There are many uncertain trumpets in the world today; voices that would draw our attention away from the brightness of His coming...


Man is walking his last and darkest mile, the worst ever known lies just ahead. Shall we ask the Father to change the course of destiny? This bitter mile was laid out eons ago and will be shortened only for the sake of the Elect. 


The sun is surely setting upon an old age. Adam’s reign is coming to an end. Many prefer to look upon the darkness; they fear and wring their hands in anguish. There are prophets of doom, rightfully proclaiming, to a dying race, that great perplexity is just ahead. The nations of the earth speak of peace, yet hatred, deceit, greed and even murder is hidden in their hearts. As we see these things come to pass, let us look up; for yonder in God’s eternal sky the Son of a New Beginning is standing in the glorious light of the Kingdom Morning. 


The people of God are following blind leaders. They dance and sing and laugh around their human idols. Forsaking all that is God-like and holy; they worship and serve the creature. Even the so called message of Sonship and the Kingdom has been mixed with the teachings of the great Babylon ... teachings born of carnal reasoning; even comparing God to a creature. Many point to a "new way," yet they lead precious souls down the old lifeless path. 


There is the precious few which the Lord has "hidden away" ... a handful of corn up on the mountain (the high and holy place). Though they drink from the cup of loneliness and suffering, they rejoice in their afflictions, knowing that they are partaking of a better resurrection: A GLORIOUS COMING FORTH! 


Now, more than ever, we should look for His coming. By the brightness of His coming shall the darkness be dispelled. Without the hope of His coming, there is no hope. If we do not "lift up our eyes" we will not see Him. HE WILL APPEAR TO ALL WHO LOOK FOR HIS COMING! And in the glorious appearing of our Elder Brother, we shall all be brought together in perfect union. 


The Lord is not sitting in some "far off" place, subcontracting, as it were, His reign. He has promised that we shall reign with Him, not in place of Him. My dearly beloved, let us be honest with ourselves; how could we, as sons, be ruling in the Kingdom when as yet we cannot rule over our self? The late George Hawtin often wrote, "Christ must first rule over the earth that we are, before He will rule over the earth upon which we dwell." The purging and purifying that we are going through is in preparation for the coming of the Kingdom. And that Kingdom shall be made manifest from within. 


To sit at His right hand has nothing to do with place and position, rather, it is having a vital part in the administration of the Kingdom of God. The coming of our King is the manifestation of His presence; first to us, then to the Creation. We will know when the Rock has come: He shall come and smite (not rule over) the kingdoms of the world, never again to rule through Adam's carnal means; never again to mar the beauty of His Creation; never again to bind the souls of men to the world's two lifeless Babylons. He comes to establish forever the Father's Holy Kingdom. The secret is in His coming. Reach inward to receive the Bridegroom of thy soul. 


The coming of the Lord has always been clothed in mystery. His coming has nothing to do with time or place ... it has everything to do with His sovereignty. Indeed, He shall come upon a cloud of great witnesses ... witnesses testifying of Him and His appearing. AND SURELY THE COMING OF THE LORD DRAWS NIGH! 


Many speak of a "spiritual" return, as others speak of a "literal" return, never realizing that they are one and the same. Every eye shall see Christ ... every man in his order and in his time. 


The Lord whom we love shall come; suddenly, in a moment, He shall appear. Go into thy chamber and there, in the secret place of the Most High, wait upon Him, and you will find Him dwelling within the depths of thy being. You will hear His loving voice within thy inner son. It is His voice that we must hear; it is Him that we must follow. He alone is able to lead us beyond the veil ... there can be no fleshly intruders into our Holy Place. There, within the splendor of His presence, we will receive all that He has promised, and all that He is, we shall be. Once we sat in His presence ... then, we shall be His presence … this will be the FULL MANIFESTATION OF THE SONS OF GOD'S CHRIST. One Living Stone at a time is being fitly joined to the other ... this is the work of the Father in this hour. Rejoice my brethren ... we are taking our pre-dawn place in God's Eternal Structure! 


