to rise forever in the garments of light. This is the greater resurrection we await. 


Outward signs are for the outer man; only the life of the Spirit can quench the thirst of an inner son. A son of God became a son of man, that in time the sons of men might partake of the liberty of the Sons of God. 


You say that you have suffered ... that life has been dull and boring, and that you have endured great loneliness; you know not of what you speak. Look inward, my beloved, and you will see a son of sorrow, one acquainted with grief. He is despised and rejected by the very house he lives in, by the race he was sent to serve, by a people who claim his Father's name. He was cheated and robbed by the "holy men" of the church age, then sentenced to a life of isolation. There was no place for him in the "five ministries," they were for edification; he was born eons ago to be the emancipator of all creation. Do not think so lightly of your inner treasure! He came forth from the Father, he exists in the Father, he shall dwell forever in the Father's Holy House. 


He would rather endure great suffering than to delight in the things of the flesh or the foolishness of this world. He would rather dwell alone in the silence of the Father's presence than to be part of the noisy crowds in Babylon. He truly knows that obedience is better than sacrifice. Though the flesh fails, he is renewed each day. Each day he grows stronger in the life of the Spirit. Each day his mind is renewed and he remembers more of his former life. Unknown and unnoticed he presses onward toward the mark: the hour when he shall be made manifest to a moaning creation. 


The Spirit of God has gone forth calling unto His own; only by spirit can His voice be heard ... only by spirit can His call be answered. Natural men cling to natural things which only pass away. Ah, but our inner son rises to the realm of life and lays hold upon the unseen things, for they alone are eternal. There are no "outer ministries" to one who is led by the Spirit. There is no sound of a hammer to those who wait upon the Father to finish His perfect work. There is no sweat to one who toils not but rests in the fullness of the Lord. 


Even now the grave (the flesh) is being opened, and our inner son is being called forth to the life in the Spirit. Let us walk in the Spirit and we shall not find fulfillment in the things of the flesh. God is a Spirit. He is the Father of spirits. He is to be worshipped (seen, understood, loved and obeyed) in spirit ... this is the will of the Father. Our inner son shall never rest until he rises free as the wind ... to do always the things that please the Father. Everyday he grows mightier, rising up to oppose all that is of the flesh and all that is contrary to the Law of Life in the Spirit. Truly, greater is he (the inner son) in you, than he (the outer man) that is in the world. 


Our inner son knows the secret of incorruption and immortality; he understands the mystery of eternal life. He has no interest in the past, he takes no thought of today … he looks into the depths of eternity, and beholds the purpose of the ages to come. Yea, he sees beyond the veil, even above the "third heaven," into the very dimensions of God-life … that is his home, the place of his predawn existence ... the place by Him that is rightfully his. 


This is the morning of freedom; this is the morning when we walk with God. This is the morning when He shall "take us" unto Himself, and by the power of His Spirit manifest all truth to us. This is why tongues have ceased, prophesy has failed and teaching has ended; even revelation (as we have known it) is part of the past ... this is the hour of our union with God. This is the morning when the Father shall walk in us, declaring Himself to be our Father; declaring us to be His sons. The Kingdom begins in us ... the Restitution begins in us; for when we stand completed in Him, He shall manifest us to all mankind ... to all creation. Thus, it behooves us to forsake all the teachings of the past; forsaking men and all their wonderful words and mighty works. And let us go unto the Lord to be perfectly fitted into our place in Him. 


My brothers, what did we expect to receive in the coming of the Kingdom? Deep within us we always knew it would not be as we thought … flesh and blood cannot enter in. Long before there was an earth, there was the Kingdom of God. Long before there was an earthly throne, there was the Everlasting Throne of our Almighty Father. It was the coming of the Father's Kingdom for which Jesus prayed. It was His Father's throne that He promised to share with us. He prayed that we might be one with Him and His Father ... and so shall it be. Hallelujah! The glory which the Father gave to Him, He is giving to us. His ways are becoming our ways ... His thoughts are becoming our thoughts ... we are knowing, even as we are known. THE FATHER HAS PLANNED MUCH FOR US, MORE SO THAN WE HAVE EVER THOUGHT OR IMAGINED! Thanks be unto God, that in this hour He is restoring to us our predawn knowledge. 


O foolish men who see the things of God with their natural minds, always naturalizing the things of the Spirit; from such come confusion and division. The natural man is always eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thus, judgment and death have followed him throughout the centuries. Multitudes have placed their trust in the wisdom and knowledge of men, only to come to the end of the road disappointed, for their hopes withered in the light of God's Eternal Son. 


