The heir, as long as he is a child, differeth nothing from a servant, though he be lord of all; But is under tutors and governors until the time appointed of the father...


When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man I put away childish things ... Thus are the words of our wise brother, Paul. 


We went through many stages of childhood when we were bound by religion, tradition, meetings and so forth. Many of our beliefs and much of our consecration was out of fear ... fear of punishment if we did not live by the opinions of the Elders of the so-called church. Being children we often had mistaken opinion for dogma, interpretation for fact, and error for truth. Indeed, we were among the blind following blind leaders. Beware, my beloved, there are blind leaders among us today, so blind that they are returning to Egypt ... to the very bondage from which they once led us...


Though the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom ... perfect love casts out all fear. Love is a very intimate experience ... for love is a living, visible expression of the Father. Love that has been found in the heart of God knows no fear. Love is trusting, knowing and being. Love knows no boundaries; therein dwells no bigotry, no hate, no condemnation ... love never fails. Love is greater than the law even as grace is greater than sin. Jesus did not destroy the law ... He fulfilled the law by paying the price the law demanded. The law written upon stone was but a figure of a time to come ... a time when the law would be written upon the hearts of all mankind ... a time when living would be in love and not in fear. Hallelujah! 


Love, mercy and grace are endless attributes of the Father ... they are eternally expanding. Though love can be expressed outwardly, the fullness of Divine Love is an inward life ... an eternal life in the Spirit ... it is the crown of Sonship. God IS infinite love is a creating force; a creating force far beyond that of worlds and galaxies ... beyond that of people and animals, trees and flowers, mountains and valleys. It is a New Creation known only to the begotten of the Father. It is an ascending of spirits, for the Spirit and by the Spirit. Love is an ascending force which allows us to ascend into the Holy Place of the Spirit where we, like our Father, know and understand all things; where all the omnipotent powers of Love are ours ... where Father and Sons and Spirit are One. Let this Divine Love touch your spirit for just a moment and it will never let you go. Nothing less than spirit will satisfy you ... God alone will be your all. Are these words causing you to remember? Is the spirit within your inner son leaping for joy? Is your spirit crying out for freedom? Then truly maturity lies just ahead ... and the door of the Father's heart is opening to you ... you are reaching the time appointed of the Father. 


There are too many philosophies and teachings, all clamoring for our attention, all Claiming to be the way to eternal life ... the entrance to the Kingdom. But there is only one Door in this hour, my beloved, and that is Christ. In the past months I have received many writings and books. What I have read thus far might contain some past or present truth, but these writings are not in agreement with each other ... there are divisions of thought, and barriers which divide brother from brother. As long as these divisions exist, and we partake of them, we walk as men and not as sons. Please, do not misunderstand me: I have found heavenly manna in some of these books and writings. However, the fullness of truth is found only in the presence of our Beloved … it is His Spirit that will show us things to come. 


My spirit has grown so weary of the past ways, even the present ways ... it hungers with yours for the fullness of truth as it is in Christ Jesus, our Lord and Elder Brother. We must abandon all the voices of Adam, all the divisions of men, and all the lifeless practices of the past. 


There are many voices in the world today ... many things are being taught and written: But it is in His presence only that we receive the words that are spirit and life. There was a time when we knew God according to the patriarchs, the prophets, the apostles ... a time when we knew Him according to the Sacred Page ... The time has come to know Him as we once knew Him, eons ago, when we were all together in the Father’s Holy Courts. It is time to know Him as He is...


You cannot confine our Everlasting Father between the covers of a book, or within the walls of a building, or in the narrow confines of religious thought. Our Father is too great for that...


I know there are those who believe that even today the presence of the Lord can be "felt" in certain meetings and gatherings ... and this I do not doubt. I do not mean to "split hairs", but I must say, to "feel" the presence of the Lord, and to be "in His presence" are two different experiences. We have all felt His presence in meetings, yet it was not until we "came out" of the old order that we began to come into His presence. It was then we found our worship and communion and fellowship within the tabernacle of the Most High. 


