There seems to be a lot of activity and noise in the "outer court" at this time. There are those who would bring the external blessings inside the Holy Place: But nothing external may go beyond the veil. Beyond the veil we walk with God. The Secret Place of the Most High cannot be taken by force. All the external signs and efforts cannot thrust open the door to the Eternal. Those that cling to external blessings, cling to a vanishing dream. Only fools and slow of heart would seek to be lead by men ... The Holy Place is far beyond the reach of mortal men. Men cannot point the way to the unseen, nor can they scan the depths of Jesus Christ. After centuries of religion and teaching, man still Iives in the shadows of fear and unbelief. After many outpourings of all types and of all degrees, "Christians" still live in strife and division. Even Sonship and the Kingdom have become doctrines for men to argue over. THIS IS THE HOUR TO TRUST IN THE FATHER ... TO BE LED BY HIS SPIRIT INTO ALL TRUTH! 


We wait within the Holy Place in silence; not even a prayer or praise as we have known such in the past. In the silence the Spirit of God moves slowly and gently upon our inner son, as once again we draw life from The Source of all Life. Without a word being spoken our spirits converse with His Spirit; they embrace and share in a holy love, a holy oneness ... one, being lost in the other. This, indeed, is the holiest of all places ... it is the center place of the resources of the Most High. Here, my beloved, we are free, no walls surround us ... walls are for prisoners; freedom and liberty belong to the Sons of God! It is here that we "had our beginning .. it is here we find our fulfillment and completion. And wonder of wonders, this is where we no longer follow the Lamb ... we walk at His side ... many walking as One, speaking as One, ruling as One. This is the state where one plus one equals One. Hallelujah! No words can explain or describe such a Divine Union ... only spirit touching Spirit. .. only son touching Father can know such matchless glory. This is The Christ, The Many Membered Son of the Living God! 


The following is from a letter I received some time ago: "It is truly a time of exactness and honesty. The Kingdom we are working toward is one of perfection; and nothing less can enter therein; so the purging and cleansing is in operation as this great time of Judgment surfaces, is dealt with, and forgiven. Each one will feel the stigma of the old, as it has to completely resign to Spirit living. The Kingdom that carne in with out observation has come as a thief in the night. The church world is in complete oblivion to this knowledge. 


"I thank Father God for the mountain, I thank Him for the valley, through it all I have learned to trust in Him. I have learned to depend and trust upon His Living Word. Wisdom and knowledge is increasing at a faster rate of consciousness. Man’s teachings have been a real detriment to mankind; the Sin of Unbelief runs rampant. This is surely our time to intercede for the blind in heart and spirit, for they feel they are "Spirit filled." My heart says; Father, hasten the day of complete renewal of mind and heart, putting on the mind of Christ, that the mind will no longer think or be earthy. The old is so repulsive, so worn out, so it is imperative to live from the inside and stay close to the shelter of His Love." End of quote. 


The "children of God" continue to be servants to the religions and creeds of men. Even some among the "Little Flock" have returned to the lifeless practices of days gone by; clinging to the arm of flesh and calling it "fellowship." They look to this brother or that sister instead of looking to their Beloved. They consider us strange and rebellious because we will not eat of their bread. They call us "mad" because we rejoice in our aloneness and in our afflictions. They have forgotten that only those who suffer with Him (suffer the total cross) shall reign with Him. It was in the fiery furnace that One likened unto the Son of God appeared. It was alone on Patmos that John was taken up higher to view the unseen and eternal ways of the Father. In John’s aloneness he received the Revelation of Jesus Christ. In our aloneness we are waiting to receive the manifestation of God's Christ. Even in our rejection, pain, suffering and sorrow we have joy unspeakable that is full of glory! Blessed be the Name of the Lord God! 


We are a silent influence in the world today. We are unseen lights in a time of gross darkness. We are totally unknown to the world, and completely rejected by the church systems. Yet all things hinge upon our manifestation; for which the whole creation is moaning. God's Spirit of Purging is heavily upon us. We can find no joy, no peace, and certainly no life apart from Him. HE ALONE IS OUR WAY, OUR LIFE AND OUR TRUTH! We have truly been a peculiar people, even from the day of our birth. He is refining us, renewing us, and restoring us. And we are remembering. Hallelujah! 


We cannot learn the higher thoughts and higher ways; they are released from the Day Spring within the depths of our inner son, released I say, to flow freely into the chambers of our renewed mind ... transforming us and restoring to us our former God consciousness. This is the work of the Holy Spirit in the dawning hours of a New Age. In the old order we sought for the upper room experience ... now, in the newness of the hour, we seek our former existence in Him. The more we remember of our life in His presence, the more restless we become, the more weary of our house of clay, and more unattached from the world and its cares. 


As we walk in the realm of reality our spirits are above all tribulation ... only with our eyes shall we behold the reward of the wicked (those who did not walk after the ways of the Lord, saved or unsaved). Yes, we may find ourselves in the heart of the tribulation, but our spirits will walk the lily bordered path in the heavenlies. We will not fear those who could destroy the body ... we will look unto Him who shall change our mortal bodies, making them like unto His own glorified body. Hallelujah! 


As I said in the beginning of this little letter: There seems to be a lot of activity and noise in the outer court. We do not belong in that circle. We do not belong in groups and meetings of any kind. We do not cling to past ministries, nor do we follow after the voice of a man or a woman. We are the Sons of God ... let us be about our Father's business. Let us walk with God until that blessed moment when He takes us and we are no more. 


