It has been a long time of silence for us; the few words we have spoken no one understood ... no one would hear. We are the children of another world, within us is the language of the Father. We see beyond the veil of religious notions, we hear that which mortal ears cannot hear. The presence of the Father is not foreign to us. He is our only love, His will our only desire. 


When the words of a "letter that killeth" fell short, the Living Word revealed Himself to us. In our time of silence He has been making us ready for the place He has prepared for us. He is returning to us that which we lost in Adam's sleep. Once again, in the coolness of the dawn, He is walking with us and talking to us; it is a sacred communion of Father to son ... alone in a secret place  partaking of a divine union. 


This is indeed an hour of great rejoicing, for a window within our "concealment" has been opened. We clearly see the wonderful work which the Lord has been doing during our time of being closed in. We look out upon a new age; all that is upon the horizon is new. The "old creation" with its form of godliness is finally behind us. We are free from the bondage of the men of the church age. The "letter" has been folded like a garment and laid aside. The Everlasting Gospel is being proclaimed in the heavenly places. The Spirit of God is speaking the words of life to our inner son. The doors of our understanding are being opened. We are receiving that which we shared when we were all together in the Father's House. 


Oh blissful moment when all the voices of men lie silent in the grave of the past, and the voice of the Spirit is heard throughout the land!! 


There are countless hungry souls, especially among the youth, that are searching for the truth. They turn to the pseudo church, or to the "men of the hour," or to those that are thought to be spiritual fathers. Alas, they receive the old stale manna of yesterday’s vision. The time has passed for them to start at the "first hour" ... they must begin in this "seventh hour," for all shall share in the same reward. Our lovely Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever! Let us encourage all who come to us to look unto the Lord God, to wait in the silence of His presence until the voice of the Father reveals His Son in them. Let us encourage them to lose themselves in the depths of Jesus Christ and to enter into union with God. Let us point them to the Kingdom that has come unobserved ... the Father’s Kingdom of peace, righteousness, and equality. Tell them the Son of Righteousness is rising with quickening in His wings. Tell them God has put all things under the feet of His Beloved Christ, giving to Him the rule over all things. Tell them He is appearing to all that look for Him. Tell them the manifestation of the Sons of God draws near. 


If you are alone and have no one to share the truth with, release all the light that you have in Christ Jesus, send it out upon the breath of the Spirit and He will take it and place it in some lonely, longing, waiting heart. There is power beyond comprehension in the spoken word! 


There is no time or distance to the Light that is rising within us. There are no language barriers to the words of the Living God ... for they are spirit and they are life. There are no walls of partition to hinder the work of the Father's Spirit. Indeed, there is freedom when nothing else remains ... except Christ. Hallelujah!! 


It is truly wonderful how the Lord is lifting us into a higher life. Our birthright is of the highest order and the highest degree. There can be no higher calling than to dwell in union with God, or to be one with Him, or to share all things in common with Him. This is the place where all "works" cease and we rest in the fullness of the Lord. It is not a higher order of "practices," rather, it is a higher state of being. 


The Day of the Lord is not for doing ... it is for being. Freedom is not the right to do or be whatever we desire. When we are free of self, then and then alone do we know true freedom. This, my beloved, is the liberty belonging to the Sons of God ... it is the perfect work that the Father is doing in us. The Rock is grinding into dust the kingdoms of our flesh that we might come forth as the Kingdom of God. 


The thing of importance in this hour is that we stay in the realm of the Spirit. Life alone dwells in the Eternal. Only the Spirit can take the things of the Father and show them to us. Cleanse your hands (works of your own will and the old order) and your hearts. Be not double minded, one cannot serve two masters: one cannot serve a man and serve the Lord ... one cannot obey a system and obey the Lord. Even the printed page, though it served us well, could not give us life, or bring forth transformation, or deliver the creation from the bondage of decay; the Lord will do these things through the power of His Spirit. The page is little next to the Person. We have all read the letter ... let us now rejoice as we partake of the Living Word. 


I once mentioned that I have shelves full of books and drawers full of tapes. I have discovered that these too are weights which hold us back and things that weary the spirit. Even the truths of yesterday fade into the shadows ... in the glorious light of today. What once was a "stepping stone" has now become a "stumbling block." Like the oars of a boat, they were needed ... now we are entering upon the ocean that He is ... WE MUST RELEASE THE OARS ... THE POWER OF GOD'S SPIRIT WILL CARRY US ONWARD UNTO THE FULLNESS OF THE DAY!! HAILELUJAH!! 