We do not look to a church ... we look to Christ. We do not look to a nation … we look to Christ. We do not look to man … we look to Christ. The fulfillment of all things is in Christ. The restitution of all things is in Christ. All life, light and truth dwell in Him. All that He is, once again, we shall be. All that the Father has made, and there is nothing that was not made by Him, shall be quickened by the seed of His Christ. All that is temporal, all that is seen and all that is old, is surely passing away. He that sits upon the throne is making all things new. 


His judgments are just, unto the perfecting of His creation ... His mercy endures forever, and His love never fails: these are the three witnesses of the Everlasting Gospel. These are the good tidings we shall take to all that dwell upon the earth, to all that dwell in the heavens, and the heavens above the heavens; until all things everywhere are filled with the truth of the ages. 


Have you ever stood amid God's glorious creation, enthralled by the beauty of His handiwork, and suddenly share in. a kinship with them? I know you have. Have you ever felt the shame of another's sin, or the heartache of another's woe, or the pain of another's suffering? I know you have. Have you ever grown so homesick that you thought you heard the call of eternity, or the song of the angels, or the voice of the Father? I know you have, and I know that you know why. 


As we walk in the Spirit we know and see all things as He. We served our part in the creation of all things. We knew the end from the beginning. Our sonship is as ageless as the Ancient of Days. We do not stand among the "stone throwers," we dwell in Christ and He has given to us the word of reconciliation. We are not the prophets of doom, we are the Sons of the Morning, and we shall proclaim the glad tidings of the Kingdom of God to a moaning, suffering and dying creation. We wait on tiptoe for the moment when we shall set the creation free and deliver all things to the Father, for His eternal glory. 


Truth is so much more than words on a paper, or thoughts from the mind. We will know the truth when we behold the truth as a Living Person … THE CHRIST OF GOD. Ah, then shall we be free indeed!! 


I speak the truth to you when I declare that the ministries of men, as we once knew such, are coming to an end. Do not waste your time trying to rebuild religion's broken idols. Why would men try to hinder us from dwelling in the High and Holy Place? Why would they insist upon dragging on the practices of a dead order? Why should they want us to follow their in-part knowledge? Though they were the first to receive the vision, we are the first to receive the reality. Though they taught us, only the Father can give us life. Be careful, there are those who, like frantic little boys trying to repair their broken kites, are diligently trying to repair the "rented veil" of the old vision. Even though they add a few "new" stitches, it is the same old veil which hides the holiest of all places. But God, hallelujah, is manifesting unto us the fullness of His Christ. All that the Father purposely hid within the written word is now coming forth with the rising of the Living Word … rising in transforming glory within our inner son. 


The voices of men are being silenced, that the voice of the Spirit might be heard. This is the hour of the manifestation of truth, the truth as it is in the mind of our Everlasting Father. All weights are being removed, that we might follow the Lamb whithersoever He goeth. Freedom is the golden pen that writes the words of the Song of the Sons. The glory of the Father is the theme of this song. Sing it loud my brothers, until the whole universe echoes its melody, and all creation feels the emancipation of its truth. Indeed, we are brothers! We were born-out-from the same Father ... eons ago!!


Deep within my spirit I hear the words: "Now is the time to lay the ax to the root of the tree." All that gave us a portion of life in the past is to be abandoned. All the names and voices of the past are to be forgotten. The grave clothes of the old creation are to be exchanged for the wedding garments of the New Creation ... if you will, the Renewed Creation. It is time to lay hold of all that the Father willed to us in the Everlasting Covenant. The gates of the Kingdom (the highest and holiest of all ruling forces) are opening to us. The throne of God's Christ is far more than a throne of wood, gold and precious stones, it is the seat of all power in heaven and earth being given to the many membered Christ. The Israel of God is far more than a nation, it is the Bride that the Father hath prepared for the Sons of His Christ: the Mother from whom shall come the rebirth of all that the Father has made. 


There are only a few voices in this hour, voices brave enough to go beyond the natural teachings of natural men. A few, I say, perhaps the number of fingers upon your one hand. Yet, they are not the light, they bear record to the Light, even the Light that shall enlighten every man. 


O Father, may these Sons of the Kingdom that are proclaiming the dawn of this new age, have a single eye; allow them to see as one by thy Holy Spirit. Their words, like a two edged sword, are putting to death all that is old and giving life to all that is new. They are making a path through the wilderness of man's final hour … even a highway of holiness for thee, 0 Lord. They are preparing the creation for thy glorious appearing. Take their words, and bear them upon the wings of thy Spirit, and carry them to the utmost parts of thy creation, until every knee bows and every tongue confesses that thy Christ is Lord unto thy glory. 


O Sons of the Morning, thy hour of freedom is at hand. Rise up from thy grave of flesh and enter into the rest of the Lord. The Christ-son within thee is receiving the Kingdom. 

















LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] UNDATED LETTER B               3

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