Some years ago, on Easter morning, I awoke just before daybreak. I laid in bed thinking about that morning, so long ago, when the Lord had risen victoriously from the grave. Suddenly, I had a strong inclination to go to the creek's edge and wait for sunrise. 


It was light enough to safely find my way through the thicket. I walked down the deer trail to my favorite spot along the creek. As the morning sky brightened and the sun slowly rose over the hills, I was made aware of the silence ... only the sound of the flowing water could be heard. A mystical peace settled over the little valley as my spirit was drawn closer to the Creator. 


There were wild flowers blooming among moss covered rocks. Here and there blades of river grass were appearing and the trees were showing signs of spring buds. The sky glowed with shades of peach, red and orange. Even the flowing water, like a mirror, reflected the mood and beauty of the moment. Yet, most overwhelming was the silence ... it seemed to overlay everything with a sacred emotion. I'll always remember the silence ... a silence that could be felt ... a silence that could carry the soul away...


The silence was broken by a church bus passing by. The folks inside were singing an Easter hymn. My heart grew heavy for a moment, for I knew that the precious people inside the bus were completely oblivious to what was happening in the little valley. They knew the song; they knew the story ... yet they sought the Living One among the dead ones. 


By then the birds were singing their morning songs ... the woodland creatures were up and moving about, and the warmth of the sun was kissing the earth. I wanted to stay forever in such an array of His handiwork; but as I left I knew that a portion of the beauty, peace and silence would always be a part of me. 


Some nights ago, if I may borrow the words of an old hymn, as I lay sleeping there came a dream so fair. If it was a dream or a vision I do not know. 


My spirit was walking in the midst of an awesome silence; a silence far greater than I had ever known. In the silence, my spirit was overtaken with a great desire to see and know. It seemed as though all that dwelled in the heavens were waiting in anticipation. The whole creation was waiting. Even the earth seemed to know that something supernatural was about to happen. Even the gates of hell stood ready. 


This was the beginning of a great miracle; a miracle which would defy the logic of man; a miracle that would shake the earth. A MIRACLE THAT WOULD OPEN THE DOORS TO IMMORTALITY!! 


Thus the dream continued: In the silence of the morning hours the Lord God sent forth an angel and a young man. The angel went to the garden where the Lord was buried. And the angel rolled the stone away from the tomb; he rolled it away for the young man. The young man entered the tomb and unwrapped the body of the Lord; folding the burial cloths and laying them aside. He then gently awakened the Lord. And the young man clothed the Lord with the glory light of God. And the Lord sat up. The young man was filled with the Holy Spirit and leaped for joy in the presence of his risen Elder Brother. 


And the Lord said to the young man; "Come and sit at the right of the sepulcher, for thou hast been chosen of the Father." The young man that had spent ages sitting at the right hand of the Lord, now sat at the right side of the sepulcher as a witness to the resurrection of his Brother, Jesus. Ah, my beloved brother-sister-sons, methinks we were all there to see the first Son-rise of countless Son-rises to come; knowing that we too, in our time and order, would brake forever the stronghold of death and the grave ... freeing the Creation from the thralldom of decay. Hallelujah! 


We all know of dear Mary who walked the garden grief stricken and weeping.  He spoke her name, and the garden of stones and flowers became an Eden for her enraptured soul. And Mary went forth to proclaim the truth:  JESUS LIVES!! 


And God's people were sleeping ...


Oh, We know so little of the heavenly transitions and workings of the Spirit which took place in the early hours of the First Day of the Week. Even the Written Word records little of that morning. 


In the tomb, much dialogue took place between the young man and the Lord. Many things yet to come were shown to the young man; things so high and holy that they were sealed and reserved for the time of the Lily. The very tables of time were turned. New galaxies appeared and a New Order was written in the cosmos. Within the loins of the risen Lord was an entire New Creation ... which is still to come. The Lord was received in the presence of the Father and crowned with many crowns by the Council of the Most High. And once again the Sons of God shouted for joy...


We know nothing as we ought. Perhaps we are too caught up in the whirlwind of the voices of men. Perhaps we spend too much time reading and studying and trying. There is an "inner son" within the tomb of our flesh, sitting as it were, on the right, waiting to take our grave cloths (our religious thoughts, practices, preferences ... perhaps these are the most deceiving and persuading tactics of the carnal mind) and fold them and lay them aside; then clothe us with the light of God, gently awakening us to partake of the Lord 's Resurrection; to carry us away into the presence of the Father. 


There is a divine silence, enriched by aloneness and suffering. A silence of the depths where spirit communes with spirit. This is, as it were, the beginning of the miracle that will open the door to immortality. The "third day" is dawning. The hour is close when we shall hear the voice of the Son of God, and our inner son shall arise triumphantly over the tomb of flesh. This is knowing Him and the power of His resurrection...


Then, my spirit was taken to another morning ... the morning when the Light of God had risen forevermore. The earth and all living things had been freed from Adam's reign. All those who slept in the graves had heard the voice of the many membered Christ and had come forth. Mercy, grace and restitution, like a lovely mantle, covered all things. Time had ceased to be. The curse was gone. The house of hell was desolate. And in the light of that glorious morning stood a young man, a many membered young man, and He smiled ... for His work was finished ... Hallelujah!! 


Fear not, my beloved; He is the door by which we enter into the holiest of all places. Go into thy chamber, close the door, lose thyself in the silence and wait for Him to take thy spirit up higher. The "inward" path leads to the depths of Jesus Christ... 














LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] UNDATED LETTER “I”              2

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