Much of today's teaching is a mixture of the old and the new. They have, as it were, given new words to an old song. Some continue to think that God is in the construction business, or the financing business, or the publishing business; thus they wait for the "Lord to provide" as though God's word and plans could not advance without the help of the god of this world. Thus they continue to send out their chocolate covered pleas for MONEY. They tell the people to share in the "burden" ... I personally have never found it a burden to serve the Lord ... have you, my brethren? Beggars have no shame ... only excuses! Be not deceived, my beloved, IT IS TIME TO REMOVE THE MONEYCHANGERS FROM OUR FATHER'S HOLY HOUSE. 


It is time to put childish thinking away ... it is time to stop being an investor or a share holder in another man's dream ... it is time to lay claim to our rightful inheritance. The doors which the Lord has closed must remain closed. This is the beginning of a new age, a higher order; it is the age of the Revelation of God’s Eternal Christ. It is the age of the "greater giving" ... yes, far greater than the giving of tithes and offerings. This is the age when we give all of ourself in exchange for all that He is!! It is the age of giving to the creation that which the Father has lavishly bestowed upon us. It is by the giving up of all that is old, that we are prepared to give all that is new to a moaning creation. IT IS THE TIME TO COME AND BUY WITHOUT MONEY! HALLELUJAH! 


Have we endured such great tribulation only to be rewarded with another book, or another teaching, or another form of gathering? God forbid! We have cried out day and night for the Living Bread ... the Father will not give us a lifeless stone from religion’s broken idols. Remember, my brethren: there are idols of stone and there are idols of flesh...


How can those who are surrounded by "followers" know of the lonely road of rejection that we have walked? They cannot know. How can those that cling to an earthly kingdom know of the Kingdom of God that truly dwells in us? They cannot know. How can those that teach that sonship is a message, or a choice, or an experience, ever see the revelation of a son of God bound inside an earthen vessel? They cannot see. 

We see our lovely Christ in every sunrise ... every sunset He is closer and more real. Each day He reveals Himself in a fuller and greater way. Each day the fire of His presence consumes more of Adam's ways. Each night we rest in a newer light, each morning we awaken to a brighter light. Time means little to us now, for we are part of the Eternal. Days, months, and years pass by unnoticed. The events of the world mean little, if anything to us. With the saints of old we have longed and searched for the City of our God … the City of our former abode, even the Kingdom of our Everlasting Father  




I know and you know that there are some among us that wish to stand and wait for other things to come to pass. No one shall hinder us or discourage us ... no one shall take the prize from us. We have gone too far to look back or to stand still ... let others tarry if they will, there is a divine purpose in it: The Father is separating the sheep from the goats. Oh, great is the mystery of man ... there are those we thought to be sheep, but they are goats ... and there are those who we thought were goats, but they are sheep. HE ALONE IS THE ETERNAL SHEPHERD ... THE DAY OF THE HIRELINGS IS OVER! God alone shall lead us into the fullness of Himself. He alone shall bring forth our manifestation. 


We have reached the point in our Father’s plan where all that was to be "taught" has been taught ... and we have learned what was to be learned. Now, beyond the realm of teaching and learning, comes the voice of the Spirit. How could mortal men, with their in-part knowledge, teach of the fullness of time, or the fullness of the Father’s glory? The events which are to follow the dawning of this day are beyond the reach of mortal men ... far above the knowledge of the learned, and far too holy for the eloquent speech of man. 


When we were in school we could only learn what was in the book ... the real things of life came by experience. How often are the best and right decisions made from the heart rather than the mind. Too much learning robs the man, not of head knowledge, but of reality. We may learn of the WORKS of the Lord, but only as we are lifted to the higher realms of divinity, can we know the WAYS of the Lord. 


There was a time when we "followed" the Lord, some were closer and knew Him in a deeper way, while others followed at a distance. Now we walk together at His side, many members walking as one with the Father. We need not worry about oneness with each other ... union with God is the same in all of us. Thus it can truly be said: "WE ARE ONE IN HIM." 


The Father is writing the words of the Everlasting Covenant upon our hearts. A name far greater than sons is being given to us. Thus our concealment must continue for a little while. All the glory and freedom of the dawning age hinge upon the Covenant our Father made with us. The coming of the "new creation" is foretold in this Covenant. It is the Covenant of all covenants ... it is the Covenant of Life, sealed by the blood of the Lamb before there was time ... 


We are so close to the "prize" my brothers. Let us be faithful and wait for our Father to finish His perfect work in us. Let us gather often in the secret place of the Most High, and there partake of the Communion of Life known only to the Sons of God! Blessed be the name of the Lord! 



























LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] UNDATED LETTER L              3

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