The Lord shall come with God's vast family of Sons, and the earth and all therein shall go before Them proclaiming that THE CHRIST is Lord. And these words will be carried upon the wind of the Spirit unto the ends of the universe. The tongues of man and beast, and all living things shall make confession unto restitution. All that dwell in the house of hell shall see and know and partake of the Lord's Great Salvation. Not one, in all the Father's Creation, will be lost or wasted. 


There will be one Nation upon the earth. All of earth's inhabitants shall go unto the mountain of the Lord (The Many Membered Structure). And there the Sons of God shall impart the words of life and knowledge to all that the Father has made. Ah, surely there is hope for a dying world! And that hope is that the coming of THE CHRIST is sure, and that the hour draws nigh. Let us comfort one another and all who come to us, with these words. 


We have been so busy trying to figure out the place and the time that we have failed to see the reality. We have seen Him as "ascended" for so long that at times He seems so far away. Yet, in the stillness, the silence, the aloneness, He has descended to us that we might ascend, or be lifted up into Him. We have not wasted any time sitting in His presence, all the while He has been moving upon us and within us, filling all voids with himself.


There is a new heaven and a new earth being formed within the center of our being. Only our flesh is part of the earthy; our spirits walk with Him beyond the veil, even into the Holiest of all places. We are entering a new phase of eternity. Transformation is working mightily within the members of His Body. That is why the outer man is so restless ... he knows his time is almost over. Barriers are being broken ... we are coming to know even as we are known. We know if our earthly tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, not made with hands, eternal in the high and holy place." We no longer look for a "dissolving" ... we look for a "coming forth." Hallelujah!! 


There is much that the Father has prepared for us ... more than the eye could see, or the ear could hear, or the mind could comprehend. Our understanding of the old concepts were like weights which held us down to the lower realm of thought. How foolish we were to compare spiritual things with natural; never knowing that it was our own preferred religious notions that were keeping us from the depths of Jesus Christ. We have seen little of the plans of our Infinite Father. We yield to the Spirit's gentle releasing; softly we walk upon the ground of the New Day. Though that which lies before us appears to be new, in reality it is the hidden secrets coming forth from the chamber of our spirits ... refreshing, renewing and restoring our memory of the Perfect Plan. It is not a "better way," it is the Perfect Way: it is the coming together of the many membered Christ ... Sons of the Living God. 


We always knew, deep inside, that we were not meant to eat "husks" forever. We are of another place and another time; we have meat to eat that others have no knowledge of. We are drinking of the Water of Life … we shall never thirst again. We have found our Beloved, He was never far away … He was hidden among the lilies, waiting for the hour when we would be awakened out from Adam's sleep; waiting for the hour when we would be fitly joined in Him. 


Man shall not forbid us … we are crossing over the threshold of the newness of life. We are entering into the Holiest of all places: the Secret Place of the Most High. We have come to the Sabbath of the Lord; unto the Kingdom of our God, even unto the Paradise of our birth. There is not a whisper, converse has ceased; we wait in His presence for Him to complete His perfect work. 


Swiftly fades the dark night of Adam. Swiftly rises the light of the Eternal Son. All is still as God reaches inward to us, and we reach upward to Him. There is silence ... only the voice of the Father can be heard. The door is opening; He will surely sup with us. Hallelujah! 


Can you not see, my beloved, that we are the beauty of His Temple? That is why He is removing the least blemish ... even if it must be by fire. There can be no compromise; we must be a continuous praise unto His glory. Soon our spirits shall break out of their prison house of flesh, to walk forever in fair Eden's Garden ... to be with Him Whom we love and yearn for. 


The ground before us shall become holier! Present thyself before the Father: He is sanctifying and glorifying the Living Stones of His Holy House ... 










LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] UNDATED LETTER J              3

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