We left the "bond woman" and her ways which had lead us into bondage. I say we should not return ... even when "baited" with topics of Sonship, Kingdom, or the Life in the Spirit. We have found the hidden treasure ... the pearl ... our inheritance. We are the Sons of God ... let us worship Him in spirit and in truth. Let us enter His courts with praise, knowing that in His presence dwells the fullness of joy, peace, and life ... knowing that in Him we are one and with Him we shall reign, ages without end. It is most glorious to know we belong to the Father; to yearn to live and move and have our existence in Him ... to desire to be alone with Him, to partake of Him ... to be lost in Him. This will do more for us and for mankind than all the meetings, fasting, praying and giving could ever do. 


The need for meetings and fellowship stem from the natural desires, not spiritual: For the spirit cries out to the Spirit. The spirit yearns to walk with God, to live with God, to be like God; and in the silence of its aloneness the spirit worships and converses with the Father. We do not need more preachers, teachers or prophets ... not even more writers ... the old is passing away. We need to know our Father in His fullness ... and by His fullness be changed ... transformed ... once again into His image. This will never happen through meetings, fellowship, or vain efforts and methods of the natural man. It is alone with Him, completely yielded to His will, His mind and His Spirit, that such a transformation can begin. Only in His presence and by the power of His Spirit can the mortal put on immortality, the corruptible to put on incorruption. 


Religion, with all of its so called "great out-pourings" was meant for the sons of Adam. We, too, had to partake of the religions of men ... that we might suffer in all ways like them ... that in the appointed hour we might free Adam's race from the bondage, fear, and darkness of religion. As I once wrote: The Sons of God became the sons of men, that the sons of men might partake of the liberty of the Sons of God. We "stepped down" in order to "lift up" the Creation ... that time is just ahead! We need to put our "childish" things aside. You are wasting your time, effort, and money on trying out all the different ways, theories, and practices. Money cannot buy the truth ... the truth belongs to the free. The life of God cannot be learned, nor can it be acquired by works ... and, I fear, that His life is beyond the reach of common faith. The life of God is a birthright, freely given to His sons. Life is not "believing" ... it is a state of being. God is life. He is the essence of life. He is the life within our inner son ... the life preparing to burst asunder the stronghold of our flesh ... the life that will overcome every enemy, restoring to us our place by Him. Hallelujah! 


My beloved, there was a time when we were under tutors and governors, to remain there would be foolish. This is truly the time appointed of the Father:  The time when we realize that there are truths so holy, so profound, so quickening, that they cannot be taught ... they are given by the hand of God to the Sons of His right hand … truths we become to His eternal glory. They are living truths ... not revealed … but manifested in every son... 


We cannot know the power of His resurrection (transformation) as long as we follow the blind or walk among the dead ones. The life giving manna is not for those who cling to the legs of a man, or lean upon the arm of flesh. It is apart, separate … yeah, it is in the extreme aloneness that the Spirit of God breaks bread among the sons. It is there that our spirits embrace and are joined as one in the Father. Close your eyes and your ears ... open your heart ... look inside ... and your inner son will open a way before you which you have never known or imagined. We receive little looking to the outside ... we tried that for years. Now we know that greater is the son within ... a son of the Living God, living within a house of clay! He will not be content until once again he stands in the exact image of the Father. He restlessly waits within his prison house of flesh for the hour of freedom, maturity and union with God: The hour when he shall deliver the Creation from the long night of death, returning the Creation, fully restored, to the Father ... The Creator of all things ... Hallelujah!! 


The Spirit of God is whispering to us: "The Kingdom of God is within you." It is within us because we were born of Father God, born into His Kingdom, eons ago, in that Glorious Beginning of all beginnings ... that in this Glorious Beginning, which is dawning, we might be made manifest to the Creation; in order that the whole creation might know that we always were, that we are, and forever will be, the Sons of the Living God. 


He is the light ... He is so much more. He is the consuming fire ... yet so much more. He is everything and everywhere ... ah, He is more than that. He is the Alpha and Omega ... He is so much more. He is above the highest heights ... He is greater than our greatest idea or understanding of Him. He is beyond the Essence ... the Absolute ... the Supreme ... a trillion times more than that. Only in figure are the heavens His throne and the earth His footstool. Only as our spirit clings to His Spirit can we rise to the heights of His glory. Only with the eyes of His Spirit can we behold His fullness. And only by the power of His Spirit can we see Him and have life evermore. Hallelujah!  











































LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] UNDATED LETTER N              3

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