There are few today that have found the narrow way. Few were truly looking for it, I fear. It is a narrow way for a most profound reason: only God and a son can walk side by side along this narrow path. All others, for now, had to be left behind ... they would only slow down our pace and hinder our progress. They too will walk this narrow way when the Father lovingly calls their name. Many have gone this way before, there will be many hereafter. 


O, blissful journey ... alone with the Father, walking upward on the lily bordered path! Communion is the sharing of the secrets of eternity, the uncovering of the mysteries of the ages, the manifestation of our place in Him. It is not a "learning," it is a "receiving" of all that the Father has prepared for the Sons of His Christ. Mortal ears cannot hear His voice, mortal eyes cannot see His face, and mortal minds cannot comprehend His power and might. 


The more we advance, the farther behind are the things of the past. We did not leave some of the ways and practices of the old order ... we left them all in the house of the dead ... we did not even return for a garment or a wedge of gold. We now walk upon the pathway of a New Order, a Higher Order: The Order of the Life in the Spirit. The Spirit has not been sent to quicken the written word, as many are teaching, rather He has been sent to manifest the Living Word ... God’s Eternal Christ! He has come to take the ways and the thoughts of the Father and show them to us and to show us things to come. Indeed, we have found our Beloved beyond the sacred page. Hallelujah! 


Everything else becomes meaningless and lifeless in the beauty of His presence. The words that He speaks are pure and life-giving; unspotted by the idle chatter of religious reasoning. Each word He speaks is a drop of life to our hungry souls. He calls us II sons" ... heaven, earth and hell are shaken by such words. "All that I have is thine,” are the words He speaks to us. We are overwhelmed by such love and goodness; we fall before Him in adoration, only to be lifted higher into the excelling glory that the Father has prepared for us. We are realizing that there is nothing left of us, we are reaching the point where we are lost in Him. We are entering into union with God. The doors of eternity are opening to us and we are seeing and knowing even as the Father. Finally we shall love with his love, imparting grace and life to all that are brought before us. It will be the hour when the hope and longing of all Creation is fulfilled ... it will be the hour of their freedom from the curse. And it all began when He lead us to the straight and narrow way. 


Therefore, treasure thy aloneness my fellow travelers ... you are alone with the Father ... fellowship with others has been left behind, that you might walk unhindered at the Father’s side, that you might receive the way of truth and life. All that you have suffered, all that you have endured will eventually lead you into union with God. Yes, He allows us a little foretaste from time to time in order to press us on. Every trial seems as nothing ... we rejoice in our afflictions, finding peace and strength in His ever abiding presence. 


The Son of Righteousness is rising before us; there is a quickening in His wings. First, we were "awakened" to the truth, now we are being made alive by the truth. We are entering a place in Christ Jesus that is so holy and vast, that there can be no "earthly spiritual leaders." Only the Spirit of the living God can take us into the depths of Jesus Christ. In this Holiest of all places the Father shall complete His perfect work in us. Here, He will dissolve, as it were, our earthly house, that His Eternal House within us might be made manifest. Our inner son is the Living Temple of the Living God! We shall be "clothed upon" with the garments of immortality. First, He gave us the earnest of the Spirit, now He unfolds the fullness before us. 


It is to the "few" that the voice of the Spirit calls: "Come, and I will take thee to Paradise reborn. Come, thou sons of the Highest and receive the crown of life. A place in the Father's royal throne awaits thee. You were born to be the Kings and Priests of the Everlasting Covenant. It has been appointed unto thee to rule over the Renewed Creation; and to map out the course for the ages to come. Come, follow Me ... for I Am ..." 


There is a silence of the soul, a silence which cries out: "Abba, Father." 


