In this hour the high minded are taking the holy truths of God and attempting to bring them down onto a carnal level; comparing the sacred and profound with the natural and common. They speak of heavenly things but their words are empty and lifeless ... for their minds are puffed up. Their claims exceed their capabilities. They live off of the "widow's dollar" forgetting that if a man would eat, he must work. 


There are no "big shots" in the Kingdom of God. Degrees and titles are foolishness to our infinite Father. As though we could "learn" the secrets of the morning stars or the inheritance of the Sons of God. One cannot "teach" people to have the mind of Christ, or how to pass from death to life. Only the vain and foolish would embark upon such a holy sea. 


It is always sad seeing one sink deeper into the sand of self esteem, or drown in the water of self love. They have forgotten that there is none that is good ... except the Father. Foolish men, thinking they could be God's boss. They labor diligently, yet accomplish little, forgetting that unless the Lord build the Holy House they which labor, labor in vain. 


There are many "name droppers" ... as though the Father is impressed with such. Have they forgotten that there is but one Name given whereby mankind shall receive the life of the ages? 


There are too many "heads"  too many thinking their’s is the message. It all smells of the flesh ... it all bears the mark of Babylon. 


Are you not weary of men trying to program God, or to explain God scientifically? Is it not foolishness trying to set the time of His coming? And what do we say of the many ministries which continue to rely upon the god of this world? Perhaps they have forgotten the omnipotent power of The Living God! 


Men are still feeding the multitudes  for it pays in many ways. Our Elder Brother blessed the loaves and fishes ... not the money bag. And though He fed the multitudes, it was to the "few" that He revealed the mysteries of the Kingdom. So it is today ... as the multitudes sing and shout and prepare for a "rapture", the "few" are being made to sit with their Beloved Christ in the high and holy place. 




The rule of the Kingdom is being established in the inner being of the little "nobodies" hidden here and there, unknown, unnoticed and unacclaimed. Ah, but the fire of The Living God is burning within them; purging, purifying and preparing them for their hour of exaltation and manifestation ... Hallelujah! 


It is time for the greater circumcision: The removing of all the idols of flesh from the House of God. Even while you read this "little letter" the Spirit of God is taking rule within the members in particular. The time of the "five ministries" is long passed. It is the hour of the many membered Christ.  It is the hour for, the RESURRECTION POWER OF GOD to rise up within our inner son, bursting asunder the gates of our hellish flesh; returning us to our pre-dawn place in The Holy Christ. Yea, our gates are being lifted up ... for the King of glory is entering in!! 


We are to be the bearers of the good tidings of the Everlasting Gospel. The letter that kills is behind us. Scripture quoting is part of a past order. Why look to the prophets of the past? Our Father is doing a new thing. As I have often said: All that lies before us is new, eternal and life-giving! All the visions of the past fade like a penny candle in the light of the glorious Son of God that rises, in triumphant glory, within us. 


There are many among us that continue to search the scriptures, or follow a voice that has been silenced. Many are trying different methods or new meetings, moaning aloud for fellowship. They are so busy "looking" that they cannot see the wonderful manifestations of the Lord. They look for Him in the sky, never knowing that He is found in the secret chamber of every son. 


Father, You opened our eyes and we beheld Thy living presence encircling us. Now we yearn for that hour when every eye shall see Thee and acknowledge Thee as the One and Only True God ... The Creator of all things. Hallelujah! 


The Father is placing the Living Word within us. All creation is crying out for the Word of Life ... moaning for the coming forth of the God-Sons. And they shall surely appear arrayed in the light and life of the Infinite One. They shall not speak the Word, rather, they shall impart the Word of Life into all that the Father hath made. 


How little we have known in the past of the Kingdom of God. About all we knew was how to spell it and argue over it and naturalize it. But now the Spirit of understanding is being poured out upon us and we are beginning to look into the Open Kingdom ... no longer hidden in the shadows of types and figures, rather, brought into the sphere of reality. The Kingdom of God is the very mind and heart of the Everlasting Father. It is the center of all things. And wonder of wonders, it is in you and in me, my brother-sister-sons!! 


It is time, nay, it is passed time, my beloved, for listening only to the voice of the Lord. And let His words echo through the hollow of thy heart. Surely, He shall send us forth to impart His word to the Creation. We shall fill the dark valleys with His light. We shall leap across the mountains with the Gospel of freedom, peace, righteousness and life. And we shall finish the work of creation and present mankind to the Father in His image and likeness. And the Spirit shall sing the song of a New Beginning. Hallelujah! 


There is so much that was given to us eons ago, more than we could comprehend at present. Our minds are being renewed; the more we recall, the more we are changed. One cannot climb to heights unknown bound hand and foot with the chains of man. We must not, we cannot, walk in the footsteps of the past. He has prepared a new and living way; untouched and unsoiled by the shackled feet of men. 


The forming of God's Christ is the holiest and most profound work of the ages. All the lessons, studies, sermons and writings in the world pertaining to it have only scratched the surface; none of which could bring forth the Holy One. This is the design of the Father: To raise up a many membered Son unto His eternal glory. The stars innumerable point to it. The heavens rejoice in it. The earth moans for it. The Spirit of God is bringing it forth and the Sons of God are beholding it. They are coming from both realms to be reunited forever ... taking their place in the Body of their Beloved. 


The Body of Christ is not something we "chat" about over a cup of coffee, as though it was something we heard about or read about. There is absolutely nothing that man can do to bring together the Body of Christ. This predestined birthing can only be accomplished by the Spirit of God in the unseen realm ... the realm of reality. It is the realm where the Sons of His Right Hand gather and partake of spirit converse. It is the realm of Divine Attainment. 


We have reached the place where flesh and blood cannot enter. Only our spirits can go beyond time and place and enter into union with God. Even now, in the silence and in our aloneness, we can hear the voice of the Father …


All that we have ever sought for, hungered for, and sacrificed for, is already ours ... given to us, eons ago, in the Everlasting Covenant. Thus once again we shall be all that we were ... and more. For we are the Sons of His Right Hand. We are being rebirthed in the dawning of this New Age. 


The light shall grow brighter as we go deeper into Him; as we become lost, as it were, in the depths of Jesus Christ. Ah, then we are free. Free to walk in the light that is brighter than countless suns ... even the light that is the eyes of God. Free to ride upon the breath of God unto the place of His great glory. The place where we say, "Father." And He says, "Ye are my sons." Hallelujah!


This is the place where we were first born. This is the Father's House not made with hands. The Song of the Sons fills this holy place. The sound of praise is awesome. The pillars of the heavens tremble from the Sons of God shouting for joy. Suddenly, all is still, very still, so still that we can hear the beat of the Father's heart. It is in this sacred silence, my beloved that spirit calls to spirit ... where remembering is becoming ... where we are finally one with Him. 


Even now, though we have a part to serve in earth's time and place, we can drink, for a moment, from the Fountain of Life ... we can eat from the Tree of Life. We can sit at His side and have converse divine. As we spend time in His presence, we can hear, we can see, and we can know. 


Be still, and you shall know God as you once knew Him when we all set together at His right hand. This is beyond seeking, knocking and asking. This is the receiving of our Birthright. 


Beware, lest any man rob you with vain conversation, or cunningly devised fables. There are those who would deceive the very elect of God. Turn from any that would make God likened unto sinful men. Abandon those that would make followers for themselves. Looking always. unto our lovely Christ ... the Author and Finisher of all things. 










LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] UNDATED LETTER G         3


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