One evening, after a day of trials and disappointments, I went for a walk on my favorite trail. I walked along the creek listening to the tranquilizing rippling of the water. It was springtime and the trees were budding; there were wildflowers appearing on the floor of the forest, lovely little yellow flowers that radiated such happiness. 


Dried maple and beech leaves crunched beneath my feet, reminding me of their beauty in an autumn long passed. Now they were brown and scribbled … but surely serving a purpose for a life yet to come. 


It was not long until I came to an old friend of mine: a very tall, tired, old hemlock. I could remember when it was full and lush with green branches to the ground. I reached up to touch its frail fingers, and I told it all about my trials. Suddenly, I was made aware that the Father meant no harm to me; that He was doing nothing to me, only for me. He was doing a perfecting work ... He was drawing me closer to Himself. 


I found peace that evening as I stood under the old hemlock. I touched it lovingly and reverently, for we both have the same Father. I went to the creek's edge and gave thanks for the goodness of the Lord ... and for my old faithful friend. The Father displays His love in many ways. He imparts hope and wisdom through many forms of life; many times without a word ... just a "knowing" that is certain, a presence that gives comfort and strength ... a knowledge of another time and place; a lifting to the unseen realm where the spirit feels at home. Hallelujah! 


There is a place where there is no need of sun, or moon, or stars ... yet all is light. A place where lilies bloom forever, and the song of the bird is understood by all. A place where the lion and the lamb rest side by side; where trees stand tall and straight as they tell stories of times gone by. The valleys are the high places, and the mountains are the low places; and the dry places blossom with roses. The water flows gently, and the wind whispers softly. There is no war there, for peace and righteousness and equality rule supreme. There is nothing defiled, unclean, or accursed in this place for all have partaken of the goodness of the Lord. It is the dwelling place of grace and love and mercy. It is the place of the "all made alive in Christ." 


There is a place where eternities meet and ages are born and worlds are formed. A place where plans are prepared, and purposes are perfected, and powers are sent forth. A place where the finish is known and sealed before the beginning. It is a place by the Sons where all creation rejoice in the freedom and liberty of the Sons of God. It is a place by the Sons where the redeemed of the earth sing the song of Redemption. It is a place by the Sons where the saints worship continuously before the Father. Perfect order dwells in this Holy Place! The Sons are the Living Expression of the Uncreated One ... Christ-sons ... equal with, but not exalted above, the Everlasting Father; Sons of Light, filling the universe with the Father's power and glory ... Creator-sons, increasing the bounty of the Father's Storehouse. 


As you already know, the place of which I write is not a location. It is not reached by learning, or good behavior ... not even by faith. It is in the solitude, the stillness, the aloneness; it is in the hurting, the crushing and the purging. It is in the hour when we cry out, "Father, why hast thou forsaken me?" ... in that moment, as we bear upon our shoulders the sin and suffering, and unbelief of Adam's race, we find the "place" of our high calling in Christ Jesus! 


Oh! My brothers, let us cease from our childish religious games. Let us turn from all those that would draw followers unto themselves. Let us abandon the house of the dead. Let us destroy every trace of Babylon’s cunningly devised fables. Let us turn from all those that are "waiting" for the Father to do some "great" thing ... they are sluggards and fall very short of their calling. THE FATHER IS DOING A GREAT WORK! Those who have ears to hear and eyes to see, know and rejoice day and night because of the mighty manifestation of the Lord. 


How little we settled for in the past! We were limited by the letter, cheated by the form, and robbed by the person! Yet, it was through that dark valley that we reached the light of this New Day. Look at your hands and feet, my beloved, all shackles are being removed. We are free in spirit; we were born free ... we are of a higher order. Though we serve all that the Father has made, we serve unto the ruling over of all things! 


Creator Father, the Son of a New Beginning is rising in the vastness of Thy infinite power. The Kingdom reign is in His hand. He sits, as it were, upon a cloud of great glory. He comes to His own to give unto them the keys of the Kingdom, where with to open the gates for all mankind ... for all creation. 


Has He not come to you, my brother-sister-sons, as you spent time in the secret place? Has not His presence overwhelmed your spirit and left you in a state of awe? Has He not whispered the words of life into your heart and breathed the breath of life into your inner son? .... 


We do not see His corning in days, or weeks, or months, or years ... we see His coming in the many members being brought together, by the Spirit, to form God's eternal Christ. How precious is the memory of His Person; how joyous to once again behold His face! O, sweet victory to have our place in Him restored. O, glory of the ages to dwell in union with Him! O Father of spirits, our spirits are returning home, our minds are being renewed as once again we know of that "place" ... that dimension, which is hidden in the hollow of thy heart. Hallelujah! Father, thou art the Holiest of all places. Thou art our Paradise, our City of Life, the dwelling place of every son of thy Christ. 


There is a place where the "members" gather, transported by the Spirit to partake of a Divine Flowing: an entwining of spirit with spirit ... an overflowing, yet just a foretaste of a corning glory. It is there, sheltered in the “secret place" that the Spirit of the Living God unfolds the mystery of life.  It is there that we recall the love and unity we shared when we were all together in the Father’s presence. It is there, beyond the reach of the mortal, that the Immortal One imparts His ageless life to us. 


There is a portion beyond the veil which belongs to you alone, it is your place by Him where you and He walk and talk together. All that is to be revealed or manifested is made clear to you as you spend time in His presence. It is a holy time, for all the voices of men are still ... the Father breathes the words of life upon you, as once again you partake of the life and freedom known only to the Sons of God. This is where we were, and what we were, and what we knew when the morning stars sang together and the Sons of God shouted for joy! Hallelujah! 


The earth that you are is kissing the heaven that you were. You will never be the same, nothing shy of His presence, His voice, or His life, will satisfy you. 


Now, for certain, we know that the Lord gave birth to us eons ago, and gave His life to us. Before the foundation of the earth was laid we were His and He called us by name. 


Regardless of where we are sent, regardless of the purpose we serve, He is with us. In this hour when gross darkness is covering the people, it will not come nigh us; even great tribulation and trial will not hold power over us, for we have made the Lord, even God, our dwelling place. 


Because we are precious in His sight, His will give all things unto us. He will gather us from the east and the west, the north and the south; and we shall do wonders unto His everlasting glory ... yea, for His glory we were born. 


He shall gather all creation before us, and they shall confess that we are His sons. And we shall witness that there is no other God. Before all beginnings, He was ... after all things have passed, He is. There is none that can hold back His hand, or hinder His plan. 


All idols of flesh that are among us must be forsaken ... for the Lord does not delight is such. He alone is our God ... He alone shall bring forth this New Day. In this, His Holy Day of Rest, shall all things be accomplished by His Spirit; thus we rest and work no more. We wait in the dawning of this Seventh Day for the plan of the Father to be accomplished in all creation...


This New Age is another "phase" in the manifestation of the Kingdom of God; in which the Kingdom of God shall cover the earth. It is in this Age that the increase of His Government shall know no end, bursting forth in the birthing of the Fullness of the Kingdom Times; bringing life and restitution to all creation. It is the Age when the Father fills all things with Himself. 


In silence, in secret, and in spirit are the many members being brought together; being prepared for the appointed hour of the manifestation of God’s Christ. This is truly a holy event ... it fills us with awe. We are looking into an open heaven and are seeing the Living Stones being placed one upon the other; being fitly joined to the Head Stone; forming the eternal abode of the Everlasting Father. He bids us to come up hither, for He is opening the seals of the Everlasting Covenant!! Hallelujah! 







LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] UNDATED LETTER F             3

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