A silence where we enter into His rest ... a silence that "takes us" and "we are no more." It is the silence of being lost in Him. In secret we are becoming that which we were before there was time, or place, or things. In secret and in solitude the Father is manifesting Himself to us. In a secret appearing of our Elder Brother we are receiving the Kingdom. The Only Begotten of the Father is breaking the bread of life to us. Our eyes are being opened, releasing the glory light of God's Christ. This is a holy silence, for God is moving upon us and within us with His Spirit. Where darkness once dwelled, the light is breaking forth. Where death once ruled, life is starting to conquer. It is a Divine Silence, for He alone is building THE HOUSE! 


Many are preaching that a new day is dawning ... yet they cling to the sinking rushes of an old order. Nothing of the old form of godliness can cross over the threshold of the Deeper Sabbath. You will know, my brethren, when you have crossed over ... there will be a total absence of that which is old. And you shall be freed as you look upon the beauty of The New; ultimately, you will be changed by the glory of the New and Living Way. 


Freedom and peace walk hand in hand, bound together with the cords of love. There is nothing that can be compared to the peace which comes when we walk free from all the bondage of men. Our calling is not unto the following of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors or teachers, rather, ours is a calling unto the Life in the Spirit ... an inheritance to walk forever in unity with our Father. Thus the Spirit is destroying all the altars of man and silencing all the voices of the past age, in order that we might hear His voice within the secret chamber of our hearts. That which was promised is being given. That which the "letter that killeth" could not do for us, the Law of the Spirit of Life is accomplishing. 


Have you ever wondered why you could not find fulfillment in the form, or in the letter, or in the ministries of men? I would imagine that we have all wondered that at one time or another. It is simply because of this: it was never meant for us to find fulfillment in anything, or anyone except the Father. The six days of man’s feeble rule is coming to an end, as the reign of God's Eternal Christ rises in transforming glory within our inner son. The way of life is breaking forth in the wilderness of man’s dead ideologies, theologies and philosophies. Time, could only give to us "present truth" ... now beyond time, ministries and dispensations, comes the ageless truth of our union with God. Though we have walked with the understanding of a child, we are now coming to the full knowledge of the Son of God, which will enable us to walk as mature sons, entering our appointed place in the fullness of Christ. 


The knowledge of these sacred truths give us an inner peace hitherto unknown. It is a peace which induces rest, a rest which is a Divine Assurance that all is well in the Father's Holy House. 


We have come out of great tribulation; we were pressed on every side. There was no place for us in the ways of the world. Christianity wanted nothing to do with us; even out friends and family shook their heads in disappointment. Alas, we were even rejected by those we thought to be our "own." Yet these were the means by which we arrived to our place of rest in Him. Now we sit in His presence and wait for Him to finish His perfect work in us. 


There is a joy which comes with the sunrise of a new day. How often I have been blessed to see the first rays of the morning as they rested atop the hills, and to watch them break through the denseness of the forest; and finally to see them reflecting in the water like a million little suns. My spirit, mind and body was overwhelmed by the beauty and wonder of it all. So much greater is the blessing we share as we watch the Sonrise of this New Day!! A joy which passes understanding is ours! As we behold Him we see the reflection of countless little sons ... sons of light sending forth the morning rays of the dawn of the Kingdom of God; sons of light. enlightening all that the Father has made. Truly it is a morning of great joy ... all that lies before us is NEW, LIFE-GIVING AND ETERNAL! And there is a part which belongs to you alone, appointed to you by the Creator, eons ago. Look inward, my beloved, and you will find you place and purpose in the depths of the Christ-son within. 


There is a restlessness of spirit among the sons. There is a continual crying out for freedom. There is a "reaching in" to lay hold of the ways that are eternal. There is the knowledge of a most glorious work being manifested within, to wit: that immortality and incorruption is beginning to do a work within us. To fully express this in the words of man’s wisdom would be impossible. Nor could the magnitude of such truth be understood with Adam's mind. As our minds are renewed by the Spirit of God, then and then alone shall such words give us life. We must realize that the Christ-son within is free from the mortal and corruptible. He bears the incorruptible seed of Christ. He is coming to fully know the power of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The more he "rises up" above the ways of the flesh, the deeper is his hunger to break the bonds of the outer man, and to lift him up into the realm of immortality and incorruption, there to receive a glorified body. 


