There is little that we could ask of the Father, for we rest now in the precious knowledge that all things are according to His perfect plan. There is nothing for us to fear, He doth all things well. We look unto Him, He alone has the words of life. 


What does He ask of us? "My son, give me thine heart." During our earth life we have treasured our loved ones, our homes, our dreams and our accomplishments; He asks: "Lovest thou me more than these?" 


Suffering, pain, sorrow, loneliness and rejection are just a few of the precious stones that border the narrow way which leads to life everlasting. It is the "crushing" that brings forth the holy wine of the Spirit. It is the crucifying of the "man of sin" (our flesh) which brings forth the Christ-son from his earthen tomb. It is as we lose ourselves in the depths of Jesus Christ that we enter into union with God. "Union with God," such awesome words!! 


We have traveled through much tribulation; we have walked countless lonely miles, and we have borne many heavy crosses. Now we come to a plane hitherto unknown to mortal men; even the angels fear to tread upon this holy ground. This is where the image of the earthy is exchanged for the image of the heavenly. Work is over ... we rest in the hollow of His heart and regain a place and a glory we shared in the long ago. There we are free to walk in God's high and glorious ways. It is there that we shall be clothed with the garments of light and made ready to share with the Creation that which the Father has given to us. 


The old earth (the rule of man) is surely passing away. The old heaven (the rule of man's religion) is melting in the light of God's many membered Son, as He rises in triumphant glory, to establish forever, the reign of the Father's Kingdom. 


It has been appointed to the Sons of God to establish the New Heaven and the New Earth in righteousness and peace. The high places shall shout for joy and leap with gladness; the low places shall be filled with blessing, honor and glory unto the Lord. And like a mighty river the Word of the Lord shall go forth, baptizing all things in the light and life of the Son of God. All Creation shall gather before the Father to proclaim His power and might. Everything that has breath shall glorify the Lord. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that God's Christ is Lord and King over all ... unto the eternal praise of the Father. 


Knowing that such glory lies just ahead, should we not lose sight of all else? Even now our inner son can ascend to the place of his former birth and eat of the feast that has been prepared. Even now we can walk, although it be for just a moment, at the Father's side amid the Paradise of our former dwelling. Though it be the darkest hour that the world has ever known, we can safely abide in the presence of the Father. 


Knowing that man's days are "numbered," we shall not bear his "mark" upon us. The body of flesh means little to us ... our life is in the Father. Though the flesh should perish ... the Christ-son within lives forever. Hallelujah!


The High Place is opening to us ... look and live and become. We are being set free from time and distance. We shall stand with Christ at the Father's right hand until every son returns; then, we shall all sit together with Christ at the Father's right hand, to rule and reign forevermore. 


In this holy hour the Father has determined that we should recall the glory that He had prepared for us ages ago; that we might see and hear the things that were once so familiar to us. Thus He lifts us from understanding to understanding, that the knowledge of the Holy One might bring to completion His perfect work within our inner son. Yea, once again we shall rise upon the song of the morning stars and rest upon the wind of the Spirit. We shall eat of the Tree of Life as once again we live in God's fair Eden: the home of all that came forth from Him, the Sacred Paradise which is the Center of all Creation, the Kingdom of peace, righteousness and equality … the Holy City of the Ages; where all things begin, and where there is no end … where light, and fire and Spirit are the sustaining forces of unity and harmony. 


This is surely the "time of the lily." The life of God is being made manifest to our inner son. That is why we could not find life in the letter, the form, or the person. We have had a taste of the life of God, perhaps it was just a drop, yet we will never be the same. We would rather be alone than to eat crumbs with the crowds. We would rather dwell on our Patmos than play follow the leader with the multitudes. Our eyes are being opened that we might see Him alone. Hallelujah! 


In the beginning (of all beginnings) was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He is the Word from Whom we came in our beginning. He is the Word with Whom we dwelled in the timelessness of eternity. He is the Word that our spirits are reaching out to partake of. He is the Word that rises before us ... abandon all, my beloved, and go out to meet Him. He is the Word of Reconciliation. He is the Word of Restitution. He is the Word that is being glorified in every predestined son. 


