The night is dark and we are far from home. Yet we know that He will lead us on till the morning breaks and the shadows flee away. 


In the darkness of the night, I beheld us as a city; a city conquered. All that we held precious had been taken from us. Joy and peace had flown away. And they who once loved us had abandoned us. It even seemed as though the Lord had removed His love. All was forsaken and forgotten. I watched as the remains of the city finally crumbled into the dust, and the wind carried it away and all was desolate...


We must stand alone, abandoned, forsaken and forgotten, until the prison house of flesh crumbles into the dust and is carried away by the Spirit into oblivion. Then and then alone has all wanting ceased and all battles are over. The inner son then ascends to the City unconquered where he is free from the hand of the spoiler. And the breath of God breathes upon him and he is renewed. 


I do not write of death, rather a place of life; a place apart from the world and the flesh ... a place where only sons can enter ... a place of manifestation, unification and glorification. 


The night seems long when we walk alone. Ail appears to be sadness of spirit. All that we lose in the world, we gain in the heavenlies; thus we walk the path that the Father has prepared for us. Even though we are despised and rejected, we press on toward the morning when we stand face to face and enter union with God. (I feel that we are a lot closer than we realize. Hallelujah!) 


Oh, the glory when the Spirit gathers us as lilies and places us in the arms of our loving Father and we hear Him say; "Welcome home, my sons." O, what joy when we take our place in Him. The "bitter cup" will then be changed into the "better wine." And we will speak of our travels through a strange land ... and we shall know, even as we once knew! 


I do not write of an end, rather of the long awaited Day of the Lord; the day when The Christ carries His Bride away. Ah, then shall the "greater work" begin. Then shall the Two be One; male and female in One. Forth from their oneness shall come the New Creation, and they shall be called the Christ Ones: The Living Expressions of the Love of God. 


Let thy spirit drink of the joy of that morning. Look full into the face of our Beloved. The mighty host of heaven is singing the Wedding Song of joy. And the praise of the Saints rise like incense unto the Great White Throne ... as the Council of Sons stand to receive the New Creation. Deep and unspeakable is the Wedding Feast of the Lamb! 


Suddenly, amid all this glory and splendor, falls a profound silence; all is still. A light appears; a light that can be seen, and heard, and felt. And in the light is the image of Father-Mother God. At this moment all that dwell in this most holy and sublime place is swallowed up, as it were, into Him. The silence is the silence of all things being lost in Him. This is more than the Father filling all things with himself ... this is when all things fill the Father with all that they are. 


There is a time when a drop of water is lost forever in the Mighty Sea. But there comes a time when the Mighty Sea will be lost in the the drop of water. This is perfect and complete union with God. Hallelujah! 


What lies ahead is far beyond the grasp of natural or spiritual understanding. Only those that are entering union with God will see and know; only they will enter in. Thus the veil is drawn until the time of fulfillment. 


Be not disheartened, we once knew beyond this point, and we once walked beyond the veil. And we were clothed with the light and the glory of the Everlasting Father. We are truly the children of another world and another time. But, for now, we must be part of this dark, very dark, night of the Sons. And for now we must be alone. The Father is surely leading us onward ... the morning is breaking and the shadows are fleeing away!! 


What remains then to bind us to the world? What is there of the flesh that could give us pleasure? Nothing, of course, in the light of what lies just ahead. The "bitter cup" has never been so sweet, or suffering more edifying, or aloneness more fulfilling. Rejoice in thy affliction, for it is the path to perfection and life everlasting! 


Only foolish children tarry to play in their swine pen of flesh. Only the doubting and fearful have returned to the systems of the dead ones. Only the "gazers" would follow after men. Would the blind dare to follow the blind? 


Consider the Lilies of the field; they are pure ... free from the spots and wrinkles of a dead order. Nor do they labor or toil; they have found their all in the Father. All the secrets of the Father, His wisdom and knowledge, and all that will ever be, is hidden in the field of the Lilies. This is the Garden of the Living. Enter, and all thy fears and heartaches will flee away. You need not seek to be free ... free thyself! The Father’s strength is within you. The incorruptible seed is within you. The Everlasting Kingdom is within you. See it ... become it ... speak the word and it shall come to pass. 


Be not self centered ... do not be deceived. You cannot pray yourself in, nor fast yourself in, nor learn yourself in, nor buy yourself in. You were born to be a member of God’s Holy Christ. It is in the "aloneness" and in the "do nothingness" that the birthing process is doing its perfect work; that the glory might be to the Father and not to man. Hallelujah! 


In the past we were "held back" by the so called church systems. Now the many voices would hinder us from entering in. Men love to be looked up to ... to be followed ... to be honored. Really, one who eats from another man I s labor, have nothing to glory in!! Where are these men when we walk in loneliness, or when pain and suffering and sorrow afflict us? What good are their sermons, their lessons, their tapes or their booklets, when we are seated with Christ in the heavenlies? And when these men come to the end of their journey what good are their followers, their fame, or their money? 


Therefore, forsaking all others, let us cling to our Christ. He is the Head and from Him alone shall come our full redemption, to wit: the redemption of our bodies. We no longer need to "seek" ... we have found our Beloved within the secret chamber of our inner man. We no longer need to "knock" ... the doors of the high and holy place are open to us. We no longer need to "ask" ... all that the Father has is ours. Hallelujah! 


Let us not tarry, the Father is bidding us to come up higher. There is a gathering taking place in His presence. The Sons are coming from both realms. Let us look to the moment when the Sons of God shall encircle the earth (the swine pen of the universe, due to Adam's reign). They shall come with our Elder Brother to bring judgment unto mercy and correction ... to establish The Kingdom of Divine Order and Harmony. And the Sons that still journey in this strange land shall, in a moment, be "caught up" into full Sonship thus forever to dwell in their place in Him. 


It is the hour to lose ourselves in the depths of Jesus Christ. It is the hour to see all things with the eyes of God's Spirit i the time to understand all things with the mind of the Lord. We are the chosen of the Lord, birthed from the womb of the Holy One ... that in the Age which is dawning, He might be born of us. 


The only way that we can be an "overcomer" is to follow the Lamb. The only way that we can have the life of the ages is to follow the Lamb. He alone is able to lead us to our former place and make us to sit, once again, with Him in His Father's throne. WE ARE THE SONS OF HIS RIGHT HAND!! 


Enter, my beloved, for the gates of the City have been lifted up. It is yours to sit in the heavens above the heavens. It is yours to hear and see those things which up to now were unheard and unseen. It is yours to walk and talk with the Father ... that you might know, even as you are known. It was determined that we would be the first to enter in. And all the glory belongs to our Everlasting Father. Hallelujah! 


"And the Sons of the City are the Mansions of Light!" 



The believer who has entered into peace knows he is filled with God and with those supernatural things which are a part of God. He is grounded in pure love, receiving equally those things which are pleasure or pain. He receives, in peace, whatsoever things come in the light or in the darkness, in the night or in the day, in affliction or in comfort. The believer lives in holy and heavenly indifference. That is, he never loses his peace in adversity, or his tranquility during tribulations, but is simply content in all things. 


And should the very prince of darkness bring assault against that believer, he will not be greatly affected and he will stand firm. Both the high mountain and the deep valley are counted the same. 


The valley of our outward being is filled with suffering, darkness, desolation. On the lofty mountain of our inmost being ... the pure sun casts its beams, inflames us and enlightens us. The believer remains clear, peaceful, resplendent, serene. 


This place of which I speak is the rich and hidden treasure. It is the lost pearl. 


Michael Molinos 1675 






































LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] UNDATED LETTER H            3

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