There are some that would try to "preach" or "teach" the ancient secret of eternal life, and if that were possible then perhaps we could "learn." But God, in His infinite wisdom, has hidden the reality of everlasting life beyond the reach of mortal men. Eternal life is the birthright of every son ... and that life is hidden with God in Christ. It is only as we are joined in union with Him that the Law of Eternal Life in the Spirit shall reign within our earthen shell; ultimately, transforming us into a glorified body likened unto His own. God has begun this perfect work in us: the redemption of the body. Yet, what if we should die before the work is finished? If we be "in" or "out" of the body" means little ... the quality of eternal life remains the same. Even now, the knowledge of this gives us the victory over all opposing forces. Hallelujah! 


It has been two thousand years since our Elder Brother promised to raise up His body in three days. None of us would deny the resurrection of Jesus in the long ago. However, remembering that a day is as a thousand years to the Lord, we now see that truly He was speaking of the raising up of the "Body of Christ." For two thousand years the Body of Christ has rested in the dark grave of man's misunderstanding, hidden, as it were, by the types and shadows ...• and unbelief. Lift up your heads, this is the morning of the "third" day (the seventh from the Creation). The Spirit is calling: "Rise up, for the glory of the Lord has risen upon thee" Hallelujah! We are the sons of the morning, the sons of light ... THE SONS OF THE RESURRECTION! 


This is where the narrow way has lead ... not to the end ... but to a new beginning. Did we really think that there would be an end to the glory which the Father has prepared for us? Though His people have held their peace, the stones (those lifeless and worthless little heretics ... yet in truth they are the "living stones") are proclaiming the hour of the Resurrection of the InChristed. This is indeed a most glorious hour to have a part in. The vastness of what lies ahead is, at present, incomprehensible. However, just a glimpse of it is enough to cause us to rejoice both night and day. The long night of bondage is over. Let us rise and shine and receive the glory of this hour. 


Freedom, sweet Freedom, we have found thee in the stillness of thy presence. We were born-out-from thee, eons ago ... we call thee, FATHER!! 


O, thoughts of my mind, be thou elevated to "and the sky of my dwelling place, to tear from their holdings the chains that do bind me within this sphere. For here I do not belong, but rather have been confined for a time as a bird within a cage, ever searching for freedom. 


O, destiny that is mine, thou shalt be found in all thy sweetness, thou shalt be seen and entered into as I claim thee as my own, for thou are written upon the tablets of my soul, engraved there with a burning flame, and thou shalt be seen and read of men. 


O, Freedom, sweet Freedom, thou who art hidden in the wisdom of the ages, I hear thy wings of flight as they o'er take me, and I in pure glorious delight do reach forth my arms to ascend to thy heights and to ever fly with thee. I am one with thee Freedom, sweet Freedom, for from the eagles nest have I hatched, and the heights of thy soaring and the winds of thy roaring alone shall satisfy me. 


Naught is there to bind me nor anymore confine me, for the heights I again have seen. Mine eye is all light, my being in eternal life as I pursue in all joy my sonbeam. 0, grave where is thy victory? 0, death thy sting? As I rise high above thee and in Freedom take wing. Of me thou hast no part, thy gates are burst assunder as I break all mortal boundaries by the Lightning and the Thunder! 


O, sweet sweet victory, known only to Freedom’s Own, thou dost intoxicate my being as from my cage I've flown. And the coals of pure holy love to burst into flame, as the heart of my God and mine beat the same. 


O, joy, pure joy! Glorious love that is divine! Thou art indeed the sweetest of Heaven's immortal wines. And I drink, yea I drink my fill, from the fountain of Freedom, my Father's Holy Will. 


Jan Ridler 




























































LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] UNDATED LETTER D             4

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