The Lord has begun a new and glorious work within us. We, as His sons, are responding to the voice of His Spirit. Nature, too, is responding to the presence of the Creator. Though all the powers of the world and of religion oppose the hand of the Lord, He shall, through the Sons of His Christ, bring forth His good pleasure. Not one portion of His plan will be altered, not one among His creation will be able to resist His authority. Amid the lightening and thundering of the Father's infinite glory, the Sons shall send forth the proclamation of freedom, to establish the justice and goodness of the Lord. Life, and love, and grace, shall burn as a purifying flame throughout all creation, until God is all and in all. Hallelujah!! 


Once again we will hear the song of the morning stars and they shall hear our shouts of joy. We have been on a long journey, but home is not far away. The Spirit bids us come, and He lifts us to Zion's holy hill. Oh! The freedom that is ours ... freedom to be what we were ... freedom to see and know as we did so long ago ... freedom to share equally of the Father's ever increasing storehouse. 


The New Age dawns before us; bask freely in the rays of this early morning. Let thy spirit soar upon the wings of the Spirit to the place known only to the Sons of God. Enter into the peace and stillness of the age; enter into the rest of the Greater Sabbath. Where we are, there is light; for He who is our light hath enlightened us with Himself. He is the True Light, born from the Divine Energy of the Supreme Being. He is the Light that conquers all darkness; the Light that shall lead all Creation into the City of Life. He is the Eternal Light that rises as the Morning Star within our hearts. 


My brothers, what is it that we could ask of the Father? All things are being freely given to us by His Spirit, changing us from glory to glory, restoring to us the image of Him from Whom we came. 


Do not think it strange that we should have a great desire to lift the creation to a higher plane ... that the Creation might partake of the ever expanding progression of Father God. We were born, eons ago, for this very purpose. And we shall stand in the glorious light of the Father of New Beginnings ... and we will smile ... for our work will be finished ... and all the glory will be His. 


There is nothing that can be compared with the glory which lies before us. The Sons of God shall be the Lords of the Universe ... Master Rulers of the Father's Creation. They will travel, communicate, and reproduce by thought. There will be One Mind ... the Mind of the Father; the source, the energy and the substance of all thought. Thoughts becoming visible ... awesome!! This is eternal union with God. This is the exaltation of the Sons of God! 


And we should not look for His corning? God forbid! All that we have suffered for, and yearned for, and waited for, shall come with the brightness of His corning. Who shall hold back the hand of the Lord? Who shall hinder His corning? The whole creation is on tiptoe. Every heartbeat, every breath, and every cry, is for His corning. 


One thing is certain: It is His coming that opens the door to the higher realm and higher order. He comes to take us to spheres unknown; to give to us, the firstfruits of His resurrection, a foretaste of our inheritance ... a recollection of our birthright. Let no man take this from you. Lose yourself in the vastness of thy Father. Walk in the Spirit; see and hear in the Spirit, and you shall truly know that we are the Sons of His Right Hand ...


He will walk through your life, through your world, through your being. He will take your inner man and lead him to the higher sphere ... to the place where Sons are one with their Father; to the sphere beyond the touch of mortal learning ... the place where there is One Mind, One Will and One Energy. 


He will walk with you in the Now of Eternity. He will whisper the words of freedom to your spirit. Ah, what is life in Adam's realm but a moment, a gleam between two eternities. We are here but to serve a noble purpose. We are strangers working, little by little, our way back home. It was never meant that we should be bound by the chains of the world, religion, or men ... the flesh is enough of a bondage! We were born free in the long ago; we are free; we will ever be free. Turn inward and walk the path which leads to the Life of the Ages. 


There is much that I would write and tell you of ... but there are some things that one can only see in spirit. Therefore, it is of great urgency that you spend as much time as possible in His presence, enjoying the freedom and liberty of a son of God. You must wait before Him. He alone can lift your spirit into the Dimension of Things to Come. Only the Spirit can take the things of the Father and show them to you. 


We must walk with our Beloved Christ; we must not follow another. This is the hour of holy and sacred communion; the hour when we are lost in Him. The gates of the Kingdom have been lifted up ... cross over the threshold and our spirits will enter into the realm of reality ... the place of our former dwelling. And being "born again" of the Living God, we will find our rest and place in Him. Hallelujah! 


























LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] UNDATED LETTER E               3

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