This is the hour of the Father and son relationship ... the hour He writes His Name upon our foreheads ... sealing us forever and giving unto us a name far greater than son. And that name was written, eons ago, in the mind of the Eternal. He called our name and we came forth in full stature, sharing one heart, one mind, and one voice; bearing all the characteristics of our Father God ... equal with but not exalted above. And the heavens trembled in our presence ... as the Holy Spirit of Sonship filled the House of the Living God with the glory fire of the Everlasting Father. 


I wish to share with you something my spirit experienced on January 9th, 1995 at 2:15AM. I know many that read the "little letters" will be able to relate to it; others will understand more clearly why we must bear the cross of suffering and rejection...


I sensed that a great storm was gathering. I was alone standing in a vast field, as it were. I looked in all directions for a shelter ... there were none. The wind was howling, the immenseness of the storm was increasing. An angel of the Lord appeared ... I knew he was stronger than the storm. I thought to myself that he would lead me through the storm. He was so calm in the midst of such fierceness. He told me to look beyond the storm. I was confused; for I did not have the knowledge to do such. I asked the angel to show me the way ... I pleaded that he would love me and lead me. 


The storm worsened ... the wind became more violent. There was no shelter ... I was left alone ... the angel of the Lord had departed. I was left alone to face the storm ... there was no place for me to hide … how would I survive? I knew that I must not yield to the power of the storm … yet where do I go? ... what do I do? In the wind I heard a voice ... "Look beyond the storm." 


Suddenly I was standing in the eye of the storm ... the wind had overtaken me ... there was no strength left in me. I laid down in the dust of the earth; I was not able to do anything ... I had lost all hope. Suddenly, the wind subsided and I lost all contact with the storm. I could not even find my "self". I was beyond the storm ... I had left "self" and had been taken to a place of great joy. There were countless beings of Pure Light; the many Sons of God. Some of them had taken on the appearance of Mighty Stars ... ah, they were the Morning Stars radiating the love and purity of their Father. As I looked into the light I knew the secret: When one leaves "self" in the dust of the earth, he is beyond the storm. What I then began to see and hear was beyond my comprehension, and I knew I could not remain in this hollowed place. I knew by the Spirit that there was yet another night I must pass through. I knew it would be the darkest night I have ever known. Why Father? why Father? I cried out. Why must I drink of this bitter cup? Did I not leave the glory of Thy presence to dwell in a house of clay? Had I not carried the shame of sin? Had I not been despised and rejected? Had I not learned to hate the ways and the works of darkness? Father, I do not wish to drink of this cup. Why was I allowed to go beyond the storm ... then sent to walk in the abyss of night? Father, can we not reason together? ...


THE PATH IS STRAIGHT! I knew that I had no choice but to drink of the bitter cup. I wondered what awaited me in the darkness of the night ... as I drink from the cup I would know. I knew I would be left alone in the darkness, and at the most crucial moment the Father would withdraw from me. I have been through the dark night of the soul; now, the dark night of the Sons awaited me ... it is the price every son must pay. How long must I drink? ... till there is nothing left. The Father was not asking me or telling me to drink of the cup ... I knew the hour had come to glorify the Father ... I would drink and bear the reproach of my brethren. There were those who drank before me bearing my reproach, now I must bear the reproach of those dear brothers that are to follow. Beloved, we are so fitly joined together that when one suffers, all suffer. .. but we shall all shout together as we take our place at the Father’s side ... knowing even as He. 


Our Elder Brother walked the path leading through the dark night of the Sons. He who knew no sin, became sin. The whole creation bears the mark of the cross; somehow, somewhere the influence of Calvary is working in all things. Somewhere working within every creature is the power of the blood of the Lord Jesus. God so loved the Creation that He sent His Many Membered Son to bring life and restitution to all. Hallelujah! 


When the cup is empty, Father, we shall meet again. The cup shall be taken and laid at Thy feet. As we said in our beginning; "We will go and do Thy bidding, and the glory shall be Thine." Thou art God ... all is well. You take us beyond the storms to the place of the Morning Stars; by their beauty we are made strong. It is by Thy great faithfulness that we partake of the cup of the Lord Jesus. 


The earthbound people have no idea that we are paying the ultimate price for them. We became one of them in order that they might partake of the freedom and liberty of the Sons of God. The cup is large … the cross is heavy ... the creation is moaning ... their darkest night draws near. 


Then, my spirit was touched by a gentle wind; my heart was sad, but my soul was filled with joy: For the Lord had set my face toward THE WIND (His Spirit), and my feet on the path I was to walk. The Lord stood before me, hands tied, His body (the many members) beaten and bruised. I have never felt such sorrow and grief. I knew that in order to do the greater works ... there must be the greater suffering...


Since that night many things have happened in my life ... both good and evil ... powers of light and powers of darkness. I (we) am still drinking from the bitter cup ... yet the more I drink the more I understand. We may fall many times from the weight of the cross; we may become discouraged and heavy hearted and, at times the aloneness may be overwhelming. BUT! there is no suffering that can be compared to the moaning and groaning of the spirit; no greater pain than being absent from His presence. Through it all The Covenant between the Father and the Sons is being fulfilled. 


Many of you have walked, or are walking this same path ... every son will walk this path. We are, as it were, filling up the gap. The Creation is being prepared for its deliverance. Through great tribulation we shall enter the glorious Kingdom of God, and of His Christ and of His Christ Sons. 


Though the night be dark and we are far from home ... we are the Sons of Light; and we shall bear all that the Father places upon our shoulders ... unto His Eternal Glory. 


Apart from the childish noise of the outer court ... apart from the restless crowds ... apart form leaders and doctrines, we find our Beloved. He dwells in the silent presence of His longing Sons. Hallelujah! 



LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] UNDATED LETTER M              3

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